A/N – Just an informative chapter on Kaiju points and levels from 1 being the lowest with either minimal damage and can be taken out by mazer and missile fire to 5 being world and country destroyers like those overpowered Kaiju. Also going to explain certain things such as G-Energy and Enetron generators around the world.

Level one kaiju level – points between 100 – 300. These Kaiju cause minimal damage but can be a problem in hordes. Most smaller and weaker Kaiju such as kamacuras and some gyaos belong to this category. Animal like creatures such as the giant octopus and the amoeba trio also belong in this category. Meganula only count as ten points each kill. Bringing back these Kaiju alive will double the points for bringing back either food supplies or training purposes.

Level two Kaiju level – points ranging from 300 – 600. These Kaiju constantly destroy landscape and towns as well as cause larger destruction then previous Kaiju as well as eat many humans. Higher level Gyaos belong to this category as well as others like Baragon. Most of these Kaiju don't really use beams but a few can. These Kaiju revive weak while in the case of gyaos, they come back as eggs due to them constantly cannibalizing each other.

Level three Kaiju – points range from 600 – 1400. Kaiju that destroy cities and can kill thousands of lives. Usually cause natural disasters when they arrive. Most larger Kaiju such as Anguirus and Rodan belong to this category as well as most ultra Kaiju. Megaguirus and the MUTO belong to this category of Kaiju. Kaiju in this category revive weak but grow stronger faster.

Level four Kaiju – points range from 1400 – 2000. These Kaiju have he power to destroy multiple cities with ease and can wipe out millions. Godzilla is usually in this category due to him being more calm from his son. Gamera also belongs in this category due to him destroying everything to get rid of a gyaos infestation and his ability to use mana. Ultras are also in this class as well as the hordes of gyaos that can block out the sun.

Level Five Kaiju – points ranging from 2000 and above. These are world and country destroyers. An enraged or hungry Godzilla belongs to this category as well as most ghidorahs and more evil Kaiju such as Destroyah and Iris. These Kaiju usually either reform weak and need to rebuild their strength or in cases like destroyah and Iris start off in their weaker forms such as Destroyah's micro form and baby Iris.

Now for power sources, G-Energy is used for the larger and more populated cities such as New York City and Tokyo as it is a stronger energy source. Enetron is used for most other cities and towns while it is usually marked by the green E emblem on the sides of the generators. Enetron has less power but is much more plentiful and faster to gather then G-Energy and is used for some Megazords. Both types of Energy Generators are targets by Radiation feeders due to being similar to nuclear radiation but more pure and less hazardous. This caused G-Force to build three layers of protective shielding to protect the generators until the army or other support arrive. Most army bases use Enetron as their power source.

For those who play or have seen gameplay of Godzilla the game, you would realize the similarities between the generators in these stories and the ones in Godzilla the game and that is exactly where I'm going for them. Each base has their own commander as well as multiple planes or airships to drop mutants off at their destinations. Gordon just goes around in the Gotengo killing monsters and staying at the occasional base for repairs and food.

Regarding airships like the Gotengo and the Éclair, with a surplus of metal shipments from space and people focused on creating weapons to deal with the massive influx of monsters, each base has at least one of the four types of airships or even new ones that can be created in other stories

As for Sentai, Keizers use their inner power to create the suits using the transformation devices as a release to make the suit design though some create problems for some users. Their weapons can also be used to conduct their powers such as a supercharged shot. However as most of their powers are sent to maintain the suits, they can't fire electrical blasts or manipulate energy outside of their weapons. Same goes for riders but the power output is more focused towards making the body stronger and for bursts of a massive amount of energy focused towards one area such as a rider kick. Fighting without the suits is more powerful blasting wise but tires them out more while the suits regulate their power to allow longer fighting as well as includes an armor like layer of energy that is their suits. If you are confused then send me a PM or a review or you can rationalize an answer on your own to make sense of things in your way. This is Daozang Signing out.