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The night Hiccup and Astrid returned to Berk, the one-legged Viking could tell something seemed to be bothering the shield-maiden again, so after having dinner with the others, they settled into Astrid's hut and held each other, talking softly until they fell asleep. Unfortunately for Astrid, things would not stay so peaceful. As she slept her dreams took a dark turn, a now rather common nightmare in her, gripping her heart with its icy fingers, forcing cold chills to tingle through her, forcing her heart to beat a little faster, forcing her to squirm and whimper in fear.

Astrid opened her eyes, feeling a familiar almost hung-over effect running through her head. Feeling like a yak trampled her, she groaned as she sat up. Immediately she noticed something was very, very wrong. Astrid ignored her pain, recognizing her room back at Berk, and made her way to the mirror, her heart thudding hard in her chest. What she saw made her stare in painful disbelief, her scream getting lodged in her throat. Staring back at her was herself, at sixteen.

"Astrid? Are you awake yet?" she heard Hiccup calling her and jerked in response.

Not able to understand what was going on, refusing to believe it happened again, Astrid limped to her window. Her heart squeezed painfully at seeing him. Hiccup stood there like he had before, his short, lanky, vest-wearing sixteen year old self staring at her expectantly. So it was true... she was back to the start, back at zero again. Not able to believe this was happening and needing him to assure her that she wasn't crazy, the shield-maiden pushed her pain away and rushed out of her room, ignoring the oddly monotone voices of her parents and sprinted out of the house.

"Hiccup! Tell me this is a dream!" she called to him as she ran.

"Huh? Astrid, what are you talking about? Anyway, come on, we have academy duties today. The twins are already there," Hiccup said, waving her panic and pain away as though it meant nothing to him.

"Hiccup?" Astrid slid to a halt, seeing the indifference in his cold eyes.

"What? Come on, hurry up," he said in a monotone, then turned and began to walk away.


No, this couldn't be right? What was happening? "Hiccup!" Astrid called out, watching him turn again. Unable to help it, she ran to him again, not caring if he did not open his arms up like she swore she remembered him doing before. "Hiccup what is going on?" she cried, pressing her cheek to his narrow chest. It took a second, but she realized that he didn't seem to have a heartbeat. When she then pulled away from him with a start, she saw no life in his eyes, and then, to her horror, watched him fade away into a cloud of inky black smoke.

Stepping back with a gasp, she watched the rest of the village disappear in a similar fashion. People, animals, even the buildings themselves exploded into black smoke, fading away into nothingness, until she stood alone in an empty field. She stood there cold and utterly alone, a dark storm swirling around her. Suddenly the earth opened up beneath her and she was pulled down, a scream splitting out of her throat.

Astrid woke then with a strangled gasp, choking down a cry of fear as she flailed in bed.

Even in his sleep, Hiccup seemed to sense her distress and instinctively pulled her over to him, mumbling something unintelligible as he slept, but pressing her close to his chest, his arms securing around her. Astrid gasped and panted in an effort to calm down, allowing reality to flood her again, allowing the feel of Hiccup's protection and love to soothe her nerves. Astrid hid her face in his chest, much like she had in her dream, but this time, she heard the steady beat of his heart, felt the warmth of his embrace all around her. Relaxing finally, she allowed herself to be lulled by him, calmed by him.

Something deep down seemed to whisper to her, to tell her it was best to open up about her past. Part of her knew it would be a smart thing to do. Her nightmares were a reflection of her own fears and insecurities, manifesting into terrible dreams that threatened to swallow her up. If she didn't talk about any of this, if she kept it all to herself, she feared she would be lost to them, that something could happen to make them come true if she wasn't careful. Astrid's eyes shut tight, a trickle of doubt and fear snaking its way around her again. She pressed a little harder against Hiccup, hoping he would chase the fear away... and he did just that.

Still mostly asleep, Astrid felt him stir slightly, only to rub her back, the pressure of his warm hand just enough to comfort her. "'Strid... love you..." he mumbled. Astrid felt a smile lift her lips up and once again felt his love wrap around her, much like his arms, again pulling her close to him. Astrid snuggled in close again, letting the bad feelings melt away and in a few moments, felt herself drift back to sleep peacefully once more.

After that night, Astrid experienced only a few more intense dreams, though not as bad as that one thankfully. It had now been three months since she had caught up to her experience in the future, so Astrid felt a little on edge. A part of her knew the last day before she was spirited away was approaching quickly, and she honestly didn't know how to feel about that. Her dreams, the weird, now almost ever-present buzzing in her head, and the feeling of displacement was unsettling her. In any case, for the last couple days up to nearly a week, a lot of work went into exploring the nearby regions, working on defenses over The Edge, and thinking up strategies against the hunters. That at least kept her mind occupied.

What all that work didn't allow for was much time for intimacy between the axe-wielder and the chief's son. Not to mention, the summer had been increasing in heat every day, the muggy oppressive sun making it difficult to even think about sharing any kind of personal bubble space. For the most part, Astrid and Hiccup took to sleeping in their own huts to stave away excess heat, hoping it wouldn't cause them too much strain. Astrid should have remembered this day would come. She should have seen it a mile away.

Freyja, she wished she had remembered better!

That morning was the day of that horrible fluke of unbelievable heat. It was days like this that Astrid was actually happy she had her own hut, that her relationship with Hiccup was still more or less a secret... at least, from Fishlegs and Snotlout that is. All the same, days like this would have made it too uncomfortable to sleep with someone. And so, waking up that sticky, sweltering morning, Astrid felt only relief that she only had herself to worry about that morning. As she lay in bed, feeling more tired than she had even that night before she went to sleep, she let herself just think about whatever decided to crop up, staring at the ceiling hazily.

Somehow, Astrid was sure the heat would make things troublesome today.

Even so, Astrid knew she couldn't do anything productive today, not in that heat. That meant no flying, training, chores, or anything that would mean elevating her body temperature or heart rate. Unfortunately, the furtive heat seemed to do more to her than just make her feel lazy and hot. She felt her hormones almost heightened, felt tendrils of an odd sense of need creeping through her. Gods, that wasn't good at all. Her traitorous mind wandered to places it shouldn't that morning, her mind almost always heading toward her best friend and lover. Now why wasn't she surprised? Well, at least she was still coherent enough to be sarcastic.

Growling to herself, she tried to bat away thoughts of him, but that didn't work very well at all. Not three seconds later her mind was once again drifting to him. Was he the way she had seen him before? Sprawled over his bed in his swim cloth? Was he drenched from head to toe, toned chest rising and falling as hot breaths left him? His cloth soaked through and making it impossible to hide a thing? Freyja help her, Astrid remembered finding him in this sweaty, panting, near naked state unbelievably arousing. Thoughts of it were doing just the same to her body now as they had before.

Sighing in frustration, Astrid made to get up but only managed to turn over in bed for the moment, her eyes glazing over as her mind forced her to relive every recent intimate moment she had shared with Hiccup. Nearly a week without any shouldn't have been bad at all, that wasn't nearly enough time to make anyone go crazy... right? Maybe. At least, no one 'normal' in her opinion. However, the weirdly powerful heat was making those few days feel like a few weeks, maybe even months. Not caring about the explanation, if it had one, Astrid could only really lay there and imagine things.

She imagined Hiccup being there, panting and throbbing, pushing her onto her back and making it impossible for her to resist him. She imagined him wrapping her legs around his narrow hips. She imagined him making her wet and wanting before taking her. Astrid ran a hand down her face in frustration. As much as she wanted that, she knew damn well doing that would be very foolish that day. She knew that in this all-encompassing heat, if she or anyone else overexerted themselves, or gods forbid if she had sex with Hiccup, it could give them heatstroke, or worse.

Thinking it was the best she could do, Astrid firmly pushed all her dirty thoughts from her mind and decided it was probably wise to avoid him today. Last time she had tried to avoid him she had somehow ended up walking right up to him. This time she had to get away from The Edge to do so. Her own temptation to find him and be with him was overwhelming, but she knew she had to resist it.

Finally managing to get herself out of bed, Astrid carried on getting ready for the day. She thought of how best to avoid him. She could go to the central hut, but there was no guarantee she would be 'safe' there. Hiccup could show up and ruin her attempts, and there was no assurance the others would show up to stop them either. She could go to the ocean but there wasn't a whole lot of shade there. Nowhere to cool off really, unless she went into the water... but with no shade that wouldn't be smart either. It was after a bit more thought that Astrid decided sneaking off into the woods to find their island's waterfall and mostly shaded pond was the best idea. The thought of cool waters on her sticky, hot skin was extremely appealing.

Figuring she could risk it, she forewent putting her clothes and armor on, instead slipping her swimming clothing on. Leaving her axe behind as well, Astrid crept out of her hut, making sure he wasn't around. Rolling her eyes at the silly fact that again she was trying to escape Hiccup, Astrid made her way as quietly and quickly as she could. To her surprise, she spotted Hiccup walking out of his own hut, and as she guessed he was in his swim cloth, looking tousled and as glistening as she remembered him being. Knowing the heat must be warping his mind as well, she doubled her efforts to sneak away.

And let's be honest, Astrid wasn't sure she would even be able to resist Hiccup if he tried anything this time. Being so much more aware of what he was capable of, what he could do to persuade her, what she had firmly insisted he could do over the past year or two... Thor, she wasn't sure he'd settle with dry-humping this time. If she remembered correctly, the last time she experienced this, he had just barely held himself in check... she wasn't so sure it would be the same now. Maybe it was because he didn't sense any hesitation from her, like he might have if her mind was sixteen, but for whatever reason he was so much more difficult to handle these days than she remembered.

Part of her knew he was going to try to find her, much like she had done the first time around, and hoped he wouldn't spot her sneaking away toward the woods. If he had, she had no doubt he would try to follow her and wreck all her attempts to keep things calm and civil. Astrid shook her head, sighing as she went on. This was all her fault. During her sneaking around, she noticed the others lounging in the shade as well. She had not bothered to think about how they handled the day before and idly hoped they would be okay.

Astrid knew trying to coax Stormfly out of the stables would be useless, so she relied on swiftly making her way out of The Edge on foot. She felt relief when she made it to the edge of the forest. Managing to escape before her boyfriend got his hands on her, she wandered deep into the woods, following the river to the waterfall. When she found it, she sighed in relief, seeing the familiar body of water opening into a pond, the waterfall spilling into it on the far end. As she stepped into the water however, she felt disappointment spill over her, realizing she wouldn't get cooled off as much as she'd have liked.

The waters were warm, having been already heated by the crazy hot sun that morning. "Great," she sighed, but decided to get in anyway. The trees bent over the pool of water enough to offer some shade here and there, so it wasn't so bad. Feeling like she was slow-cooking herself in a warm stew, she waded over toward the waterfall, where the most shade was. When she reached it, she found a couple large stones scattered about, some round, some flat, and some half-hazardly poking out of the wall of earth that made the waterfall.

She first went to the waterfall, lettings it wash the sweat and dirt off her body. Once she was satisfied, she walked a ways away from the loud streaming water, sliding onto a slab of flat rock partially in the water on a bank. Astrid let herself fall back against the slick stone and sighed as the pond's water gently swayed over her feet, calming her. It wasn't exactly that cool, but it was far better than it was at her hut. Closing her eyes, let herself relax, and this time Astrid didn't care if her mind drifted again, letting it wander in this safer location.

Oh she did try to make an effort to keep Hiccup out of her mind, but she found it was far too difficult, and honestly she was much too fatigued by the sun to care. Unable to control herself, memories of what they did on this day, her first time around, filled her mind. How they ground against each other, the soaked cloth that covered them barely stopping them from coupling, how he had made her fall to pieces with his touch, how he nearly had his way and fucked her before she stopped him. Freyja, keeping away from him back then was tough. His remorseless determination didn't help, either.

Feeling her heart racing, her need for him spreading through her like a wild fire, Astrid felt if she didn't quickly get a handle on this situation, she might snap. Thinking she was more or less safe enough here, she bit her lip and glanced around warily, before slipping her hand between her legs. Closing her eyes again, she let her need for him fill her, thinking of all the amazingly sensual moments she had with him, how he fulfilled her deepest fantasies.

Astrid moaned softly, imagining it was Hiccup doing this to her, curling his fingers over her sex, sliding over her clit working her up. Astrid panted, squirming a little. "Uuh..." she sighed in pleasure. "H-Hiccup.." she groaned out, letting the pleasure build, pushing her finger into herself, biting her lip as she whimpered for him again, almost wishing he were there. She imagined him moving inside her, brushing his talented fingers over her breasts and quivering entrance as he pumped. As the pleasure was beginning to heighten, she lost herself in it, her hips rocking with the invisible Hiccup.


A shadow fell over her.

Opening her pleasure-glazed eyes, assuming it was a dear or something, Astrid swallowed a gasp of shock, her blood running cold. To her horror, she found the very object of her dirty fantasies right there, looming over her, his eyes full of hunger. Her partial wish had come true, it seemed. Part of her wondered if this was Loki's doing. Astrid scrambled up and away, stepping half-way into the water in a lame attempt to back away from him. Hiccup said nothing, his eyes fixed on her every move. "Er, Hiccup?" she questioned shakily, her blush deep and dark.

That seemed to snap him out of his trance. Instead of saying anything though, Hiccup closed the distance, taking a few long strides to reach her, a single-minded gleam in his darkened eyes. Gods, had... had he seen what she had been doing? Had he been watching her? By the very prominent tenting in his swim cloth Astrid was pretty sure she could safely assume that yeah, he had seen it all. Fantastic. Hiccup reached her in just a few seconds. He took her hand in his, caressing her wrist as he brought it up to his face, breathing in deep, smelling her desire on her fingers. She watched his eyes roll slightly and choked back a whimper when he leaned over to slowly lick her digits clean, his eyes never leaving hers.

Gods in Valhalla..! She just couldn't ever catch a break, could she!?

Astrid flushed deeper, trying to ignore the furious pounding in her ears... and between her legs. Still very aroused from her fantasy, she had no idea how to handle this situation. She chewed on her bottom lip nervously, her thoughts racing. This was not good, not good in the least! How in all of Helheim was she going to properly explain herself to him and at the same time also explain that they couldn't do anything, anything that would make their bodies overheat... when he had just caught her breaking her own rules? And moaning his name no less! "Um, Hiccup... I can explain," she began lamely.

Hiccup's brow hiked up. "What's there to explain?" he asked in a deadly calm way, his eyes nearly black with desire.

Astrid squirmed a little. He had yet to release her wrist. "I uh, I know it looks like I was... you know..." she trailed off lamely.

"Looks like?" Hiccup threw back, stepping just a little closer, so she felt his hot breath on her, the intensity of his body heat radiating toward her. Damnit, why couldn't she just yank her hand away, tell him sorry but no, and walk away? It wasn't like he put any strength in his hold. He was practically throwing that option to her right then! He was giving her the option of leaving. She was just making things difficult for herself!

Astrid let out an unsteady breath. "It's um, not what... look, I'm-I'm sorry you had to see that but.. see, I was trying to prevent something uh, worse? It's really hot... we... we can't do anything... okay..?" she tried to reason with him, but she could tell he was barely listening.

Hiccup was far too busy raking his eyes over her, watching little droplets of sweat trail over her neck and down between her breast, beneath her covering, trailing further to between her legs. He tugged at her then, and before she could stop herself, she had allowed him to pull her against his solid body. She felt his unyielding erection press into her belly alluringly as his mouth found her neck, sliding and pushing his tongue on her skin, making her efforts to resist him slack significantly. "H-Hiccup..." she tried again weakly, drugged by the pleasure of his tongue on her sensitive neck. Hiccup slid his hands over her, one pressing on her back, pulling her toward him, the other tilting her head to the side for a better angle.

The axe-wielder did all she could to resist him, much the same way she had done before, knowing how intensely they usually went at it, knowing they could suffer from very bad things if they let themselves get busy in that heat. She knew that he was aware of this too, but he wasn't thinking straight, especially with how wet her body was, how the water made her swim cloth stick enticingly against her toned body, leaving no room for the imagination. Combining that with having watched her fantasize over him and her smell of arousal, it was all sure to drive him insane. And she couldn't blame him in the least.

Hiccup pulled away only so that he could claim her mouth, pillaging her with his talented tongue. Astrid shuddered in pleasure, unable to help but kiss him back. They pulled out of the kiss only to catch their shuddering breaths for a second before diving back in. Lips slid over one another, teeth nipped, hands roamed and their bodies pressed hard against each other. Hiccup chose then to slip his hands under her bindings, one under her top and the other sliding over her inner thighs, toying with her, fingers caressing her soft curls, every so gently pressing into her heated skin.

The feel of his hand over her breast, molding and rolling it in his palm, his thumb carefully drawing tight circles over her hard nipple was making her nearly lose herself to his ministrations. Astrid was so absorbed in his incredibly successful seduction attempts that she had failed to realize he had somehow managed to removed both his and her bottoms of their swims clothes. Not caring if they floated off to the side somewhere, Hiccup used his advantage on her distraction to slip his fingers more freely between her tender folds, sliding over the little nub that ached the most with expert precision.

Astrid moaned into the kiss, pressing harder into him, lost in the kiss, lost in the pleasure of his touch, how accurately he was fulfilling her fantasy, not even bothering to notice him pulling her leg up over his hip. It wasn't until he was gripping her tighter, until she was locked against his hips, it wasn't until he was easing his cock into her throbbing pussy that her eyes snapped open and a strangled gasp escaped her.

"W-Wha-! H-Hic-!" She began in alarm, but he was already beginning to thrust, pressing a hand over her ass, forcing her hips to roll into his in sharp, intoxicating snaps. "Huuh..!" The axe-wielder doubled over, her cheek pressed onto his shoulder, her arousal already gushing over his swollen length. "Nng-! N-No..!" she moaned breathlessly as wicked pleasure pulsed viciously through her, moaning as each drive into her made stars erupt behind her eyes. Astrid wasn't sure it was completely from the pleasure though, for all she knew the heat might have had a hand in that as well.

With that thought in mind, Astrid groaned hotly with the effort to resist him. Gods, how could she have let him get this far?! This was so much worse than last time! At least last time she had been able to keep him from... from... getting inside her! Astrid realized this was not the first time she thought about how different things were. Pulling her out of her thoughts, his mouth was on hers again, his tongue muffling her cries as he rubbed her nipple with his thumb once more, his other hand squeezing her ass, still pulling her into his swiftly pumping shaft.

Astrid managed to pull from the kiss again, the heat flushing their bodies, making their breaths harder, making her head begin to ache a little, skin hot and sticky. Fighting back the intensity from the pleasure of him moving within her, Astrid moaned and wriggled as she barely managed to successfully push him away, fighting tooth and nail to keep her sanity in check. Now that she had successfully detached from him, she dove away into the deeper part of the pond, trying desperately to ignore her body screaming at her in rage.

Hiccup blinked in surprise, finding her attempting to swim away. Dazed, confused, and still very much feeling the rush of lust crashing through him, he followed her, cutting through the water with a purpose. Astrid felt him moving toward her quickly and tried her best to swim faster. She knew she wouldn't have a chance to run from him. Hiccup had mastered his legs a while ago and could use their considerable length to rapidly catch up to her shorter form. She decided to try to use the water to keep a distance from him, hoping it would work. "Hiccup-!" she gasped. "Save it for another day, babe! It's way too hot for this!" she tried to reason with him, but he was still not listening.

Thor, she had to get away from him! She had to try to find leverage, a way to get away and get him to see reason. Her body was much too traitorous this time around, and if he did that again she wasn't sure she could resist him. As she frantically tried swimming away, she could practically feel him rushing through the water toward her, much faster than she thought he'd be and it both frustrated and excited her. It was a strange kind of sensation, being half aroused out of her mind and hoping he would catch her, and at the same time, trying to stay away, hoping he wouldn't be an idiot and make them pass out from overheating.

Hiccup barely registered the heat or the fact that it was kicking up his need for her a thousand-fold. He was undeterred, he had only one goal in mind and that was to fill her with pleasure, satisfying her need to please her and his need for her at the same time. The hunger he felt for her was like a beast, clawing at him, making him lose his senses. Redoubling his efforts, raking across the water, Hiccup managed to catch up to her then.

Astrid yelped in surprise, feeling his hands grip her.

Instead of stopping there in the water though, she was a little confused when he began pushing them along the water, until they went under the waterfall. Astrid shook the water from her eyes, only to find herself being bent over, pressed belly first over a smooth flat rock, shaded by the waterfall behind them. She felt a sharp twinge of panic go through her, wondering what was going through his heat-ladled, lust-induced dazed mind of his. Hiccup took no time at all to show her his intentions. Using his weight and considerable strength, he pinned her wrists with on hand behind her back, and slipped the other hand between her legs.

"Fuck! Hiccup, sto- ahh.. Hic-..!" Astrid let out a string of colorful curses between throaty moans of pleasure, feeling him alternating rubbing her clit and pumping a finger into her. An evil thought in her told her to just relax and let him pleasure her, but she knew better, she knew he wouldn't settle for just that alone. But as much as she tried, Astrid was unable to find a good grip on the heavily slippery stone, unable to get him off her. This was probably the most helpless she had ever been, the most he had ever had every advantage over her. Merciful Freyja. Somehow, and not really a surprise to her, she found this frustratingly arousing. She had to get out of this position somehow!

In the meantime, every little wiggle and squirm in an attempt to shy away from his insistent touch made her body rub against him or the rock in some fashion, forcing it to throb all the harder. Hiccup was thorough, but he was sure to keep her from entering her again, though he did let her feel the head of his cock pressing into her slightly, and he was especially sure to keep her from finding relief... wanting her to give in and let them enjoy each other. He was again vaguely aware of how intense the heat was that day, how it flooded his mind, making him hazy and without the best sense of judgment... but a big part of him couldn't care less at the moment.

Astrid Hofferson was in a world of agonizing pleasure and overwhelming need for relief. She was beginning to forget why she was resisting him so badly. She knew they couldn't go any further that day, even if the warm waters were just cool enough to keep them from burning out completely. She had to get away. "H-Hiccup... Hiccup please... let me go, I... I need you... please... I want to see your face..." she begged him, hoping he would give in, hoping she could trick him much like she had weeks ago. She figured he was so lost in lust he'd have forgotten she tricked him like this before.

Or so she thought.

Hiccup remembered this little trick of hers. Get him to release her just so she could overpower him and escape with his pants around his ankles. Hiccup Haddock had not forgotten that. But he figured he could try something else anyway. He enjoyed the cat and mouse game they sometimes played. Releasing her wrists, he watched her twist around to face him. Her hands shot out and pressed on his chest hard, using the stone against her hip to brace herself as she shoved him.

Astrid breathed a sigh of relief when she managed to actually push him away, hoping it was just enough distance to duck out of his range. Unfortunately, even though she managed to make him stumble, she felt herself slip on the very stone she had been trying to brace herself on, her efforts to escape stalling for far too many seconds. Shock and panic rolled through as she steadied herself again, seeing him towering over her with an infuriating smug look gracing his lips, and realized she had doomed herself. She would not be escaping this time.

Just as she feared, Hiccup took no time at all to recapture her. To her surprise though, this time he lifted her up, sliding her onto the rocky slab, over onto her back. He gazed down at her with his hands on either side of her, a look of calculated mischief spreading his lips into a dark smile. He gave her an almost predatory look as his eyes raked over her exposed body. It was then she realized she was missing her top as well. "Trick me once, shame on me... try to trick me twice, shame on you..." he winked, before she watched in horror as he dipped down and took her most sensitive nipple in his warm mouth, her other breast in his palm, taut nipple between his fingers while he held her down.

Fresh rivers of pleasure washed through her in a brutal tide to pool hotly in her belly, colliding through the tender nerves being set ablaze by Hiccup's vicious tongue. "Hnnng..! Hic-! Hic-ahh..!" Astrid twisted beneath him, gasping and panting, feeling him sucking and rubbing his tongue over one peak and rolling and rubbing the other with his hand. Slick burning arousal like a torrent over her thighs as he continued on heedlessly.

Just when she was about to burst, already gushing with delirious need, his mouth slid off her breast. Her breaths left her raggedly as she strained to look at what he was now plotting. With a rapid increase in her breathing, both caused by the pleasurable torture and from the sun's domineering heat, she watched him trail kisses over her breasts and down her belly, caressing her thighs and finally disappearing between her legs.

Panicking again, knowing if he did this she would lose to him for sure, Astrid attempted to push on his shoulder and head. "N-No..! No..! Hic-Hiccup! Don't..!" she panted. "For the love of Odin, Hiccup! It's too hot..!" she cried, but even to herself her protests came off as extremely weak, her moans of rapture as he kissed her thighs and rolled his thumb over her wet nipple, how she subconsciously spread her legs for him, told them both otherwise.

Astrid cursed herself, knowing that even he could sense that a very big part of her wanted this so very badly. If she was being honest with herself, she want badly for him to take her into his mouth, wanted him to make her lose her mind, she wanted him to spread her and fuck her brains out... so her protests barely registered as serious, even to herself. If that was then the case, how was she going to expect him to take her seriously? "No... no..! Nooo..." she whimpered weakly, feeling his tongue lapping at her inner thighs, trailing closer.

"Yes..." Hiccup moaned back lustfully, his tongue pushing against her heated skin in wicked ways, sliding his way toward her aching entrance.

Astrid whined in pleasurable frustration. This was her fault of course. She had very firmly told him several times that he could take her when he wanted her. Normally Hiccup would listen if Astrid clearly and firmly told him no... but the heat was screwing up their minds and she was way too horny to truly deny him. "H-Hiccup..!" she tried again, her heart galloping in her chest as he slid her legs over his shoulders. Well shit, there went most of her chances to get away! Trapped beneath him now, Astrid was helpless as he finally spread her open, his fingers toying with her as his mouth found her heated, pulsing core swiftly.

Unable to do anything but lay there powerless to his whims, Astrid contorted and howled into the blistering air as he took his time pleasuring her. Each slide of his tongue forced burning liquid ecstasy to build with piercing pressure in Astrid's nethers, spurting out of her, coating her thighs. Each suck on her clit made her eyes glaze over, her body trembling helplessly, her grip on the rock unstable, forced to hang on for dear life as cries of smoldering desire poured out of her.

"Nnh..! N-Nooo..! Hic-uhh..!" she whined, part of her still desperately trying to resist him. Hiccup was remorseless and devoted to milking as much pleasure out of Astrid as he could, ignoring her protests and his own need to again and again bring her close to her release, then ruthlessly kept her away from it. Mustering all the strength she could get a handle on, Astrid tried again. "H-Hiccup..!" she shrieked urgently, trying to get his attention with everything she had.

By the grace of Thor, he pulled away a little to regard her hungrily. "Yes, Astrid?" he questioned impishly.

"H-Hiccup, you can't! We can't... can't..." she tried again breathlessly, flushed both from pleasure and from coming dangerously close to overheating.

Hiccup shook his head and groaned, barely able to control himself at this point but trying his best. "We can..." he murmured feverishly, slipping one of his fingers in to begin pumping her.

"Hnng-!" Astrid twisted, breaths leaving her in short, high-pitch cries.

Hiccup shifted a little to speed up his pumping finger. "You want me, and I want you... it's...it's shaded here.. we'll be okay... please..." he all but whined, panting with his own shuddering need as he continuously drove his finger in and out of her fluttering walls, listened to her breathy sobs of ecstasy, imagining it was his cock, her wails driving him crazy. In an effort to convince her, he held her still as he felt those walls nearly constrict again. Astrid felt her relief fade out of her gasp again and cried out shamelessly. "Come on," Hiccup moaned in frustration. "Give in..."

"N-No! You fiend, n-never..!" Astrid cried forcefully, past her sweltering desire, half seriously and half playfully, letting him know she wasn't actually upset with him, not really. The sun was like an evil entity that day, pouring its hatred over them, surrounding them like a heavy, unrelenting pressure, heat making them lose their minds and at the same time, slowly roasting them. This was a danger they were both fuzzily aware of at this point, but dangerously not taking seriously.

Hiccup grinned back, brushing sweat from his eyes and narrowed them at her. "A... fiend, am I? Have it your way," he hissed playfully, and began curling his finger in time as he pumped in again, quickly finding her g-spot and rubbing it without pity for her sanity.

Astrid's own eyes widened and she convulsed as he hit just the right spot, just right, forcing white-hot pleasure to explode through her. The ensuing orgasm that shattered through her making her throat hoarse as she screamed his name, giving her no time to recover as a much more intense one quickly threatened to ravage her. Her heart was already beating dangerously fast, if she went off again she wasn't sure what would happen, but... she... couldn't find it in herself to resist anymore.

Gods! What had she done? Hiccup knew just where to press, just where to slide, just how to rub and in what angle, his mouth tormenting her clit again as he quickly brought her to the edge and kept her there this time. Astrid writhed, twisting and turning, wailing and begging now. "Haah-! Pleeease..! H-Hiccup..!" she screeched, no longer caring what she was begging for anymore.

Hiccup's breath left him in hard huffs as he sucked on her clit, his sweltering breath sending constant shivers tingling through his lover, drowning in his animalistic need to make her fall apart, unaware that those shivers might be a bad sign. His own body almost mimicked his thrusting finger, rocking into her as he lapped up all the sweet nectar that gushed out of her.

For Astrid, this was the worst and best kind of torture, nauseatingly aggravated desire flooded her belly savagely, her body screaming at her for relief, needing him inside her so badly that she was losing her mind. She had lost to him, and he knew it. Her devastatingly wanton cries for him to take her, to relieve her, to feel his cock inside her was enough to make Hiccup nearly burst and spill his seed then and there, shuddering and moaning lustfully.

Panting and barely able to contain himself, Hiccup was at his breaking point. He pushed up onto the rock, leaning forwards so that her legs were still firmly over his shoulders, locking her in place, taking advantage of her excellent flexibility. Placing his hands on either side of her to brace himself, he leaned in all the way then, his turgid shaft eagerly beginning to squeeze into her soaked, welcoming body again, gasping as he nearly climaxed by doing so.

The feeling of him finally fulfilling her agonizing need nearly made Astrid pass out, or maybe it was the outrageous heat swirling around their slick, rapidly overheating bodies. The shield-maiden did her very best not to give in but couldn't stop herself from groaning throatily, lamenting her predicament, watching through her hazy lust as his eyes closed in absolutely rapture. She felt his rigid erection slowly and completely fill her, little by little, making her arch back in exaltation, a silent cry leaving her open mouth.

No no no, she couldn't let herself give in, she had to get away, she couldn't give up!

In just a moment, if she didn't stop him, there would be no stopping him. He would be sawing into her, no doubt hard and fast, making her feel it in her chest and she would be screaming. Any and every chance of escaping would be thrown right out the window, desolate and dangerous heat be damned. If she let him have his way they would end up collapsing from complete exhaust and dehydration, putting themselves in serious danger.

Perhaps it was an act of one of their gods, perhaps not, but before he could truly fuck her, Astrid's senses mercifully return to her just long enough for her to desperately try to think of a way to escape. Normally this position on solid, dry ground would be her end, his secure grip on her body and her legs helpless pinned against his shoulders would be her undoing. He would be freely moving inside her before she could even begin to think of an escape. Unless of course, she used her legs to hurt him... which she wasn't sure she had it in her to do that to him, not anymore. Though normally it may have to come to it, fortunately for her, and him, it didn't have to.

The slipperiness of the rock was in her favor this time.

Thinking quickly, Astrid used her own strength to lift herself ever so slightly, trying not to let the pleasure that caused get to her, using her and his weight to get a better grip. Using the slipperiness of the rock, she let herself slip, angling the drop so it jostled them. She did this again, faster, and finally after a few attempts managed to roll them, surprising her thankfully very distracted boyfriend. Astrid worked quickly to whip her legs off his shoulders, jerking her hips away from his eager flesh and grasped his arms. With a foot on his chest and her knee bent, she quickly straightened it and let him go, sending him hurtling into the water with force.

She heard the splash and his sputter as he flailed in the water. Still throbbing horribly but not caring, Astrid tenderly slid off the rock and found him wading back over to her, intense determination coloring his darkened emerald eyes. "Freeze!" she yelled at him sharply, pointing at him. This time, Hiccup heard the severe tone and halted immediately. They were both panting very hard, their heads hurt and it was difficult to focus. "Hiccup, you know damn well it's too dangerous to fuck on a day like this," she told him candidly, ignoring his blush and going on. "Not even the water is cold enough to cool us off. I'm sorry baby, but no sex until the heat dies down," she told him firmly.

Astrid watched his shoulder slump but at least he made no attempts to move toward her again. Hiccup let out a sigh and rubbed his face and neck. "You're right," he grumbled. "You're right... I'm sorry," he sighed again more defeatedly, shuddering as the heat and his sweltering need made it difficult to think. "It really is crazy hot today. I'm sorry I got carried away and for not listening to you," he apologized. "It's just... gods, it was difficult to stop thinking of you... and when I caught you uh, you know," he blushed. "When you were... pleasuring yourself... and you called my name, and your smells, and your body, and Odin, you're so beautiful Astrid!" he whined, rubbing his eyes with his palms, gripping his head in frustration.

Astrid blushed deeply at his blunt and flattering words. Her heart went to him because damn it she understood his plight completely. Hiccup wasn't aware of how attractive he was sometimes, and how positively arousing he was when he wasn't thinking straight, when all he wanted was her. His movements stopped being so clumsy, more focused, his body just seemed to grow somehow, his eyes darkening alluringly. He might have been thin, but every bit of him was toned and hard, years of dragon riding and working at the forge doing his body wonders.

She would have loved nothing more than to give in, give herself to him, to take him inside her, to crush her hips to his until they both exploded with burning, penetrating relief. Astrid shook those thoughts away, scolding herself for letting her mind get carried away. She tempted fate then, cautiously wading over to him, hoping he wouldn't snap again. "I'm sorry, babe. I should have tried harder to convince you that I was serious. I... had a hard time with that, myself. All I managed to do was send you mixed signals," she stroked his cheek tenderly. "Normally I love how ravenous you get, and I did encourage you to be assertive... but not today, not in this heat," she insisted.

Hiccup sighed and nodded in agreement. "Yeah, I know..."

Astrid smiled and tilted his head to look her in the eye. "Hey, rain-check, okay?" she offered.

Hiccup smiled back at her. "I'll hold you to it..." he warned her playfully.

Astrid raised a brow as his eyes began wandering again and she knew she had to get them out of there before things got bad again. Trying to think of some way to keep their minds occupied, Astrid began heading off, acutely aware of his eyes on her as he followed. It was then she remembered of Tuffnut's surprisingly fun game from before and figured it would again work pretty well to distract them. "So um, I saw the others heading toward the beach," she lied, though she knew they would be there anyway. "Why don't we go see what they're up to?" she offered.

Hiccup seemed to visibly relax, tore his gaze off her body with great effort. "Sure, that sounds fun," he agreed.

After they collected their swim cloths they walked hand in hand out of the woods, but were sure to reluctantly release each other when they got close to The Edge. They stopped by the stables and their happy dragons bounded over to them, having been sitting and waiting for them patiently. "Looks like the others took their dragons," Astrid observed knowingly. They scratched their overgrown lizards and led them out toward the sandy shore. As they walked, Hiccup idly talked about his plans with the Dragon Eye, how they were still missing lenses and they could be just about anywhere.

When they reached the beach, they found their friends talking about something pretty enthusiastically. "Hey guys!" Fishlegs said, waving at them to join them.

Tuffnut eyed them and smirked. "There you are, we thought you'd never decide to come down here! What... were you two too busy to cool off?" he asked lecherously.

Astrid bit her lip to try to stop her grin from popping out, watching Hiccup's brow furrow in confusion. Oops, she forgot to mention to him that they might or might not know about them, a lot. She cleared her throat and pretended to look indignant. "I'll have you know I was relaxing by the lake. Hiccup showed up bothered me from my... relaxation, we talked, then headed down here," she explained. All of that was true, just very abbreviated.

Hiccup scoffed slightly. "You like when I bother you..." he mumbled under his breath.

"What was that?" Astrid asked curiously.

"Nothing," Hiccup shook his head.

Ruffnut's brow hiked up this time. "So you talked, huh?" she questioned with a grin, glancing at their very damp swim cloths. Sure, that could be sweat, but it looked like they had been splashing around in water together, and the mutual blushes kind of gave them away as well. "Whatever," she snorted, then clapped her hands. "Anyway, we just thought of an awesome game!" she cheered.

"It's alright," Snotlout shrugged in agreement, a tad sour that he hadn't thought of this first.

"So what is this 'awesome' game?" Astrid asked, pressing a fist to her hip expectantly.

Tuffnut jumped in to explain then. "We each board our dragons and stand in the middle of the water, then we create tidal waves toward each other and try to knock each other off. No flying allowed," he insisted.

"What? No ripping and tearing at each other?" Hiccup asked sarcastically.

Both of the twins shrugged then. "Nah, not this time. Blood is way too hot. Just water is fine," the male twin grinned.

Hiccup rolled his eyes. "Right... and the teams?"

Tuffnut shook her head. "Not this time, H. We have to level the playing field somehow!" he declared, accurately imagining that Hiccup would team up with Astrid and their dragons, who already worked wonderfully together, would destroy them.

"That sounds fine with me," Astrid mentioned, watching the dragons chasing each other.

"Agreed," nodded Hiccup. The dragons of course were more than happy to splash around in the water and watch their silly humans fly off them.

Before long they were atop their enthusiastic dragons in the water, flinging massive waves of water at each other, trying to defeat one another. At the same time, they were defeating the heat of the day, the ocean waters being slightly cooler than the pond. Soon enough, laughter and joy filled the air as the group of friends had fun with their game.

White it was true that Hookfang was the biggest dragon, he wasn't exactly the most strategic, more focused on the tasks at hand. While he and Snotlout were busy throwing the twins off their dragons, Astrid sneaked Stormfly behind him and had her take a blast at the water near him, causing a massive cascade of water to flush him off his dragon.

"Hey!" Snotlout squealed, flopping around in the water until Hookfang took mercy on him and helped him up. "That's cheating!" he sputtered, giving his dragon an appreciative scratch when no one was looking.

Astrid smirked from her perch and shrugged. "Tuff didn't say anything about blasts," she told him, making him scowl and grumble.

Hiccup pressed his lips together thoughtfully. He had a thought about doing similar. She was crafty! Of course, Hiccup didn't know that Astrid knew about the little loopholes. Shrugging, he decided he'd give it a go as well, and had Toothless fire as the water near her as well. To his surprise, Astrid dropped onto her saddle, gripping it tight as the water hit her. When he settled, Astrid twisted around and hopped right back on her saddle. "Nice try, Hiccup!" she grinned at him.

Hiccup's eyes narrowed and he made Toothless bound around her. "Now bud!" he called. Astrid knew he would try to swipe at Stormfly, so she pretended to fall off when the Night Fury's tail tripped her dragon. Instead however, Astrid gripped her saddle at the last second and flung herself back up when Stormfly recovered. "What?" Hiccup cried in disbelief.

Astrid smiled and had Stormfly jump and dive into the water, using her naturally faster spinning reactions to scoop up a large amount of water before flinging it at him. Hiccup's metal leg caught his saddle at the last second, making him gasp in relief as the water drained off him before he could slip off. Righting himself again, he grinned back at her. Astrid huffed but then blinked in surprise when she spotted Fishlegs, headfirst in the sand behind Toothless. The sneak was trying to flank him! Too bad it didn't work! The game carried on until Astrid and Hiccup began to show signs of fatigue both being rather agile and smart about their attacks.

"Dang! They are so well matched!" Fishlegs muttered as they all watched. Tuffnut and Ruffnut shared a knowing look with each other at that statement.

"Pfft, they're not so great," Snotlout scoffed, feeling slightly jealous of them.

Toothless and Stormfly glanced at each other and then at their riders, both still had determined, competitive looks on their tired faces. Toothless warbled at Stormfly and she trilled back, her head bobbing in agreement. Before Astrid and Hiccup knew what had happened, they were met with the ocean that rushed up to them, pulling them off their dragons. The two lizards had flopped down on their bellies, washing their humans right off their backs. The one-legged Viking and the Shield-maiden flailed out of the water and sputtered in shock. They couldn't be upset with their nuzzling dragons though, and couldn't help join in the laugh from their friends.

"That's a tie!" Tuffnut declared.

They decided to go ahead and play until the sun began to dip behind the horizon, finally giving them relief from the horrible heat. Stumbling into the clubhouse, they shared a tired but happy supper together. The dragon feasted on their own piles of fish while the friends ate roasted boar, stewed vegetables, and drank warm but still refreshing water. They talked about the game lazily until they were too tired to keep going. The long, but fun day and the dominating heat had worn them all out. Unfortunately for Astrid and Hiccup, fatigue was not enough to keep their nosy friends from teasing them.

"So, where have you two been lately?" Ruffnut pressed, glancing between Hiccup and Astrid.

Astrid tilted her head to the side. "What do you mean, we went to Berk to handle an issue with the other team, don't you remember that?" she asked.

"Yeah, sure, but is that all you did?" Tuffnut asked teasingly.

Hiccup sighed wearily. "What are you talking about, Tuff?"

Snotlout snorted at the nature of the question. "As if they'd actually sneak off together," he chuckled.

Fishlegs' head tilted slightly. "Why are you so sure they wouldn't ever?" he asked, attempting to be teasing, but flinching at the look the smaller man gave him.

Snotlout shook his head. "As if! Why would Astrid want to be with a loser like Hiccup, when she could have all this?" he asked, flexing his bulging muscles.

Again Hiccup simply rolled his eyes, very much relaxed and unfazed by the direct attack to his character, clearly unaffected by him by now. Astrid on the other had was getting tired of Snotlout's self-centered, cluelessness. "Hey!" she snapped at him. "One, I am not some clueless bimbo that only sees someone's worth by the size of their body parts!" she began, making every male blush. "I don't care how strong you look, Snotlout. You are being extremely insufferable and completely unfair to Hiccup, who has stuck his neck out for you more times than I can count!"

Snotlout deflated considerably, knowing she was right. "Sorry, jeez..." he mumbled.

Astrid snorted and shook her head. "Do you really think he's a loser?" she asked.

Snotlout shuffled a little and sighed. "No," he grumbled, then turned to his cousin. "Sorry, Hiccup..." he forced out.

Hiccup shrugged and smiled a little. "You're good," he forgave him. Astrid nodded in satisfaction and leaned back into her seat, nodding back when Hiccup shot her an appreciative smile.

Tuffnut decided to speak up then. "Well then. It's established, everyone," he began, rubbing his hands together in a thoughtful manner. "No one here will call Hiccup a loser... around Astrid," he added devilishly.

"Cut it out, Tuff," Astrid said with a sigh, forgoing throwing her axe at him, much too tired this time.

After that horribly hot day, the night began to chase the heat away, cooling down the air significantly. The group breathed a sigh of relief as they headed out, splitting up to sleep. Astrid was on high alert however, eyeing her boyfriend warily, wondering if he'd take advantage of the coolness of the night. Ah but her worry was quickly dispelled, for the heat of the day had exhausted all of them, including her ravenous mate.

When they made sure no one was watching them, they lazily made their way to his hut. When they got there, they settled against the bed, Hiccup's arms snugly wrapped around her. He nuzzled his way to her neck, placing warm kisses there, much too tired to do anything more complicated. "I have a mind to..." he trailed off.

"-Ravage me?" Astrid supplied with a humorous tilt of her lip.

"Mm-hm," Hiccup nodded, even as his eyes started to droop.

"If not you, then I'd certainly try to," the shield-maiden yawned. "Dunno 'bout you though... 'am very sleepy..." she yawned.

"Me'too," Hiccup mumbled back, trying not to let her yawn get to him and failing miserably, letting himself slide with her down over the bed properly.

Astrid smiled and cuddled up to him, letting her cheek rest against his chest, feeling herself drift off, hearing his soft breathing and letting it lull her into dreamland. Hopefully the dreams would not return, but even as the thought crossed her mind, she felt the strange feeling again. Rousing her from her half-asleep state, Astrid bit her lip to stay silent, trying to shake the weird sensation away. If she concentrated, she could almost hear, or feel like there was an echo of herself, a part of her anxious about something, the anxiety seeping into her.

Clenching her eyes tight, Astrid felt more than heard the buzz in her head drowning out all other noises, but she felt like she was beginning to almost understand the bizarre sensations a little. It was as though a part of herself was almost missing, like a piece of her soul was trapped somewhere and trying to return. It was as though time itself was split around her, making her feel dizzy and disorientated.

Was this the displaced, younger version of herself she was feeling? Had her older self been experiencing all of this when she had been in her body? How many worlds, realities, were there for this to be possible? As far as she was taught, the gods had only created nine worlds, all help up by the branches of the great tree, Yggdrasil... but maybe there were different times. All of this was Fishlegs level of thinking and just served to confuse and give her a head ache!

As though sensing her distress once again, Hiccup stirred from his own sleep, his eyes barely able to open to look at her. "Hey... you okay, baby?" he asked drowsily.

It should have been an easy question of answer, but for the axe-wielder it wasn't at all. Astrid buried her face in his chest and shook her head. "Just, please... hold me..." she murmured.

Hiccup frowned in concern and pulled her closer, rubbing her back. "Shh, it's okay, you're safe here with me. I've got you..." he whispered to her gently.

The gentle words and the soothing act seemed to do the trick and she felt the sensations finally fade away again. Sighing in relief, Astrid felt herself slump against him. "Thank you, 'iccup..." she mumbled sleepily, too exhausted to stay awake any longer.

Hiccup smiled softly and kissed her forehead. "Always," he cooed, and settled back down to sleep as well. He filed this away for later processing, again hoping she would open up to him soon.

End A/N: Poor Astrid! And, bad, baaad Hiccup... Also, the nightmare thing and Hiccup telling her he loved her in his sleep was actually taken from my own experience, though a little differently. There was a terrible storm one night and I guess I'm still kinda not over a childhood fear of mine lol. As I was drifting off to sleep lightning struck basically right next to my apartment, the explosion of the lightning and the following thunder it caused woke me with a start and instinctively I pressed close to my fiance. He was mostly asleep when he wrapped his arms around me, rubbed my back and told me I was safe. I snuggled against him and fell back asleep. It's probably a common thing for couples who sleep together really. Even asleep you are still in tune with each other.


jimmix: Thank you! I appreciate your kind words!

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