I got this fanfic because I was talking to my underclassman about her love life and guess what? This is what happens… Oh, and by the way, I might not update this that fast because Grim Reaper is my primary ongoing fanfic, so sorry~

"We're off!" Shinichi said angrily. Kaito looked at him in disbelief, masked by his poker face. "But..." Kaito started, but was cut off by the detective's glare. "Shini—"

"Don't you dare call me that again!" he said, turning his back to the magician. "As I said before, Kuroba-kun, we're off!" he said, putting an emphasis on the name 'Kuroba'. Shinichi left him there, heartbroken, and, he hated to admit it, but he was close to tears.

The same could be said for Shinichi, though. Tears stung his eyes as the cold wind blew. His throat felt tight as he took a deep breath. 'This is for the best…' he thought, wiping away his tears and proceeded to go to his house. 'As long as this saves him somehow…'

"What's wrong, Shinichi?" Ran asked, eating the ice cream slowly as they walked around Tropical Land, resting from the excitement of the day. Shinichi gave her his best smile and shook his head. "Nope, nothing… Anyways, what do you think about that roller coaster next?"

"Eeh… But it looks sort of scary…"

"Not interested?" Shinichi asked, his voice gentle. "Fine," Ran said, gathering her courage before standing up and walking with her childhood friend. But she had this feeling that maybe something is wrong with him.

Seeing that he's not talking about Kaito but talking about Sherlock Holmes, her suspicions were heightened.

After that, the murder happened, and then, Shinichi following Gin and Vodka and getting knocked out by Gin and then consuming the drug. Finally, he woke up to find his body shrunk, and then went to Agasa's house and changed his name to Edogawa Conan, and- everyone knows what happened, right?

Too bad for Kaito, though, because of the blow to the head Gin inflicted upon him resulted in Shinichi, or rather, Conan, completely forgetting about their relationship and their break up.

"Cheer up, Kaito," Aoko said, giving him a chocolate cake and milk tea while waiting for Inspector Nakamori to come back. "But I didn't know what got into his head, and he was acting all okay before that too," Kaito said, his tone sad.

"Maybe it was just a misunderstanding? Try calling him, just to be sure?"

"He blocked my number, if he didn't delete it…" Kaito said with a sigh. "That's not like him to block or delete someone's number just because he broke up with that person," Aoko said with a frown. "Wait, let me call him."

Aoko then excused herself from the room and took out her phone. One ring, two rings, three rings. She sighed and kept on waiting. She didn't like to see her usually cheerful friend to go down just because of one man. She was pissed, way more pissed at the detective than she'd ever been at the magician.

She brightened up when she heard her call being picked up. "Hello?!" Aoko said, hopeful. "Hello?" a childish voice said from the other side, which made her raise an eyebrow in confusion. "Umm… This is Kudou-san's number, right?" Aoko asked, checking her phone once, just to be sure.

"Eer… Yeah…" the child said, stuttering a little. "But, who is this?" both of them said at the same time. In the background, Aoko heard Ran's voice, asking Conan, "Who's that, Conan-kun?"

"Aoko Nakamori, Inspector Nakamori's daughter," Aoko said to the boy before he said anything more. "Nakamori-san, then?" Conan said with some sort of fake cheer, like the ones Kaito usually used when he had problems up his sleeve, following him like a tail.

His confusion wasn't masked as well as how Kaito usually masked his own, so she knew. "Nakamori-san, why do you have my phone number?" Conan asked, the memory not with him at the moment. "You don't remember? You know, when you and Kaito had your first date… You were the one who suggested it to be you, me, Ran-san, and Kaito…" Aoko said, her voice trailing off.

'He doesn't remember?' she thought with worry. The childish voice and the use of 'my' on Shinichi's phone number made her think about some impossible things. She shook her head, dismissing the thought before it confused her to no end. "Are you… actually Kudou-san? As in Kudou Shinichi-san?" Aoko asked, knowing the answer anyways, even if the boy said 'no'.

Silence filled the line, and she worried about him. What happened? How come you have a child's voice? You're Kudou Shinichi, yet you sound like a grade-schooler? So many questions, but so thick was the silence, she didn't dare to ask him anything.

"… I'm sorry, Nakamori-san, but I've got to go," he said finally, leaving her questions hanging. "Yeah, sorry to trouble you," she said, feeling awkward. She cut the line with a click, shock apparent on her face.

"Aoko?" Kaito asked after a long silence from the girl. "What's wrong?" The shock on her face was priceless, had he been in a despair-less state. But right now, he couldn't care much, not at all. She shook her head before saying, "I… don't know…"

Kaito looked at her weirdly before she finally made eye contact with him. "I don't know, Kaito, but I think… There's something wrong with Kudou-san…" She then told him how the call went, and Kaito had mixed feelings about the situation.

Happy? Hopeful? Sad? He didn't know. All he knew was the fact that somehow, it seems like God had given him a second chance. Or probably it was Lady Luck? He didn't care. He thanked whatever forces had given him the once-in-a-lifetime chance and took it without a second thought.

"Jii-chan," Kaito called the old man, once he was safe in his house, safely out of the Inspector's daughter's earshot. "I need help with something."


Yes, it's a very, very short chapter, but since it's some sort of prologue, please, please, please let it slide? Ehehe… Welp, that's all for the first (?) chapter… if prologues count as a 'chapter'…

- To be continued -