Chapter 1:

Four weeks! it's been four weeks and my mother is just now starting to recover. The selection naturally was put on hold and the boys were not to disturb the royal family. However as was expected many of them were upset with the single exception from that rule, Kile Woodwork.

The selection was put on hold, but Kile has been there for me. I can't help it he is just so… ugh! I'm not supposed to feel these things, think these things, want these things! I know I promised myself that I would be engaged by the end of my selection, but never in a million years did I think, correction dream or want it to be Kile woodwork!

Last week especially…

"You know I was waiting for you to come knock at my door"

"Oh? How did you know I would come?"

"Because with Ahren gone I'm the closet thing you have to him. I mean we were friends and…"

"Kile, I came for you. I don't care about Ahren being gone, I mean yeah it hurts and we still haven't been able to get a hold of him, but I came for you."

"Me? What are you expecting some more kisses because my lips are a bit dry and could use some dampening" Oh my god! Did he really just say that? Has he truthfully not figured out that I care for him, that he and my mother are all I think about these days, that I ache to be near him 24/7?

"Kile, as much as I enjoy kissing you… I'm here for more than that. I also like talking to you or just simply being in your arms, especially now."

"Eady, I was kidding," He quietly chuckled "I was trying to make light of what is happening right now. In retrospect probably not the best idea but, Ugh! I'm so about to make a fool of myself".

"Um… trust me I've known you all my life. You've already made a fool of yourself". As I said it I hope his response would be him admitting he has feelings for me, for which my response would be to tell him I do as well.

"Eady," He took my hands in his "After your brother leaving with Camille and seeing how distraught your father is about her majesty," here it comes… "I realized that if anything were to happen to you I'd feel the same way or if you were ready and you wanted to I would elope with you right now. I love you Eadlyn Schreave".

" I love you too Kile woodwork". He dropped my hands and wrapped his arms firmly around my waist pulling me towards him faster than I thought humanly possible. Before I could even finish that part we were kissing, not like before this time more passionately like neither of us had eaten and our only way to survive was to kiss. I can't explain it well enough and that was a terrible analogy but it truly felt like we needed to be kissing and that we were the only two people on earth.

His lips parted just as mine did and I could feel his tongue. Not that I had ever been shy not with him at least but kissing him like this seemed to have taken away all of my restrictions and I was being completely un-lady like as I started to undo his tie and throw it across the floor.

"Excuse me but I believe there is some information" I cut him off before he could continue.

"Tames, your middle name, is Tames. It's your mother's maiden name"

"And yours is shalom, after your late grandfather". Now I was unbuttoning his shirt and wrapping my legs around his waist as we slowly wandered over to the bed.

He was beginning to pull off my dress after I had successfully removed his shirt when we both pulled back and started to laugh.

"why is this so funny?" I asked even though I knew why.

"Well that is due to the fact that even though we are in love we can't do anything yet because the selection is on hold which means you can't end it and get married. Thus being said, we cannot be married and engaged and so if we go any farther we are breaking the law"

"Right, and it's my job as heir and my father's job as king to enforce those laws. Henceforth I'm dangerously close to breaking my own law and even though I wish to desperately won't".

"I love you"

"I love you too."

A sudden knock at my door awakened me from my memory.

"You may enter," I state with authority not even bothering to ask who is at my door.

"Um… thanks. That felt really weird knocking on your door, not to mention a little painful with this gold band on my finger".

"Ahren!," I rushed over to him knocking over a book as I did so and flew into his arms.

"I missed you too, Eady," I suddenly remembered Mom and I wondered if he knew. So I barked up the courage to ask him.

"have you seen anyone else?"

"No, Camille and I arrived and I practically bolted to your room," he said as if I should be happy I was the first one he came to.

"There's something you should know".