Joy x Sadness

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It was a wonderful day at San Francisco. Riley was putting on her pajamas and getting ready to go to bed. She was exhausted for the day! She played for a whole entire hockey without any breaks (besides halftime). But it was worth it when they won 4-1.

Riley yawned softly and lay on her bed. The comfort of the bed made her tired more, which made her go to sleep soundly and safely.

"And we're out!" Joy said. "Alright! Good job today guys! This was a great day today! I'll send these memories to Long Term!"

Anger went to bed followed by Disgust and Fear. They were tired as well. Anger with Riley being aggressive at hockey a lot, Disgust with keeping Riley from looking or acting goofy, and Fear with watching for any "hazards" that would happen.

Sadness didn't do anything that much tonight so she had Dream Duty.

"Are you sure, Sadness?" Joy asked before she went to bed.

"I'm sure..." Sadness said. "...I guess."

"Okay then," Joy said. "Goodnight Sadness."

"Goodnight, Joy," Sadness said.

Joy walked to the break room. She did a quick peek at Sadness. She looked just fine with doing Dream Duty. Joy felt bad for the teardrop emotion. She hasn't really been driving that much still and it's been a while since the whole running-away incident.

Joy sighed and walked back to Sadness.

"Do you want any company?" Joy asked.

Sadness turned around to look at her. She didn't want to be all alone and she thought being alone was sad, so she smiled. She liked that Joy was thinking of her.

"Sure, I guess," Sadness said. "Thanks."

Joy grabbed a chair and placed it by Sadness. She sat down and looked at the screen with a smile. It was a regular Rainbow Unicorn dream. The unicorn was dancing in a sunflower field and it suddenly jumped to the sky and landed on the clouds. The dream Riley was jumping along with her.

Joy laughed. "Don't you just love those movies?" she asked Sadness.

"I guess," Sadness replied.

"Oh, come on, they're awesome!" Joy said cheerfully. "Look how beautiful Rainbow Unicorn is! And doesn't that sound fun, jumping around clouds, and sliding on a rainbow?"

"Yeah, but the fun would be all over," Sadness said.

"But there would be room for next time!" Joy said.

"Next time is a long time," Sadness said.

Joy sighed. She wished the teardrop could be a little more enthusiastic but it was hard for her and besides, she's shaped like a teardrop and the same color as a teardrop.

Sadness heard Joy's sigh and said, "Sorry. Did I keep being sad?"

Joy nodded with a look a sorrow. "Don't worry," she said. "You want to work on that someday?"

Sadness nodded. "Okay," she said.

Joy and Sadness looked at each other with a smile. They were glad that they made up more and became great friends, even if they're opposites! But there is something special that made them friends.

It's their kindness.

Their started to hold hands and Joy rested on Sadness' head as Sadness rested her big head on Joy's little shoulder.

"You know, we should do this often," Joy suggested. "This makes me more happy watching this with you."

"And I don't feel that sad being with you," Sadness said.

They looked at each other. They smiled.

"You're a great friend," Joy said.

"Really?" Sadness asked. "I mean...I usually don't be positive like you and-"

"Nah, don't worry about that!" Joy said. "You're great just the way you are!"

"So are you," Sadness said.

Their hands touched once again and they watched the movie in comfort. This Dream Duty has been the best one in their life and it was all because of a wonderful friendship.


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