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Summary: Castle tries to comfort Beckett but isn't having much luck and instead joins her.


"I don't understand why this is happening," she sobbed onto his shoulder and he rubbed her back as they both sat perched on the edge of their bed. "What did we do that was so bad to deserve this?"

"I don't know sweetie. I don't know," he tried to reassure her but his own grief was making him all choked up.

"Why would she do this to us? We were always good to her."

"We were. We didn't do anything wrong, sweetie. All we did was put our love out there but this is what we get. This cruelty."

"I'm sorry!" Kate sobbed and Rick just hugged her closer to him trying to soothe their pain. "I was so hard on you before. I didn't understand."

"You were just trying to help."

They heard the front door open and in came a redhead in her mid-thirties accompanied by a teenaged brunette hellion who stopped for just a second to say excitedly, completely ignoring her parents' predicament.

"You won't believe the dress Alexis helped me buy. I'm so excited!"

Before she ran back upstairs. Alexis, on the other hand surveyed her father and step-mother critically.

"What's going on here?"

"You traitor," Rick Castle shook his head at his oldest daughter. "Helping her."

"Get a dress for her first date?" Alexis said with a raised eyebrow, crossing her arms.

"Why won't she just stop growing up?" Kate cried even harder. "Is that so much to ask? Is that such an unreasonable request?"

"Not at all sweetie!" he reassured her. "Completely reasonable. But they just won't listen!" he couldn't help himself and joined her sobs.

"Really!" Alexis cried exasperated before flapping her arms and going towards the kitchen. She couldn't help the groan that escaped when she heard her dad say:

"We should start a twitter campaign with other parents."

"They would understand us," Kate agreed.

The end

A/N: I had this idea after watching the Modern Family season finale BIG SPOILER. READ WITH CAUTION, and seeing Phil's comment about Luke. Especially since I had recently watched an old episode from the earlier seasons where Claire says basically the same thing about Luke too. And I've always thought that Claire and Phil are a good mirror for how Beckett and Castle would be after so many years of marriage. You know, she's grounded, down to earth, he's a dreamer full of emotions. And that the two of them would have agreed on this made me remember all the times we had Castle fretting about Alexis growing up and Beckett trying to make him see it wasn't the end of the world and now she is right there with him, and instead of pulling each other out they just enable each other. I thought that'd be a funny one shot.

On another note. I saw on twitter yesterday that there's a chance ABC might be considering a PI spin-off for the fall, revolving around PI cases. You know, just like the fans had asked. Give them the happy ending and then start a spin-off with another name. And now that we know the Caskett love is going to live forever off screen, those interested on the spin-off should drop ABC a note so they know we're out there. I don't know if the rumor is true. But who knows. One campaigned managed to save Caskett, maybe another will let us continue to enjoy some of the characters and actors we grew to love seeing.