Unwanted Freedom:

Inspired by the song by Repo! The Generic Opera (Genetic Emancipation)

Summary: One-Shot

Kagome works through her emotions after the death of her friend and protector.

Tears and raindrops mixed together running down her face as she stared down at the muddy mound that used coved what used to be her best friend and protector. Anger, hurt, fear, relief she wasn't sure what she felt.

"Years….Its been so many years." She whispered softly her usually soft voice hoarse from crying. "Resenting the years, and my heredity..." she growled softly clutching tightly to her recently chopped raven locks. He said once that when her hair was long she looked so much like HER. SHE was the reason why she chose to wear her school uniform despite that fact that it was completely inappropriate in this time.

Breaking down again for what felt like the hundredth time since his death she fell to her knees "Oh, I have hated and loved you... I have hidden behind you, But I finally see..." she whimpered quietly.

She glared down at the grave curling her fists into the muddy ground "You, I've mistaken for destiny,
But the truth is my legacy, is not up to my genes..." she swallowed tightly rising unsteadily to her feet a surge of hope running through her fatigued body. "True, though the imprint is, deep in me, It will always be up to me... Up to me..." reaching up and wiping her tears away she looked up at the sky wondering when the rain stopped. A sad smile crossed her face. "Oh, free at last... Oh, I'm free at last." She turned away from the grave and towards the well decision made. As she walked away she missed the apparition appearing above the half demon's grave watching her walk away sadly.

(Free at last...)

(Find your way...
Find your way...)