Weiss-Chan Want's To Play

Chapter Two Obsession Takes Root

Since her birthday Weiss has grown more atached to Ruby that any time apart from her felt like it was years. In the short period of time Weiss grew obsessed with her younger sister in away that she never had with Winter. Weiss began to think of ways to show her love to Ruby, at first she thought of Winter's form of love but it felt wrong. It was cunfusing to Weiss that she didnt want to share the same kind of love with Ruby. Weiss found other way's of showing her love the first was playing game's and having tea parties with Ruby. Later Weiss took a active role in Ruby's diet. Weiss knew Ruby had a sweet tooth and also loved diffrent types of meats. Weiss thought it was disgusting that Ruby would eat the thing called a hot dog, after hearing how much Ruby liked them Weiss reseached them and nearly threw up (a lady of Weiss's statis dose not do such a thing Weiss told herself). Weiss hated to deny Ruby something she loved. Weiss had a slaughter house built on the grounds along with a farm to not only preduce high quality meat but also organic vegitbles that would be good for Ruby along with a vast strawberry feild. Weiss then learned all the diffrent types of meats and cuts, Weiss would tell herself, "only the best for Ruby". Weiss even took some cooking lessons. For some reason Weiss injoyed the slughter house even more so when she picked the animal that was going to be bucherd and later be feed to Ruby.

Weiss's next step was more drastic and as the eldest daughter of the house her word was law unless her father said something. Weiss ordered the male staff to ehter leave or have a surgry that would prevent them from ever having kids. Weiss didn't trust any man near Ruby they would only taint her. Weiss then order that the maid's children were not allowed to live on the estate anymore. Weiss made this dission after Ruby spent nearly the hole day playing with one of the miad's daughter. After that Ruby would only talk about her friends, in Weiss's mind their was only one logical dission ether they leave or their whole family leaves. Needless to say a third of the maids, grounds keepers, and Atendents left the mansion. Weiss only wished she could get rid of Yang to, but Yang was Ruby's atentent and only she or her father could fire Yang. Weiss would ask Ruby to send Yang away but with how much Ruby loved Yang Weiss feared Ruby would hate her for asking. Weiss hated the Blonde for having any place in Ruby's heart.

Weiss took her obsession farther by hireing a world famous fasion designer that Weiss normally had commission to make her clothing. The desingers name was Coco Adel. Coco was a weird woman in Weiss's eyes, Coco was only two years older but had already owned her own company. Weiss now owned Coco's company because when Weiss first went to hire her to only make clothes for herself and Ruby and Coco origanlly refused. Weiss then made it her mission to ruin Coco's reputaion and company. Coco could have goten help from her family if she hadn't cut ties with them years ago to follow her dreams in the fasion world. The Adel family used to be enmey's with the Schnee until Winter married current head of the family solitfing their bonds. Coco was forsed to except Weiss's offer on one condition that Coco could keep her assistent and let her move in to. Weiss was okay with it until she found out the assistant was a filthy faunus worst of all Ruby loved playing with the rabbit faunus.

Weiss kept sending investigators to find out about Yang but they would all come up with the same thing and that was Yang Xiao Long and everything about her was top secret as deemed by her father. Weiss could always ask him but she would never give him the satisfaction. It pissed her off but Weiss would not be denied what she wants. What Weiss wants more then anything is to spend her days with her younger sister and no one else. Weiss had learned one intresting fact that Ruby's birthday was in July and just a month away. Weiss thought it was funny that Ruby's birthday was inn the summer after all Ruby was a precious flower. Weiss began planing for Ruby's party. Weiss first ordered Coco to come up with a brand new outfit that no one has ever seen before along with shoe's and jewelry. Coco hated Weiss's demands making shoes and jewelery wasn't exactly her strong suit, normally she would hire someone to do that since she was forced to work for the Schnee's she hadn't heard from any of her old contacts. The only people Coco ever talked to where Weiss, and Velvet. what angered Coco that lately Velvet has been preoccupied with lady Ruby, just thinking of the that spoiled chilled pissed Coco off. Coco belived Ruby was the reason why her life was ruined and why she and her girlfriend had to work like slaves for the Schnee's.

Velvet was playing with Ruby out in the garden she felt bad for the girl since their weren't any other kids around. Weiss found her darling little sister with that animal in the garden making flower crowns. At first glance Weiss seemed happy to Velvet when Ruby gave Weiss the crown she made Velvet had never seen her this happy. However not long after when Ruby was making anoother crown Ruby picked a flower that had a bee on it. Ruby ran as fast as her little legs could carry her. Weiss went in to action and killed the bee, unfortunately Ruby fell and skined her nee and started to cry. As if on cue Yang appered out of no where taking Ruby back inside. Weiss was glaring at Yang and Velvet. After Ruby went to her room for her mid afternoon nap Weiss sanpped and went looking for the one person she belived was at fault for Ruby getting hurt today. Weiss grabbed Velvet by her rabbit ear and dragged her out of the mansion and torwds a shed near the farm and locked her inside. Velvet started to freak out banging on the door hopping to get free but that hope vanshed when Weiss said, "How dare a filthy animal ever go near My Little Sister!" Velvet started to cry when Weiss said, "You will stay in here until you have learned your lesson." Weiss left Velvet in there for a week and a half. Velvet only survived by drinking some water from that was in the shed, at least thats what Velvet told herself that it was water. When Velvet saw Coco again she was so weak that she fell to the ground. Coco only had more anger for Ruby and Weiss for hurting Velvet. Velvet only felt more pitty for Ruby but after that anytime Velvet was near Ruby or Weiss she would tremble in fear.

As time went on Weiss had almost planed everything out for Ruby's birthday except for the food she wanted it to be soemthing Ruby's never eaten before, but thanks to Weiss's over protection of Ruby there wasn't a dish Ruby hasn't eaten. While Weiss was wondering what to make for her presious little jewel a maid enterd the room with some news that made Weiss happy. The made told Weiss that Winter was coming home, what made Weiss happy was that Winter would be home in time for Ruby birthday. Sadlly Weiss could not see that with Winter's return will bring.

End of Chapter Two Obsession Takes Root

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