Dear Diary,

I've noticed now that life can be rather tragic at times as I've seen the heartbreak in Cassio's eyes and know of his distrust yet now he spends far less time with me as if he thinks that I'm going to betray him as well, and I can't shake that thought from his head. If only he'd listen to me, the little prostitute who has never known love in any sort even when growing up! I'm here to listen to him yet he acts like I'm some degrading stalker. All I've ever known since I met him is this undying love for him not led on by mere lust alone. I crave his attention and his affection; I want him to love me, to see his eyes made gentle in the light of day as we awake. I don't want to have to ask others where he has went off to or to live my life with mere and sad longing for him after all of this time. I expect some love in return, and don't I deserve to be loved after all of the abuse and hatred dealt to me? I crave him, all of Cassio, from his soul to his physical body. Can't I be loved and not thrown away anymore?

-Bianca, the prostitute longing for Cassio's love and future hand in marriage.