Final fantasy 13/Naruto crossover

Title- The Great Prologue: Book I

Chapter 1: innocent snow

Opening scene- Naruto is wearing a full body grey cloak looking over the slowly melting snow of the newly dubbed spring country. A fellow passenger approaches the silent boy and asks "Is this your first time coming to spring country kid?"

Naruto turns his head only enough to where amythist violet meets force brown. "No… I've been here once… Before the snow melted, it looks better now." His tone was nostalgic. Not a tone that should be in the voice of one so young.

The man smiles in pride. The boy hadn't breathed a word to anyone the entire trip and it began to make some of the older passengers worried. "Ahhh, you like the bright and new. Sorry to say I don't feel the same boyyo." The old man joined Naruto in gazing out to the continent of spring country. His smile turned warm when he noticed the raised eyebrow the boy was sending him.

"Why old man? I thought spring was suffering because of the snow." The old man chuckled with his gaze still set on the distancing landmass. But something he noticed was the distant look in his eye. It was almost like he was watching a memory.

"The younger generation have forgotten something important about the land of snow. The meaning behind its creation that ties all foreigners together as one people. Do you know what that is Boyyo?" The old man's gaze never left the continent when he talked. But the question he asked held a knowing tone. Like he already knew the answer.

Naruto thought over the question but found he didn't know the answer. He tried to look at it from another angle but still found that he couldn't think of anything. Finally he sighed and glanced at the old man. "Alright I'll bite. What did we forget?"

The man chuckled. It was so fun getting youngsters so confused. Even if the boy didn't outwardly show his frustration. "Snow means purity. It is untainted by the evils of the world. No amount of blood can taint freshly fallen snow." The way he spoke was if reciting a prayer. It was spoke with a clear passion that would have caught the attention of children. "We who come from the elements come to snow seeking to purify our sins and wrongdoings. It is with this belief that snow is our chance to start anew." When he said nothing more he briefly lost the distant look in his eye and glanced at Naruto. His eyes were slightly wide and his lips were parted only a little.

The old man gently pat Naruto's shoulder before turning to leave. The pat shook Naruto from his stupor before giving a sad smile to the man's retreating back. "Thank you for your wisdom jiji." The old man chuckled but didn't stop walking.

"What kind of elder would I be if I didn't use my knowledge to help a young man find his way?" The smile on Naruto's face grew slightly but he turned back to look out to spring country from across the water. No one else noticed the single tear that dripped from his eye and dripped off his chin into the cold water below.

"Hmmm snow" The smile widened somewhat before it gradually grew wider while the look of hurt vanished from his eyes to be replaced by a glint of happiness. "I like the sound of that. Snow, a new name, to a new start, to a new dream, for a new life."

This is a trial story. I've tried working on my other stuff but this seems like the absolute best way to blend the two for a great crossover. Now I haven't decided if Naruto is going to a new dimension, or if I'll AU the shit out of this using characters from final fantasy 13. But I'm leaning towards the elemental countries being an undiscovered landmass in the FFXIII universe. I've set the ending of the first chapter up so this can happen but it isn't set in stone.

Now what I want you guys to do is review this and tell me what you think so far. I feel I've just entered an unexplored section of Naruto FFXIII fanfiction and I want to know I'm putting in all this work for something. I'm tired of not getting constructive reviews. If you see something good here please let me know.