"So... this is San Francisco, huh?" Banjo stated as he and Kazooie were in the famous California city by the bay, with the iconic Golden Gate Bridge out in the distance.

"Yeah... there better be plenty of jiggies out here." Kazooie stated as she noticed all the low polygon humans were looking at them. "Though given these freaks, I don't trust them..."

"Yo, look out!" BD Joe exclaimed as he accidentally flattened Banjo and Kazooie, steering his crazy taxi as he headed towards the highway.

"Oww!" Banjo groaned as he popped up back into his regular form after being run over, placing his left hand on his head. "Ugh... I need a pizza. That cab just flattened me."

Kazooie was going to comment when a yellow taxi cab similar to the one BD Joe drove pulled up, with the taxi driver honking the horn.

"Hey Banjo, I think your prayer just got answered," Kazooie stated as she and Banjo got into the car, with Kazooie doing the talking. "Hey, take us to a pizza palace."

The taxi cab chuckled as it started up the taxi, with the car rolling up and down and all around at the speed of sound as it caused traffic problems, sending vehicles hurdling at each other and causing property damage as Banjo and Kazooie screamed.

"What kind of driver are you!?" Banjo-Kazooie simultaneously exclaimed as they held onto each other.

The taxi driver chuckled as it revealed itself, its black shadowy form making way... to show off the warty green wicked witch of the west herself, old Gruntilda Winkybunion!

"Bear and bird, we meet again, now I'm going to make you... damn it, I can't think of a rhyme for that," Gruntilda murmured as she shrugged, making Banjo and Kazooie get heart attacks instead as she kept driving her taxi cab like crazy.