Hello my followers and future followers. Helrio back for a brief break for questions! Now I want to start this off by clearing the air of any confusion.

The triple pairing is a possibility. I will decide overall if it happens or not. But if I decide I'll take a crack at writing one our options are as followed.




No one else. But if you can give me a convincing argument for someone from the Naruto verse I'll add them to the list. Now this isn't me saying I will do a triple pairing, this is me saying that if I do decide to do it this is the list you have to choose from. I'll say this right now though, the one character I absolutely refuse to add to the pairing is Hinata Hyuuga.

No, I do not hate her. I don't care how you word it but Bianca freaking stalked Naruto during his entire childhood. Some may call that romantic and that's your opinion. I call it creepy and a relationship doomed to failure. One thing we all learned in freshman health class is a relationship like that is borderline abuse. It is definitely a violation of privacy.

Abilities will be explained and distributed amongst the FFXIII group when Fang comes into the picture. In order to have Vanille explain how the crystarium system, which will now be called the crystal system in Author's notes, I would need to weave a chapter around Naruto and Vanille meeting before canon begins. I will decide if I want to do that or not so don't get too worked up.

Now for the ages of characters. Since no one has voted I will choose Naruto's past. It will not be revealed.

Naruto/snow- 13

Maqui- 9 (Child genius remember? The way he is described makes me believe he would be smart from the beginning of his life.)

The ages of Tsunade and Shizune are unimportant to the immediate story. Because for now they are merely side characters with a major impact on the overall story. If I decide to send Naruto back to the elemental Nations I'll put more thought on ways to involve the two in the story.

I'm sure a few of you are wondering why Naruto decided to learn how to heal. The answer is pretty simple. The story demanded it. I see Tsunade as the type of person who wants to make up for past mistakes desperately. And Naruto being the person he is wants to learn better ways of defending those he cherishes. Healing is just another way for him to keep those he deems as precious alive and well. Tsunade's lessons will coincide with Naruto's determination.

If you all haven't figured it out already I plan on having Naruto learn Tsunade's Super strength technique. Snow is depicted as very strong physically. Theories on why he is that strong have pointed towards his coat being augmented with a strength enhancement. Now that is obviously not the case.

Why Maqui is from the Naruto verse. Maqui is depicted as a child genius, but they never described where he learned from or how he joined the group much like every other member of NORA. So what I'm trying to do with my first major Arc is pretty self explanatory.

I plan on introducing the founding members of NORA along with building up NORA's loyalty to Snow. So expect a lot of character development in the next few chapters.

Sera will not be introduced in Arc 1. I am making this entire story from memory alone. But if I have trouble with anything I will consult a forum. Sera and Snow will meet at some point during a festival celebrating the defeat of Ragnarok.

I won't say which festival it will be but try not getting your hopes up. I'll tease you guys a bit and say it may or may not be during the first year. I've already decided but I just wanna keep you guys interested.

Whether or not specific events during ff13 or Naruto will not be mentioned for the sake of the story. If you have any questions please review this chapter with your question in mind.