Order of Sephira

The ladies and gentlemen that make up the Order of Sephira are very well trained and equipped individuals, many of them speak a multitude languages, are well versed in global customs and culture and have the ability to assimilate themselves into any situation. They have a code of honor and conduct that they go by. They are also tattooed on their wrists and ankles with the infinity symbol with unusual ink for identification. They have submitted themselves for a wide variety of training, militaristic, medical, political, economic, engineering, as well as other specialties. Every individual in the Order are well equipped with the following.

Infinity Bags

Infinity bags are equipped with anti gravity and miniaturization components so that anything can fit into them, as anything can be taken out and return to full size and weight. The overall satchel is made out of leather like material that can both float on the water as well as sink of so desired.

Inside this special satchel, are several smaller infinity bags made of various materials such as cotton and silk. They all have the infinity symbol embroidered on them and come in various colors.

The white bag with a red symbol is for medicine. It has everything a modern hospital would use as well as smaller, portable and hand held X-ray machines, MRI machines, ultrasound machines as well as a host of other equipment along with any components such as IV liquid, medicine, as well as anything needed for surgery and the like.

The yellow bag contained money, gold, silver, copper and even treasure, jewels, corals, jade and anything else that might be used in place of money or trade.

The red bag with a black symbol contained weapons.

Namely, The Staff, The Swords, The Daggers, The Bow and Arrows along with any other weapon the carrier may prefer.

The Staff could transform into a smaller staff for closer combat sceneroes. As well as grow longer to keep a greater distance from aggressors. The ends could switch out for sniper rifling and a scope to go for miles. As well as blades along with a host of other extraordinary attachments for any defense or offense purposes.

The Swords could change as well. From a Japanese Katana to a European Heavy sword, all of them carrying inhumanly sharp edges as well as a light saber like setting that would cut through anything except another light saber.

The Daggers were more than what they seemed, besides being highly decorative and bejeweled. They held special powers within themselves.

Lastly the Bow and Arrows. The bow could double as another staff if need be. The arrow heads were explosive, heat seeking, even biologically targeted so that the arrow would make feats just to hit a particular individual, even if that individual can not be seen. The spines had a return feature so that they would hit a target, then disengage the arrow head and return to the sender before the arrow head detonated. So while they may only have had a dozen arrows, they the potential to have hundreds of thousands if not more if need be.

The brown bag with a light tan infinity symbol was for Bread Seed. Bread Seed looked like various shades of white to dark brown and even pure black pearls to indicate the kind of bread that would be produced, such as white bread, wheat bread, oat, potato even rice bread, pumpernickel, black bread and even specialty breads such as any bread that could be produced world wide, along fruit and vegetable breads and pastries. If the seeds were shimmering, they became cake. Inside this bag was also a small jar of what looked like very fine sand, but was in fact rice. Any other small jar could contain miniaturized grains. How the Bread Seed worked is you placed one into a bowl of water, the interaction would be the seed suddenly growing to become the size of a soccer ball, upon opening the loaf in half you would find in the middle a small pouch, the size of a child's fist, the inside lined with more bread seed. However this would only happen for seven generations of the Bread Seed before it would no longer contain any more Bread Seed within the loaf.

The green bag with a yellow infinity symbol, contained thousands of pounds of fruits and vegetables all miniaturized and can, with the exposure of water, become slightly larger than normal and much heavier with vitamins and minerals, whatever it may need to be, from heads of lettuce, potatoes, garlic to pineapples, apples, and citrus fruit and everything in between.

The dark red bag with a white symbol contained meat of every variety, such as entire fresh and even aged slaughtered steers, goats, sheep, chickens, turkeys, and pigs as well as sides of meat, loins, steaks, chops, sausages, whatever was desired, it could even hold eggs in a special box.

The yellow bag contained dairy products, such as milk that came from an ever flowing container, cheese, butter, yogurt as well as any other dairy product.

The magenta bag contained fats, oils, sweets, chocolates, whatever the carrier desired.

The blue bag with a green symbol contained seafood, from fish to shark, from humble clam to cuttlefish along with seaweed, sea grapes and a wide variety of other foods and delicacies from lakes, rivers, seas and oceans.

The copper bag contained what looked like cubes of bullion, which in fact were cubes of stew, chili, soups, sauces along with broth. Along with a smaller inner orange bag full of vials of spices from all over the world.

The silver bag was full of utensils, both for cooking and eating. Cups, bowls, plates, all of it having disinfecting properties and a self cleaning feature that made taking care of them very easy.

The white bag with a purple symbol contained washing basins, smaller ones for washing dishes or clothing, larger for cleaning beds and bedding, one with water jets for personal bathing, along with a shower if need be.

The violet bag with a white symbol contained a tent, that outwardly would look rather small but inwardly be quite enormous and would be able to contain everything that the infinity bag could carry. It also was climate controlled and would be warm when it was cold, and cool when it was hot. It also had built in lighting to whatever preference the carrier had.

The burgundy bag with a gold symbol contained small containers that contained everything from beer, wine, hard liquor, to juices and juice blends, milk and even water that was especially purified then fortified with minerals for clean crisp taste. Along with any other liquid needed or wanted for drinking. It also contained a box for tea and another that had coffee, even coffee flavorings, creamers along with flavorings and sweeteners.

The bag that was the wearer's favorite particular shade of color as well as any design or print, would contain any clothing they wanted or needed along with any personal items they desired to carry with them.

The steel box inside the infinity satchel had tools and building materials so that if need be, anything could be constructed or repaired.

The Cloak

The cloak was made out of thick, multi layered materials. The inside is usually very soft while the outside was quite coarse. When in cold, arctic climates, both the outside and inside would turn to fur that would never have any parasites or insects on or in it. But in hot climates, the color would change to suite the environment to either stand out or blend in depending on what the wearer wanted. When in instances where a tent isn't feasible, the hood of the cloak would pillow up and the length would grow to completely encompass the wearer and whoever else it needed to. It also had anti fly, mosquito and other insects, spiders, anything that could disturb the wearer. It even had a scent controller that kept the smell low so as not to alert or attract any predators. In times of trouble, it had an invisibility feature to hide the wearer and whoever else is with them. It also would shrink down when not in use to the size of a wash cloth for easy carry.

The Shoes

The shoes could take on any shape and style needed or wanted while remaining extremely comfortable, never giving blisters or sores. They were also water proof when desired.

With these items along with others, such as communicators which were in fact highly advanced smart-phones which had tracking abilities and 3D projecting abilities, interaction with the 3D projection, such as a world view or whatever else is wanted or needed, especially music. So that every individual would be completely equipped for every work needed or wanted to perform.