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Once every so often Revy has a fucked-up fantasy where, there she is back at her old side-job, dancing and whipping on a sweat-dripping stage in her lingerie in front of a hundred frothing-at-the-mouth audience members. Her, in her expensive domme gear, spinning around the stage amidst bleeding submissives sobbing safe word after safe word; being utterly ignored, because the people wanted blood and a lot of it.

What Revy loved especially about the job, besides taking out every ounce of her self-loathing on patrons that begged for pain, was the attention. Up there was Two Hands in her glory, reveling in the pounding beat of the trashiest metal bands that screamed into the microphones until there was a ringing in her ears as she danced along in six inch latex heels.

Appearing more often in these fantasies was Balalaika. She sat drinking at a table, the hardest liquors available to her fingertips, surrounded by her fellow gangsters. While her comrade's eyes would follow the waitresses with the thick eyeliner, the blonde's eyes rested only on Revy who'd crack her whip on the swinging lights when everyone had enough of the lashing.

Staring. That's all Balalaika did. Especially in this current meeting if that was correct to actually call it, on her heels behind the desk. One broad palm rested leisurely on the table. Her breast skimmed Revy's arm.

Revy had casually strolled up earlier, trying to mask the slight anxiousness she'd carried over with her from the drive over; thinking of this fucked up predicament. Earlier she'd hunched over in the drivers seat and had taken a few long gulps of a lukewarm Jack Daniels' that she found laid out in the backseat, just to take the edge off her nerves. She'd worn the skirt, fucking duh, the fabric rubbing soft against her skin.

Lighting a cigarette, Revy leaned against the blonde's side of the desk, cupping her hands to protect the lighter from being extinguished from the intense air conditioning.

Strangely enough, Balalaika had been a few minutes late, with her two men in the room supervising an idle Revy who glanced around the larger, dark room, trying to get a feel for whatever indoor designer planned for this place. Her cowboy boots clicked awkwardly on the floor and she gnawed a nail. But then the mafia queen walked at a torturous pace, her thighs prominent in the tight skirt.

"It'd be too telling to meet at my quarters." Balalaika said curtly once she saw the door shut solidly behind Boris. Her hair was washed until it shone and one hand was already fingering a lighter. She often treated her cigars with more respect then Revy would treat a whole packet; with only using matches brandished by Boris. But in the anxiety of what both knew this meeting was for the sudden carefulness dissipated into a need for nicotine.

"They wouldn't know, right? I'm woman, they wouldn't know that you'd be wanting to fuck me."

Balalaika broke eye contact, instead taking to look at the smoke spiraling to the ceiling. An intimidating silence passed. Then she returned the shared look.

Revy did a harsh swallow, eyes flickering down. A mere few inches separated her from the most dangerous fucking woman in the world, and the only thing that was prominent in her mind was carnality. Her lips parted to reply, only to be harshly interrupted.

"Do you want me to-"

Balalaika brought herself closer, blowing a lazy curl of smoke into the gunwoman's face, eyes lit up with a faint open-pupil look of contained lust. "Let's avoid another discussion for today,."

The blonde's mouth was harsh; all teeth and lipstick smeared over Revy's bottom lip as she sucked on it. She fought desperately to make a dent in Balalaika's seemingly infallible armor; but the woman remained statuesque. Wrapping her hands around her upper waist. Revy let a stray whimper into the kiss, taking a quick break to stare down at the row of buttons going down Balalaika's chest. Did she even want to go straight to fucking? Impulsively attacking the first strained button she was met with a calloused hand wrapping bruises around her wrist.

Finishing with a swipe of her tongue, Balalaika shook her head with her mouth pressing into a line. "There's no need for that, Rebecca."

"What's up with the formality, Sis, I'm just Two Hands remember?" Revy bit out, trying to hide her flushed cheeks in grinding teeth. Leaning in for another kiss, she lapped teasingly into Balalaika's still mouth, attempting to tease the ice queen into warming up. Cigar ash dusted across the desk, and Balalaika pushed her away disdainfully.

Taking another drag, the Russian closed her eyes and her chest barreled with inhaled air. "You have to understand that this whole... situation is rather difficult, Two Hands."

She smirked, turning around to look at Revy in her disheveled glory. Balalaika sniffed it in the glass ashtray, before Revy came closer again, chests bumping against each other.

"You want me to just eat you out, that's it? Cause I could have fuckin' done that last time we met up."

Balalaika laughed sharply.

Revy earned quickly that there wasn't going to be a full-frontal Balalaika anytime soon. And while she felt disappointment at the fact her fantasies would remain purely that, fantasies, it didn't mean that she herself couldn't strip down. It was rushed, with her panties yanked down her thighs. Sitting her bare ass on the chilled desk; Revy looked looked through mussed hair strands at the cleavage pushing out of the Russian's dress shirt.

Eyeing her acrylics, the gunwoman shook her head. "There's no way you're sticking those damn nails up my cunt, Sis."

Balalaika grinned, taking a soft part of Revy's thigh between her thumb and pointer until it stung so bad she kicked back in retaliation. Glaring up at the humor in Balalaika's eyes, she shut her legs with the dull click of her combat boots meeting.

"Mhm. Rebecca, don't be coy." One of the blonde's hands rubbed in slow motions on her thigh, and Revy looked heatedly down. Her legs opened again, slower this time, sweaty thighs clumsily gliding across the desk. Folders strewed across the floor, and while Balalaika's eyes did flick to them, she still had the image of Revy's slick center.

Slipping further up her leg; Balalaika pressed the pad of her thumb into her folds; her nail narrowly escaping from clawing the entrance. Revy shuddered, leaning into her and pressing hot kissed into the scar tissue wrapping around her necks. It felt fucking good, despite the vulnerability that crept along her spine. Her clit swelled as her thumb rubbed against it's inner fold. She dragged her teeth across thicker scar tissue.

Balalaika swallowed a gasp that bubbled in her throat, but Revy was so close she felt the swell of the throat she was sucking on.

"Ост- Leave no marks," the blonde strained, separating the pulsing folds and making her whine in response. Revy shoved her hand underneath the tight red skirt, two fingers rubbing hastily against satiny undergarments. The scars on her thighs rubbed against her wrist, and tucking the panties to the side Revy prepared to enter inside.

The kiss was, all in all, fucking sloppy after the two participants began to gasp into each others mouth, A sharp twist of teeth and blood was dripping down Revy's chin, and Balalaika slid her tongue precisely up the splatter and returning, a sharp metallic tang causing Revy to gag.

Using her whole hand to rub, she spread Revy and begin touching her to the point of pain and all the gunwoman could do was moan into her mouth.

Shoving her fingers inside Balalaika's folds, Revy grinned into the kiss and landed a quick bite at the woman's mouth in return, pubic hair tickling her knuckles. She heard a curse in Russian - and she knew it was a curse, because ol' Sis had hissed it every so often- and her ego inflated at the thought of having the queen of Roanapour quivering with carnal need.

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