She remembers the exact moment she laid eyes on him. He is by far the most handsome man she had ever seen. The thing is, she was sitting on bar's stool, sipping a beer waiting for her boyfriend. Usually she doesn't go around flirting with random men. But this was different, he was different. She just couldn't stop staring into those smoldering blue eyes. Then it happened, he spoke. The guy had this Brit accent, with a raspy voice, and her traitorous body reacted to it, everything about him was sinful. She forgot what was she doing there, she forgot that she was waiting for her boyfriend, she just let herself go and flirted back. Suddenly she heard Neal's voice saying "Nice, you already met" when she turned around he gave her a quick kiss on the lips and turned around to give a friendly hug to the sexy man she just flirted with. Exactly in that moment she remembered why she was in this bar waiting for Neal, he wanted to introduce her to an old friend of his who moved back to Boston, someone with a weird name she couldn't remember, someone who's becoming Neal's new roommate. While the man hugged Neal, she could see the confused look in his eyes. And that's the story of how she awkwardly met Killian Jones.

Now, this man is turning her world upside down. He moved in with Neal, and she was running out of excuses to not spend the night at her boyfriend's. And when she did, she left the room only when she was certain Killian was still sleeping or already gone for work. The unsettling part of it was the reason she was avoiding him those mornings, because is not ok that you want to avoid this other man so he doesn't know that you are sleeping with your boyfriend, as if she was cheating on him or something, probably that was more on the area of cheating mentally to her boyfriend. It was so confusing.

Killian's been always a gentleman. He has never said or done anything to make her uncomfortable, he is a flirt but he is respectful. She has never really seen him with a girl, even when Neal is always praying on Killian's skill to get the most beautiful girl wherever he found himself at. And there was this uncomfortable feeling when Neal talked about Killian's women, this feeling she was against calling jealousy. How could she be jealous? They flirted briefly the day they met, before they knew their mutual connection to Neal.

Neal is her first real boyfriend, they've been together for two years now. He is the person who stayed around the longest, he's been the only constant in her whole life, and she loves him, very much. Their relationship it might not be as passionate as it was in the beginning. But that's what happens, right? Passion fades, and you become more like best friends, right? They talked about moving in together, but then Killian showed up in town and Neal was fast to give him his spare room. So she guessed he wasn't ready yet, but that was okay, she didn't think she was either.

"A penny for your thoughts" her body reacted like it did every time she heard that voice. The hairs on the back of her neck stood on end, and her cheeks turned lightly red. She looked up towards the sound, and those damn blue eyes were staring at her green ones.

"Nothing worthy of a penny" she said with a friendly smile. She was sitting in a coffee shop with a forgotten book in her hands, leaning on the table. She straightened up on the chair.

"Sorry to bother you, love. I walked in to get a coffee and saw you sitting here, I wouldn't forgive myself if I didn't approach to say hi" he said with a beautiful smile.

"Oh, Hi then" she smiled back.

"Hi… umm… I'm gonna sit over here and let you go back to your book…or your thoughts" he said scratching behind his ear and sat on the only available table, right in front of hers. Emma couldn't stop looking at his every move. Killian sat on the chair facing her, put his coffee in front of him, took a book out of his satchel and Emma couldn't stop thinking that Neal never read anything, in fact hated when she was reading on the time they spent together, so that was why she was sitting on a coffee shop reading a book. Killian looked up, and their eyes met again "Is everything ok?" he asked.

"Yeah…everything is fine" she answered giving him a tight smile, he nodded and when he was about to get back to his book she couldn't help herself and asked "How are you?"

"Actually, my day is getting better" he answered with a smile.

"I'm glad to hear" she smiled back.

"How are you?" he asked with obvious curiosity.

"I'm fine…you know, this is stupid. Why don't we just share the same table… promise I can be quiet" he didn't answer, he just started picking up his things to move them to her table.

"It's ok if you are chatty…we never get a chance to really talk about anything" he said when he was sited right in front of her on the same table.

"So…from what I collected your day hasn't been that good"

"No it hasn't. I could use the company"

"Sure" Emma said with a friendly smile.

"It's just…my brother…today was supposed to be his birthday" he said looking intently to his cup of coffee.

"Oh… I'm so sorry" that was information enough to understand his brother was gone, and Emma felt a weight on her chest.

"That's ok, love. There is nothing we can do about it now" he answered looking again to her eyes, with a sad smile on his face.

"Do you wanna talk about it… about him?" Emma asked and saw how he took a long breath, and she hated the obvious sadness that took him right there, she wanted to sooth him, to comfort him. But they weren't that close, so she just wanted to be as supportive as she could.

"He…Liam, his name was Liam. He was a better man than I, of that I'm sure" he assured her with a sad smile "He would have liked you"

"Me?" Emma asked surprised.

"Aye, you. He always said 'Little brother pick the most beautiful, smart and generous lass you meet, that's the one'" he said, and Emma's heart started pounding loudly and fast in her chest.

"He would have picked me?" she managed to asked, and somehow she manages to say 'he' and not 'you'.

"I really hope he wouldn't have picked you" He answered with a smile.

"Why?" she couldn't stop the question from leaving her lips.

"Because I don't think I could have denied him anything" he said, and Emma furrowed her eyebrows contemplating his answer. Why was she hoping that he meant that he was the one who would have picked her it was beyond her. But she was, and before she could say anything a waitress interrupted them, asking if they wanted to refill their coffees. Both of them said they were ok. Emma got back to her book, but after no less than five minutes she excused herself, she needed to get away from him as far and as fast as she could. This conversation was too much. So she said a quick goodbye and walked out of the coffee shop leaving Killian behind. She took her phone and called Neal, she needed Neal, he is her boyfriend, and he's the one who is supposed to make her feel things. Killian was just a very good looking guy, who was an expert flirting with women. She has never seen Killian with any woman, at all. But obviously they just throw themselves at him, who wouldn't. Well, not her, she has a boyfriend.

She arrived at Neal's place and jumped on him as soon as he opened the door. At first Neal was confused, but soon he understood what Emma was doing, so he carried her to his bedroom happy that she for some reason wanted to do this in the middle of a Saturday's afternoon, they never made love in the middle of the afternoon, but he was willing if she was.

Emma tried hard not to think of Killian, but every time she closed her eyes she kept seeing him staring at her. So she did her best not to keep her eyes closed for long. She was distracted to say the least, so eventually she stopped expecting to find her climax, so she focused on helping Neal finding his. He didn't mind if she didn't find her release, he never minded, and lately her release didn't come often. When it was done, Neal was smiling for the happy surprise she gave him, asking her to do that more often. He had a job meeting with his dad in less than an hour, so he got up to take a bath. Emma was more confused than before, because making love with Neal didn't help at all, now she was sexually frustrated, still thinking about Killian.


Today, like every year after his brother's passing, Killian was moody and grim. Until he walked into that coffee shop, wanting to buy a coffee to go, so he could sit in the adjacent park to lose himself in the fiction of his book. Then he saw her, she was there as beautiful as always, lost in her thoughts. He almost left the place, but he couldn't, she was right there by herself. So he approached and said hello. For some lucky reason she invited him to her table, and he found himself talking about his brother, and fucking up their meeting.

He must be the most stupid person that ever existed. The first time he had an alone conversation with her, and he had to blow it up by practically saying he would have picked her, over anyone. His roommate was her boyfriend for crying out loud. But he couldn't help himself, this woman had bewitched him since the very first time he laid eyes on her. To be honest, he's never been into blonds. But that night two months ago, when he walked into that bar to meet his old friend Neal and his girlfriend, he saw the beautiful blond sitting by herself at the bar and he was attracted like a moth to the fire. But he's never been a lucky guy, this beautiful siren was Neal's girlfriend.

Neal offered his spare room before he even moved back to Boston. He told him that it would be helping him a lot, because his girlfriend was talking about moving in and he was not ready for that, he told Neal to be honest with her. But Neal was set on his idea of using Killian as an excuse, and for him it was just convenient arriving Boston having a place to live. But it has not been easy seeing Emma with Neal all the time, the more he got to know her, the more he admired her. She worked as a social worker, and to him that was one of the most amazing jobs anyone can have, the way she talked about the kids she was helping it was so passionate, that his admiration for her only kept growing. Now he feared leaving his living arrangement, the thought of Emma moving in with Neal was unpleasant. It was silly, but he was not ready for moving out.

As soon as he finished his coffee he left the Coffee Shop. He walked straight home, and as soon as he opened the door he realized this day it definitely could get worst. The sweater she was wearing earlier, one of her shoes, a shirt that must be Neal's, a freaking Bra, were all scattered all over the living room, in a trail that led to Neal's room. Killian furrowed his eyebrows, and hesitated at the door, not knowing what to do. He decided that maybe he needed this, he needed to realized once and for all that Emma Swan was taken. And even when he never saw her leave the apartment in the mornings, Neal and her were together so they would have sex like any couple would. And he definitely needed to find another place to live, and a date. He has not been on a date since he met Emma. He walked out again, and closed the door. He took his phone and called the only other person he trusted in this city, because he needed a drink, and drinking alone was a NO tonight.

He walked into a pub, and a petite blond girl was waiting for him at the bar "I wasn't expecting your call today" said the girl as soon as he sat next to her.

"Well love, nonetheless you were free as usual"

"Hey, I'm the supporting friend here. I thought I was going out tonight with fun Killian, and I've got cranky Killian"

"I'm sorry Tink, it was rude of me" Tink was a friend he made at College, when he was still living in Boston all those years ago.

"Is this about Emma?" she asked and he frowned "This is definitely about Emma" she turned to ask the bartender for a couple glasses of rum, Killian let out a sigh "The Killian I remember had a girl at every port. Now you are pining for a girl that's taken…that has to stop Jones"

"I agree with you for once. So let's start by getting me drunk" they clinked the glasses the bartender just gave them.

He never told Tink about his feelings for Emma, but she noticed the first time they all hang out together a month ago. She said that it was obvious by the way they looked at each other, and of course Killian had noticed the way Emma is always looking at him, he just didn't want to get his hopes up, maybe it was all on his mind. Until Tink pointed it out, she also said that Neal has to be really stupid not to notice. Tink was not a big fan of Neal, she tolerated him for Killian's sake.

Around midnight, Tink was walking Killian home. Yes she was walking him, because he decided to drink all the rum he could endure, and now she was left with the consequence of that. Thank god they were close to his place. She knew Killian well enough, and he was not a guy who talked his heart out, he drank his heart out and occasionally said something important about what he was feeling. When they were standing outside the apartment Killian was giggling trying to hide the keys from her, because he was against going home, he wanted to keep drinking. At least Killian was a fun drunk, it could be worst. She was not that drunk but had enough to drink to start giggling herself, she finally grabbed the keys but on a really fast move Killian took them back and tossed them inside his pants.

"You really think that's going to stop me? Bad form Jones" she said raising an eyebrow. Killian realized that indeed that was not going to stop her and grabbed her hand a millimeter from the waistband of his jeans. Tink took the challenge and with her free hand she started tickling over his waist. Involuntarily he started laughing losing grip on Tink's hand, so she got her hand inside his pants in the exact moment the door burst open. They both freeze when they saw Emma Swan in front of them, a scowl replacing her surprised look.

"You shouldn't be doing that in the middle of the hallway" Emma said walking inside looking angry. Killian removed Tink's hand from where it was, his giddiness forgotten.

"Let me handle this" Tink whispered to Killian before she walked inside behind Emma "Sorry if we wake you up" Tink put a bright smile on her face for Emma, who gave her a quick look still frowning.

"I was awake…you guys only interrupted my tv show. I'm waiting for Neal" she answered giving a quick look towards Killian. He was moving carefully, staying as quiet as he could, letting Tink handle things, whatever she meant with that.

"So…you two?" Emma asked looking Killian in the eyes.

"Perhaps" he answered looking more confident than he was. Tink smiled softly, her eyes traveling from Emma to Killian.

"Well…I'll let you two to your staring contest. I'm going to bed. Are you coming babe?" she asked with a grin on her face, turning around walking into the direction of Killian's bedroom. He followed her close.

"What that hell was that?" he asked as soon as they were inside his bedroom.

"She saw it coming, let her be jealous" she said as explanation.

"What are you talking about?"

"Oh come on! Don't tell me you didn't notice that. I know you are drunk, but you are not blind" she pointed out "She is into you, how can you not see that?"

"She has a bloody boyfriend, and she was fucking him a few hours ago…so no, I don't think she is into me" he answered throwing himself on the bed, covering his eyes with his right forearm.

"The girl will hate my gut from now on. But I can take it, she deserves better than Neal" she said making a disgust face at the name Neal "I'm all team Killian"

"You are nuts"

"If we are gonna make her believe you are fucking me, I can't leave this place in a few hours. So make room for me, and no funny business"

"How exactly is this going to help 'Team Killian'?" he asked moving to give her space on the bed.

"Girls don't like competition. Trust me, I'm a girl. I know you see me more like your mate, but I'm a girl, I know these things." she explained, and Killian looked confused.

"That doesn't make sense" he complained.

"You wait and see".