one there was a boy named Tai Tankamaru

and he always loved playing kingdom hearts

But.. one day tai was coming home from school when he looked up at the sky

and he never noticed how dark the sky was getting

And that's when Tai thought to himself

Hmmmm... that's weird tai said to himself the weather man didn't say nothing about a storm.

and that's when all of sudden Tai noticed that Sora was calling his name

Hey Tai, follow me & Riku we need to get somewhere safe

Sora told him and that's when they both saw Riku ` heading twords the door

And that's when Riku said.. Sora and Tai you're not done with that raft yet ?

Riku asked us & Sora said.. Riku we would've been done with the raft if me and tai had just a little help building it Riku

sora told him well.. why don't get Tidus or Wakka to help ya'll finish it Sora .