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"I think i wanna be alone for this bit." Kol told Davina turning away from her to cough into his arm almost collapsing to his knees from the force behind it. When Kol managed to get his coughing under control he turned to leave the cemetery the back of his fist still pressed up against his mouth.

"I'm afraid that's not an option." Elijah proclaimed walking towards Kol and Davina. Klaus and Rebekah following close behind.

"Always and forever isn't something you just weasel out of, brother." Klaus told Kol with a slight smirk.

Kol gave a sigh seeing that he would not be able to change his siblings minds about staying.


Kol lay on the ground surround by his siblings with them trying to help him draw in breath. While Davina was on her knees across from them watching what was happening to Kol looking like she was ready to burst into tears. She had her hands together looking like she was praying, well either that or muttering a spell trying to help Kol.

"Davina" Kol muttered through the blood steadily dripping from his mouth blindly reaching out a hand to her. Davina crawled over to Kol grasping the hand he had streched out to her in desperation.

"I'm right here Kol." Davina whispered through her tear filled eyes she seemed unable to cry.

"In my pocket" Kol gasped fighting with trying to make the words to come out.

Elijah, Rebekah, and Klaus exchanged glances knowing that in the state Kol wasin he would not be able to last much longer. Rebekah though reached into his pocket and pulled out what was in it... Which happened to be things she thought were just random there was what looked to be an emerald stone, a packet of gum, and some change. Then when she reached over to empty his other pocket she found nothing in it. Almost robotically Rebekah held out the items she had found to Davina completely numb knowing that while she had just got her brother back she would also be losing him soon.

Davina held out the hand that wasn't grasping desperately onto Kol's to take the stuff from Rebekah. But when Davina took a glance at her hand to see what she had been handed she found what she thought was pocket junk.

"What Kol? Which one did you want?" Davina asked him carfully placing the items next to the hand she held but seemed reluctent to let go of.

"Well I seriously doubt that Kol wants the gum." Klaus joked rolling his eyes.

"Nik" Elijah warned with a quick glance before looking back down to his little brother who seemed to have blood bubbling at the corner of his mouth.

"The stone" Kol breathed out looking extremely happy to see it.

"The stone?" Davina asked confused picking up the emerald colored stone. But oddly enough when she clenched it in her hand it. Her hand almost seemed to start to glow which drew three confused gazes to it but one happy glance from Kol.

Davina noticed the stone seemed to be heating up while she was holding it as well as glowing. When it got to hot for her to hold though, she dropped it with a gasp.

But as soon as it touched the ground it lit up so bright that they needed to cover their eyes.

"What the hell is that?" Rebekah almost screeched quickly covering her eyes as well as Kol's.

"How in the hell should I know!" Klaus practically roared at her before he closed his eyes.

"Davina quickly close your eyes." Elijah practically demanded as even he had to block his eyes from the light.

Davina though was unable to look way with her stunned stare. The light seemed to just keep getting brighter and brighter and brighter.

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