Mal had the wand. Mal had the wand; the wand that belonged to the Fairy Godmother. With that wand Jay would be able to save his mother from the Dark Realm. That's what he had planned since before they left the Isle.

Now, at an important moment, Mal decides to rebel against her mother. What is she thinking?! She's choosing good because she's in love with someone. Not like that hurt Jay's feelings or anything because they've known each other longer than she and that prince does.


What would happen if he chose good? Maybe, if he pleaded with the Fairy Godmother, she could use her wand to save his mother. He would be able to finally meet her.

But what if the Fairy Godmother denies his request? What would he do then?

Jay watched the look on Mal's face change from determination to fear when the three of her close friends didn't say anything. He had to make a quick decision.

Who knows? Maybe she'll fall in love with him instead.

Jay thrust his arm out, touching his fist with hers right whenever she was about to lose hope. Her face brighten which made Jay more sure of himself when he smiled and said, "I choose good."

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