The Aftermath and the Epilogue

Thankfully, our hero did survive. In fact, the very next day while he was preparing to speak to reporters he was reading about his exploits in the newspaper.

""Megabot" is a little unimaginative, don't you think?" he asked Reilly (who had survived last night with only a broken arm), who was standing to his side while Tip attempted to hide a bruise on his face with subtle touches of makeup "I mean, I know they're paparazzi but it seems lazy even for them"

"Iron Man was taken" Reilly stated, handing him some cards "That's your cover story. Read that to the press, everything should be fine"

Hiro gave the cards a quick read. The story was believeable, if a bit dull. He was "on a yacht" and therefore "only knew what was in the paper""

"So what do I say about Callaghan?" he asked the agent.

"He went on vacation" Reilly claimed, the lie passing his lips with a small smile "Private flights have such poor safety records, honestly anything could happen"

Hiro was suddenly hoping he'd never cross the government agent. If he did, he was afraid he would just disappear and know one would ever know.

"All finished here" Tip announced. Hiro thanked her as he stood.

"And what about this?" Hiro gestured to one of the cards ""The robot was my bodyguard", you honestly think people will buy that?"

"This isn't my first dance" Reilly replied "I've been doing this longer than you can imagine. Take my word, they'll buy it"

Hiro nodded and left to read and try and memorise the cards, while Tip went to speak to Reilly as the man turned to leave.

"Agent Reilly," she said "I just wanted to say thanks for everything"

"It was no issue, Miss Tucci" he smiled in response "Rest assured, you will be hearing from us again in time"

"From the Guerrilla Assault and-"

"Just call us G.A.R.D" he smiled "It's easier"

And with that he left, nodding in greeting as he passed Gogo on the way out.

"They're waiting for you kid" she called to Hiro.

"'Kay" he said as he went to follow her, only for Tip to stop him.

"Let me just finish up here" Tip said as she helped him into his suit jacket.

"You know," Hiro spoke "It's a shame I'm not this Megabot guy. Because if I was I would have this awesome girlfriend, she'd know my secret identify and she'd always be super worried about me but would also be really proud of me because she knew deep down I was a hero"

"And who'd be that lucky girl?" Tip asked

"Well, I've been thinking," Hiro said "About that... moment we had back in that party" Hiro turned to face his assistant.

"What moment would that be?" Tip asked in a tone that suggested that she actually knew what he meant.

"You know, we were dancing, then we talked..."

"Did we?"

"Yes, we did. And I think we had a moment"

"Hmm..." Tip made a face like she was trying hard to recall the details. All the sake of theatricality. Hiro knew she remembered "Oh, you mean when we were on the balcony..."


"And then we talked..."

"And then we had that moment, and we leaned in, kind of like what you doing now"


"And then you went to go get drinks..."


"And you never came back..."

Hiro's face became slightly more sheepish at that point "Ah"

"And you left me there, on that balcony, for the rest of the night. You mean that moment?"

"Yeah" Hiro awkwardly scratched the back of his head.

Tip smiled at him. It was a small, teasing smile that Hiro decided he really liked. She rubbed his cheek with her thumb "Will that be all, Mr. Hamada"

Hiro returned her smile, a warm feeling in his chest "That will be all, Miss Tucci"

So Hiro left and joined Gogo in front of the press.

"And now," Gogo spoke "Mr Hamada has prepared a statement. He will not be taking any questions. Thank you"

She stood aside to let Hiro take the stand "It's, uh, been I while since been up here, so I'm going to just stick to my cards this time" he announced jokingly to instill a bit of humour into the crowd. And so, he began to read the cards:

"There has been speculation that I was involved in the events that occurred on the freeway and the rooftop-"

"I'm sorry, Mr Hamada," Vidia Clarion spoke up, interuppting "But do you honestly expect us to believe that a bodyguard in a suit conventiently appeared, despite the fact that you-"

"I know that it's a little confusing" Hiro retorted "It's one thing to question the official story, but it's another thing altogether to make wild accusation or insinuate that I'm some kind of superhero"

"I didn't say you were a superhero" claimed the reporter.

Hiro's eyebrows rose a little as he spoke "You didn't?"

A shake of the head was her response.

"Well, uh, that's good" Hiro said "Because that would be completely outlandish and uh," adding a quiet "fantastic" under his breath, before clearing his throat and speaking again "I'm just not the hero type. Clearly. I've got this laundry list of character faults, all the mistakes I've made, all largely public-"

Gogo leaned in at that moment and whispered in his ear "Just read the cards"

"Yeah, okay" Hiro muttered. Clearing his throat, he began to read the cards again "The truth is..."

He found that he couldn't read anymore. He looked out at the small sea of reporters, to his closest friend and his thoughts went to Tip backstage. It occurred to him that the eyes of the public, his image probably wasn't the best. He realised... he did want to be liked, not for being a playboy rich kid (God knows that was fun) but if he could be a hero, well, he really wanted to be a hero deep down.

Screw it.

"The truth is... I am Megabot"

The reporters all stood at once, their voices and cameras going off in unison.

Hiro was going off-script. And he'd be damned if he didn't admit he was going to have some fun with it.

2 weeks later

It was late in the evening when someone broke into his home. Or well, technically they didn't break in, nothing was broken, but Hiro was not expecting them regardless.

Hiro had walked through his door, announcing his arrival to Oh as usual, when he went through to the lounge and found a stranger standing by his piano, looking out the window to the horizon.

The person turned to face him and Hiro realised the person was a woman. A tall, strikingly beautiful woman wearing a combination of leather and kevlar, with a short bob of blonde hair that fell over dark blue eyes. He was also drawn to the unmistakeable sight of the handgun strapped to her thigh.

""Megabot", really?" she said in a tone that suggested she didn't care for the name "You think you're only superhero in the word, Hamada" she chuckled a little "You've only become part of a bigger universe"

"Who are you?" Hiro asked her.

"Tamora Jean Calhoun, the director of G.A.R.D" she answered.

"I'd like to talk to you about the Guardian Program"

Authors Note

So that's that finally done. It's been a long time coming, and I thank everyone who was patient enough to stay till the end. For that, I thank you, and I thank everyone who favorited and followed this and myself.

So I have this huge plan to make my own version of the MCU, starting with this one. This may not actually come to be, but I'm going to try my best to make it happen.

So thanks again. Till next time.