New Year's party, Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps' apartment

Nick's POV

It's been 3 years since the Night-Howlers case, Nick thought; I'd have never thought that I'd be in a relationship with her, let alone for 2 years. Or give up hustling my pawpcicles to become a cop with her. We've been through thick and thin together, maybe it's about time I…..

"Hey Wilde, whatchu doin over here alone fool!?" a deep voice barked.

Nick deep in thought as he watched his mate, Judy, chatting with some other officers from the Precinct 1, startled as he heard someone call his name.

"Oh hey lil' Toot Toot!" Nick remarked immediately recognizing the voice of his best con-friend , Finnick. " I'm just sitting and enjoying the atmosphere of friends and family." He smiles, never ceasing to watch his mate.

"Hey watch that shit, Wilde, don't wanna have to break up a party by beating your smart ass down" Finnick growled, "And I know you haven't taken your eyes off the bunny for the last half hour. What you gonna propose to her tonight or some shit?" He laughs, causing Nick to snap his gaze to his small fennec friend and growl in a hushed voice.

"Finnick shut up or I'll shove you back into that elephant costume and glue you into it! I don't need anyone hearing you, especially those two!" Nick growls as he indicates with a tilt of his head towards Judy who is now talking and joking with another red fox, identical to Nick but with piercing bright blue eyes instead.

"Who? The bunny and your mom" Finnick replied with a slight look of confusion and apprehension on his face.

"Yes them!" says Nick as quietly as possible "Judy's hearing is bad enough as it is, but my mom is almost as bad with topics like this." Turning to see them still talking with smiles on their faces as he hopes Judy and his mom, Vivian, didn't hear what Finnick had just joked about.

"What it was only a harmless joke, unless it isn't. But…." Finnick stops to look at Nick, who is now trying to desperately avoid eye contact with the smaller fox and chuckling nervously with his ears flat against his head. "Wait. Nick. Are you?" he asks while the gears in his head start turning, cranking out the answer before Nick can reply. "YOU ARE!" Finnick yells in shock "YOU'RE GOING TO…." Before he can finish his sentence, Nick covers his muzzle with a paw almost as big as his face.

"SHHHHHHUT UP FINNICK" Nick nearly yells, attracting curious stares from those around him. "Let's go outside to talk about thins real quick. That way no one can hear us, yeah? Just nod if you agree." Nick growls, still holding Finnick muzzle. Finnick nods slowly with a smug look creeping onto his face. "Good let's go." Nick then proceeds to the fire escape to the roof with Finnick in tow.

Judy's POV

What was that about?, Judy thought as she watched the two foxes ascend to the roof.

"Oh don''t worry about them, dear. They're probably just joking around, you know how those two are." Vivian says, brushing the earlier scene off as nothing.

"Yeah you're probably right Vivian, those two tend to rile each other up from time to time with all their snarky comments" Judy laughed.

"Well they are almost like brothers" Vivian chuckled "Those two were the closest thing to family they had for a long time.." she sighs, remembering when Nick left the house to live on the streets at the ripe old age of 12.

Noticing the change in Vivian's mood, Judy quickly tries to comfort her and change to the subject. "Well now everything is better, right?" Judy asks "I mean he clean and out of the hustling game and working as a ZPD officer to make a difference! And he's one of the finest to boot!" she chimed.

"Yes that is true, but only because of you, my dear, you helped him when no one else could" Vivian smiled, "And I can never thank you enough for it."

"Well to be fair he's helped me just as much.." Judy replies pulling her ears down lightly trying to hide the light blush she feels starting to burn her face. "If it weren't for him I would have lost my badge practically as soon as I got it. He helped me and stood up for me when no one else cared to." She reasoned, trying hard not to turn a deep crimson.

Vivian chuckles at the sight of the embarrassed bunny trying to hide in front of her. "Well it's been what? Two years since you guys have gotten together and moved in together?" she asks.

"Ye.. Y.. Yes it has" Judy stammers "And we've had each others back along the way no matter what!" She beamed with pride and love. "And that'll never change, if I have anything to say about it." She said chuckling.

"Well it clear as day that you two love each other more than anything. So when's the wedding?" asked Vivian

"Pfffffft!" At the sudden bombshell question, Judy spits up the carrot flavored alcohol she was drinking. "W.. Well I do love Nick more than anything but, he hasn't proposed yet and I don't know when he will so…" she says somewhat dejectedly.

"Oh dear, I'm sorry! I just figured he would have by now!"

"Me too Vivian, me too…"