Power Aspects

General Follows These Options

The Soul

The Soul is the essence of a particular Being

(Capable of creating a Yami inside if there is enough Source of fuel (Negative emotions being held in (So not being true to yourself for an extreme length of time))) for it to become into being.

Example: Yami in Naruto, And bleach it would be a Hollow (The Hollow Situation is that since the shell(The body) is gone The Yami becomes the dominant Personality and since there is not enough power it is only capable of simple thoughts therefore it becomes dependent on Instinct)

The Body

The Body consists of two energy sources Physical (Yang) and the other is Spiritual (Yin) these sources can then be combined to mould Chakra

Natural Energy

Depends on the Universe, but all follow the general rule that the surroundings produce a certain energy

Break Down

Spiritual Power - (This people would believe to be Magic in some universes )

Spiritual Power mainly follow these aspects in use: Will, belief, power and Imagination. Spiritual Power is basically enforcing the Users Will on Reality

Physical Power

Physical power is not limited to Regeneration, speed, reflexes, strength but these are just a few that can be done by physical power