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Hakuba stood in the middle of the Task Force, smiling smugly. He hadn't seen Conan even though Kogoro was there, bickering to Nakamori in front of the TV cameras. He silently wondered why. Aoko had told him, days before that Kudou Shinichi was back.

Well, it made international news, actually, because of the extensive period of time he disappeared in. Mysteriously to boot. Fangirls all over the world who knew of his existence, those people who created a forum discussing about him and only him, and the thief who had declared in his newest heist notice about said detective being his…

All had screamed for him.

Even he knew that KID, to some extent, had also been searching for the detective-gone-MIA. No, he didn't envy the East Detective. Not really. Well, maybe just a teensy bit? He sighed.

At least he hasn't seen him as of yet, so he couldn't confirm his questions.

"FIVE MORE MINUTES!" Nakamori bellowed, and he immediately became aware of his surroundings. His eyes landed on the Locking Hearts ring; twin rings with rubies on them.

He vaguely remembered the myth where a couple whom wore the rings for a whole week together and never taking it off fell further in love with each other and ended up married. 'Bullshit, there's no such things as love miraculously boosted because of some ring,' he thought as a smirk slipped through.

Yet, he found himself silently wishing for something like that.

Kaito was studying Hakuba's face. A small curl at the edge of his lips went unnoticed by the other guards as Nakamori announced, "FIVE MORE MINUTES!"

The detective seemed unaware.

He pushed a button and heard faint sounds in the distance under the clamor of his fans and Nakamori's shouts. One more minute—and the lights turned off. Thirty more seconds—and he was already on top of the altar which held the twin rings, suspended in mid-air by a string under his feet.

"Three," he announced, and he heard footsteps and confused voices.



"One… I will, inspector… ZERO!" he shouted and lights fell upon him as if on cue. Cameras were aimed his way and he smirked. His white attire seemingly shone under the light's attention in contrast to the surrounding darkness.

"Ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to tonight's heist!" he said with cheer, and his surrounding fans erupted in an ecstatic cheer. With an extremely impossible level of balance, he walked, jumped, skipped onto the invisible strings which went everywhere.

His eyes caught someone's figure in the crowd and he smiled.

"Well, for tonight, I may need… assistance… Does anyone want to assist me?" he said in a velvety voice which made girls and boys alike visibly swoon. Someone stepped up and said, "Oh my… Shall I assist your heist, Mr. Kaitou KID?"

"Well then, I shall accept," he said semi-thoughtfully and pulled her up.

"What are you planning for tonight, dear thief?" she asked seductively, tracing a finger on his cheek. He gave her a smile and guided her to another strip of string which brought them further away from the jewel.

"Well, Miss Akako," he said with a smirk, slowing down so that the cameras could catch his movements. "I was hoping that you'd know… two certain fabled rings were located in this very room…"

"Oh my. Why would you want those rings?" she asked, host-like.

"Well," he said, twirling her around in some sort of dance-walk. "I'd love to give it to… a certain someone."

"So even you, Mr. Thief, have a special someone…" she said as she circled the man with his help. They ignored the other people who were watching them, screaming in jealousy and anticipation.

"Correct, my friend," he said, releasing her in favor of clapping his hands. She stumbled, but with the help of certain invisible lesser demons, she stayed aloft. Curious noises erupted from the people beneath, defeating Nakamori's normally loud voice.

"My… Why don't you describe that person?" she asked slyly. He smirked, thankful that she came, even though he knew that his preferable choices were either the small scientist or the witch. Or his detective, to be honest.

And he loved how in-sync he was with the witch herself, because all this was out-of-script. More like he didn't have a script at all.

"Sly, aren't you, Ms. Akako?" he said in a 'tsk-tsk-tsk' tone.

"No harm in asking," she shrugged gracefully.

"Naughty," he said in a very seductive tone, smiling to the cameras.

"Oi, KID!" Hakuba shouted from below. The thief landed gracefully in front of him and put a finger under his chin, a hand pushed him from the back so that he was pushed flush against him.

"We-ll," he said jokingly. "What owes me your presence, dear detective from England?"

He pushed him away and crossed his arms, huffing and blushing. "You shouldn't let a lady stand there without protection."

Then his hands were handcuffed. "Are you alright down there, Mr. Thief?" Akako called mockingly.

"You two were in this together?" he said in mock hurt.

"No, we—"

A puff of smoke and his hair turned a hot pink with golden streaks in it. "K-K-KID!" he bellowed in rage. "Sorry, dear detective," he said sweetly. "I'm trying to go find something suitable… for my certain someone."

Akako was suddenly beside him, and he took her wrist and guided him to the highest string.

"What do you think? Do you have any idea where the rings are?"

"Hmm… let's see," she said, loving the attention. "I see something akin to those rings over there," she purred, pointing at the two rings. He went over the two rings he'd purposefully walked further from and examined them.

"It's perfect," he said, picking the two rings tenderly.

He then conjured a bouquet of roses and knelt in from of her. Shouts of jealousy erupted from the crowd of fans.

"Thank you for your assistance, dear Miss Akako," he said lightly, handing her the bouquet. "But now I must take my leave, for I should not keep my special someone waiting," he said and kissed her hand.

Jumping from one string to the other, cutting them as he went, he let out a playful smirk mar his features as he bowed deeply on the highest string.

"I hope that we may meet once more under the beautiful full moon," he said, ending his show before somersaulting far above and over the open window on the roof, leaving the last string to flutter down as Nakamori's shouts and his fans' shouts deafened everyone's ears.

Opening his hang glider, he soared through the night and disappeared from many eyes.

Shinichi was stunned. No, sorry, understatement. He was more than stunned. Stupefied? Surprised? Shocked? He didn't know.

All he knew was the heat rising onto his face and his light-headedness as he realized what was about to come.

The TV in front of his bed was turned off by a certain scientist, who smirked knowingly. "I guess I'll take my leave then."


"What? You want me to stay?" she asked, arching an eyebrow. "Sorry, but I'm not interested in what's about to come, inevitably so. Plus, you wouldn't want a certain person with Ran as her initials barge in, demanding more clarification on what had happened with Conan, now do you?"

Shinichi so wanted to bolt out the door to escape, knowing what she'd heavily implied in her words, but he couldn't. Because, one, his wound had finally closed and he was to not strain his muscles for a few months, hence why he was forbidden to go out of his bedroom and why Kaito had been staying in his house—bed—for the last few weeks.

"Well, good night," she said before he could say anything more, and closed the door shut.

Second reason was that he was chained to the bed—how and when did he even have time for this?—"just for tonight," Kaito had said. But it was inconvenient. The length of the chain allowed him for bathroom breaks, however. A TV to be watched, conveniently placed in front of his bed, allowing him to watch the entirety of that night's heist, was all that he could do.

The window to his room opened, jolting him out of his thoughts, and Kaito stepped in, all in his KID glory. His eyes narrowed as they met indigo irises. "Kaito," he said, acknowledging him.

"Ah, good evening Shinichi," he said huskily, sending involuntary shudders through his whole body. "How have you been? Did you enjoy the show?" he asked, sitting right beside Shinichi on his big bed. The dip he caused made Shinichi lean on him.

"Take these off," he said in slight anger, holding up the hand and foot that was cuffed to the floor. Or bed, he couldn't be too sure.

"Why, Shinichi," Kaito said in mock-hurt, taking a colder hand into his gloved ones. "I only wanted you to stay…"

"You only needed to ask me, no need for these!"

"I didn't want you kidnapped anymore," he said as he pecked the detective's lips. "I've learned from experience," he whispered, nipping at his ear, delighting in the shudder which passed his body.

"Well sorry for getting kidnapped once too many times," he huffed, pouting. He felt a breathy chuckle escape the thief's lips as said thief kissed his collarbone.

"I'm still angry about your deal with Snake, you know."

"Please, you're poking on that anger a tad bit too much," he rolled his eyes as Kaito bit his earlobe. "P-plus, what was the 'special someone' show for?"

He hated the stutter.

"Hmm? Did you think it was a lie?" he asked, sighing into his shoulder as he nuzzled it.

"Of course! You needed some sort of excuse for that Akako girl, right? Plus, she's your classmate! You two must've—"he gasped when Kaito sucked on a certain sensitive spot on his neck—"p-planned this from before!"

"Oh, no, Shinichi," he said, licking his neck, ravishing it tenderly as his fingers crept on the detective's knee. "Her being there was a coincidence."

"I'm a detective. I don't believe in coincidences," he said, huffing.

"Then… Lady Luck?" he said, pulling back from his ministrations with a gentle smile. Somewhere along the lines, he'd taken off his hat and monocle.

"You're impossible," he said, rolling his eyes in an attempt to stifle a small growl of need. Kaito only chuckled and left him, walking towards the still-open window and closing it quietly. Shinichi stifled a whimper at the loss of proximity.

"So?" the detective asked after a while of silence. The thief only gave a hum in reply. He rolled his eyes, saying, "The rings. What did you need them for? It's obviously not Pandora."

"Ah, that," he said and finally turned to face Shinichi. He raised an ungloved hand—when did he take those off?!—and under the moonlight glinted a beautiful red on his ring finger.

Shinichi gulped, not knowing what he meant by that gesture.

"You see, Shinichi," he started, purposefully and agonizingly slow, making him anticipate his next words. "I wanted to do something…"

"Like Haibara said," he said dreadfully. He knew for sure that he wasn't prepared for anything the scientist implied. Kaito looked at him blankly, long enough for the dread to grow, before shaking his head.

"No…" he said, dragging the 'o'.

"Then what?" he asked, honestly curious now. Kaito smirked.

"If I said that it's for a myth, then I know that you won't believe me," he chuckled, running a hand through his bird's nest hair as Shinichi frowned.

"Myths are myths. You can't confuse them with reality, Kaito," he said.

"Exactly." He then went over an unused cup and poured the still lukewarm tea Haibara brought in minutes before KID brought Akako into the heist act and sipped on it loudly. "I was just thinking… that even if for a week…" he mumbled, making Shinichi strain his ears to catch his words.

"But I bought it already, so it was more of a show rather than stealing," he said, turning to the detective with his eyebrows knotted, reaching him in two long strides and sitting onto the bed.

"Kudou Shinichi," he said seriously. Shinichi tensed up at the seriousness and seeming urgency of it. "I need you."

Shinichi gulped.

"And I know that for a fact."

Shinichi nodded slowly.

"So, Kudou Shinichi," he said, gentler this time. Shinichi's breath caught when Kaito kissed his hand, a trail from the tip of his nails to his wrist, from his palms to the back of his hand. At last, Kaito stopped on his ring finger and whispered, "Will you marry me?"

He could've reprimanded him about acting on his own and deciding things without his consent. He could've asked him to leave him alone. He could've said other, more hurtful things, just to give him a façade of his fastly beating heart and blush that crept up his face, colouring it and impossibly red shade, even in the darkness.

But instead, he nodded. Dumbly.

He couldn't fathom why.

Kaito beamed and let out a winning smile, as if he hadn't anticipated the more-than-honest answer, as if he was prepared for a rejection.

"I love you," he breathed before kissing him, slipping the ring on his ring finger.

"And that's that," Haibara said calmly, finishing her story to Ran, who was gaping in disbelief. The scientist had smartly filtered the story so that she wasn't the one who'd developed the drug, and all her involvement in the Black Org was covered.

"Th-then… all this time…?!"

"Yes," she nodded. "But this knowledge is dangerous for the children," she said, her voice grave, and Ran suddenly saw the sadness reflected in her eyes as she realized who the scientist was referring to. "They must never know."

"… I understand." Ran nodded, but then she asked, "What about Aoko? She seemed to know—"

"It was merely suspicion and final confirmation on her part," she shrugged, sipping on her tea. Her smile cool and her eyes gentle. Ran heaved a relieved sigh and a smile broke on her face.

"Well, he's actually pretty lucky to be alive… despite everything else."

Ran nodded in agreement and looked in the direction of the Kudou manor. The morning sun which filtered through the windows of Agasa's residence made everything seem magical, as she saw in the back of her eyes, her childhood friend still sleeping contentedly with Kaito in his bed.

She silently prayed for their happiness as she also deduced the high chance of the two reconciling.

She didn't know of the rings and promise of marriage. Yet.


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