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?'s POV

"So times are changing again it seems." A deep voice rumbled in the dark. "I hate change." The voice spewed venom like words, a normal mammal's instincts would tell it that running from the voice would be pointless, only death awaited those that crossed this animal's path.

"You need to relaaax." A cold, emotionless voice said. "Until our orders are given, we cannot enjoy ourselves."

"The way you enjoy yourself is sickening, you necrophiliac mongrel." A gruff voice said with a loud growl.

"Enough." A voice thundered, as if it was natural. "It's time to get down to the reason we were called together."

"Where are the otheeeers?" The cold voice questioned.

"Hehehehe. He hasn't even noticed us!" a shrill voice stated joyfully.

"We could have gutted the mongrel at least 7 times! He's soooo stupid!" a muffled voice gleefully stated to the shrill voice.

"Back to what I was saying." The thunderous voice stated again, pulling out a picture to reveal two mammals. "These are likely to be the targets, so we need to keep an eye out for them."

Sahara Square, A month after the proposal

Judy's POV

When I told Fru Fru about Nick proposing to me she was absolutely ecstatic. "Oh my gawd!" She squeaked happily. "You just hafta let me go shawpin with you for your dress, daddy's treat of course!" She said, leaving no room for denying. Not that I'd ever deny something from Mr. Big I quipped in thought. "Have you done any planning yet?" she asked.

"No, not yet. We're unsure how to go about it right now. Bunny weddings are pretty well….country." I say self depreciatingly, Fru Fru just laughs at what I said. "But fox weddings are surprisingly traditional."

"Well I wouldn't know anything about foxes. Even if Nicky was around the family before the skunk butt rug fiasco, he would never talk much about himself." Fru Fru reminisced.

"Yeah I know all about that." I sigh. "Even after all this time he still won't tell me anything, I have to pry it from his lips."

"Well Judy, we both know what kind of life he lived before you." Fru Fru said softly. "Now I don't know about his past but it doesn't take a genius to know that he didn't live a happy life. He saw the world as nothing but broken, a fight for survival. That's why daddy took him in before, he knew Nick didn't have something to call family, and he tried to give him that. But Nick didn't want anyone close to him, I think that may be why he gave daddy the rug. He wanted to push our family away. Pretty sure daddy knew that too, or we wouldn't be talking like this now."

"You know Fru Fru, that makes sense. He pushes people away in fear of getting hurt. But too bad for him I am one persistent bunny." I laugh.

Fru Fru giggles, "Poor fox, doesn't know what he signed up for."

We continue making jokes and talking about love, fashion, and popular music as we continue shopping. After about 3 hours going through 4 stores, we arrive at a small family owned store named Locksley's Maiden.

A bell chimes as I open the door and walk in with Fru Fru on my shoulder. As if on cue with the chime a sweet yet mature voice calls from the back, "One moment please, I'll be right with you. Feel free to browse in the meantime."

I do as told and begin walking around looking at all the dresses, all beautiful, but none that catch my eye. Fru Fru is just looking in silence.

"Why don't you try this one on." Fru Fru says, pointing to a smooth eggshell white dress. "It's cute and simple, sorta like you Judy!"

"I don't know." I say "It doesn't really pop out to me."

"Having trouble dear?" the sweet and mature voice from earlier asks, walking up behind me. I turn around to see a red fox with rustic orange fur, with lighter shades of orange around her eyes and pure white fur under her muzzle, continuing down her throat.

"A little." I admit, staring at her, thinking of a way to ask the question coming to mind.

"Oh my gawd!" Fru Fru squeaks "You look just like that Maid Marian from the stories! You're so pretty!"

The fox chuckles at Fru Fru's comment, "Thank you hun, and that's mainly the reason I named the shop as is."

Fru Fru and I chuckle, as I start to ask her something but before I can voice anything out my phone rings. I look at the caller I.D. to see the name Vivian being displayed. "Oh sorry, I have to take this, it's Nick's mom."

"The other bunny's mom I take it? You know I don't get many prey in here, being what I am." The older vixen says sadly. "Though I do like designing dresses for smaller sized species."

"Oh actually, Nick isn't a bunny, he's-" Fru Fru starts but is cut off when I put my phone on speaker.

"Hello? Judy? How's the seach going?" Vivian asks through the phone.

"Oh it's alright I guess, not really finding one I like though." I admit.

"Umm, excuse me. May I ask who you're speaking to?" The vixen asks, shock and curiosity filling her face.

"Oh, like I just said, my fiancé Nick's mom. Her name is Vivian." I state confused, staring at the vixen, wondering why she wants to know. A moment of silence envelopes the area as Fru Fru and I gaze at the older vixen.

Vivian's voice breaks the silence through the phone, "Mary, is that you?"

"Vivi! Vivi Wilde!?" The older vixen, Mary, exclaims in surprise.

"Oh my! What are the odds!?" Vivian's voice comes through once more. "Judy, you and Fru Fru stay right there, I'm on my way right now. Oh and I'm bringing your mother, too." Before I can reply, I hear the click of the call ending. Confused, I just look between Fru Fru, who's face shows that she knows just as much as me, and Mary who fares no better at the moment.

"If that was Vivi, then the Nick you mentioned is Nick Wilde, am I correct?" Mary asks, her eyes squinting, becoming half lidded like a certain other fox I know. Unable to say anything, I just nod my head. "Well, we'll just wait for our guests before we continue. Would you two like something to drink? Tea? Water?" Mary asks heading to the back of the store.

"I'll take some tea, and she'll have water." The little shrew on my shoulder replies.

After a few minutes, Mary comes back and tells us to follow her to the back of the store. Surprisingly it seemed like a living room, complete with a small kitchen, a table, couch, and television. Fru Fru hops off of my shoulder after we make it to the table.

"Sorry I don't have anything your size hun. I'm not used to entertaining guests of your size." Mary says regrettably to Fru Fru.

"It's okay I normally keep a cup on me for things like this. You'd be surprised how often this happens to me." Fru Fru chuckles.

After I sit down and take the water in my paws, silence once again envelopes the three of us. As I try to make sense of what's going on, the bell from the front door chimes, and I hear a familiar voice yell, "Mary? Judy?"

"In the back Vivi!" Mary replies.

After a few seconds, Vivian and my mom walk through the door. As Mary and Vivian make eye contact, they run at each other a greet one another in a warm embrace. "Vivi!" "Mary!" the vixens practically yell the other's name.

My mom walks over to me and asks, "Are you okay Jude?"

"I'm confused, what's going on?" I look at my mom, hoping for answers.

"Oh dear, I'm sorry. I forgot to introduce myself. My name is Marian. Marian Wolfshead. But my friends call me Mary." Mary states with a smirk.

"She's my younger sister Judy." Vivian clarifies.

"You're sister!?" I exclaim in disbelief.

"Yes, her sister, younger of 5 years." Mary jokes.

At this revelation, things slowly fall into place. "Wow, what are the odds that we stopped at a store owned by someone from Nick's family Judy?" Fru Fru giddily says from the table.

"So if you're here Vivi, then the Nick she's marrying is Nick then?" Mary asks

"Sure is Mary, this is Judy Hopps. Nick's fiancé, and my soon to be daughter-in-law." Vivian says happily. "And this is her mother, Bonnie."

"Nice to meet you Mary." My mom says with a smile.

"Nice to meet you too Bonnie." Mary replies. "And nice to meet THE Judy Hopps."

"Nice to meet you too." I say sheepishly.

"So you're here for a wedding with Nick huh? Is he still up to his antics?" Mary asks.

"Actually, he's my partner at ZPD!" I state with pride, puffing my chest out a little bit.

"Nick's a cop? Well bout damn time you set him straight Vivi!" Mary says sharply.

"Actually Mary, Judy is the one who did that." Vivian smiles.

"Huh? So not only did you set him straight, you got HIM to marry you?" She asks, looking at me with her eyebrows raised, as if I was something extremely odd that caught her fancy. I nod vigorously at her question, prompting her to laugh. "You have to be one tough, persistent, and crazy bunny! That's amazing! I can't imagine it was easy with that bull headed tod."

Finally feeling all the tension in my body disappear, I laugh, "Well it sure wasn't a walk in the park, that's for sure." After about an hour of Mary and Vivian catching up, me explaining how I became a cop, met Nick and Fru Fru, solved the Night-Howler case, my meeting with Gazelle at the precinct, and random other topics, we finally come back to why we came here.

"So you're not too sure about what you want for your wedding huh?" Mary asks

"Well like I told Fru Fru, bunny weddings are simple and pretty country." I say "And fox weddings are pretty traditional. It's hard to find a common ground."

"It's not easy planning a wedding when both families easily have 500 people a piece." My mom laughs.

"Well you could just mix the two." Mary states.

"I thought about that but I don't know how to go about it." I say

"Well just keep it somewhat simple, I know Nick will appreciate it, he's not one to care for over the top planning." Vivian laughs. "Start with the wedding rhyme for fox weddings. Something old, something new."

"Something borrowed, something blue." Mary continues.

"And 5 pence in your shoe!" the two vixens say in unison, then laughing after.

"What does that rhyme mean?" My mom asks.

"Oh it's simple really." Vivian says as she starts to explain the rhyme. "The rhyme comes from way back. Blue is considered a lucky color in the place the rhyme originated from, something borrowed from a good friend to symbolize friendship, a bridal handkerchief is usually something new for good luck , something old is the connection to family, and the five pence so you will always be well off financially on your marriage."

"So could the something old be a mother's wedding dress?" I ask.

"Jude, I was much bigger than you are when I got married to your father, my dress won't fit you." My mom stated shyly.

"Well I can fix that, no charge of course, as this is for family." Mary states

"Well looks like daddy will have to find another present for you." Fru Fru says jovially. "And by daddy I mean me, daddy will just pay." The shrew laughed.

"Well if you can fit it and add to it, I have an idea for the dress." I say

"Sure, I can't promise redoing the whole thing, but an addition as well as a fitting is no problem. What'd you have in mind?" Mary asks. I motion her over and whisper in her ear just for her to hear. "Mhmm, well that shouldn't be a problem, get me a good picture and I'll do the rest."

After confirming with Mary that my idea was doable, we began idle chatter again until 2000 hours when Fru Fru said she had to go home and nurse little Judy. Vivian, my mom, and I bid Mary a farewell and Vivian dropped me off at the apartment. When I asked where my mother was staying, she told me that her and Vivian had a spa day and lady's time planned for tomorrow. So I bid them farewell and walked up to the apartment. When I got in the door there were only a few lights on that Nick had left for me to get to bed without bumping into anything. When I made it to the bedroom, I discovered Nick passed out on the bed. I quickly undressed and made my way over to the bed and climbed in, cuddling up close to Nick. As I nestled up against him, I felt an arm tighten around my waist and his tail wrap around me. Even when he's asleep he's gentle to me I think to myself as I close my eyes. It isn't long till Nick's rhythmic breathing in his sleep and the warmth of his silky soft tail start to lull me to sleep. I bring his tail up to my chin; every breath I take fills my lungs with his musky scent. As sleep claims me, the only thing on my mind is how content and happy I am by my sly fox's side.

A certain residence in Tundra town

Fru Fru's POV

"Ooohhh Daaaadyyy!" I called as I headed for his office. As I walked in, or rather had one of the polar bears working for Daddy, I noticed two chipmunks being hung over the ice pit. One wore a red and yellow Hawaiian shirt and has a red nose, the other wore a bomber jacket and fedora but had a black nose. "Who are they?" I ask curiously "They do look familiar though."

"My sweet daughter, these two are private investigators of sorts, and they were caught snooping around our home. They refuse to tell me as to why they are here, so I am left with very little choice on how to handle them." Daddy says while shaking his head. The chipmunk in the Hawaiian shirt is just praying with his eyes closed, while the other seems intent on beating up the polar bear holding him up.

"When I get outta here, I'm going to make you regret this, you oversized teddy bear!" The black nosed chipmunk exclaims while trying to get loose.

"Oh Daddy let me try, please?" I asked, batting my eyelashes at Daddy.

"Very well, my dear, you may try to talk to these uninvited guests." Daddy said.

"So boy's, why are you here?" I ask, genuinely curious. "If you tell me why you were snooping round here, I can let you go y'know?"

"We were looking for someone named Judy!" The red nosed chipmunk said quickly. "We've heard a lot of rumors that some people were going to attack this Judy person in the next couple months, so we were looking for her! And we knew she was connected to you all somehow, so we started here!"

"My Lil' Judy?! My daughter!?" I shriek, about to jump off of the desk and run to my baby.

"Fru Fru, I do not think they meant my sweet granddaughter, but rather her Godmother. Am I correct in assuming so?" Daddy asked heavily.

After seemingly giving in on attacking the polar bear holding him, the black nose chipmunk speaks up, "The people we've heard talking about the attack mentioned a bunny. And with enough people talking about it as they were, we had probable cause to look out for any suspicious activities."

"Oh no, Daddy, they want to attack Judy and Nicky! We can't let that happen! What if the wedding is ruined?" I cry, pleading with him to do something.

"I won't let anything to Judy and Nicky, baby. They are family and I will post some muscle around their wedding to make sure nothing happens, whether they want it or not." Daddy says "As for you two, you have warned me against an attack on family. And as thanks I will spare your lives, but never come around here again. Get them outta here." He orders the polar bears who only grunt in response.

"Daddy, what's going to happen?" I ask him, worried about my best friend and her fiancé.

"I don't know baby, I don't know. It seems like a large storm is coming towards Zootopia, and it's not going to end well." He says darkly.

"What do you mean, Daddy?"

"My child, with as large as my empire is, I have heard about some things, but our guests visit just solidified my fear. Something wicked, this way comes."

Nick and Judy's apartment

Nick's POV

"Nick, wake up, we've got work today." I hear a sweet voice say next to my ear, I just grunt and roll in the other direction and try to continue sleeping. I hear a sigh, then a pair of soft lips cover mine causing me to slightly stir awake. I sigh, or well at least tried, as my muzzle is still blocked by the lips and something covering my snout. After a few seconds of not being able to breathe, I shoot up and pick up the half-dressed bunny sitting on my waist and start gasping for breath. "Oh stop being so dramatic, it wasn't that bad." Judy giggles.

"Are you trying to kill me, Fluff?" I say in faux fear, as I back away from the rabbit.

She just gives me a seductive smile and starts inching closer to me on all fours, staring at my waist. "Well at least part of you is happy to see me." She giggles, then looks over at the clock on the night stand next to the bed which reads 0500hrs. "Well we have 30 minutes to get you up." She says while slowly tracing her paw up my leg to my fully erect member, then grabbing it tightly.

"Well hello!" I mutter "This is my second favorite way to wake up!"

Judy eyes me curiously, her mouth centimeters away from my member, "Oh? Your favorite being what?" She asks as I feel every one of her hot breathes brushing against my sensitive flesh.

"Why, waking up with you in my arms of course!" I say giving her my signature look, knowing how much she likes it.

"Oh you're such a romantic, Nicky, especially when I have your cock in my hand." She says licking the tip of my member lovingly. "Now then, times a wasting and I want this in me." She says before taking my whole length into her mouth.

"OOOooh." I moan, as I feel her warm mouth wrap around my whole shaft, her little tongue flitting across the tip as she moves her head up and down.

"Mmmm. That was a great appetizer." Judy says licking her lips, continuing to stroke me as my knot forms. "There we go, onto the main course." She says, lining herself up over my member, before dropping straight down onto my lap. "Ahh!" She gasps, taking most of me into her dripping wet little hole.

"Guh, you keep doing that Carrots, and I won't last very long." I say before pulling her into a kiss, my tongue flitting across her teeth. She hungrily accepts my tongue and wrestles hers against mine as she slowly slides up again.

"That's the point, dumb fox. AHH." She says in ecstasy, slamming back down just before my knot. "Just a little more." She moans, before once again sliding up and slamming back down again. "AAAAAHHHH!" She screams in pure delight as I feel her squeeze around my knot, throwing her head back and arching her back.

I feel her warm walls clamping down on me as she climaxes, I mutter "Judy, I'm gonna-" as I feel my own climax ready to burst.

"YES NICK! GIVE IT TO ME! FILL ME UP!" She yells. Unable to hold it anymore, I give a thrust, trying to reach as deep as possible before shooting my entire load, my knot growing larger forcing us to stay the way we are. I feel her orgasm every time my member pulses, shooting more of my seed into her, causing her to shake as she wraps her arms tightly around my neck pulling me into another deep kiss. After about five minutes of us holding and kissing each other, I hear a wet pop sound, as my swollen knot finally deflates enough to slide out of her. "Ahhh." She moans, her legs shaking as she tries to stand up. "We should shower and get ready." She sighs weakly. "It's been 15 minutes and we still need to shower, get dressed, and eat breakfast."

"We can just stop by Snarlbucks and get something quick for breakfast." I say, picking her up and heading towards the shower.

"No funny business in the shower, Wilde." Judy glares at me "I still need to walk today." I laugh at her statement, which causes her to break out in a smile and chuckle.

"Sure thing Officer Hopps." I joke, stepping into the shower and turning on the warm water. After making sure the scents from our early morning tussle were gone, we hurriedly got dressed and ran to my car.

"Oh can I drive Nick?" Judy asked, looking up at me with her large amethyst eyes with a pleading look.

"Sure Fluff, just don't get us killed." I say tossing her the keys to my baby, a '02 Codge Boa. "And don't scratch her either, I just waxed her."

"Yeah, yeah." Judy says, catching the keys and rolling her eyes. Judy drove us down the street to the closest Snarlbucks, "The usual?" she asked. I nod my head in reply as we go through the drive –thru where she orders her coffee, which is pretty much sugar with a dash of expresso, my black with two pumps of vanilla creamer, and two carrot-blueberry muffins for us. After leaving and driving a few more minutes we arrive at the underground parking at the precinct. "Hopefully it's not too busy today, I've still got stuff to do for the wedding, how about you Nick?" She asks looking over at me as we walk towards the elevator.

"Everything is going alright on my end, I have most of the invites sent, the reception and wedding is happening at a friend's place in the Meadowlands. Which reminds me I need to get ahold of Flowers and finalize that on their end." I say listing so of the things I need to get done.

"Who's Flowers?" Judy asked, pushing the button to go up.

"Oh he's a friend from way back, but don't worry, him, Bambi and Thumper have this gorgeous banquet hall surrounded by trees and flower fields." I say assuring Judy as much as possible.

"He? Flowers is a he?" Judy asks with her eyes wide open

"Yeah, and I know when I first met him my eyes looked like yours when he told me his name." I chuckle, Judy snaps out of her shock and laughs. "And before you ask, he does swing that way?"

"Huh? What do you mean?" Judy mutters, looking at me. I just give her my 'think about it' look, then I see a lightbulb go off in her head. "OH! You mean he's like Ben?"

"Yup!" I affirm "But just not as loveable or fluffy." I chide jokingly, ending our conversation before we the doors of the elevator open.

At the sound of the elevator, Clawhauser looks over to see Judy and I walking out. "Oh hi Judy, hi Nick!" he calls, excitedly waving his arm at us. We walk over and greet our bubbly friend behind the desk.

"Hey Ben!" Judy chirps.

"Hey Doughy." I call back, getting an elbow to my ribs.

"Nick! Be nice!" Judy growls at me.

"Oh it's okay Judy, the name has been growing on me, besides Nick only give nicknames to people he likes. Right Nick?" Clawhauser asks, almost like he was throwing me a life line from the menacing glare of the bunny next to me.

"Yup, totally right Ben!" I say quickly looking him in the eyes. It was not an attempt to not meet the death glare of the angry mammal next to me, nope definitely not. "Well we should be heading to roll call!" I say, scurrying towards the bullpen.

*Sigh* "Well talk to you later Ben! I need to hurry up too." Judy says, her anger dissipating as she hopped towards the bullpen.

Judy hops into our seat, as we shared it for as long as we've been on the force together, due to the fact that we were the smallest mammals for a few years. Even after we got more mammals our size, with seats and desks to fit, there was an unwritten rule that the seat was mine and Judy's to share no matter what. "Hey Rhinowitz, how you doin?" I ask the rhino next to me.

He just snorts a short reply, "Good."

"Well aren't you always the chattiest?" I joke, eliciting laughs from my fellow officers.

"Attention!" The hippo by the door yells, starting a bunch of hoots and hollers from the larger mammals as Chief Bogo walks in.

"Alright sit down and shut up!" Bogo orders.

"Good morning sir!" I salute

"I said shut up Wilde!" Bogo yells, causing some giggles throughout the room. "We have nothing pressing on the docket, so normal assignments. Grizzoli, Fangmeyer, Delgado, you patrol Tundratown." He says, handing out assignments going through everyone's names before reaching Judy and I. "As for you two, my office." He says walking through the door, with Judy and I in tow. As we walk into his office, Judy and I sit in the chair in front of his desk as he sits behind it. "So I am to believe that you two will be taking leave in the near future for your wedding, am I correct?" He asks looking down at us with a steely gaze.

"Yes sir." Judy answers "We were planning on taking a week of leave for the whole ceremony and honeymoon." She says, her voice trailing off at the end, becoming barely audible.

"That won't do, you two shall take 2 and a half weeks in a week." He states.

"But sir!" Judy starts to protest, only to be cut off by a wave of Bogo's hoof.

"But nothing Hopps, you two have acquired more leave than some of my senior officers. Neither of you have taken any leave since the day you've started." He states bluntly

"Sir, we are just dedicated to the job." I say

"Shut it Wilde, I don't want to hear that from you." Bogo glares at me.

"Sir, with all due respect, Officer Wilde is just as dedicated as anyone else." Judy says, trying to defend me.

"I know Hopps. But coming from HIS mouth it sounds like the start of a bad joke that, frankly, I don't care to hear. You two are my best cops, but this job can wear you down, trust me. Now 3 weeks of paid leave for you both starting in a week, understood?" Bogo states with no room for argument, glaring at us both.

"Yes sir." We reply in unison.

"Now the both of you are to patrol around Sahara Square for the day, dismissed." He said, turning his back to us. We salute and leave his office as fast as possible.

"Well, now that he made that abundantly clear, let's go get the keys from Clawhauser." I say putting my shades on and walking towards the front desk.

"Yeah, let's get this day done with. I have another date with your Aunt Mary and our mothers." She says.

"Wait, you met Aunt Marian? When? Where?" I ask incredulously.

"Oh I forgot to tell you, when Fru Fru and I were shopping for dresses, we happened across your aunt's store. Then your mom, who was out and about with my mom, called me recognized her voice, told me to stay put then showed up. After that we all sat around and talked about the wedding, you becoming a cop, and a bunch of other stuff." Judy said, recalling the scene from the other day.

"Huh, small world. I figured Ma would've just invited some family along. If I tried to send them an invite, it'd probably have been ripped up and torn out while thinking it was a sick joke of sorts." I shake my head and chuckle. "Hey Doughy, can we get the keys? Chief put us on patrol today in Sahara Square."

"Oh ok, you guy do know there's supposed to be a sandstorm today right?" Clawhauser asks while handing Judy the keys.

"Oh that's just great." Judy says, rolling her eyes.

"Well here's the easy day you asked for Carrots." I chide. "Alright see you later Clawhauser." I call to him as we head to the elevator to the underground garage. I mosey into the elevator as Judy followed me looking down at her phone, checking the weather app. "So when is the sandstorm supposed to hit?" I ask her.

"It says here that it's supposed to hit around 1200hrs." She scoffs. "I know they made the different environments for mammals of all types to live together and try to keep it as realistic as possible, but why add sandstorms?" She asked, clearly irritated.

"I have no clue Carrots." I shrug

"Oh so the sly fox doesn't know something? I'm surprised." Judy jokes

"Hey, I never said I know everything. I just know everyone." I say, looking at her through half lidded eyes with a small smirk on my face.

"Yeah yeah, I know." Judy says, rolling her eyes. We arrive at our cruiser and she unlocks and opens her door to hop in. I open my door and climb in as well. "So let's get this day done with then." She says while pulling out of the garage.

Sahara Square

Judy's POV

"Sooooo boooring." Nick droned while staring out of the window. "There has been nothing so far!"

Watching Nick out of the corner of my eyes, keeping my attention on the road as I drive, I say to him, "While I agree that today has been entirely uneventful, it's still our job to protect and serve, nonetheless."

He snorts in irritation, "I know Fluff, besides most mammals stay inside during the days of a scheduled sandstorm, no one likes getting caught in them."

I nod my head in agreement. Stopping at a red light, I turn to him and ask, "Do you want to pull over and get something cool to drink? We won't be able to keep the car on during the storm, so we might as well as get some snacks and stuff now."

He nods, "Yeah, let's do that. Plus we've got to put the engine cover on so sand doesn't get into the engine and seize it."

"Yeah. I don't want to have the tongue thrashing Officers Higgins and Snarlov got when their cruiser was in the shop for that." I chuckle pulling over into a Paw-Mart parking lot. I get out of the cruiser and see Nick step out while looking out towards the East.

"We've got maybe 30 minutes until the sandstorm hits the area, then you and are stuck alone for a little bit." He says wiggling his eyebrows at me.

"Nuh uh Slick Nick, no funny business on duty." I point as I stare him down.

"Worth a shot." He shrugs, grabbing the cover out of the back. "Wanna help me put this on before we walk into the store, Fluff?"

I nod as I grab the other end of the cover, "Yeah let's hurry up, I'm parched." After struggling with the cover for about 5 minutes before getting it on properly, I nod in approval, "Alright let's hurry up and get some things then get back." After about 15 minutes walking through Paw-Mart, picking out some snacks and drinks, Nick and I walk back to the cruiser and put our stuff inside.

As we were getting in, I hear someone yelling so I prick my ears up and strain to listen, "Police! Officers over here!" I shoot my gaze in the direction of the yelling to see a beaver running our direction. "Officers, there is a mammal over there flashing a gun and threatening to shoot someone!" The beaver yells as he gets closer. "You've got to get over there and do something!"

Alarmed, I look over to Nick who just nods, "Sir, can you take tell us where exactly?" I ask, while Nick radios back to HQ, when suddenly I hear an unmistakable sound ring through the air followed by shrieks and yelling.

Well here's another chapter, well part of it at least, I'll be splitting up this scene into maybe 4 chapters. I'm lazy, sue me. It's just difficult for me to find some good wedding ideas that are original. I want it to be unique to my story and have no similarities to other stories. Though it seems "Celtic" wedding traditions have bled over into quite a bit of other wedding traditions, it's actually quite interesting. Anyways that's all for now, hasta luego!