The lady sat at her desk in her bedchambers, and took a quill, ink and paper to write to her brother. Geirlaug was ageing as well as her mother. On her body, she bore the perks of multiple miscarriage and the corner of her eyes were scattered with muliple little wrinkles. She sighed. The sound of cicalas joined her in her writing. She wished they could be heard in her letter.

My dear brother,

How happy am I to know that Richard is growing well. I am pleased he took his calm from Sprota. With you both as his parents, I am certain he will make a great duke someday. I hope you train him well, as father used to with yourself. The Norman dukes should always be great warriors.

I don't have any luck with my own son. He is so reckless I am beginning to be out of patience. I guess it is my fault. Perhaps he took too much after me. Ah! My brother, I can already imagine you smirk when you'll read it. It seems to me that it was yesterday that we fought each other in the training yard. My fists miss your face dearly.

I am sure father would be proud of your reign over Normannia in the monastery where he retired after mother's death. I was sad when I heard he killed a hundred christian people in the name of his gods. He used to respect them, us, so much. I guess mother dying a year after your wedding didn't help his temper. It seems to me that he lost his mind in his grief and wished to die to rejoin mother. I guess the amount of gold he gave to the priory of the whole duchy was a way for him to make amend and meet our mother in Heaven when his time will come. To tell you the truth, I do not wish for him to pass away soon. But I guess this is inevitable considering his old age. I feel mother would be proud of you too. You rule so well.

Yet, I am saddened to know that you still trust the wrong people. I already asked you, begged you, to be defiant toward Herbert and Arnoul, but it seems you never listen. Your marriage before God with Liutgarde of Vermandois was for me a pain. I suppose Sprota wasn't happy with it. Yet, I know she is kind enough to let her live with you without making her life miserable. I know you don't love your christian wife, but I am still disappointed. If you didn't marry more danico, that situation could have been avoided. Now, Herbert can seek revenge for your attitude toward his daughter, how young she might be. I am afraid Baudoin, your godson might walk in his father's steps. I don't trust him so I beg you, my dear brother, to take care of yourself and watch your back.

Writing of which, Hugues, the duke of the Franks came to visit us in Poitiers not so long ago. Our children played together and it made me smile to see that they got along so well. Guillaume, to my own amusement, tried to impersonate a viking to scare his comrades. I scolded him of course, he should not be playing with his ancestors' legacy. My son can be so reckless.

Guillaume, my husband, opened a library in our palace of Poitiers after his mother's death. He said it was her last wish. You will be happy to know that the norse tales father told us are well kept and that I read it to my son as much as possible. At least, this is a consolation after the death of so many of my children.

But you know me. I am strong. I didn't die in childbirth, which is a relief because I know my husband would kill himself and let himself to worse madness than our father. And I don't want my son to inherit his father's title and lands that young. I shall never lose hope to give him another child. When I'll fully recover from this, I intend to try again.

I will end this letter by saying that I will send you monks for Jumiège's abbey. It is a gift I wish will grant you a blessing from God. May your life be long, brother. And may you leave a great lecacy. I have faith in you.

There, brother. This is the end of my letter. I hope you'll hear the cicalas of Aquitaine when you'll read it and perhaps catch a smell or two of my new life. I suppose this might be odd for a married noblewoman who suffered many miscarriages, but I am happy.

Your sister, Geirlaug, the countess Adèle of Poitiers.

The End

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I do not know when, but some of these characters might come back in an upcoming fanfic (which I should start building) about Sig and Boda (because they are too good to lose and because I want them to be alive sooooo much! So Imma do them justice!). I will start writing this fanfic after I finish Crashing Waves (my upcoming Rolisla mermaid AU fanfic).

In real history, William longsword suffered the riots of norsemen settled in Normandy who found him too christian. But he shut them up by force and regained peace and stability during his reign. Yet, he was threaten by those he trusted the most: Arnoul and Herbert. Baudoin, Arnoul's son stabbed him in the back near Abbeville in 942. His son, Richard, was taken hostage by the king then rescued by Hugues, duke of the Franks and later he gained back his duchy by fighting and raising an army.
Hugues made an alliance with both siblings by marriage. Richard married his daughter, Emma (though they never had kids. Richard had a lot of mistresses but married Gunnor, a noble scandinavian woman more danico and she gave him his legitimate heirs including a duchess of Brittany, a duke of Normandy, and a queen of England) and Adelaide (born in 952), Geirlaug's daughter, married Hugues Capet who later became king of France and began a new dynasty; the dynasty of the Capétiens. William, Geirlaug's son was born in 935, one year after Ebles Manzer's death (I have him die right after Geirlaug is introduced to him.) and was known as a womanizer who cheated on his wife on many occasions. It should be noted that Adelaide was at first a security truce in a quarrell between her father and Hugues Capet. She was known to be very pious and bright and gave the king three living children (we do not know if she had some miscarriage).
William Towhead (Geirlaug's husband) gained back his title of duke in 962. Him and Geirlaug are the ancestors of Matilda of Flanders, Alienor of Aquitaine, the Capétien kings and many other royals. Geirlaug and her brother kept a good relationship until their death and she sent him 12 monks for the abbey of Jumiège in 940.