This story was inspired by three different stories, 'New dawn' by scarface101,'La familia Donquixote' by silvers D . HEI ( it's in Spanish but if you understood Google's crappy translation you will find that it's a very good story ) , and 'The village of chakra' by killapanda666.

WARNING: Alternate universe, Older Naruto, neutral/grey Naruto, Godlike Naruto, Mass harem, OOCness and OC's, One piece (elements, concepts, paralleled situations).

Disclaimer: Of course I don't own either Naruto or One piece or anyother anime.

The Empire of Uzushiogakure : The Tale Of The Bringer Of Happiness

Chapter One : Prologue: Part I :

A Year Before The Kyuubi Attack…..

Six years old Naruto Uzumaki was not your average child. He is the son of the yellow flash, Minato Namikaze, and the former Kunoishi, the red death, Kushina Uzumaki. But that was not what made him different. Two years ago, he lived through and experienced the third ninja war. The experience caused him to have a trauma which changed his view of the world and his ideals. He slowly became more mature, more focused, and his way of thinking became sharper and more analytical, he turned himself into a perfectionist. Training most of the time and being determined to perfect and use every Jutsu or lesson to its limits, no matter how weak or useless they seemed to be, so he could protect his family and his village. His parents were worried for a while about this change of personality, until they realized that Naruto only has this mental state when he is training. Outside of his training time, he is still their cheerful, kindhearted and fun-loving child.

Naruto created his own views and ideals during the war, ideals which will seem foreign and close to impossible to the people of his era. His view of peace was not through understanding nor through power and force. His idea of peace was more selfish and self-centered, as he believes in peace through tolerance. He believes that only a fool will think about bringing peace to the world at large. One cannot bring peace unless the people have the same ideals, views and morals as him. He wants peace for only himself, his family and his village. As long as they all have the same ideals, then their home and village will be at peace, while also tolerating other villages without trying to change them or attack them unless they attacked first. That is the only way for the five villages to coexist in his opinion.

That ideal was not his alone, as others who were close to him and heard of his view of peace also adopted it as theirs. His adopted brother, Kabuto Namikaze, was the first one to believe in his idea of peace. Kabuto was found by Kushina a year before the war when she was returning from a mission, in the ruins of a village that was destroyed by a battle. He had no memory of either his past or his own name. Kushina, being the kind woman she is, offered to take him with her back to Konoha since his situation reminded her of what she felt when her home village was destroyed. And when Minato asked her about him, she flatly told him that they were going to adopt him as their second son whether he liked it or not, Minato was of course unsure at first, but after Naruto insisted that he always wanted a brother the same age as him to play and train with, and after Kushina told him about what exactly happened to Kabuto, he immediately agreed. He didn't want the child to feel the loneliness he felt in the orphanage when he was young. Naruto and Kabuto became fast friends and their relationship developed through the years to the point that they truly thought of each other as brothers. Kabuto also grew to like Kushina and Minato for their kindness and for how they cared about him just as much as they did to his brother. He started calling them Oka-san and Otou-san after only a few months from when he first met them. Unlike Naruto, who is cheerful and smiling most of the time, Kabuto is -almost- always smirking and his personality is somewhat taunting and sarcastic.

His father and mother also shared his ideals. Kushina had asked Naruto about his dreams and goals one day while he was training, his answer had completely changed her mindset and made her question both her ninja carrier and the ninja system's proficiency...

Flash back….

Kushina was watching her beloved son, Naruto train hardly in mastering the tree walking exercise. He unlocked his Chakra since the tender age of four, just before the third ninja war by a few months. She was very proud of his quick improvement and his above average intelligence, but she was worried for his mental state since he started training harder and started to mature more quickly than the normal children of his age after the war started and after his father left to participate in it. So she thought about asking him about it to make sure that he's okay.

"Naruto-kun." She called out to get his attention. He stopped his climbing and glanced at her with uninterested eyes. He was breathing heavily and sweat was pouring down his forehead.

"Hai, Kaa-san. " He replied quietly.

"I noticed that you're taking your training much more seriously andvigorouslythan before. I just want to ask, what motivates you, Sochi-kun? What's driving you to train this hard? Is it a dream you want to realize, or is it a goal you want to accomplish? Or maybe it's something else, perhaps? " She asked with a sad tone at the end.

'What has the horrors of war done to you, Sochi?'

Naruto took a moment to consider his answer before responding...

"I want to be the strongest, Kaa-san. So I can protect you, my family and those who are close to me." He answered with determination and convention. Kushina smiled softly when she heard his answer.

"So, you want to bring peace to the world like your Tou-san? " She asked and was surprised when he shook his head 'no'.

"That is not my desire. I do want peace, but I only desire it for myself and my people. Bringing peace to a world of people whose mindsets are all about violence is foolish. I believe in peace through sharing the same ideals and through tolerance. If we all have the same views and morals, then we will have peace, and by tolerating others without provoking them, along with having thenecessary power to scare and repel them should they deem our peace a threat, That is the true way to peace in my opinion."

'So you became a different kind of a pacifist thanMikoto's child, eh Naruto? ' Kushina thought sadly.

"But, isn't that a little bit of a selfish and isolated thinking? " She asked with a confused expression. Naruto shook his head again and smiled at her brightly.

"No its not, Kaa-san. One cannot bring peace by forcing others to accept his views. You need to give them the chance to decide for themselves. If they truly desire peace, then they will consider what you're saying, and they will surely take a look at the peace you have created, it's their choice after that if they want to be like you or not. "

Kushina was shocked by that answer and began to seriously consider it.

'That's actually a highly plausible idea. To be neutral, powerful and maintain your peace. It's also way more realistic and possible than Jiraiya's fairytale-like dream of world wide peace' she thought with awe and amazement of her son's shrewd thinking. She smiled at Naruto a smile filled with pride, understanding and acceptance.

"I see. Well, you managed to convince me of your ideal, Sochi. I just want you to know that I will support you in creating your own 'bubble' of peace." she said with a cheerful smile, walking up to him and ruffling his hair affectionately.

"Kaa-san!" He whined, which made her laugh softly at how he changed so quickly from a mature and prodigious young man to a normal child in mere seconds.

"That's enough training for today, young man. Go inside and take a shower because dinner will be ready when you get out. Don't forget to bring Kabuto-kun along with you downstairs, alright? " She asked. Naruto pouted at the abrupt ending of his training, but he didn't object and walked alongside his mother back to the house anyway.

"Kaa-san… " He started quietly while staring at the ground, causing her to look at him questionably.

"... Is Tou-san strong enough to come back?" he asked with a shaking voice. Kushina smiled at him reassuringly and held his smaller hand tighter.

"Don't worry yourself, Naruto-kun. Your father is strong, stronger than most, and I am sure he will come back to us. You don't have to worry, alright?" She asked. He looked at her with hopeful and slightly moist eyes and nodded vigorously. Kushina just eye smiled at him.

'What strange sons do I have. One trains to be the strongest, along with having his own foreign yet ingenious view of peace. While the other shares the same view but tends to be more knowledgeable than powerful by burying himself in books.' She thought with amusement while looking down at Naruto, who was happily grinning from ear to ear while swinging both of their hands.

'But, I won't have it any other way.'

Flashback end.

After that talk with Naruto, her way of thinking became more open-minded, critical and analytical about her career as a Kunoichi and if what Shinobi do is really the right thing. She remembered seeing ninja's of Konoha watching Kabuto's village when it was ruined and she asked the Hokage about it under the pretense that they maybe were from Danzo's root Anbu. The Hokage denied their relevance to Danzo and told her that he ordered those ninjas to initiate the spark of war between Kabuto's village and the other village. Kushina was horrified by the revelation and angrily demanded an explanation, the Hokage told her to understand that it was for the benefit of Konoha, that Kabuto's village was a part of Rice country and that it was rich with minerals and crops, which made Rice country indirectly cause a shortage of Konoha's incomes and its funds, so they needed to be eliminated for Konoha to continue to prosper. Kushina left the office feeling disgusted by what Konoha had done to the innocent people of both Kabuto's village and the other village, not to mention that they were the main reason Kabuto lost his family. She immediately applied Naruto's ideal of tolerance to the situation, which made her realize that Konoha didn't tolerate the rivalry of Rice country, they didn't tolerate the existence of Kabuto's village, so they eliminated it with the excuse that it was for the betterment of Konoha, just like her village was destroyed for the betterment of the other villages. She started doubting whether if the history she was taught at the Konoha academy is what truly happened, whether the people Konoha described as heroes were really heroes and if Konoha really didn't have a hand in the destruction of her village. The more she looked at it from Naruto's view, the more her faith in Konoha lessened and her pride of being a Kunoichi dampened. Her home village had the same ideal as her son, they lived in an isolated peace while tolerating and being neutral to the other villages, but the other villages couldn't tolerate them and ruthlessly wiped them out. She now understood why Naruto wanted power, he wanted it so that what happened to Uzushiogakure won't happen to him.

A week after her talk with the Hokage, Kushina resigned from being an active Kunoichi. The shocking news made some question her loyalty to the Village, while others regarded her as a coward and a disgrace, but she didn't care about what they thought, not one bit. When Minato finally confronted her about it, she told him that she no longer feels pride in being a ninja and that she now completely despises the Shinobi system. Minato demanded to know her reasons and she told him about her meeting with the Hokage, Naruto's idea of peace and that she now wanted peace only for her family and no one else.

Minato was shocked and disgusted by what Konoha had done. He was also interested in his son's idea of peace through isolation, tolerance and defense. He, like Kushina, tried looking at the shinobi system from Naruto's prospective and came to the conclusion that Naruto's peace is more effective than peace through intimidation or understanding. His new critical instead of accepting view created a rift between him and his former mentor Jiraiya, whose idea of peace was just through understanding without changing or adding anything to the obviously anti-peaceful Shinobi system. Their arguments escalated to the point that Jiraiya told Minato that he became ashamed of being his teacher and that he - Minato- lost the way to be a true ninja. He also admitted in a fit of rage that he brought Minato to Konoha and trained him just because he fitted the description of the 'child of prophecy'. Minato of course got angry and kicked Jiraiya out of his house after formally thanking him for his teachings and cutting all ties with him. That accident made Minato realize that Jiraiya and Konoha as a whole are not different from other Shinobi villages, Jiraiya brought him to Konoha not out of kindness but for the benefit of himself and Konoha, they don't value life and had the nerve to preach for peace, but only if they were the strongest. Just like every other Shinobi village.

However, what was left of his faith in the validity of the 'Will of Fire' got completely destroyed a few months after the third Shinobi war, when the council ordered his presence as a clan head to discuss a matter that concerned his adopted son, Kabuto...


Minato was in the council room along with the other clan heads and the civilian council. The Hokage was sitting in the front, along with Danzo and the elders, who were standing on either side of him.

"I called you here today to discuss our situation after the war and the possible methods for rebuilding the Village and restoring it to its original state." the Hokage said.

"But before getting to that, I want to discuss the situation regarding the boy you have living in your home, Minato." He said while looking at Minato, who was staring at him with suspicion and distrust.

"What about my son? " Minato asked in a neutral voice.

"Your son? " Asked the Inuzuka clan head, Kagura with bewilderment.

"Yes, my son. Kushina and I adopted him into our clan." He answered.

"Why didn't you tell us that you adopted him?" Hiashi asked with a barely noticeable frown. Minato just glanced at him with a raised eyebrow.

"It was a clan matter, so I believe that it doesn't concern any of you." He responded coolly. Most of the clan heads were annoyed by his casual dismissal of their opinion on the matter, especially Kagura, Fugaku and Hiashi. Though Minato just ignored their stares and turned his gaze back to the Hokage.

"As a matter of fact, Hokage-sama. I remember Kushina telling me what really happened the night she found little Kabuto. " Minato stated with a cold tone, staring directly at the Hokage, who sighed before speaking.

"You have to understand, Minato. It had to be done. I'm not saying that it was right, but I just want you to understand that our intention was for Konoha to continue to prosper." The Hokage replied with a sad tone.

Minato clenched his fists in rage and silently stared at them.

'Understand? You have done the most evil of things and you just want me to understand and forgive? Is this Konoha' s will of fire? Is this your idea of peace through understanding, Jiraiya? Committing evil and just giving your justification while expecting others to just understand and forgive? Knowing that you're going to do it again and again, andstill wanting others to just understand why you did it and forgive you? That is truly the most foolish idea of peace. It doesn't change anything!' He though with cold rage simmering in his being.

"I understand, Hokage-sama ." He said through gritted teeth. He did understand, but that doesn't make it right nor does it mean that he can simply forgive. The Hokage smiled, thinking that Minato had dropped the matter.

"Good. The Chunin teachers at the academy informed me that young Kabuto has some sort of a regenerative ability. They noticed that when he was cut by a kunai during the target practice lesson today, his injury healed instantly." He said, surprising all those present except Minato who already knew about Kabuto's ability to heal.

"So?" Minato asked with a fake confused tone, already knowing what the old bastard wanted.

"I propose that he should get checked by our doctors, so they can know if his ability is a Kekkei Genkai or if it is something which could be applied to our ninjas to give them more chances of survival in missions." The Hokage said with a smile that seemed more like a smirk to Minato.

"I suggest that he should be added to my root Anbu. The boy is both smart and powerful, being second only to Naruto and Itachi. I assure you that I will make him reach his full potential under my guidance." Danzo said with as much of a fake smile as Hiruzen. Minato visibly scowled at both of them and said…

"I refuse for my son to be a test subject or a mindless tool." Both the Hokage and Danzo's smiles instantly turned into frowns with the Hokage stating firmly..

"I don't think it's your choice nor decision to make, Minato. The boy is in the Shinobi academy, meaning that he's under me and my orders, not yours." Minato's scowl deepened and he said coldly..

"I will never forgive any of you if something happened to my child."

The Hokage glared at him and responded with the same cold tone while his KI (Killing intent) was clashing with Minato's, making the civilian council close to fainting, while the clan heads had cold sweat running down their foreheads.

"Is that a threat, Jōnin Namikaze?" Minato shook his head with a small smirk in response.

"No, It is a promise..." He stated, getting glares of distrust from all in the room. He continued just before the Hokage was about to question his loyalty.

"… If Kabuto-kun got experimented on or if he was forced to join root, then I will resign from being a Shinobi of Konoha." He said with a hidden smirk when he saw their shocked to borderline horrified looks. He knew that they couldn't afford losing both him and Kushina from their ranks, he was their perfect 'weapon' along with Kushina, and their strongest deterrent to other villages because of his title and the power he showed during the war. They needed him in their ranks to scare Iwa and Kumo from attacking them in their weakened state after the war ended a few months back.

"You can't resign! You are needed by your village!" Stated a man from the civilian council.

"I can and I will if you don't leave my son alone. Besides, all of us know that I am not originally from Konoha. Who knows? maybe if I no longer like it in here, I can just take my family and leave as civilians." Minato responded with his smirk showing. The Hokage, the elders and the clan heads all gritted their teeth in anger and helplessness, they didn't have any choice other than doing what he said. If they didn't, they could lose a valuable 'tool' or risk making an enemy out of someone who can kill an army in a matter of seconds. The Hokage narrowed his eyes at Minato while asking himself about why Jiraiya's teachings didn't get to the boy.

"Alright, Minato. We will leave your child alone." Minato smiled slyly and nodded at the Hokage.

"Thank you for 'understanding', Hokage-sama." He said with barely hidden mockery that was caught by everyone in the room, making most of them glare at him with nothing short of hatred.

Flashback End.

A week after that meeting, the council and the Hokage surprised Minato by offering him the title of the fourth Hokage. Minato knew that they were giving him such a powerful position so that he will stay loyal to the village, they thought he was power hungry like them and by crowning him as Hokage, they can insure his loyalty and scare away other villages from attacking. Minato accepted in hopes of changing the village's ideals and their arrogant way of thinking. Sadly, he couldn't, the villagers and Shinobi alike were much too arrogant and proud to tolerate the existence of the other great villages, they wanted peace only with Konoha as the greatest of them all. Even his former student, Kakashi, had that way of thinking, Minato tried to connect with the boy after his other two students died, but Kakashi has already closed his heart and treated Minato with formality, considering their relationship to be purely professional. What Minato didn't know, is that Danzo had gotten his hands on Kakashi and turned him into a very lonesome and secretive person who treated everyone as just acquaintances. Though there were still some positive things that happened, such as when Kushina told Minato that she was pregnant with their second biological child ….


Kushina has called a family meeting in the living room. In front of her sat the rest of her family along with Tsunade and Shizune.

" What is it you wanted to tell us, Kushina?" Minato asked with worry, Tsunade and Shizune nodded to indicate that they too were also curios .

"Yeah, Kaa-san. What's up?" Naruto with a confused face .

"Why are you holding your stomach, Kaa-san? Are you sick or something?" Kabuto asked with a worried tone. Kushina smiled softly and replied...

"No, Sochi. I just wanted to tell you all that I am pregnant!" She exclaimed cheerfully. Minato, Tsunade and Shizune all widened their eyes while Naruto and Kabuto became even more confused.

"R-Really, Kushina? Are you serious?" Minato asked shakily. Tsunade smacked the back of his head while grinning.

"Is that something to joke about, Baka? That is a wonderful news, Kushina!" she said, walking to Kushina and hugging her tightly.

"Congratulations, Kushina-nee!" Shizune said cheerfully .

Minato, having finally snapped out of his shock, walked to Kushina and hugged her tightly with her head leaning on his chest.

"Umm... What does pregnant mean?" Naruto asked while he and Kabuto both tilted their heads with question marks appearing above them.

Tsunade and Kushina smiled at them and crouched down to their high…

"It means that the two of you will be older brothers soon." Tsunade clarified. Their eyes widened and they looked at their parents for confirmation, to which they both nodded with cheerful smiles.

"Really!? Awesome!" They both shouted excitedly while attempting to high five each other, in which they both missed and smacked each other right in the face.

"Oi! Look where your hand is going, four eyes!" Naruto shouted in annoyance while holding his forehead in slight pain.

"Me!? You almost broke my glasses! Ice-cream head!" Kabuto retorted while clutching his nose.

"What did you just say! ?" Shouted Naruto.

"You heard me!" Kabuto shouted back, which resulted in them fighting each other comically in a cloud of dust. Shizune tried to break them apart but ended up getting dragged into the fight when Kabuto called her ugly. Minato and Kushina watched on with sweatdrops, while Tsunade just laughed joyfully.

Flashback End.

Their happiness was short lived however, when the Kyuubi attacked the village eleven months later. Naruto, Kabuto and Shizune were escorted to the shelters, while Minato and Tsunade went to protect Kushina. Minato and Kushina both died that night after they managed to seal the Kyuubi inside their recently born child, Mito. Naruto and Kabuto were both devastated by the news of their parents' untimely death, but they were comforted by Tsunade, Shizune and Kushina's best friends, Mikoto Uchiha and Tsume Inuzuka. Their joy somewhat returned when they saw Tsunade holding their little sister. They both gained feelings of responsibility, protectiveness and a new found maturity when they saw her, swearing that they will protect her as long as they lived with Naruto making an extra oath of creating the most peaceful life for her.

The Hokage and the council tried making Mito seem like an orphan and have her live in the orphanage, to make her molding as a loyal Jinchuuriki more easy by separating her from both her brothers and Tsunade, who has the same pacifistic idea of peace as Naruto. Well, that was their plan up until Tsunade barged into the meeting, stating firmly that Mito was Minato and Kushina's child and that she will take care of both her and her brothers. The council was shocked that Mito was Minato's child, but they still refused to give her to Tsunade, until she pulled a page out of Minato's book and threatened that she will desert the village if they don't leave the child with her family, effectively taking the Senju bloodline with her. The Hokage and the council found themselves in a tight spot agreed to give her the child, finding it more beneficial to have both the Senju bloodline and the Jinchuuriki inside the village, even if it meant that the Jinchuuriki will be influenced by said Senju's foolish and unrealistic -at least to them- beliefs.

A year later, Naruto graduated from the academy at the age of seven along with his brother, Kabuto and his rival, Itachi Uchiha, due to their talents being recognized, although Itachi has entered the academy from that age while Naruto was there since he was six. They were at the top of their respective classes with their scores frequently one upping each other by a difference of only one mark every time. Although they were very popular and famous, the two of them never seen eye to eye with each other, because of their different ideals and views of peace. While Naruto believed in peace through tolerance and isolation, Itachi believed in peace through eradicating all evil, Naruto argued that every evil has a source which was the one who needed to be eradicated and most people who seem to be evil are just being manipulated by said evil or were forced to serve under it, of course with the possibility that some of them have been corrupted and has to be disposed off with that evil. Itachi disagreed with that point, stating that everyone who is evil were and will always be evil, using his clan's curse of hatred as his evidence, Naruto always argued that the curse of hatred is a foolish belief and that no one is born evil nor they deserve to be judged as one before they are even born or before they did something that labels them as evil. That argument was the start of their rivalry, and also the reason Naruto had unknowingly gained the affections of his future friends, Anko, Kurenai, Yugao, his childhood friend Hana, along with Tenten and Yakumo, who were both a year younger than the rest of them.

Anko believed in Naruto's ideals because of how the village had treated and judged her after her former sensie, Orochimaro abandoned her and left the village. Kurenai, Yugao and Tenten believed in him because of how the children from clans looked down on them and treated them as if they were born to be weak, insignificant and replaceable just because they were orphans and civilians. Hana believed in him because she already had his ideals since he was her childhood friend, and also because her mother also shared those ideals which made their clan treat both of them as traitors and pariahs because the clan head, Kagura, killed her husband in secret a couple of years ago to gain complete control of the clan, she injected her ideals and ideas into the clan, making them believe that they should be the 'alphas' in everything, which resulted in the Inuzuka clan becoming just as arrogant and boastful as the Hyuuga and Uchiha clans are. They even started to have competitions to banish weaklings from the clan, stating that they don't deserve being a part of the pack. When Tsume and Hana voiced their disagreement with how the clan became more like a group of wild animals than humans, the rest of the clan regarded them as traitors to the pack and stirrers of a pointless rebellion with Kagura banishing them from her clan, which will explain why Tsume is now living in the Namikaze state, and why Naruto and Kabuto considered her their surrogate mother. Yakumo believed in Naruto's words because of similar reasons to Hana and also because her so-called clan and the village as a whole betrayed her and isolated her from them, claiming that she was a monster in a sheep's clothing.

Their friendship started when Anko approached Naruto after his argument with Itachi, she shyly asked him is she can be his friend while hoping that he wouldn't shun her like the rest of the village, Naruto of course welcomed her with open arms and a wide grin and introduce her to his brother, which she in return introduced them to her only friends Yugao and Kurenai. Not long after that, they were approached by Tenten and Yakumo, making the seven of them best friends . Throughout the year after his parents death, Naruto noticed that the village began to treat him, his family and friends differently, the villagers always glared at his baby sister whenever they saw her, they started to belittle Kabuto, calling him a clan-less orphan who was pitied by the fourth Hokage, and that he will never be his son in their eyes. They became like pariahs and were treated unfairly by the shop owners, who told them that they were friends of the demon. Naruto asked his godmother, Tsunade about what they meant by that, and she told him angrily about the Kyuubi being sealed in his sister and that the villagers thought that she was the Kyuubi. He became enraged and demanded to know what made his father do something like that …


"What!? Why would Otou-san seal the Kyuubi inside Mito-chan, if he knew that she will be treated as it's incarnation!?" Naruto shouted at Tsunade angrily. Tsunade just smiled sadly and replied with a soft tone …

"He did it because he knew that you will protect her." She elaborated when she saw his confusion.

"Your father believed in your ideal of peace. He knew that if he sealed the Kyuubi in another child, then Konoha will turn that unfortunate soul into their perfect lap dog, and they will use the Jinchuuriki to establish themselves as the strongest, creating wars and killing innocents with the sole reason that it was for Konoha. That's why he sealed it inside your sister, because he knew that you and Kabuto-kun will protect and shield her from this damn village's greedy and power hungry hands." Tsunade stated while putting her hand on his shoulder. Naruto bowed his head for a few moments, then he raised it again with eyes burning with determination.

"I get it now, why the villagers suddenly turned on us, why the ninja's always look at my sister as if she was made of gold or if she was a ticking bomb, why the Hokage suddenly began acting nicer to us and our friends. He wants to use us as a medium to make Mito-chan grow up loving the village despite their apparent hatred for her and be loyal to the village, even if they tried to kill her, by influencing us with his crap of understanding, he knew that he will be indirectly influencing Mito-chan to be his perfect loyal weapon." Naruto said with cold calculative anger. Tsunade was not surprised by his quick deduction of the situation, because she already knew that he was a prodigy in analyzing information. That was why when she and his parents trained him, they only needed to give him the basic idea and he will deduce and do the rest by himself.

"So...what will you do, Naruto-kun? Will you let little Mito-chan become a weapon and an escape goat, or will you protect her from such fate?" Tsunade asked pointedly, wanting to make sure that his answer will be what she expected. And he didn't disappoint her when he scoffed…

"As if I will let them poison her mind. If my father believed in my ideal of isolated peace, then he already knew that I don't care about Konoha to the point that I will serve them blindly, he must already know that Konaha can't be trusted. So he probably already knew what I would do when I deem Konoha no longer a safe place for my sister." Tsunade smirked and asked with a challenging tone..

"Will you do what I think your gonna do ?" Naruto smirked back at her and replied...

"You bet. A home is a place where there are people you trust with your life and they love you without any condition. Konoha never treated us that way, which means that this place is no longer our home. We are leaving Konoha to create our own 'bubble' of peace." Tsunade's smirk widened and she asked..

"When?" Naruto's face became more focused as he stated seriously..

"Not now. Don't forget that for one to have perfect isolated peace, one needs the necessary power to repel attackers and scare them away from attacking again. I need more power for our life to be peaceful outside of Konoha, There are many items in the elemental nations that can grant unimaginable powers. I need to research, locate the most powerful of these items and obtain them." Tsunade face turned serious and she replied.

"Okay, I understand. So until you gain possession of one these items, we will stay in this damn village, right?" Naruto nodded his head once.

"Yes. Just give me a few more years and we will be out of here."


So, this is part one of the prologue. I know it's not that much exiting but I wanted to cover Naruto's character development as flash backs so that it won't get in the way of the story later. As you have noticed, Naruto's personality is a mixture of both Shanks from one piece and Aizen from bleach . He is normally cheerful and all smiles but when the situation turns serious he can switch to bad-ass mode quickly like Shanks, he is a perfectionist when it comes to being a ninja which explains why he is always determined to learn every and all jutsu's he knows to point of perfection just like Aizen. I gave him the same tragic past of Itachi so that his personality's change doesn't come suddenly and have key factors that made him change.

Author Explanations:

*He is the same Kabuto from canon but he will have a different past circumstances for his personality to change realistically.

* Yes, Tsume is not the Inuzuka matriarch and Kiba won't be her son. Though Hana is still her daughter. I changed this for the sake of the plot and because it's my story.

* The Hokage knows about Danzo's root anbu and approves of it under the condition that if Danzo's root was caught then the Hokage won't be involved. A condition that Danzo whole heartly agreed to.

*Tsunade didn't leave the village in depression after the second war but she only stayed because of Kushina since she was her cousin from her grandmother and mother's side – I made her mother an Uzumaki – meaning that she still doesn't care for Konoha in the slightest . Also she and Jiraiya are just former team-mates. All three of the Sannin dislike each other in this story.

*Naruto's hair color is blonde with streaks of red. It's slicked like Aizen's hair from bleach. And his eye color is violet like Kushina. His clothes are similar to Natsu from fairy tale except that his coat is closed not opened.

*Yes I made Tenten and Yakumo older and made the others younger, this won't be the first time a character's age is altered. Don't worry though I have a replacement for Tenten in team guy.

*Yes Kurenai and Yugao are orphans in this fic.

( Kagura looks exactly like Sesshōmaru's mother from Inyusha ).

The next chapter is going to be part two of the prologue which will contain : His promotion to chunin, his battle with Itachi in the chunin exams, his search for a source of power, his desertion of Konoha alongside his family and friends ( Kabuto, Tsunade, Shizune, Anko, Kerunai, Yugao, Tsume, Hana, Tenten, and 'maybe' Yakumo ) . Many other exiting things will happen in part two so please wait for it.

Also the one piece elements will appear in the next chapter

PS: This not a crossover as there will be no characters from one piece. There will be only the elements, concepts and powers of the devil fruits. Also this story will be very different from canon as I stated in the warning that this story is an AU .

Another PS : sources of power in the elemental nations are things like : The Rinnegan, the items of the sage of the sage of six paths ( in Kumo ) , the sword of totsuka ( used by Itachi in cannon ), the Bijuu, and other things like that .

Kudo-Shiho out!.