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"Are you sure you'll be fine without me for an entire year?" Master Eraqus questioned as he packed the last of his things. "I can make a couple visits if a I need to."

"You don't need to worry about it, Master." Terra insisted as he walked his teacher out of the castle that they live in. "Aqua and I are both sixteen. We can handle being on our own for a while. We're responsible enough to do so."

"Wait one moment." Eraqus stopped and looked around at the area he was leaving at. "Where is Aqua? I thought she would come to see me off."

"She stayed up a little late training." Terra quickly explained to reassure his master. "She said if she wasn't up by the time you leave to give you her best regards."

"Hmmm." Eraqus made a noise that sounded like he didn't believe his student, but went along with it. "Well, alright. I'll be back in exactly one year from now. Don't train too hard to where you exhaust yourself or that you hurt yourself."

"Will do Master. Take care." Terra waited until Eraqus was in the portal and the portal to disappear before he walked up the enormous amount of steps to the entrance. In the castle, he walked slowly to his destination, closely examining his path for he hadn't done so before.

He knocked on the door of someone's bedroom. "Aqua?" He called softly to the owner. "The Master's gone."

A young teenaged girl called quietly from the other side, "You can come in, Terra."

Terra opened the door, came into the room, and quickly closed the door, almost like he was afraid someone was following him. He eyed the girl that was sat up in bed. Her blue hair was tangled mess and her face was very pale, like she was about to be sick. She had a hand on her slightly pudgy stomach and was rubbing it soothingly.

"Today makes three months." She offhandedly remarked as she looked affectionately at her belly. "Only a few more before we have a visitor-."

"Aqua," Terra said insistingly, interrupting her in the process. "You know we can't keep him or her. The Master will have a fit."

A single tear dripped from the corner of Aqua's eye. "I know," she acknowledged, speaking as though she was trying not to cry her heart out. "But I just want to imagine what it would be like if we could keep them."

Terra sighed, because he was feeling the same way she was. He sat at the edge of her bed and placed his hand a top of the one on her stomach. "I promise, once we become Keyblade Master, we will have the child back. I'll take him or her to a world that I'll remember so we can see them again."

Aqua wiped away another stray tear. She asked softly, "What would you want the baby gender to be? A boy?" Terra nodded almost shyly. "What would you name him then?"

"Honestly, I was thinking about the name Jayden," Terra admitted as he squeezed her hand in reassurance.

Aqua giggled happily. "Well then, if our baby is a boy, we'll name him Jayden."

The months have passed too quickly for the about to be new parents. Terra had studied up on delivering a baby because Aqua doesn't want the child to be born in a world that they know nothing about. He would train in fighting for an hour or two with Aqua watching from afar. Every time he finishes, he'd walk over to her and kiss her belly, causing her to laugh happily.

Anyways, the day had finally came when baby Jayden entered the world. Aqua only had a couple hours to care for her son before Terra had to take him to a different world. Aqua made sure to have the child wrapped up as warmly and as tightly as she could get him for the travel. With a departing kiss, her baby boy and lover really off to a new world.

The world that Terra arrived in was dark and mysterious. Nobody was out in the streets, so he suspected that the people have a curfew. He walked around the place in an attempt to find a decent home for his child. That was when he started to notice the monsters that were lurking in the shadows. Making a quick decision, Terra knocked on the first door that was closets to him.

An older man wearing a night cap, possible bald, and old pajamas with a scraggly beard answered the door. "Who are you?" The man demanded to know. "I have never seen you on the Isle before... Are you from Auradon?"

"No, sir." Terra answered respectfully as he rocked his baby so he'd stay quiet. "I come from a place far away from here. I need you to do me a big favor."

The old man nodded hesitantly for him to continue. Terra painfully offered, "If you take care of my baby boy for a while, me or his mother will repay you."

The old man thought about it for a moment before agreeing. He took the baby from his father and asked, "Is there a name you want me to call him by?"

"Jayden. His name is Jayden."

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