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"Lucy… Lucy…" Lucy squirmed in her bed. "Lucy.. Lucy… LUCY!"

Lucy woke up with a start. "AAH!" Lucy yelped. Natsu and Happy roared with laughter at the sight of Lucy with a bedhead and pink pajamas. "NATSU!" She exclaimed. He waved a hand. "Hey, Lucy. You got any food?" Happy floated right next to him. "Aye!" Lucy felt herself getting red-hot. "WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM WITH FOOD AND BREAKING INTO MY HOUSE?" she yelled, jamming a finger at the broken glass window. "Relax, it won't be broken anymore. Gray can just fix it and it'll be good as new." Natsu leapt into a chair and sank inside it.

"Anyway, move. I need to change." Lucy grumbled.

As Lucy went into the bathroom to change, she called out to Natsu, "We haven't gone on a job in a while, and I need to pay for rent next week!" "No problem. We can just go and get some pay from a job."Natsu replied. Lucy sighed. "Though for some reason we always end up doing jobs for free…"

"Nah, it's just luck. Hey, can I call Gray, Erza, and Wendy over? It'd be really nice to eat breakfast all together…" Natsu suggested with a grin. "I hate boys!" Lucy fumed, as Happy flew out of the broken window to fetch them.


"Ahh, that hits the spot." Erza leaned back into one of Lucy's squishy cushions. Lucy was glaring at Natsu. "Don't think this is for free, I'm getting payed, alright!" Natsu smiled. "Yeah, okay. You deserve it, anyway. Happy?" he said, glancing at the blue feline. "Aye, sir!" he said, saluting.

He flew back with a wad of paper. "And here's a lifetime amount of autographs from the Salamander himself!" said Natsu, shoving the Salamander written papers into Lucy's hands. "Why would I need this trash!" yelled Lucy, dumping them all in the fire. "Aw, I spent thirty minutes on that!" whined Natsu, Happy nodding. "Oh well, thanks for the meal!" he shouted, sucking in all of the flames from Lucy's fireplace. "What is your problem?" said Lucy angrily. "Light your finger! Now!" Natsu obliged, and Lucy thrust it inside the pile of ashes in her fireplace. "Geez, Natsu. You really know how to tick a girl off," said Gray. He lounged on top of a chair. "And you broke in, too," he added. "Yeah, well it's not like you're any better! Put some clothes on!" Natsu yelled back. Erza simply sipped her tea.

"Hey, Erza?" said Lucy, while the boys were fighting. "How can you stay so calm in all of- this?" said Lucy, gesturing at the boys. "You get used to it after a while. So which job did you want?" asked Erza, fingering her armor. "Well, we were about to go check the request board, but after weighing the consequences…" Erza actually laughed. "Yeah, you're right. Wendy?" she said, looking at the blue-haired girl. "What do you think?"

"I think we should all make up," said Wendy, munching on a muffin with Carla at her side. "Don't eat too much, child!" said Carla impatiently. Wendy stared at the two boys. "I still can't wrap my mind around the fact that two friends can be so… so…" "Rough?" offered Lucy, pouring another cup of tea. "Yeah," said Wendy, brightening up. "Yeah, well, it wasn't always like this. This is just them fighting normally," said Erza, gesturing to the brawl.

"Oh Gray~" a sing-song voice whispered. Gray froze, taking a seat on a blue cushiony chair. "Uhm, Gray?" Natsu held in a laugh. "Nice chair," he said, almost bursting out with laughter. Happy flew next to him, giggling. "What are you talking about?" Gray replied, trying to hide the fact that he was scared with a smug smirk. "Um…" Lucy said, also giggling. Gray slowly looked down, not wanting to see what was there. "AGHH!" Gray yowled. "JUVIA?!" Gray bolted off his chair (which wasn't actually a chair). "Oh Gray, my beloved, I have arrived to your needs!" Juvia gushed, eyes starry. "I didn't need anything!" Gray said, shocked. "Who's the lady's man?" Erza said with a grin. "Just stop,"Gray groaned. "Ok guys back to the subject! MONEY!" Lucy shouted. "We're going on a job!" She announced.

The squad arrived in the guild hall, the hall decked with the usual people. "Hey, Cana!" called out Lucy cheerfully. Cana waved drunkenly. "Wasssssup, Luce?" she slurred back. Lucy laughed quietly.

"Hey, Romeo!" said Natsu to Romeo. "Hi, Natsu! How's Wendy?" Romeo said kind of shyly. Natsu winked. "She's good, Romeo."

They checked out the request board. "Sweet! A job taking out this some monster to get… 10,000,000 jewel?!" he yelled. Erza took the flyer. "Yes! This is exactly what we need. Mira? We're taking this one," she added. Mirajane smiled serenely. "Good luck, guys!"

Natsu was about to hurl.

His cheeks inflated, face green, head hung over- all the telltale signs that he was about to throw chunks. "Hey… Gray?" he mumbled weakly. Gray smirked and leaned back. "What?"

"Kill me now, wouldja?" Gray wiggled his fingers, and cold air filled the train car. "That I can manage." Erza slapped his hand away from Natsu. "Poor Natsu…" Wendy stared at Natsu's poor figure. "If only the Troya spell worked on him… should I try again?" she asked. Lucy waved her hand. "No, it's better if you conserve energy. Besides, the Troya spell doesn't really do much, right?" Lucy laughed. "It just doesn't work on him anymore," Happy sighed. Natsu replied with something that sounded like, "Dunt reahmind meh." "Don't worry, just 6 more hours left," Gray smirked. Natsu, on the other hand, turned blue. "Nurt funnheh," he replied sickly. Lucy laughed again.

Gray shoved Natsu to his feet. "Dude, we're here." Natsu blinked a few times. "We're here?!" He murmured. "Yeah, we're here," Gray repeated.

"HALLELUJAH!" Natsu bolted out of the train. "URGH, bad idea!" He clutched his stomach, and hurled. Lucy, Erza, Gray, Wendy, and the cats all reeled away from Natsu's remains of his snack in Lucy's apartment. "And that is why Natsu should never eat before going on a vehicle," said Happy wisely.

After Natsu recovered, they all headed to the mountains of Fuyuki.

They all found a small village in the cold mountains. "You requested Fairy Tail's help for… a monster?" said Erza importantly. The master of the village nodded. " 'Tis not a regular monster, miss." The old man raised his head. "It is a monster from the books of Zeref himself."

Struck, the gang listened to the leader's story.

"The monster rose about a month ago, destroying village after village that we create. We possess a special magic- the magic to build anything, anywhere. But try as we might, this horrifying monster destroys every village that our people raise." Natsu butted in, "Guys, I'm not feeling so well," he injected in the petrifying story. "Hush, child!" scolded Carla. "Anyway…"

"We have been doing this for over a month now. Our village is running very low on magic energy, and we just don't have the people strong enough to battle this monster. We call on the best guild in Fiore to help us destroy this monster once and for all." Natsu grinned. "A monster? Sweet! Does it breathe fire?" he said hopefully. Lucy slapped his arm. "And just when I thought that your sickness could shut you up for once…" she said. Natsu gagged. "I'm going to hurl...!" He exclaimed as he ran into an alley to let it all out.

He entered the dark alleyway to see a figure inside. He threw up quickly to put up his fists. "Who are you?" His hands ignited. "I do not wish to harm you," said the stranger quietly. He seemed reluctant to put up his palms. "What do you want?" Natsu said dangerously. "I do not wish to gain anything, Natsu. I wish to give."

"How do you know my name?" Natsu clenched his fists. The stranger sighed. "I know many things about you, Natsu Dragneel. I know that you wish to be like your father, Igneel. I know that you wish to master the Dragon Force. I even know that you wish to earn one of your comrade's hearts."

Natsu glared straight into the cocky shadow. "No way!" Natsu blushed. "And who the hell do you think you are?" He growled.

The shadow shrugged its shoulders. "Natsu, I know many things about you. I also know how to increase your power." Natsu tensed. "What are you talking about?" He growled. "More questions, less answers. Natsu, there is no friendly way to say this." The shadow took shape.

Natsu startled and momentarily forgot to look fierce, angry, flame-headed, whatever they called him these days. "Zeref?" "Why do you look so surprised, Natsu? I'm here to grant you power." Natsu re-ignited his flames. "Yeah? Well, I got a answer for you this time, pal." He thrust his flaming hands in Zeref's face. "You mess with fire, you get burned."

"Natsu, please. I do not wish to fight. I only wish to give you power," Zeref pleaded. Natsu snarled. "Yeah? Well tell me a good reason why I shouldn't punch you right here, and right now." Zeref raised his hands in peace. "Please, Natsu. I only want to grant you full control over Dragon Force. This monster that you and your friends are fighting is no ordinary monster. He is a monster-"

"From your own stupid book!" Natsu couldn't control it and he punched Zeref in the face, trying to wipe off his smug look.

Zeref received the blow without any means of self-protection. Strangely, he didn't get hurt at all. "Please, don't come close, Natsu. It is dangerous! I might kill you!" Natsu's face was inlined with rage. "Why would I stop? Why would I, after you took seven years of my friends' and my life!" He landed another blow on Zeref. "I assure you, I was not the one to awaken Acnologia," said Zeref calmly. Natsu let out a yell of frustration. "Why aren't you getting hurt! Why are you trying to make me hurt you!" he yelled as he kicked Zeref. Again, no injuries appeared.

"The seven years in Tenrou Island was not my doing," said Zeref. "It was all Hades'." Natsu growled. "I DON'T GIVE A CRAP ABOUT WHO DID WHAT, IT'S THAT YOU CAUSED SO MUCH TROUBLE FOR ME AND MY FAMILY!" He punched Zeref again, and to his surprise, Zeref stumbled. He grinned in trumphiance. "Family?" said Zeref quietly. Natsu glared at him. "Yeah! So why don't you go back and just make more monsters, eh?"

Zeref sighed. "I assure you, that was not what I meant to do, Natsu. I created those monsters because of my curse." "CURSE MY BUTT!" Natsu exclaimed. "Not literally though," he added. "Wait, curse?" He repeated.

"NATSU?!" Lucy's voice reached their ears. "LU-" Zeref clamped Natsu's mouth shut. "I'm sorry," Zeref's voice was the last thing he heard. Then, black.

Natsu caught glimpses of Zeref, and pain ricocheting through his body. "Oh no…" He heard the black wizard say. "The upgrade… It backfired! But how?" Natsu saw Zeref, and they locked eyes. Natsu failed to move, and Zeref's eyes widened in horror. Natsu made out something like this from Zeref, "his soul is corrupted…" and everything just went dark.

"NATSU!" Happy yowled. To Lucy's relief, Natsu awoke. "Ugh… Lucy? But… Zeref.. Demon.. Monster?" Lucy smiled through her tears. "Hey." She patted Natsu's cheek. "You're fine. We're all fine."

Natsu felt power coursing through his veins. Unbelievable power… like the power from the Etherion. Dragon force, he thought. "I only want to grant you full power over Dragon Force…" Natsu recalled these words from the great dark wizard Zeref.

"Full control…" He realized he said that aloud. Lucy's face contorted into confusion. "Huh?" Natsu hastily waved his hand. "Nah. Nevermind."

But this time, Natsu felt more than power through his mind, his body, his very being. He felt more than unfamiliar, unfathomable, undefeatable power in his very control. His need to protect his friends was gone.

Lucy laid her hand on his back. "Hey, Natsu, are you okay?" She asked, worried. "Be careful, Lucy," Erza said. "Something feels wrong…" she whispered into Lucy's ear. Lucy shook her head. "No, this is Natsu. Nothing can happen to him. Right, Natsu?"

Natsu looked up into Lucy's warm brown eyes she looked back. Then froze. "N-Natsu?" she stammered, leaning back. Erza and Wendy peered into Natsu's face, but the momentary sheen of red coating Natsu's warm black eyes were gone. "What's up? Um… What's wrong…?" Natsu asked. Lucy stared into Natsu's restored eyes. "Y-your e-eyes… they w-were…" Lucy stammered. Erza stared Lucy down. "What's wrong, Lucy?"

Lucy shrank back down. "Uh, nothing." Natsu stared at her suspiciously. "Yeah."

But the thing was…

The strong urge to protect his friends, the want to destroy anything that stood in the family of Fairy Tail…

The fact that they were a family at all…

Completely vanished.

Damn. Dramatic. Get ready for some massive turn of events next chapter, Fairy Tail members! So. Natsu being… we don't even know what he is at this point! A huge monster from the Books of Zeref, Zeref himself…

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