I'M REALLY SORRY THIS IS NOT A CHAPTER THOUGH! The chapter will be posted later on today tor early tomorrow though! But the reason im posting this is because or a review I just recieved that I felt I needed to respond to! I WILL BE REMOVING THIS AUTHORS NOTE WHEN I POST THE 4TH CHAPTER! PROBABLY AT THE SAME TIME AS WHEN I WILL POST THE FIXED CHAPTERS! My computer is currently non accessibleto me as I had to send it out to be fixed! I should be receiving it back in around 2 weeks!

This is the actual review that they left...

:I'm sorry to say this, but I think you should only post something after proofreading it, your readers deserve to read something with good quality, not this.
The chapter is short and full of grammar errors, you misspelled the basic words like "I", not "i". You've added nothing truly interesting to your so called "plot", you poorly described the scene of Kol/Kaleb's death, nothing more. You're basically copying the show, and the last few lines you added a silly "turn of events" that was more annoying than eye catching. The cliffhanger only works when you actually have a consistent plot, which YOU. DO. NOT.
Also, this installment was so short, vague and so like the TV show that I can barely say it's worth my time. I hope you find a beta reader in the future and work harder of your grammar and plot development, because this as it is, I just can't read.
I'm sorry if I came too strongly on you, but I am honestly f*** tired of so many bad written stories... it's not hard to study and make an effort to create something within the basic grammar rules, you just have try.

Then also put up a review for chapter 3

:Where are the f*** COMMAS?

That's it! I am reporting this story

It was written by a guest so I can't pm them... But I warned people at the beginning of the chapter that I wrote it on my phone and had not yet been able to fix the mistakes with spelling and grammer to the chapter! Also I didn't have a lot of time to type out the first chapter so I once again feel the need to apologize again for any mistakes or issues with the chapters... Also had this person actually read to the second chapter they would have seen a distinct LACK of me *copying* the show. But now i am going to re read all of my chapter's again and try and fix them on my phone... So we shall see what happens... I apologize for this but it was my first time receiving a flamed review... Also if someone plans to leave flames in the future I will only be accepting those that are actually from people who have accounts! However guests will still be able to review! I will not be posting the ones with flames! Once again I apologize for the inconvenience I'm sure this will cause to the people following this story!