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Summary: The many things Sakura learned about Naruto over the years. My NS headcannons.


over the years
26 May 2017



Naruto wasn't a cat person. Nor a dog person.

But he liked bunnies.

Sakura learned this on their first mission, when they were attacked by ninja. Naruto almost killed a snow white rabbit with his kunai, trying to act cool. He always tried to act cool. But that cool front wasn't out for long – because he always managed to find a way to act so dorky, so Naruto, that over the years it became a part of who he was, it being normal for her to see.

He'd get frustrated with cats that scratched him or dogs that bit him.

But when he saw a bunny, he'd cuddle it or leave a bit of food out for it.

Over the years, she grew to find it utterly adorable.


Naruto loved to surprise everyone. It was his thing. He proved them wrong and surprised them.

He wasn't called the No. 1 Unpredictable, Hyperactive, Knuckleheaded Ninja for nothing.

At a certain point, she should have been used to this. And she was to a certain degree. But he'd always do things - say things to surprise her. Whether it be in combat where Naruto always found a way to be a step ahead of his opponent (most of the times). While with her, his warm smile, and his gentle demeanor would have her completely off guard.

She hoped that she found new ways to surprise him too (whether it's from a punch or a hug or both).

She'd inwardly smirk at the times she could surprise him too.


He wasn't afraid to ask for help, contrary to popular belief. Her view of him changed when they were practiced climbing trees, and he asked her for help. She of course, was always willing to teach. He got better, because of that.

He continued to ask her for help. From climbing trees as a genin to reading through documents as Hokage-in-training, he never felt embarrassed asking Sakura for help.

She liked to think it was this quality that made him a strong leader, since he was always willing to learn, always had an open mind and ready to listen.

It was a quality she more than welcomed.


Naruto enjoyed extremely silly things.

He would read manga before going to bed. She would watch during missions, flashing her light on his face accusingly when they were genin. Sakura would often reprimand him, trying to get him to finally get some sleep unless he wanted to be in bad shape for their upcoming mission. He'd chuckle at that, and promised her he just wanted to get through one last fight scene and he'd put it away. With a raised eyebrow, Sakura would often sigh before focusing her attention to Sasuke.

Later on, when it was just the two of them, sometimes she would find herself being less accusing and more curious. She would ask him what he was reading. Sometimes she'd want to look too if it peaked her interest enough.

Over the years, she would join him.

When she did, it was moments they would both cherish.


Naruto was capable of becoming Hokage someday. She realized during the tenth question of the chuunin exams that he actually had a chance.

If he kept surprising everyone like he surprised her almost constantly…

Then he had a chance.

And she truly believed.

Over the years, her belief turned into determination, hoping his dreams would come true.

She could never doubt him.


He was brash. He was childish, but he was surprisingly wise when it came to personal finance.

She found this out when she moved out of her parents house. It was Naruto that helped her keep a budget, something she never had to do before. Sure, she had savings, but he took her to new heights.

It was then that she truly believed Tsunade when she said it was Naruto that managed to get her out of debt.

Go figure.


Naruto liked plants. A lot.

His love for plants was evident and useful during the chuunin exams when they fought their way through the Forest of Death. It was Naruto that would warn Sasuke and Sakura as to which plants were poisonous and which were okay to eat, much to her astonishment.

He was extremely helpful in this regard. He grabbed her arm, warning her not to go through a particular bush, otherwise her skin would be irritated for days. When she asked him how he knew, he simply grinned, explaining his interest in plotting plants around his home.

It was Naruto and Sakura that took the initiative of creating a garden for the orphanage so they can learn and enjoy plants for themselves. Sakura was the one who first brought it up after the war, and without her even having to finish, he was all in.


Naruto's smile could either make her feel warm, or it could make her feel cold. She learned to distinguish between his different expressions, knowing when he was genuinely happy and when he was only putting on a brave face so she wouldn't feel so bad.

It irritated her, because she didn't want him to be strong for her.

Thankfully, he learned that he didn't have to hide his feelings away. Not with her.


Contrary to popular belief, he wasn't as loud as people made him out to be.

Sakura realized that when given the acknowledgment he always wanted, he could be quiet even, sometimes even stuck in his head.

She wasn't sure when she realized this, but over the years she realized they shared more quieter moments than loud - gentle smiles, soft embraces, light whispers.

Whether loud or quiet, she enjoyed both sides of Naruto.


Naruto wanted Sasuke back more than she did.

It was a hard truth she had to face when she saw what Naruto would do to himself to get him back.

Sakura thought life without Sasuke was lonely.

But Naruto knew what true loneliness felt like. Both her teammates did.

And she couldn't even grasp those sentiments at the time.

She could only come close when she almost lost both her teammates.

But she promised herself she would never let that happen - she would be strong enough to never let that happen.


He wasn't as simple as she made him out to be.

He wasn't a nuisance; he wasn't trying to ever get in her way or make fun of her.

He understood her feelings well. He was very empathetic, and he understood her.

His promise to her always reminded her of this fact.

More than anything, she realized that it was Naruto that she didn't understand - not the other way around.

Sakura soon fixed this, as their friendship grew stronger.


Naruto snored.

Whereas Sasuke was a silent sleeper who barely moved at all, Naruto would snore slightly, his mouth open and drool pooling at his side. As a genin when they were away on missions, his snores were unbearable. She dreaded being the one who had to wake him up when he slept in. He would move around a lot too, making it difficult to keep a watered cloth on his forehead for long when he was sick.

It was annoying sometimes.

Over the years, she got used to it. In fact, she needed it. It was like her lullaby.

Plus, she couldn't complain anymore. Because when she fell asleep first, her snores would only make him wrap his arms around her, moving her closer to him.

She wasn't sure what it was. She wasn't sure if it was Naruto who changed or just her perspective of him that changed; but over the years she fell completely in love with waking up to his snores.

Sakura wouldn't have it any other way.


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