Important Author's note: Tier is male, just thought I should specify that before you read the chapter as mysister got confused cause for some rason she thought Tier was female. Anyways, I promised a chapter before 2018 and techinically it is 11:54 where I am so techinicallly I succeded. Anyways, I wrote most of this for the first hour before I did a slight edit and now I am posting the chapter. Anyways, here it is. Tomorrow I will come back and fix any grammatical errors in this chapter.

Chapter 12

Elizabeth saw Tachalla fighting the man who had killed his father. He fought and fought. He was of course, good, but the fight was doomed to end in dissaster from the begininning. Tachalla died. Elizabeth tried to close her eyes, to turn her head. But she stayed still, transfixed with horror. "Tachalla!" Elizabeth ran to him and...and...

As she went through her day Elizabeth felt something was off. Hadn't she just been reading a book? No, that was wrong. She had been holding Tachallaa, crying. Wait, that had been a dream. Yes, she had had a bad dream and woke up early and read a book. Elizabeth, gripped by a sudden urge to make sure Tachalla was okay, went to Avengers mansion, She walked in to be greeted by a terrible sight. The entryway was wrecked and Wasp lay on the floor, a fatal gash in her head.

"Janet!" Elizabeth quickly checked her friend for a pulse. No. No, no, no, no. Elizabeth ran through the halls, searching for the other Avengers. She found them fighting Loki and some others. Elizabeth saw Tony, lying motionless on the floor. "Dad!" She ran to him, he was dead. She heard herself scream and her eyes widened as the room and everyone in it went from solid to an almost translusent light, her sourrandings becoming a vast, sandy dune, a purple sky above. A dark figure that seemed more solid stood in the corner of the translusent room, watching her. Elizabeth looked around again. This wasn't real. With that realization came another. She was dreaming. She calmed and began to walk purposely toward the dark firgure, intedning to find some answers. The figure turned and walked briskly in the opposite direction and Elizabeth quickend her pace. Another person suddenly topped a sand dune and seemed to acces the situation, then he threw a throwing star towards the man Elizabeth was chasing. The man dodged the throwing star and, a moment later, vanished into a dark hole in the air. Elizabeth turned to see the man who had thrown the throwing star approaching, his posture cautious and puzzled.

"What in the world is-" Elizabeth felt a very uncomfartable tug in her gut and her throat constricted as she felt an intense pain that quickly vanished as everything snapped back into focus, then changed.


Tier-far El-kai felt a sudden wave of negative emotion. It wasn't enough to bring someone into the Realm of Dreams, but it was strong, and growing steadily. He followed the slight tug in his mind to the dream of a girl. He saw her kneeling by a man's side, tears streaming down her face as she screamed. The man was dead. Tier was about to make the girl's dream change. She could not enter, it would be to dangerous. But it was to late, she began to solidify. But, as soon as she solidified she calmed. The girl's scream died down she began to come more into focus, more solid, and Tier gave a sigh of relief. She would enter her dream now. She didn't. If anything, she grew more solid.

Tier stepped back, confused. How was she entering Rod? She wasn't filled with enough emotion anymore. The fear and sadness in had retreated and she was calm, if confused. It was then that Tier saw him. A man, clad in a dark cloak. How had he missed him before? A fools mistake. Tier stepped toward the figure, who was obviously fully centered in Rod. The girl stood as well, though she didn't see Tier as her eyes were fixed on the man in the cloak. The man turned and began to walk away, the girl following. Something was off about him. Tier went with his instinct and ran after him, getting his clayja and throwing it at the man, along with his throwng star. The man dodged the throwing star and went through a traveling rift. But not before the tracker Tier had thrown had attached itself to the man's cloak.

The girl turned to Tier. She was obviously about to ask a load of questions, just as he had many to ask her. 'How are you still in the Realm of Dreams' being at the forefront, but his time was running out, and the Sylak would be here soon.

"What in the world is-" she was cut off as Tier sent her back into her dreams, though he sent her to a much more pleasant one this time. He gave a sigh of relief as the girl went, thankful he had gotten the girl out in time.

Tier looked down at his tracker. It was time to start the hunt.


Elizabeth woke and got dressed, favoring her left arm and shoulder. She was lost in thought. She had had a bad dream, she was sure of it. But she couldn't remember it for the life of her. She shook it off as she went to get breakfast. Unfortuanatly, Batman intervened.

"Elizabeth, debrief. Now."

Elizabeth sighed, mentally preparing herself for a lecture, and started.

"So, how was the talk with Batman?" Asked M'gann as Elizabeth walked into the living room, looking exhausted.

"Terrible. I have never recieved such a sound lecture in my life. And trust me, I've been on the recieving end of quite a few of those." Replied Elizabeth wryly.

"And what did you do to get those lectures?" Asked M'gann curiously.

"Well, when I was 8 me and Peter, he's pretty much like my older brother, decided to prank my Dad. We got Jarvis' help and painted all his suits bright pink." Said Elizabeth, grinning at the memory. Then, she remembered that Peter was dead and she straightened.

"Anyways, I gotta go practice." She said, walking out of the room and brutally crushing any thought of Tachalla, Peter, or Logan.

As she entered the gym she ran into Sif.

"Elizabeth, I was just on my way to speak to you. We need to talk about the events of last night."

Elizabeth couldn't help but let out a groan. "You too?"

"I do not intend to lecture you Elizabeth, I simply wish to know how you preformed in battle, and why you did not invite me to battle beside you." Said Sif.

Elizabeth blinked. "...Oh." Said Elizabeth, nonplused.

"Well, you need not fear me trying to stop you from testing yourself against criminals if that is what you were worried about. However it would have been wise to bring back up. No matter, next time I shall go with you. I shall lighten your training due to your injuries but you must still be focused and work hard. I will need your help to take down Loki and Enchantress."

"You need my help?" Asked Elizabeth encredusously.

"Yes. Loki sent you here for a reason, just as he sent me. I do not yet know what kind of threat you pose, but I do know that I will need your help to take Loki down. Now, let us get to work."


Marvel Universe: Earth

"He's leaving now." Said Natasha into her com, sipping her coffee and watching covertly as Mathew Erikson paid his bill and left the resturant.

"Copy that." Clint started the car he was in and followed Mathew Erikson to the guy's hotel. "Okay, he's staying at Starset Inn, corner of 5th and Hill street." Clint smirked. "They named a street after agent Hill."

"I don't think that's the reason for the name." said Natasha dryly.

"Cut the chatter. Heimdall couldn't see this guy, we don't know why, but if Heimdall can't see him, we have to be prepared for anything." Tony's voice was tight, and Clint sobered as he thought of Elizabeth. It had been 9 days since she went missing and Tony had become scary focused on work. It was literallly all he did. He was also consumming far more caffiene than usual to keep his body working. Clint was sure that wasn't healthy. Clint walked up to the front desk got the room nuber of Mathew Erikson, and was just about to knock on the door, when he heard a scream from inside.