The Empire Of Uzushiogakure: The Tale Of The Bringer Of Happiness

The Kage Summit Arc

Chapter 19: The Summit: Part IV:

The Monstrous Admirals…. Marine HQ's Greatest Military Powers!

"So, you did survive ~. That's a good trick, but how much Chakra did you burn through to pull it off? Hmmm~? " Kabuto smirked and raised his leg towards the direction of the Sannin and the Akatsuki members.

"Let's see how many tricks do you have to escape death, and for how long, shall we~? " His smirk widened, the light coming from his leg illuminating his glasses.

"Take cover!" Kabuto called out with a patronizing smile and waited as Orochimaru bit his index fingers and slammed them on the ground.

"Kuchiyose: Sanjū Rashōmon! (Summoning: Triple Rashōmon). " Three large gates appeared in front of the three Missing-Nins. Only then did Kabuto fire a laser-beam from his leg which when it hit the first gate triggered a massive explosion in the shape of a dome that encompassed a wide radius including the three gates. At the point when the smoke from the explosion faded away, the area was devastated, leaving a crater and only a fourth of the third gate remained standing, burning and falling apart.

"Eh~? They didn't all get obliterated? I should give it a second try then…" Kabuto said with a lopsided grin and raised his leg to fire yet another beam.

"Why did you use a weaker version of that attack, Kimoru? The radius is a lot smaller than your regular kicks. Furthermore, you didn't fire it until he summoned those gates, what are you playing at? " Tsunade asked with annoyance, her tone made Kabuto stop, bring down his leg and grin sheepishly.

"I didn't think you'd notice, Tsunade-sama. I just imagined that it won't be amusing to just slaughter them so rapidly. " He responded with an amused tone, yet Tsunade's glare made his grin waver.

"We will be late for the Summit at this rate and we promised the Emperor to be there before it ends, take things a bit more seriously. You have three minutes to deal with Deidara, if you don't finish him off in that time frame, then you will face penalties, quit messing around. " Tsunade warned her subordinate as she lifted what little survived from the gate to join the rubble drifting in the sky.

"Understood, Fleet Admiral. Please excuse my behavior. " The Admiral apologized with a long sigh, his expression turning into boredom.

"He destroyed my ultimate defense Jutsu so nonchalantly…. " Orochimaru's speech trailed off, staring at the destruction around them and the bits left of what was essentially the last gate between them and certain death as it flew high up.

"Who are these people!? " Deidara exclaimed as he lowered his arm which he used to guard from the smoke of the explosion.

"I only know Tsunade of the Sannin, Orochimaru's former teammate, but I don't know who he is. Could it be that he's the reason for that thing? " Sasori wondered as he gazed up at the floating ball of rubble above them.

'I didn't see who lifted all of that because that kid kicked me. But it can't be Tsunade, right? ' Orochimaru contemplated while frowning at his fellow Sannin. 'The most vulnerable one among the Sannin? Heh! How preposterous! All I have to do is stand back and let Deidara and Sasori deal with that kid, Tsunade will be much easier to kill after that. ' He grinned as his confidence came back at full force.

" Don't proceed to get scared, Deidara. He's amazing but we're S-rank Ninja, in the event that we separate them we can overcome them one on one. I will take the Sannin and you take the other one, let's get this job over and done with. " Sasori expressed.

"As you say, Sasori-dana." Deidara nodded and smirked, then he created a large clay owl from the mouth in his palm and rode towards the two Marines.

"Try not to meddle with this, Orochimaru. " Sasori cautioned the Sannin with a threatening glare prior to running left, aiming to bait Tsunade away from Kabuto whom he thought was the stronger one of the two, if just he'd realized how wrong he was.

"I wasn't planning on doing so, my dear Sasori. " Orochimaru smirked and folded his hands, not moving from his place.

"Don't attack Orochimaru, let me be the one to greet my former teammate. It appears he won't be fighting with these two for the time being and will just watch, I will deal with him after I handle Sasori. " Tsunade ordered the lazy Admiral before vanishing in pursuit of Sasori.

'Since when did Tsunade become so fast? ' Orochimaru -who was observing from afar- was astounded at his former teammate's newfound speed.

"At your command, Fleet Admiral~. " Kabuto said with a benign smile and looked up at Deidara's owl as it hovered over him.

"So you survived my landmines. Let's see how you'll survive this, my most powerful bomb… " Deidara took out what looked like a small clay statue from his bag and dropped it on the Admiral.

'That's dangerous… ' Orochimaru thought and retreated.

"Huh~? That looks scary~. " Kabuto said with surprised expression, yet there was an edge of mockery in his tone as the statue increased in size once it was a couple of feet away from his head. Deidara at that point made a specific hand-seal with his uninjured arm.

"Shī Surī! (C3)… Explode! " Deidara shouted with a deranged smile as the statue detonated in a giant explosion.

"How do you find my art now!? Hahaha! " The Akatsuki member snickered.

In the mean time, Tsunade was confronting Sasori in the far eastern side of the wasteland which used to be a forest quite recently.

"It would appear that Deidara has just eliminated your accomplice, Tsunade of the Sannin." Sasori remarked with an arrogant smirk when he saw the C3 bomb exploding in the distance.

"Are you certain? Akasuna no Sasori (Sasori of the Red Sand). " The Akatsuki member narrowed his eyes as the woman smiled.

'For what reason does her eyes glow in such a manner? ' He questioned in his mind.

"I'm not Tsunade of the Sannin any longer…. It's Fleet Admiral Tsunade for you. " She closed her eyes tranquilly .

"Fleet Admiral? Whatever that means , for what reason did you close your eyes? Hoping for a quick demise? " Sasori ridiculed as he summoned the puppet of the Third Kazekage, permitting the iron sand to come out from the puppet's mouth. Tsunade's smile only grew at his comments and she shook her head.

"Conceited. You remind me of Mito and the rest of those brats back home. Hailed as the supposed New Generation, they believe just because they became a bit more powerful than they already were, they can not only challenge but beat us who stand at the top. How similar you youngsters are in your foolishness. " The closed-eyed woman replied with a derisive chuckle.

"What did you say? " Sasori's voice became dangerously low. Tsunade basically ignored him and continued talking.

"To respond to your inquiry, this is a custom of mine. I only fight those of equal or superior power to me with my eyes open, anyone weaker than that does not merit for my eyes to gaze at them. In addition, I worry that I will pity them if I look at them while I crush them, I'm not as brutal as that Commander and her horde of beasts after all. " She stated with a solemn expression.

"Are you saying that you'll fight me blind!? That's all I'm worth for you!? " Sasori bellowed, he was getting increasingly more irate with each sentence uttered by this damn hag.

"Who said I'm blind? I can see very clearly. What's more, I can likewise sense your strength, tragically for you, you're not even worth 20% of my power, let alone my gaze… brat. " The Fleet Admiral responded with a smirk. She was making reference to her use of Observation Haki, but of course Sasori did not understand.

"You'll pay for this insolence, you fucking old hag! " The Akatsuki member yelled as the Iron Sand took the shapes of a giant block and a spear.

'Sakura's play? How familiar. Let's see if you're as skilled with it as she is. ' Tsunade thought with a smile, not opening her eyes even once since she closed them.

"Let's see how confident you are when faced with the might of the third Kazekage, my most powerful puppet with the style of the most frightening weapon in the history of Sunagakure (Village Hidden in Sand)…. Iron Sand! " Sasori proclaimed with a calm smile, confident in his victory.

"This is what made him the strongest in your village?" Tsunade asked mirthfully while pointing at the sand and then the Kazekage's puppet. "How weak was your village then, I wonder? " She chuckled and began walking slowly towards Sasori.

"Tsk! I will make you wish you never underestimated me. "Sasori expressed with contempt.

'That was quick, no one can survive a point-blank explosion of such magnitude, he didn't even try to evade it. Deidara did the right thing by using his most powerful attacks immediately. Now we only have Tsunade to worry about. ' Orochimaru smirked and folded his arms again, but his smirk vanished when suddenly a beam of light shot from the center of the explosion high into the sky and sliced directly through Deidara and his owl, splitting both in half and causing the owl to explode.

"I thought I was going to bite the dust, lucky ~." Kabuto stated with his usual wry tone just as he walked out of the smoke while scratching the back of his head, not a single scratch on his person.

'How could this be conceivable!? What did he do? Did he dodge or did he block it or divert it? Who's this kid!? ' Orochimaru couldn't believe his own eyes.

"Your clone is done, why don't you come out now ~? " The Admiral looked with glowing red eyes to a far away large boulder which formed when Tsunade was uprooting the forest earlier.

The real Deidara cursed from his hiding spot behind the boulder and glanced anxiously at the C2 dragon crouched beside him and the many small spiders he had prepared.

'I don't have a clue how he survived, but he will not be able to withstand a barrage of continuous explosions. ' With that consoling thought, he sent his army of spiders and the dragon at their intended target who was just gazing at them with boredom. The spiders surrounded the Admiral and some of them hopped on him, detonating all the while. While the dragon spat out another dragon half its size and both of them crashed on the exploding site and detonated as well, creating a noteworthy blast.

Both Orochimaru and Deidara waited with bated breaths while the smoke cleared, but before it cleared completely they heard a loud sigh, their eyes going wide with shock.

"You're a particularly annoying individual~. " Orochimaru was only able to glimpse a bright dash of light moving for a negligible part of a second before it was gone from his field of vision.

Deidara on the other hand had to jolt back as the 6ft tall Admiral appeared literally two feet away beside him, his finger radiating a blinding light and pointing at his head.

"Die. " Was all the Admiral said. The Akatsuki member attempted to lift his hand to utilize one more Jutsu but it was already too late….. The beam went directly through his head and when Kabuto moved his finger, it cut through the remainder of his skull and the boulder. The dead body drooped against the severed rock, blood spilling out and shading everything ruby, even the actual earth.

'An Akatsuki member, an S-rank Ninja, killed just like that!' The color drained from Orochimaru's already pale face.

The Admiral checked his wristwatch and his unusually serious expression turned to relief.

"Two and a half minutes… phew! No penalties for me! " He smiled and turned towards the Sannin, who braced himself. "Don't worry, reptile guy. I've been ordered not to engage you, Tsunade-sama herself said that she will deal with you. " Kabuto casually waved him off and sat cross-legged on the ground, waiting for the Fleet Admiral to finish with the other Akatsuki member.

"How can someone as powerful as you be commanded by Tsunade of all people!?" Orochimaru just couldn't understand this paradox, at least it was such in his mind. Kabuto blinked in surprise before he chuckled with mirth and leaned back on his hands.

"You think I'm stronger than Tsunade-sama? If only you knew how funny that is. " The Admiral replied wryly.

Back with Tsunade, Sasori immediately sent the iron sand spear and the block at the Fleet Admiral who simply made an upward gesture with her index finger as she kept on strolling toward him, apparently not caring or "seeing" the forthcoming projectiles.

"Futile… " She commented, then suddenly the two objects started to float up to the sky, clearly summiting to Tsunade's unspoken order to join the rest of the rubble up there. Sasori's eyes widened in shock and realization.

'She's the one behind this gigantic ball above us, she controls gravity! ' He caught himself panicking and quickly calmed himself down. 'I can beat her, it's not over yet. The wires are still attached to them. ' He thought as he looked at his weapons floating up quickly, and with a quick pull of his fingers, he managed to cause them to slam against each other and merge together.

"You're too stubborn for your own good, youngster. " Tsunade shook her head, having just seen the future and what he was about to do through her Advanced Observation Haki.

"Satetsu Kaihō! (Iron Sand World Method). " The opposing magnetic fields of the two masses of Iron Sand caused the magnetic forces to instantly increase and the repellent force created by the two opposing magnetic fields scattered the Iron Sand across a vast area.

The Iron Sand spread in spikes which branched off irregularly and rained down on the striding Fleet Admiral. When the spikes came a couple of feet away from impaling her, she threw her arm upwards with her palm facing the sky, and instantly three great rings of a purple color manifested above her body which caused dust and rocks to ascend around her, the rings blocked the spikes and then knocked them away with ease, before they -the spikes- resumed their journey to the heaven.

"Dammit! " Sasori swore and hurriedly detached his wires from the Iron Sand lest he, too, gets swept up with it. He took off his cloak, revealing his puppet body as swords sprang up from his arms and a wire rolled out of his abdomen dripping with poison which he used as a platform to stand on.

"It's been a long time since I had to use my own body, feel honored you'll be defeated by me and the Third Kazekage. You won't be able to escape my poison. " he sneered at the old hag.

"Really now? Show me then, Sasori. " Tsunade just smiled and kept on walking slowly, still keeping her eyes closed. The Akatsuki member scowled and made the Kazekage's puppet open its mouth and release more Iron Sand which took the shape of small bullets this time around.

"Satetsu Shigure! (Iron Sand Drizzle). " He announced whilst opening up his palms and shooting fire at her at the same time. The woman simply made another gesture with her finger which caused both the bullets and the flames to travel upwards before they can actually touch her.

"Senju Sōbu! (Thousand Arms Manipulation)." The Akatsuki member yelled with fury and shot two thin and condensed streams of water from his palms while his puppet lunged at Tsunade with a large number of long puppet arms coming out of its left hand, aiming to crush her. However, the Fleet Admiral simply side-stepped the water streams as she was walking and when the puppet came close to her, it got pushed down into a large crater in an instant, and was shattered to pieces in the process.

'Damn this old hag… ' Sasori gritted his teeth in anger, but he noticed that the string connecting his finger to the many arms of the puppet was still in tact and some of the arms are still somewhat functional. He smirked and began to pull at the string.

"Perish!" He proclaimed.

"Poison, huh?" Tsunade has already seen what he was about to do and vanished as soon as the poison gas was released from the arms. A smirking Sasori was savoring his victory when the Fleet Admiral abruptly appeared in front of him.

"Would that be all, Sasori? " She smiled slightly, she found this young man to be quite amusing. Sasori gasped in panic and jumped a safe distance away from her.

"Stop belittling me, you fucking old hag! This is the end! Akahigi: Hyakki no Sōen! (Secret Red Move: Performance of a Hundred Puppets). " He screeched and removed one summoning scroll from his back. He then opened his right chest compartment to emit more than a hundred chakra strings, which then reached into the scroll. From the scroll, more than a hundred puppets wearing red cloaks emerged, carrying a variety of poisoned weapons. Tsunade made an upward gesture with her finger, which caused a large rock to be ripped from the ground underneath her which she then used as a platform to fly.

'I have to attack with all hundred puppets at once and from all directions.' Sasori thought and proceeded to do just that, the puppets literally rained down on Tsunade from all possible angles.

"I've wasted enough time with you as it is…. " For the first time since the start of their battle, the Fleet Admiral lost her smile and began to frown. She made a downward pushing gesture with her hand, immediately a powerful downward force of gravity forced all the puppets to be slammed into the ground before they could reach her, they tore asunder not long after and then the ground caved into a massive crater, sending their remains deep into the earth.

The Akatsuki member who stood just a few feet away from the deep hole was shell-shocked for a few moments before panic overwhelmed him and he started to flee away from Tsunade.

"Please don't make this harder than it needs to be." Tsunade muttered as she flew behind him in pursuit.

"Don't come near! Stay away from me, you monster! " He yelled frantically while running for his life. When the rock Tsunade was standing on caught up to him, she repeated the same question she asked before….

"Would that be all…. " With another downward gesture from her hand, Sasori's body abruptly slammed into the ground as the gravity force pinned him in place.

"….. Sasori? " She finished the question when she stood over his body, the smile back on her face.

"What are you, old hag?" Sasori asked with difficulty since the pressure was beginning to shatter his puppet body, his arms and legs were already cracked and splintered. Tsunade's eyebrows furrowed in confusion and then she smiled….

"I'm just an average old hag just like you said again and again. But, people from my home call me Shin'en No Kami (Abyss Deity). " She responded and crouched next to his head.

"A deity? That explains a lot, heh!" The Akatsuki member chuckled a bit. "Did I at least force you to use more than 20% of your power? " He asked with a small smirk.

"Not even 15%, youngster." The Fleet Admiral smirked back.

'Mother, Father. It seems my time has finally come to join you…. ' Tsunade's keen Observation Haki allowed her to hear her fallen enemy's last thought.

"I see… " A tear fell on Sasori's cheek and he managed to move his eye to glance at his captor, only to find her shedding tears.

"You're just a sad, lonely and overconfident brat, aren't you, Sasori? " She asked with a pained voice. Sasori didn't know how to react to that. She then placed her palm on his back as her hand turned golden and a similar golden bubble of sorts formed in her palm. She was an Adapter who wielded the powers of the Paramecia Zushi (Stomp) ability and the Mythical Zoan Daibutsu (Buddha) ability.

"I'm sorry it came down to this, but at least let me end your suffering. " And with these final words, an enormous golden shockwave enveloped the entire area.

"Seems like Tsunade-sama finished up~. " Kabuto commented and got up, looking at the familiar golden dome shape in the distance.

"Now, will you go there or wait for her to come for you ~? " He asked Orochimaru with a smirk.

'Dammit all to hell! Both Deidara and Sasori got defeated in such a short time. I need to use all of my cards if I want to survive… ' Orochimaru thought and immediately went through a couple of hand-seals.

"Kuchiyose: Manda! (Summoning: Manda). " When he slammed his hand on the ground, a large purple Snake appeared beneath him.

"That's a big Snake~. " Kabuto stated with mock surprise.

"Orochimaru, why did you summon me? " The Snake hissed angrily, but then it took notice of the ball of rubble floating above. "What is this!? "

"Manda! I want you to kill this guy while I deal with Tsunade! " Orochimaru ordered with a hurry as he jumped down from Manda's head, turned his lower body into that of a Snake and slithered away to Tsunade's location.

"You'd better prepare at least one hundred sacrifices after this, you got that? " Manda called out to his summoner.

"Yes, just kill him! " Orochimaru shouted back.

"Why would Orochimaru summon me just to kill a single fragile human like you? " Manda questioned while looking down at said human.

"Beats me~." The Admiral replied with a shrug.

"Anyhow, prepare to die, human! " The Snake exclaimed and lunged at Kabuto with its jaw wide open to swallow him whole.

"Tell me little snakeling…. " The Admiral smirked and reared his leg back as the sole of his shoe turned into light.

"Have you ever been kicked at the speed of light? " Just when the Snake approached him, he kicked its lower jaw upwards, launching a screaming Manda back to an almost 90° angle. His outstretched leg then shot a beam of light right at Manda's head, causing yet another massive explosion which radius engulfed the entire body of the Snake and then some. The charred corpse fell down in front of the Admiral's feet, the Snake slowly gasping its last breaths.

"Well, that was fast~. " Kabuto scratched the back of his head with a sheepish smile. Orochimaru tuned around just in time to see the gigantic explosion taking place.

"Fuck!" He cursed, yet kept moving away, knowing exactly what that explosion meant….. Manda is gone.

Meanwhile, Tsunade stood in the middle of the large crater her Shockwave caused, wiping away the tears while Sasori's small pieces floated up to join the rubble. Her eyes were opened.

"Maybe you would've been one of us if the circumstances were different, Akasuna no Sasori. " She whispered while holding Sasori's "heart" before letting it go to join the rest of his body in the sky.

"Heh! I should stop getting sentimental so easily, that's one of the reasons Tsume doesn't like my way of doing things after all. " She said with a choked laugh.

"But also, I should never allow myself to become a complete savage like her. It almost seems like her Devil Ability is turning her more into a beast rather than human. " She stiffly corrected herself. Suddenly, her eyes glowed red as she sensed Orochimaru racing towards her location.

"Welcome, former teammate. I see you're still as opportunistic as ever, I bet you hoped Sasori would've killed or weakened me and you only have to come to finish the rest. You never changed, Orochimaru. " She murmured with a small smile as she closed her eyes once again.

'I have to overwhelm her with as many Jutsus as possible. ' Orochimaru thought when Tsunade appeared in his field of vision.

"Mandara no Jin! (Formation of Ten Thousand Snakes). " A countless number of summoned snakes crawled out of Orochimaru's mouth in the direction of his former teammate, with Kusanagi-like blades extending from their mouths. He then jumped into the air and immediately started to weave through hand-seals….

"Fūton: Daitoppa! (Wind Release: Great Breakthrough). " He breathed a strong hurricane-like wind from his mouth.

"Graviken (Gravity Fist). " The Fleet Admiral smirked and made a right-hook punching motion, sending a tremendous gravitational force at the snakes and the wind simultaneously, knocking everything faraway and instantly killing all of the snakes.

Orochimaru, who had used Doton: Moguragakure no Jutsu (Earth Release: Hiding Like a Mole Technique) right after his attacks to hide in another location, utilized this opportunity to launch a surprise attack at his enemy by opening his mouth and extending his Kusanagi sword to impale Tsunade. However, the Fleet Admiral dodged the blade even though the attack came from behind her, Orochimaru felt a heaviness in the elongated sword as the gravity pinned it to the ground, though he didn't understand what was happening to his sword.

"You can't hide from me, nor can you catch me unaware, Orochimaru. These tricks no longer work on me as they did in the past, I knew where you were all along. Don't think that just because my eyes are closed then it means I can't see. " Tsunade reprimanded her former colleague with her back still to him. She lifted her gravity's hold on his sword and allowed him to retract it, he only scowled at her words.

"Hmph! So, you ran away with the Namikaze brats and gained some fancy new powers, now you want to look down on me, Tsunade? Don't forget that you were and still are the weakest in our team. " He retorted with a haughty smirk, but his former teammate didn't reply nor turn to face him, which caused him to glare hatefully.

"No matter, neither you or that kid can stop me when I fight with my full power. Behold my most powerful Jutsu, Tsunade! Yamata no Jutsu! (Eight Branches Technique). " With that confident proclamation, he transformed into a giant white serpent with eight heads and eight tails. The serpent had a giant body, even larger than that of Manda.

"That is your strongest Jutsu? How lamentable are you, my naïve ex-teammate. " The Fleet Admiral shook her head and with a motion of her hand, the large purple rings appeared and blocked one of the heads which tried to devour her and knocked it away. She ripped out another rock and flew on it high above the serpent and out of its reach.

Tsunade moved her arm downward and for a few moments nothing happened, but then the heads of the serpent looked up when a giant shadow covered the area, only to see the Samurai Bridge itself falling from the sky. The Bridge fell right on top of three of the heads, crushing them under its weight. The other heads frantically snapped their jaws at Tsunade in an effort to bite or swallow her, but she simply was too high up.

The Fleet Admiral raised her arm to drop another batch of rubble, but then she saw a bright light materializing beside one of the heads and heard the voice of her subordinate….

"Ama no Murakumo! (Sword of the Gathering Clouds of Heaven). " In an instant, Kabuto cleanly sliced off the fourth head with an extremely sharp sword made out of pure solidified light which length is almost twice the height of the 6ft tall Admiral. He then swiftly shot a laser-beam from his finger and used it to behead yet another three heads with one swipe of his finger, leaving only one head remaining.

"Why did you interfere, Kimoru? Didn't I order you not to engage him? Or did you actually think that I needed your help? " Tsunade asked her underling with clear irritation, her brows furrowed tightly.

"Please forgive me Fleet Admiral, but I got bored doing nothing." The Admiral apologized with a seemingly regretful smile.

"Move out of the way, Admiral." Tsunade commanded sternly. Kabuto wisely shut his mouth and did as he was told when he glanced the distinct black lightning around Tsunade's fist caused by the immense levels of gravitational forces she is generating.

"Graviken: Moko! (Gravity Fist: Raging Tiger). " With a straight punch, the gravitational forces caused the now one-headed serpent and a huge area to bend and twist as if Tsunade was warping space itself, and then the giant serpent, the ground and all the rubble and boulders around them imploded backwards . The great serpent's body was literally torn to shreds as its remains rained down in chunks. The last head flew a great distance before landing on the ground and Orochimaru's body crawled out of its mouth, wide-eyed and breathing heavily.

'Impossible…. My greatest Jutsu, they dealt with it like a toy. I'm out of Chakra as well, so this is the end, to think that my demise will be at the hands of Tsunade of all people. ' After that last depressing thought, he felt a heaviness pinning him to the ground and pressing him more and more, slowly creating a crater around his body and agonizingly crushing his ribs, bones and organs.

With a pained groan, his bleary eyes glanced upward to see the shadowed figures of Tsunade and Kabuto standing over him, looking like giants from where he was lying on the dirt. Though the only things he could see clearly are the purple aura around Tsunade's body and the yellow shine of Kabuto's glasses.

"You were the one controlling the rubble, Tsunade. Gah! " He gasped out when the force on him increased. Kabuto chuckled at his stating of the obvious.

"You see now how funny it is?" He asked, referencing their earlier conversation.

"I hope this battle made it clear to you, Orochimaru; you and I are peers no longer. " Tsunade said, she did not open her eyes still.

"W-What happened to you?" Orochimaru rasped under the pressure.

"Maybe you don't know, I'm not a Sannin anymore, but the Fleet Admiral of the entire Marines. Back in the Empire, there's statues of me everywhere, in all of my forms. Me and five others are referenced as Gods by our populace. Does that answer your question, my ex-teammate? " Tsunade replied with a sneer.

"A goddess, you? " Orochimaru chuckled despite his pain and smirked a little taunting smirk, though his mouth and head were starting to bleed, he knew that he was being slowly crushed to death. Tsunade remained silent, choosing not to even acknowledge his taunts with a response. The fallen Sannin turned his attention to the other person, the kid who was seemingly invincible and yet still regards Tsunade as someone stronger than him.

"And who are you, kid? It certainly shocked me that you easily handled Manda and my serpent form. " He wheezed, his consciousness was fading rapidly.

"Admiral Kimoru at your service, though my real name is Kabuto. As for your little snakelings, size doesn't matter all that much in our side of the world, you see. We have a woman capable of transforming into a colossal serpent several times the size of your own, as large as an entire town. A Dragon to be precise. " Kabuto responded mockingly, Orochimaru's eyes widened in shock from that information but then he smirked faintly.

"If that's the case, then at least I got Tsunade to take me seriously, even if it's in the last moments. "

"I did not take you seriously at all, Orochimaru. If you think that last attack is me being serious, then you didn't see anything. " Tsunade stated as she stretched out her arms, one with its palm open and facing Orochimaru's face while the other was a closed fist. The former turned golden and a bubble formed on its palm while the latter summoned several purple rings above Tsunade's body, causing dust and pebbles to rise up around them.

"If I opened this fist, then you would see a fraction of my true power, and if I thrust this palm, then you would see another fraction. " Tsunade said as her ex-teammate stared in amazement at her hands. "And these are only my abilities, my arsenal is way more than that, haven't you wondered how I can see even though my eyes are closed? " She smirked when Orochimaru started to glare at her in resentment.

"Would you like to take a last peek at my true power?" With that question, she began to slowly open her fist which was causing the rings to shake in preparation to launch to space. However, Kabuto stopped her by placing his hand on her fist and shaking his head.

"He's not ours to kill, Fleet Admiral. " He said.

"The Emperor, your brother, ordered so. " She replied with an angry frown, mentioning Naruto's status as the Emperor first to remind Kabuto of his priorities as a Marine.

"I'm sure he will understand. It's her right, not ours or his. " The Admiral reaffirmed his case.

His superior finally opened her eyes and gave him a hard stare for a few seconds and when she saw that he didn't back down and was convinced of what he said, she sighed and canceled the rings and the gravity over Orochimaru, her hands returned to normal as well. The Sannin took gasping breaths, it would take a while for him to be able to move properly unless he wanted to crawl, blood was seeping from his head and mouth, his bones were aching painfully and his eyesight wasn't clear, so he simply continued to lie down inside the crater.

"This is on your responsibility, Admiral Kimoru." Tsunade stated clearly.

"Yes. Thank you for listening to me, Fleet Admiral." Kabuto bowed his head and then saluted her with a rare serious expression. She clicked her tongue and looked down at Orochimaru.

"You're spared for now, ex-teammate. You're free to go. " After she said that, she levitated a large boulder and sat cross-legged on it.

"Retrieve Deidara's body and let us go." She turned her attention back to her subordinate and commanded him.

"Hai~." He replied and disappeared in a flash of light, appearing mere seconds later with the Akatsuki member's corpse, dumped it on the back of the boulder and jumped on it to stand next to Tsunade.

"Who's this she who is supposed to kill me, Tsunade!? " Orochimaru yelled, or more like wheezed when the boulder began to move away from his position.

"Someone just as powerful as me~! I would recommend you avoid and hide from her at all costs~! " Kabuto called from behind his shoulder while waving as the boulder flew away, the rubble in the sky following behind it, much to Orochimaru's bafflement.

"I wish Ameyuri would've taken my place in this journey, at least she would've found some fun slicing up that guy and his little snakelings. Maybe even Yugao, that serpent form of his would've served as a good training dummy for her and a way to alleviate her boredom. " Kabuto commented offhandedly, grinning his usual lopsided grin. Tsunade scowled in annoyance, understanding the message behind such comments, the lazy bastard didn't want to be here.

"For disobeying my orders not to engage Orochimaru, your penalty is a 35% cut on your salary for five months. " She said strictly.

"That's not fun~…. " Kabuto's grin faded into a pout. "I have wedding expenses to pay for the coming months, Tsunade-sama~. " He complained almost childishly.

"You didn't even ask Hanare to marry you yet. " His boss pointed out.

"She'll say yes, we all know that. So please have mercy on me~. " He was on the verge of getting on his knees.

"It's not my problem. " She responded with a teasing grin.

"Oh, come on, Tsunade Ba-san~! " The fruitless pleading of the Admiral was heard by all who cared to listen.


Author Explanations:

*Graviken (Gravity Fist) is Tsunade's equivalent to Fujitora's Gravito (Gravity Blade).

The Empire's Organizational Structure:

#Four Overlords#

Fuu Namikaze (Edward Newgate)

Mei Namikaze (Charlotte Linlin)

Temari Namikaze (Logai- Storm)

Konan Namikaze (Marshall D Teach + Paramecia- Copy)

#Marine Structure#

Fleet Admiral: Tsunade (Fujitora+ Sengoku)


1* Tayuya Namikaze (Akainu) . 2* Haku Namikaze (Aokiji) . 3* Kabuto Namikaze (Kizaru)

Seven Warlords:

1* Yugao Namikaze ( Haki- Oriented) . 2* Karin Namikaze (Hancock) . 3* Ameyuri Namikaze (Doflamingo) . 4* Gaara (Crocodile) . 5* Yugito Namikaze (Kuma) . 6* Anko Namikaze (Paramecia – shadow- not the same as Moria) . 7* Isaribi Namikaze (Logia- Water)

Vice Admiral:

1* Mito Namikaze (Luffy) . 2*Hanabi Namikaze (Paramecia- Explosion) . 3* Shizuka (Haki-oriented) . 4* Yagura (?) . 5* Killer B (Haki-oriented) . 6* Amaru (Law) . 7* Kankuro (?) . 8* Utakata (?) . 9* Roshi (Haki-oriented) . 10* Han (?) . 11* Pakura (Marco) . 12* Kin Namikaze (Paramecia- Sound)

Rear Admiral:

1* Saseme Fuma (?) . 2* Suzumebachi Kamizuru (Bonney) . 3* Shira (Haki-oriented) . 4* Matsuri (Robin) . 5* Chino Chinoike (Perona) . 6* Idate Morino (Haki-oriented) . 7* Natsuhi (Haki-oriented)


Temujin (Smoker)

Airforce Marshall: Samui Namikaze (Enel)

#Cipher Pol Structure#

Commander: Tsume Inuzuka (Kaido)


1* Ryuuzetsu Namikaze (Shiki) . 2* Hana Namikaze (Douglas Bullet + Yamato) . 3* Kurotsuchi Namikaze (Paramecia- earth)

CP0 Chief: Tenten Namikaze (Paramecia – weapon Conjure- somewhat similar to Baby 5)

Members of CP0: 1* Sakura Haruno (Paramecia- Magnet- not the same as Kidd) . 2* Sora (Lucci) . 3* Menma (Oven) . 4* Shiho (Hawkins) . 5* Tsunami Namikaze (?)

CP9 Chief: Kurenai Namikaze (Bartolomeo)

Members of CP9: 1* Yakumo Namikaze (mythical Zoan-Oni) . 2* Ryugan (Cracker). 3* Kujaku (Ulti).4* Hoki (Page One). 5* Suiko (Sasaki)

CP8 Chief: Mabui (Blueno)

Members of CP8: 1* Karui (Who's Who) . 2* Guren (Jozu) . 3* Kotohime (Absalom)

CP7 Chief: Hanare Kedoin (Viola)

Members of CP7: 1* Kamira (King). 2* Ranke (X Drake). 3* Fugai (Jabra)

#Impel Down Structure#

Warden: Shizune (Magellan)

Vice Warden: Arashi Fuma (Haki-oriented)

Head Jailer: Kagero Fuma (Paramecia- Vacuum)

Chief Guard: Fuka (Mythical Zoan- Succubus)

Chief Guard: Fudo (Haki-oriented)

Chief Guard: Fuen (?)

Chief Guard: Hotaru Tsuchigumo (?)

#Assistants And Affiliates#

Naruto: Honoka (Brook)

Tsume: her dog Kuromaru (Chopper)

Mei: Shion (Katakuri)

Temari: Nowaki (Haki-oriented+ Dragon Claw Fist)

Anko: Chino (Perona)

Ameyuri: Amaru (Law). Shira (Haki-oriented). Yome (Sugar). Sen (?)

Gaara: Matsuri (Robin)

Karin: Shizuka (Haki-oriented + Eight Impact Fist)

Isaribi: Ameno (Fishman Karate + Haki-oriented)

Ranmaru: Yukimaru (?). Sumaru (?)

#Political Structure#

Uzushio: Naruto

Land Of demons: Miroku

Land Of The moon: Kakeru Tsuki

Land Of vegetables : Haruna

Land Of keys : Hanare Kedoin (Representative)

Village of Artisans : Ryugan (Representative)

Land Of snow: Kazahana

Land Of Sky: Samui

Takigakure: Shibuki

Land Of Bears/Hoshigakure: Natsuhi (representative)

Land Of Waves: Tsunami (Queen)

Land Of sea: Isaribi (Queen)

Land Of fangs: Daimyō (Name?)

Land Of claws: Daimyō (Name?)

Land Of Stone: Priest (Name?)

Land Of nights: Temujin (Representative)

Land Of Tea: In The Negotiation Stage

Children Of The Emperor:

1* Shirone Namikaze

Age: 8

Occupation: Princess

Epithets: White Flower- White Daisy Of Extinction

Devil Ability: Logia- Dust

Haki Mastery: Skilled:

*Conqueror: Novice

*Observation: Skilled

*Armament: Skilled

Relation to the Emperor: Adopted Daughter. Viewed by the Emperor as his favorite adopted child.

Favorite Mother: Karin, Haku and Temari

Friends *SPOILERS*:

*Miina of Tonika Village (Immigrant)

*Hikaru Tsuki, prince of The Land Of The Moon

*General Info *SPOILERS*: Loved by her family and people as well as being viewed as the Empire's mascot. Loves sweets. Some people of influence such as Tsunade, Tsume and Tayuya are getting worried about the way some ministers of the states try to get on her good graces and curry favor with the princess such as Koyuki of The Land Of Snow and Haruna of The Land Of Vegetables and many others assuming there's a manipulation for future political gains taking place. Marine higher ups are cautious about Tsume's influence over Shirone and her siblings, fearing that the conniving Cipher Pol commander might use her influence on the kids to cause them to revolt in the future to demand the throne from their soon to be siblings who will be direct descendants from the Emperor, which is one of the many reasons for the distrust and the disagreements between Marines and Cipher Pol agents. Despite her childish and innocent personality, she's very intelligent and views politics as filthy waters she does not want to dip her toe in, therefore she has not yet decided what her future path will be and is content by being a spoiled princess for now. Due to various influences from some of her family members, she is not shy of killing someone without any regret. Although she's not interested in playing a political or militaristic role in the future, a few of her family have other plans for her which she's not aware of.

2* Inari Namikaze

Age: Almost 9

Occupation: Prince and heir to the seat of The Land Of Waves

Epithets: Fisher's Hat

Devil Ability *SPOILERS*: Logia- Ash

Haki Mastery: Skilled

*Conqueror: None Yet

*Observation: Skilled

*Armament: Skilled

Relation to the Emperor: Adopted & Step Son. His brash personality reminds the Emperor of his late mother

Favorite Mother: Ameyuri and Anko

Friends *SPOILERS*:

*Leo of Tonika Village

*Hikaru Tsuki

General Info *SPOILERS*: His mother is the Queen of The Land Of Waves, Tsunami Namikaze. His maternal grandmother is Tazuna. There's worries from some of his mothers about the extremely bad influences of Ameyuri and Anko on him, as he's already exhibiting sadistic tendencies and a cruel, opportunistic outlook on life

3* Kuroka Namikaze

Age: 10

Occupation: Princess

Epithets: Black Orchid Of Life- Black Cat

Devil Ability: Paramecia- Plant

Haki Mastery:

*Conqueror: Skilled

*Observation: Proficient

*Armament: Proficient. A/ Ryou Reflection: Proficient, B/ Ryou Destruction: Skilled

Other abilities: An intermediate level of Senjutsu

Relation to the Emperor: Adopted Daughter. Viewed by the Emperor as the "light of his eyes".

Favorite Mother: Yugao, Temari and Konan

Friends *SPOILERS*:

*Fuki of the Land Of Sound (Immigrant)

*Yukimaru of the Land Of Sound

General Info *SPOILERS*: She's being trained by her family to be a very powerful warrior and to assume the seat of a Governor of one of the Districts in the future. She loves her siblings dearly, especially Shirone. Is a prankster at heart although she sometimes acts as a mother hen for her siblings. Unlike her sister, she's very interested in the intriguing world of politics and thus she's trained to be a politician by Tsume Inuzuka which raises the alarms among some of her family members who know about Tsume's subtle manipulative nature which always causes them to question her real intentions in whatever she does.

4* Ranmaru Namikaze

Age: 10

Occupation: Prince

Epithets: Fire Fist

Devil Ability *SPOILERS*: Logia- Fire (Ace)

Haki Mastery:

*Conqueror: Proficient

*Observation: Proficient

*Armament: Proficient. A/ Ryou Reflection: Skilled, B/ Ryou Destruction: Novice.

Weapons: Pipe

Other abilities: Unidentified Kekkei Genkai

Relation to the Emperor: Adopted Son. Viewed by the Emperor as a younger version of himself. The Emperor expects great things from him. He hopes that he will be the right hand of the future heir to the throne.

Favorite Mother: Tayuya

Friends *SPOILERS*:

*Yukimaru of the Land Of Sound (immigrant)

*Sumaru of The Village Hidden Among Stars (Hoshigakure)

General Info *SPOILERS*: He's looked up to by all of his younger siblings. He's being trained directly by Tayuya and Haku at the same time to become a Marine as per his wishes, which sometimes puts him in a crossroad with how each one's views of the world and of justice influences him, though he leans more towards Tayuya's philosophy due to a childhood trauma. He named one of his attacks after the person who helped raise him and whom he viewed as his aunt, Kagero, the Head Jailer of Impel Down.

Secretary Of The Emperor *SPOILERS*

Honoka Uzumaki

Age: Unknown

Occupation: The Emperor's Secretary- Ambassador

Epithets: Soul Queen

Devil ability: Paramecia- Revive (Brook)

Haki Mastery: Proficient

*Conqueror: None

*Observation: Proficient

*Armament: Proficient

Relation to the Emperor: His secretary and ambassador. Viewed by the Emperor as a relative from his mother's side. His children consider her to be their nanny.


*Ameyuri Namikaze

*Anko Namikaze

*Kin Namikaze

General Info: She joined the Empire a few years ago and received her abilities from the Emperor, however, she died four years ago on an expedition to the Summoning Island which activated the power of her devil ability. The Island has mysteriously disappeared and is now hidden thanks to the power of one of the Cipher Pol agents and is being used as a hideout for important personnel in case of an invasion as well as a secret lab for Karin's more "illegal" experiments on Impel Down prisoners. Her goal is to find that right person to create a branch family of the Uzumaki clan in tandem with the royal Uzumaki branch which will come through Karin, this is worrisome for Tsunade and some of the political powers of the Empire for the fear of potential future dissension between the two family lines for the throne. She enjoys the hobby of playing the guitar in Kin's performances. She's well known throughout the Empire as a member of Kin's band and as the "well of the Emperor's secrets", which makes her a very important person to the well being of the Empire, which is why Cipher Pol is always trailing her movements to keep both her and the info she possess safe, they also have a direct order from Tsume to assassinate her immediately in the case of suspected act of treason.

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