Chapter One

Elizabeth's POV

I wake up to the sound of my alarm clock and groan, looking at it. 6:45, sighing I get up, grabbing some clothes and dressing. I look into the mirror and sigh, my hair is a rats nest. "Well, better get to work," I mutter, grabbing a brush.

Time Skip

"Yes!" I exclaim, pumping my fist into the air. "Done with school for the day." I glance at my watch, 1:15. Dad should be home soon, assuming he didn't miss a meeting or something. I sit down on the couch and turn on the TV. I flip to the news and see that the Avengers are fighting some lowlife Hydra agents. "Good luck guys, not that you'll need it." I mutter, turning the TV off and heading outside to go read a book on the roof. Yep, the roof. I can fly.

Time Skip

I go to the Kitchen and rummage around for some snacks. I finally find a bad of Doritos and a packet of kool-aid, yeah I might be getting to old to have kool-aid in my mom's point of view but in reality you can never be getting to old to like kool-aid. I make the kool-aid and pretty soon Susan and John show up."Hey El, we just came right here after school so that's why we're here early." Said Susan. I laugh. "It's never to early."

"You got that right, we're always to late." said Tash as he and his twin sister, Tasha, walked up. "How can you two still always be late even though you're home schooled?" Asked Susan. "Because we have a crazy busy life that's why."

Time Skip

(I know I keep doing time skips but bear with me please.)

"And El, takes the lead, followed closely with my very own twin Tash! While John is- oh John has pulled ahead, with Susan struggling to keep up with the others!" Narrates Tasha as we play NFS most wanted on my xbox. Tasha sitting out because I only have four controllers.

John jumps up, "Victory!" He cries. I give a dramatic groan, "I demand a rematch!" I pronounce, the others chuckle and Susan says, "Anyone up for Doritos?" "You bet!" The rest of us reply enthusiastically.

We walk into the kitchen and I pour five cups of kool-aid, setting them on the counter. Taking one I start to lean back on the edge of the counter. Tasha looks behind me and cries out in a panicked voice but I can't tell what she says because at that moment I drop my kool-aid as I fall back through what looks like a teal colored portal.

I fall back, panicked. I look around, taking in my surroundings. I am in an open field not, not that far away there are several people dressed in costumes. One of the people green. Wait a minute, green? Fighting some other people while a weird, slightly creepy looking man with a white, scarred face cackels. Sending shivers down my back, before attacking one of the people in a costume. Wait, white scarred face? All of this I take in quickly before my gaze lands on a bright flash of teal light. Out steps Loki.

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