The limo ride was nice and quiet as Mitsuru ran her hand through the little boy's head with a content smile. They pulled up the small villa around a half hour later. She pulled the door open and stepped out with the sleeping child still clutching Mr. Frost tightly to himself.

The persona user walked into the motel and gazed around with an appropriate smile. It was a five-star motel that many had recommended for her, Takeba had talked about it when they had to film here a few times and she had wasted no time to rent out a room for a few days.

"Good evening Ms. Kirijo." A receptions spoke up with a warm smile. "Shall we show you to…your…?" her eyes traveled to the sleeping child in her arms and she blinked before looking back up at her with confusion. "Uh…we did not receive any word you were bringing your son."

Mitsuru smiled lightly with a small blush and shook her head. "It's alright, he's…a special case." She said gazing down at the sleeping child warmly.

The woman watched the interaction and smiled lightly. "I'll show you to your rooms ma'am."

Mitsuru looked back up at her surprised. "I still need to pay for his-"

"That won't be necessary." The woman replied with a warm smile.

Mitsuru smiled warmly. "You're too kind." She said. "Here...a tip." She handed the woman one hundred pounds.

"Oh...Why thank you! You're too generous."

"As are you." Mitsuru replied with a smile. "Thank you for all of your help." And with that, she followed the woman back to her room.

"Here you are." The woman ushered her in. "We await further need of our services." Mitsuru thanked the woman again before setting the boy down on the bed.

"Well, this is where we will be staying for a few days." She said calmly, playing with his hair. "I hope you like it." Then she blushed as she noticed a growl in her stomach. "Goodness...I'm glad that happened after I got into the room..." She said quietly. "I suppose I'll have to order dinner now."

She placed him down gently onto the bed his head resting on the soft pillow. She smiled down at him and rubbed his cheek gently before reluctantly letting go and walking over to the phone, she looked in the drawers to find a list of contacts.

"Let's see room service…ah here we are. Très bien a menu is here as well." She said pulling a menu out as well. She looked through it before looking over at the sleeping child. "Something small would be best right now, don't want him getting sick." She said before dialing the numbers.

"Room Service!" a cheery voice said from the phone.

Mitsuru raised a brow with a smirk. "Hello, I'd like to place an order." She said

"Of course! What will you be having today ma'am?" the voice asked.

"I think I will just have two small bowls of noodles." She replied calmly.

"Ah. One for your extra guest?"

"Oh, so you're aware of him."

"Yes, the manager let us all know."

"Very good. It saves me from having to explain it."

"We will have your meals up shortly."

"Thank you very much."

And then she hung up.

She hung up the phone and turned to see the boy still asleep so she decided to get changed into something a bit more comfortable. She took off her fur coat and placed it over the small child like a blanket, he curled into it with a soft smile.

She walked into the bathroom with one of her bags and when she came out she was dressed in a stylish, white shirt with a long stylish skirt. She walked over to the child, only to see him tossing and turning in his sleep with a frown!

She rushed over to his side and tried to shake him awake. "Harry, wake up, wake up!" she shouted shaking the poor boy. His eyes snapped open and he sat bolt upright looking around with wide scared eyes.


The boy turned to see the concerned looking red head and his eyes grew wide. "Your…real…" He had dreamed that it was all a dream.

That she did not save him, that he was still at his uncles, that he was still getting beatings, that no one cared about him. To see that the pretty woman was still here gave the child the greatest form of relief.

Mitsuru smiled and tilted her head. "Well of course I am, my dear." She replied. She wrapped the jacket around him tighter. The boy snuggled into the fur eagerly. It was soft and warm and it smelled just like the pretty woman. And she smelled like perfume, so it was a nice smell. Mitsuru giggled. "You're quite adorable." She said fondly, resting her elbows on the bed and her chin on her hands. He blushed.

"I am...?"

"Oh, yes. In fact, I think I'm going to poke your nose now, is that all right?"

"Okay..." Harry replied.

"Poke." She said with a smirk, lightly pressing her index finger onto his little button nose.

The boy leaned back with a giggle that warmed the persona users heart.

"As I said adorable." She said with a smirk causing the child to blush and look away from her yet he had a small smile on his face.

The knocking on the door startled the two, Harry clutching at Mr. Frost tightly. Mitsuru just smiled and patted his head. "It's alright dear, it's just room service."

"Room…Service?" he asked confused.

"Oh yes. You wouldn't know what that is would you?" she asked softly as she reached into her purse.

Harry shook his head looking down. "Sorry…I'm stupid."

Mitsuru frowned. "Now now, none of that." She chided. "You're not stupid at all. You've just never been to a hotel before." The young woman went to answer the door.

"Your meals, ma'am." The bellhop said with a nod, handing her two steaming bowls of noodles. She smiled, enjoying the smell immensely.

"Thank you very much." She said gratefully. "I must say, the service is very prompt. I'm impressed." The man blushed.

"Ah...Thank you..." He replied, rubbing the back of his head. Mitsuru smiled and handed him fifty pounds.

"A tip." She said. The man blinked.

"You're too generous, ma'am." He said with a bow.

Mitsuru smiled and shook her head. "Only to those who deserve it." She said and closed the door as the man walked away with a smile.

She walked back over to the boy to see him still looking to the ground sadly. The woman let out a soft sigh and approached him placing their meals on the side table. She leaned down to be eye level with him. "Harry look at me."

He did so reluctantly his huge green eyes filled with hidden pain and regret that he made her mad at him. He was surprised however when she wrapped her arms around him and gave him a hug.


"You did nothing wrong Harry. You asked a question that's all. It means you wish to know more. Knowledge is what gives us great strength. And do you know where we can find knowledge?"

Harry shook his head not truly knowing.

Mitsuru smiled, "By asking questions."

Harry's eyes widened then he smiled softly at her and nodded his head lightly

"That's a good boy." Mitsuru cooed rubbing his head lightly, causing the boy to smile with joy.

"Now let's eat before the food gets cold hmm?"

Harry blinked and looked at the table. "I…don't have to cook?"

Mitsuru squeezed her eyes shut and took a deep breath. "No." She said gently, stroking his head. "Never." He sniffled.

"No more burns from the stove?"

"You won't touch a stove until you're a teenager."

"No more getting yelled at for the food not being good enough...?"

"You're a child. They shouldn't expect much from you."

"No more...getting held over the stove for doing a bad job?"

Mitsuru's blood ran cold.


"I was...held over the stove…for doing a bad job…" He mumbled as he looked down sadly.

The room grew slightly colder causing the boy to flinch slightly then blink when he felt the woman's arms wrap around him holding him tight. "Never…never…never again…" she whispered in his ear.

Mitsuru was in shock. They did THAT to him! It made her wonder, what else did they do to this little boy. She looked at him with concerned eyes. "Harry, did they…do anything else?"

Harry looked down. "...Please tell me." She said. "I must know..." Harry sniffled and took a deep, shuddering breath...Then told her everything.

He told her how his uncle would take away Mr. Frosty for months at a time before he finally got it back, for no reason whatsoever.

He told her how Dudley would always ruin his hard work and let him take the fall.

He told her how Aunt Petunia hit him with a broom every time he did something she didn't like.

He told her how Uncle Vernon would whip him with his belt for up to fifteen minutes each day.

He told her about the time he got beaten with a fire poker.

He even told her about the time he was forced to drink chemicals under the sink...

Mitsuru had tears in her eyes as she wrapped the boy in a tight hug and just held him. Harry blinked and slowly wrapped his arms around the red head and hugged her back.

The red head was angry, livid, disgusted, pained, horrified, and all other kinds of other emotions that could classify for the moment right now. She could not believe there could be people like that in the world.

Worse than the Shadows, worse then Ikutsuki, she had never heard of monsters like these. She felt her anger and sadness turn into cold determination. 'I will make it up to him. I will give him the life he should have gotten from the start. No more pain, nothing but love and family.' She thought.

She closed her eyes and saw a blue haired teenage boy with a soft smile before opening them to see the little boy looking up at her with concern. 'I will give him a home, and a life…I will not let your sacrifice be in vain…you have my word.'

She took a deep breath and leaned back to kiss him on the forehead. She lingered their before pulling back and giving him a tender smile. "Thank you, Harry."

Harry sniffled. "Wh-Why are you saying thank you to me? I should say thank you to you..." He replied softly. She shook her head.

"Oh, I do have reason to thank you...But you're too young to understand." She patted his head. "Now have some dinner..." She grabbed his fork and twirled some noodles onto it. "Open up..."

"A-Aaaahhh..." The boy said softly as he opened his mouth. Smiling, the woman put the noodles into his mouth. He chewed and swallowed. He then smiled. "Mmm..."

"You liked it, hmm?" She said in amusement. "I can tell they were prepared very well."

"They're yummy." Harry nodded.

"Well I'm very glad your first meal with me could be 'yummy'." She replied with a smile.

The red head continued to feed him his noodles till they were all gone. "All gone." She said with a smile.

Harry held his tummy with a soft smile. "Ms. Mitsuru...what is this feeling?" he asked.

Mitsuru looked at him sadly. "It's called being full dear." She said.

Harry looked down at his tummy and smiled. "I like being full." He said softly.

The persona user smiled at him and leaned down to pick him up. "I'm glad." She said. "Now we need to get you bathed before we can put you down for a nap." She said and walked into the bathroom. She smiled at him and placed him on the floor.

"I need you to take the shirt off. Can you do that for me please?" she asked him her eyes and tone warm.

Harry nodded slowly and obediently took the shirt off. She was expecting the scars, so she simply reacted with a sad grimace. "Oh, you poor dear...It's awful." She said softly.

"I know..." Harry looked down. Smiling, she patted his head.

"I'm sure many of them will go away with time." She said gently.

"You think so...?"

"I do. Everything will be just fine." Mitsuru replied with a smile. He smiled back. "Now let's bathe you right away." She picked him up and placed him in the water.

"It's...nice and warm..."

She smiled and started to rub and scrub at his skin to get all the dirt and grim off his body. Harry relaxed into her touch cooing softly as she cleaned him. She grabbed the small nuzzle and sprayed some water onto his head.

He giggled lightly as the water tickled his scalp, he was soon laughing when the red headed girl started to put some shampoo in his hair and was scrubbing it into his scalp. Mitsuru was laughing a little bit as well at his antics. She washed him down one more time before picking him up from the tub and placing him down on the floor.

She grabbed a town and started to dry him off tickling him as she did so. She moved the towel to his head and started to dry his hair. When she pulled it off she laughed at the fact that his hair had returned to its messy style.

She lifted him up and wrapped him in the towel and took him in the living room and sat on the bed with him in her arms. "All clean" she said with a smile.

All clean!" Harry cheered with a giggle. Mitsuru smiled at him in amusement.

"Well, aren't we giggly?" She said with a smirk. The boy blushed.

"L-Laughing is fun..." Mitsuru giggled.

"Yes, Harry. Yes it is." She agreed. He smiled.

"I made you laugh?"

"You're a funny child, Harry."

"Yay!" he cheered with a smile causing the woman to smile and shake her head. She rocked him gently and just relaxed with him in her arms. She soon felt her eyes start to get heavy. She looked over at the child to see he was sound asleep in her arms.

She smiled down at him and kissed him on the forehead. "Goodnight Harry." She whispered closing her eyes as well not noticing the transparent figures of Jack Frost and Artemisia watching over them with a soft smile.