Hey guys. This is HollyAnne1084, and I decided to do a collection of Inside Out shipping stories. I will continue on Relationship! I promise! Before I begin, here are the rules:

-These will only be one-shots. Don't ask me to continue a part of the story!

-No OC's please!

-I don't care what ship it will be, even if it's the ships I don't like!

-I want you guys to give me a ship request and tell me what you want me to make the two emotions in the ship do together. Example: Can you do Starnerve (JoyxFear) going to the Mind World together?

-Don't make me do WAY too much romantic stuff, like doing something inappropiate or looking at something inappropiate, and no cussing! I will NOT allow you to request me to say any cuss words!

-You guys are allowed to ask me any ship you want! I don't care if it's the same ship doing something different or a different ship doing the same thing.

-No worries! I won't care what they can do or what type of ship it is, as long as it's not inappropiate! If I think it's stupid, I can still do it. Also, you can give me as much requests as you like.

I would LOVE if you guys give me many requests! I would really appreciate that! I will give you a big shout out if you give me a request that I did.

Thank you and please give me as much requests as possible!


P.S If you are not a big fan of shipping or don't want or know what to request me, you don't have to do it! It's fine with me! :)