Disclaimer I do not own the characters of Grey's Anatomy and their story lines. I simply could not get enough and I have to keep myself busy till Season 13th comes September 2016.


When you are the only child of the legendary surgeon Ellis Grey, there are major expectations for your life. Being ordinary is simply unacceptable and nothing that you can do will ever be good enough... At least not until your mother is diagnosed with early onset of Alzheimer's disease and you become her pet project to shape and mold you into her replacement. Her personal contribution to medicine. My life has definitely being different than the average person, as the hallways of Seattle Grace Hospital were my playground and watching surgeries were my favorite pass time.

Since my father abandoned us and my mother became a single parent, I was raised with minimum contact with my mother and private tutors who observed that I was gifted from a young age. I loved to read anything to do with surgery and read countless books too advanced for a 9 year old to be reading. I was obsessed that if I were like my mother she would notice me. The Irony of it all is that with a sharp mind and a photographic memory the summer of 1978 changed my life. That was when my mother was diagnosed and her career would be cut short. My mother decided to impart me all her knowledge so that I would continue her life's work when she no longer would remember me and succumb to her disease.

I remember that I loved the attention and being allowed in ORs to observe procedures. Our rituals were observing surgeries in the morning, school in the afternoon with my tutors, and watching surgical tapes at night. I later realized that the attention she gave me was simply so that she could preserve her name and make sure that I would be the best in the field when the time came. By the age of 11 we moved to New Hampshire and I was accepted to Dartmouth as their youngest student in the history of the university. My mother took a job with Dartmouth-Hitchcock Center with an agreement that I would be allowed to be her personal intern outside of school hours. By the time I graduated medical school at 17 years old, I had already logged 10,000 hours in an OR with my mom. The Grey Method was my specialty and I was well versed in all aspects of General Surgery.

Perhaps this unfair advantage has made me more distant from other interns as I was the youngest in my program. When I started back at Seattle Grace I was already ahead of most 3rd year residents and as a legacy my life was pure hell. My name is Dr. Meredith Grey and you are about to witness the madness of my life.