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To the question; Why did they break up?

Answer; I don't know. Why don't you ask Shinichi?

Kaito stood at the rooftop, the bejeweled hairpin in his hand gleamed under the moonlight. He didn't even need to check it, because he knew that it wasn't Pandora. He only prepared this heist to lure out Shinichi, just like the few other heists before.

When he saw Ran and Sonoko outside, so he had a hunch that Shinichi was coming. No, he was very sure that the East Detective would come to capture him. And he would even be willing to be captured, only if he would tell him the reason for their break up. He heard footsteps, and then one of his traps activating, but the door opened anyways.

"Kaitou KID!"

He was surprised to hear a child's voice. Masking his surprise with a poker face, he turned to see a mini version of his beloved detective in front of the doorway, Inspector Nakamori caught in the thread webs trap he prepared.

He knew that the only one to be able to dodge the trap would be Shinichi. How did the mini version of him dodge it? "You won't get away with that hairpin!" he said, pulling him back to reality. "My, my," he said, walking up to the child.

"Aren't you a little bit too young to be trying to capture me?" he said, kneeling in front of Conan. His determined face reminded him of the first time Shinichi met him as Kaitou KID. Adorable, he thought with a genuine smile, before masking it into one of his poker face smiles.

He then ruffled his head and slipped the hairpin on to his hair before jumping off to the edge of the rooftop. "You won't get away!" Conan said and inflated a soccer ball, turning his shoe's power to the max and kicking it, aiming it at the thief's shoulder (he wouldn't want the thief to fall to his death because the ball hit his face and made him fall unconscious anyways.)

Kaito stepped away from the edge to dodge the attack, and that gave Conan a chance to tackle him. But Kaito's reflexes were fast, and he dodged the boy who rolled away to reduce the impact he received, his glasses falling off from the move.

Kaito's breath caught. He'd seen the boy, long before this, in a picture his dad showed him once. It was a younger version of Shinichi, when he finally got into elementary school, with his parents, all smiles. But then, a thought struck him. He hasn't heard of Shinichi solving any cases as of late, has he? Remembering the newspapers he read after their break up, other than the one that happened in Tropical Land, he hasn't heard of the detective. Even the media speculated that he might be dead.

But now, a child, who looks like younger Shinichi appeared. He felt compelled to ask, "Boy, who are you?"

"Edogawa Conan," he said, getting up and putting his glasses back on, "a detective."

'Why does that sound so cliché?' Kaito mused and gave the boy his widest Kaitou grin. "Well, then, Tantei-kun," he started, and the glare he received was satisfying. 'I guess his heart still remembers my pattern?' he thought. "I will take my leave," he bowed and jumped away, opening his hang glider and gliding away.

"Shit…" Conan cursed. He did not calculate the possibility of getting carried by the wind once he opened the glider and miss the edge of the roof. 'He must've calculated that beforehand,' Conan thought, an amused smile on his face. While luring out Gin, he might as well have his mind occupied by someone who has the potential to lure him out also, like Kaitou KID.

Kaito did what he loved and did best; stalking Shinichi—or in this case, Conan. The detective's senses were, as usual, sharp. He might have to add the distance he used to stalk him if he didn't want to get caught.

He took the day off of school for that day, just so that he could stalk the boy who had a skateboard under his arm, walking out of the Mouri Agency place. "I'll be going!" he said childishly, Ran following him not too long after. Changing his disguise, he walked to the same place where he figured Conan would go to, since he didn't want to risk getting caught by the young detective.

"Conan-kun!" a girl called out to him, running towards him with two boys behind her. "Genta-kun, Mitsuhiko-kun, Ayumi-chan, good morning!" he said cheerfully, like a child would. He then left to let his child-detective-who-he-suspects-to-be-Shinichi alone so that he could concentrate at school and his hand once again was on the phone.

Conan looked out of the window, certain that his stalker would not watch him while in school, because since he'd stepped inside the school gates, he stopped feeling as if he were being watched. But he was still wary. Could it be the organization? Or could it be a serial killer? Or probably his dad, who has the tendency to do so when he came to Japan?

He shook his head, his body still tired from the night before. Maybe he was just paranoid, after all that excitement and his head hurting when KID called him, 'Tantei-kun' as if he'd called him that way since way before. But he was certain that last night was his first face-off with the renowned thief as Conan.

He knew by fact that he'd faced KID as Shinichi, before he was shrunk. "Nee, nee, Conan-kun!" Ayumi called, dragging him back to reality. With a book in her arms and the whole class going out, Ayumi continued, "Let's go! Everyone's off to music class right now! We should catch up to them!"

"All right," Conan said, compliant.

The day went by like always, and he'd started to think that it was just his imagination that he felt as if he were being stalked. But cases like child kidnapping was booming, and as useless as Mouri was, even he was dragged into the case. He'd seen the other kids back to their houses before he rode the skateboard back to the Agency.

Mouri was there when he came in. "I'm back!" he said, noticing Inspector Megure and Mouri inside, having a seemingly serious discussion. "Welcome back," Megure said warmly, and Kogoro only grunted in response. "Where's Ran-nee-chan?" Conan asked.

"She went with Sonoko to this café," Kogoro said dismissively. After muttering an, "Oh, I see," Conan placed a listening device under the couch before excusing himself upstairs. There wasn't anything particularly interesting, as he'd expected, from the discussion below. He had decided to lay low, and he wasn't risking trying to get info by being at the office.

Besides, the feeling of being stalked he had had come back when he left the others back at their houses. Pouring himself a glass of juice, he sat in front of the TV, watching the news. Since the discussion downstairs wasn't going anywhere, might as well watch the news.

Once turned on, the news anchor immediately spoke, "Today, at 12.47, a body of a missing child was found under a tree in a relatively deserted park." Conan's full attention was drawn, and thoughts of the stalker from earlier vanished.

From what he knew, boys and girls alike had been found around town, dead, after missing for a few days. Some had been raped, some had been tortured, and some… Well, to put it simply, they had all been kidnapped, then killed.

There were suspects, of course, but none of them were guilty. At least, out of ten people, nine people had been innocent. It was like searching for a needle in a haystack. Besides, the culprit, or culprits, he suspected, were very careful to not leave any evidence leading to them.

Parents were getting worried, and so far, the ones kidnapped were grade school until middle school children. 'Maybe he or she or they, even, are pedophiles, or around the age of middle to high schoolers.' He couldn't think of any other possibility because the children had nothing in common, physically nor mentally, or even based on their background.

Before he knew it, the glass he held was empty, and he stood to get some more, when he heard Megure say, "We did find something in common." He stopped and listened, intent on getting any sort of lead. He couldn't let any more innocent children die.

"Other than the age, which ranges from seven until thirteen, and the fact that they all live in or near Beika, they all had disappeared after going somewhere crowded and eventful, be it a market or a festival."

Opening his phone, he searched for the most recent events which happened around Beika, in particular, and called Agasa, informing of his about-to-be visit. "Uncle, I'm going out to Agasa Hakase's place, alright?" he said before closing the door to the office shut.

"Yeah, yeah, don't be late for dinner, though," Mouri said dismissively, focusing back to Megure.

"So they really did go missing after crowded events…" Conan said, watching as Agasa hacked through the police database of missing children and most recent serial killer cases. 'And to think that the perpetrator might not be alone…' His stomach twisted at the thought of multiple people going after one kid to the other, just to do their… things before murdering business.

"But since the way the children disappeared are similar, it might be that they came from the same team?"

"What do you mean?" Conan asked. "You know, like how Gin and Vodka are from the same organization, there might be other people, like Vermouth and so on," Agasa pointed out. Conan nodded in approval. "That might be…"

Before 5 PM, Conan had left Agasa's house to go back to the Mouri Agency, and once again, the feeling of being stalked came back. 'Just who is this stalker?!' Conan gritted his teeth and took a longer route back to shake off the stalker.

By the time he got back, it was way after dinnertime. "Where have you been?!" Ran scolded him after an "I'm back."

"A-ah… Sorry, Ran-nee-chan… The game Agasa Hakase introduced was very exciting, so I couldn't get back fast enough…" Conan said with an apologetic face and tone. "Mou… I was worried you know…" Ran said, hands still on her hips. A rumble from Conan's stomach made her smile and Conan blushed.

"I knew you'd be hungry. I saved your portion just to be safe," Ran said, ushering him to the dining table. She got herself a glass of water and watched as Conan ate hungrily. Probably the stalking thing had taken a lot out of him, and even he—or to be exact, his stomach—couldn't deny it.

After preparing himself for bed, Conan remembered the listening device he left under the couch, and went downstairs to get it.

"Found it!" he said happily and put it back on to his glasses. Getting back up, he saw Mouri's desk littered with paper, and curiosity made him go over and read it, finding, to his delight, that the contents were about the series of child kidnapping and murder.

He didn't even notice when a certain white-clad thief came into the office and hovered over him. Surprised, Conan turned around and found KID, grinning over him. "Hello, Tantei-kun," he said fondly. "Kaitou KID?! Why are you—"

"Shh," KID said, a gloved finger on Conan's lips. "You don't want your dear Ran-san to get the wrong idea, now do you?"

"… What wrong idea?" Conan asked, seeing nothing out of place, or awkward. "I just want to ask you something, Kudou Shinichi…"

"H-how did you-?!" Conan said, surprised. 'Weird… I do know for a fact that Shinichi knows me as my civilian identity, if not my KID disguise,' Kaito thought, confused. "Don't tell me… That you're with them?!" Conan growled, much to the thief's surprise.

'Them who?' he thought, and the first person that came to mind was Snake. That sly, filthy Snake who goes around with a gun in hand, happy and ready to shoot anyone if he were ordered to, at least in Kaito's imagination. A low growl came from him at the misunderstanding. "I'm not," he said, still growling.

Conan flinched. Kaito could literally see the warning sign in the child's terrified eyes, despite the general knowledge that KID wouldn't hurt anyone. He even had a no-hurt policy, for god's sake! He ceased his growl and took off Conan's glasses, which made him look somewhat like Shinichi.

"Do you really not remember, Tantei-kun?" The nights we spent together on dates, and us both gliding over the city to marvel at its' lights? He added in his mind, hoping that the child-Shinichi could see them in his eyes. "Remember what?" he gave him a growl of his own.

"Remember the fact that one of yours had me drugged and turned me into—" he stopped himself before he could continue. For some reason, the thief gauged some sort of anger and the feeling that he had to protect him at all cost, despite not knowing him too well, and that nearly made him blurt out the whole reason for his situation.

Heck, he didn't even know if Gin's whole organization knew what he'd done.

Kaito raised an eyebrow. 'What did Snake and his friends do to my detective?!' he thought angrily, carefully masked by the expression of curiosity. "What did they do?" KID asked, making Conan fidget. After a while, he sighed.

"I won't force you to tell me, I'll find out anyways, one way or another," he said, opening the window slightly to ensure quick escape if he needed. "So you were the one who stalked me?" Conan asked, eyes filled with anger. "Oh, why would I, Tantei-kun? I only wanted to know if you're Shinichi…"

The way he'd said his name made his head throb a little. It felt so familiar, yet he couldn't place it. Not at all. His hand automatically went to his head, the part where Gin had hit him hard enough to make him lose consciousness, and made him forget about his relationship with Kaito as Kaito.

Noticing this, KID placed a gloved hand over Conan's bare ones, worried for whatever made that hand of his go over there almost automatically. He knew by experience that Shinichi—Conan—tends to subconsciously touch the place(s) that hurt.

The gesture, though, made him look into those clear azure eyes that he'd grown accustomed to. After all, those were the eyes which he'd stared at as they laid in bed together, Shinichi within his embrace, trying to fight off sleep. It had been those rare nights when Shinichi could make time to visit his boyfriend of a thief and feel his love and tell him how his days went and stuff.

Kaito, of course, would gladly listen, a bare hand touching his back in a loving gesture.

"We're off!" Oh, how the scene had replayed oh so many times that he couldn't count how many anymore. But he knew that their break-up had a reason, and Shinichi wouldn't tell him what.

Conan, on the other hand, was startled at the closeness and those indigo eyes that had him feeling hazy, as if a memory was surfacing, but he couldn't remember at all. The memories of Kaito and Shinichi together in those indigo eyes couldn't be seen by those azure eyes who'd forgotten all about it.

It was such a shame that they couldn't share it right now, but the throb in his head was getting intense, and KID's hand somewhat eased it. "Conan-kun?" Ran's voice was the one thing that brought them back to reality. It had been sort of awkward, and even Kaito couldn't mask it well.

"Well, then, Tantei-kun," he said, pushing the window open, "let us meet again under the beautiful moonlight next time." Placing a peck on those now small lips of his, as he made his escapade before the child had any time to react.

"KID!" Conan said in embarrassment. "Conan-kun?" Ran repeated, opening the door to the office. Conan stood, looking out of the open window, his embarrassment made him red, all the way to his ears. "What's wrong? Are you sick?" Ran asked when she saw the expression he wore, all red and his gaze was filled with haze.

"No, I'm fine, Ran-nee-chan," he said simply, childishly. "If you say so…" Ran said, uncertain wether or not she should let it go. Conan had never been so red before, except for that time when he'd had a really high fever, weeks after the first time he'd moved into the Mouri Agency.

"Let's get back upstairs, alright? You must be tired." A small nod and a yawn was his reply and off they went to their respectful beds. Ran caught a glimpse of one of the papers Mouri had left on his table, and felt uncertain. 'Was he worried that he might get kidnapped too? Is that why he's trying, in his own way, to search for the culprit?' Ran thought worriedly.

"Conan-kun," she said calmly, before letting him in her father's bedroom, "remember that you have to be careful when you get involved with these kinds of stuff."


"The kidnapping and murders… You're a child, and you have to remember that! I don't want you to disappear…" Just like Shinichi had… she added in her mind, and Conan somehow heard it. "Don't worry, Ran-nee-chan," he said warmly, placing a hand on her shoulder for reassurance, "I'll be careful."

With a sad smile, Ran nodded. They then left to get some sleep.

A few weeks later, a certain child was found in front of the Kudou manor, and Agasa had found her. Picking her up, he took her into his house, not knowing anything about her…


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