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Also warning - BL and gender switch.

Getting hit by a car was not the way I thought I would go. Sickness or freak athletic accident, yes. Mowed down in the street at sixteen, not so much. At least I died saving a life.

I had just gotten off my bus coming back from the library. Walking to the parking lot, I was amused to see a little girl chasing a ball. That amusement soon faded as she followed the ball off the pavement right onto the road. I heard the squeal of tires and acted without thinking. I was running.

Grabbing her waist, I pushed her as hard as I could onto the pavement. Out of the way of the speeding car.

Moving quickly, I tried to get out of the way, but I realised I wouldn't make it. Then the car impacted with my body. I could hear screaming as the car hit me, my bones breaking and my head smashing on the pavement. Everything hurt.

I distantly heard the car keep going, even as my body was flung over it.

I could see black spots dancing in my vision. I saw was the little girl's mother holding her child, crying as she checked over her daughter. I smiled, crying in pain as people hovered over me telling me to stay awake and not to close my eyes. I knew it wasn't alright. I was going to die. I watched my own mother get out of her car in the parking lot through a gap in the crowd. She was looking for me. She turned around, noticing the commotion. Crying harder, as fear started to creep in. As she realized what was happening; who was hit.

"Ray!" she yelled, sprinting over towards me. I struggled to keep my eyes open, wanting to say goodbye. She reached me, quickly falling to her knees beside me and checking over my body like the nurse she is. "Come on Ray, keep your blue eyes open for mummy," she said, brushing my hair from my face.

The black spots were growing in my vision, slowly taking up my field of view. Mum's face was fading in and out. Each time, it was getting harder to focus. She started crying, tears pouring from her eyes and landing on my face. It was getting harder to hear what she was saying. I could only catch little snippets of her words, but the one thing I could hear over and over again was the same begging The same "please God," over and over again.

"D-don't...orry, m-mum… I-i love….ou."

"No...open...What...do..darling?... father...parent?...play..brother..older..eyes open... Please."

I knew I wouldn't make it; I was struggling to hear her words. So I put all my limited focus to say one last thing. Feeling terrified, dizzy, and tired, it was hard to breath, and felt like I was drowning.


"I..love...I...you...you." That was the last thing I heard as my eyes slid shut, pain fading, breath stopping, and going to sleep for eternity, but feeling utterly terrified about what comes next.