"I'm a burden" you said softly. You nibbled your lip and looked down. Hands clenching and you couldn't see because of the tears. In fact you couldn't breathe and pretty sure you were going to die any second.

Panic Attack, suicidal thoughts, anxiety and depression eating at you till you can't breathe. Alone..you feel alone.

You close your eyes as tight as possible to drown out negativity. When strong pair of arms wrap them around you. Pulling you close. Making you feel safe and loved.

I'm alone thats what you thought. You felt so alone and scared all the time it was hard to speak about it and nobody understand.

He understand. Winchesters and Cas in front of you. Live and well thankfully. Sam bend down next to you and Cas watching you with worried expression. Sam spoke first. He was more compassionate well sometimes more than Cas and Dean. He took your hand and squeezed it softly.

'Hey (your name here ) don't you dare think you are burnden" his voice was more than whisper but seem loud.

A sob escape your lips and you shook your head.

'You are not a burden. You know what you are" Sam went on still level of quiteness. You looked at him for moment. Your eyes looking into his. You swallowed wondering if you should look away."You are amazing, kind, wonderful, smart, sexy, Beautiful , strong, brave, kickass and so much more. You are worth every good thing. You can make it through this, you are loved (Your name)" He didn't let go. And the tears were still going but hey you can breathe and dying part seem fair spoke next. HIs voice was deeper sometimes made you laugh. He was goofy sometimes but you love your favorite adorable Angel.

"I wish i can take your pain away" he whispered sitting in front of you. You bit your lip. You didn't want to say anything.

"I know i can't, and i can't understand how you feel. I remember being human and it sucked. I know its not perfect and perfection is well.. I don't know but you can get through. I know strong people and (your name), you are so strong" He poked you making a funny face. It made you smile a little ..he was last. He had tears in his own eyes. You swallowed. You didn't like it when they cried. It made you worry and broke your heart.

Dean was sitting next to you now on the other side. You were surround.. you were didn't hit you till now.

"I'm not good..at.." Dean mumbled.

"Son of bitch.." he groaned and banged his head a little.

"I..we been through hell..and I know how it feels like to be in your shoes. I do... through Its different.. I know how it is to hate yourself. And you want to give up and i know its easy. Its easy to let the demon win. But theres you wonderful kind, beautiful, sexy you.. my (your name), my best friend. You are not going to go through this alone. We will walk through hell or back for you. You matter to us and you are not going through this alone. Talk to us, rant to us or yell even.. But please please promise me, that you will keep on fight" he whispered and moved closer to you. You looked at them blinking and swallowed.

"I can't fight on my own.. I can't... help" you whispered softly and they looked at you. Before pulling you into a hug."We will fight for you " they whispered.. And you finally got why family didn't end in blood.