The spider themed heroine walked down the New York streets with a small child bundled in her arms. She smiled down at him through her mask and shook her head as he was clutching his bear tightly. 'He's so cute. Who could ever want to hurt an adorable little boy like him.'

She waved at a few passersby who stared at her with perplexed expressions. She didn't mind, in fact she found it short of funny seeing all the reactions. Harry was looking around at all the people staring at them and nuzzled more into her arms trying to be as small as possible.

Gwen seemed to noticed and ran her gloved hand through his hair making him smile and close his eyes in content. She walked down the road and walked into an alleyway. Harry's eyes grew wide as he looked around fearfully.

Gwen smiled down at him and patted his head. "Relax buddy. I need to change clothes."

Harry blinked up at her confused. "Why…?" he asked.

"Well I can't go around wearing my superhero costume everywhere, can I?" She replied teasingly, ruffling his hair. "It's cool and all, but I'd blow my cover."

"Oh...Okay. I'll wait." Harry replied before sitting politely. Gwen smiled.

"There's a good boy." She then stepped out of sight.

When she came back out, she was wearing a white turtle neck, with a blue jacket, a black skirt with black leggings and blue boots. Her suit was kept inside a backpack she wore on her back.

Harry looked over at her and gave her a small grin. Gwen smiled back at him and lifted him up in her arms and continued her walk to her apartment. She ran her fingers playing with his hair and rocking him gently as she walked making sure he was warm and comfortable.

They soon made it back to the apartment complex making the boy's eyes grow comically wide.

Gwen held back a chuckle. "What is it buddy?" she asked sweetly.

"It's so bad…you live here?" he asked her with wide eyes.

Gwen nodded with an amused smile. "Yup."

She walked up the steps and entered the main room and went over to check her mailbox for anything. "Does…does that mean I have to clean all of it?"

Gwen shooked her head. "Nope. It means you have to clean NONE of it." She replied calmly. "Besides, I only live in one room. There's a whole bunch of people living here."

"Like...Like a city...?" Harry asked.

"Yeah, kinda. It's like an indoor city." Gwen nodded. "Now let me show you what it's like inside."

She stepped into the building and walked up to her room.

"Y-You sure you don't want me to clean?"

"Only when you make a mess yourself." She said with a wink. Harry gave a slow nod at that.

Gwen walked up the stairs looking over her mail, 'Bill, bill, bill, oooh Science weakly." She said with a grin. She walked to her door and dug around for her key in her pocket. Harry watched her and looked at the door and felt a pull from inside himself.


The door suddenly opened.

Gwen looked up with wide eyes. She looked down the halls before looking down at Harry who was looking up at her confused as well. "Well…that was strange." She gave a hesitant shrug and walked into her apartment giving it a look over before closing her door. 'I could have sworn I locked it.'

She shook those thoughts away and walked over to the small dining area where she placed Harry down on the table, she tossed her bag onto the loveseat and tossed the bills on the table next to him.

She leaned down to look him in the eyes with a warm expression. "So what are you hungry for buddy?"

Harry looked down shyly. "I...I'll eat whatever you give me..." He replied softly. Gwen smiled.

"All right, let's have some..." She checked inside the cupboards. "Hmm...Why don't I make us some spaghetti then?" Harry smiled.

"That sounds yummy." He replied softly. Gwen nodded.

"All right then, spaghetti it is!" She pulled out the noodles.

"C-Can I help...?"

She turned to him confused. "With what?"

"M-Making the spag-spagat…" he pouted to himself as he couldn't get the word right.

Gwen giggled lightly at the cute act and patted him on the head. "Sorry buddy, but you're too young to be near a stove."

"But…I did it all the time…"

Gwen griped the box tightly in her hand but kept her smile on her face. "Did you?" she asked surprised.

The boy nodded with a small smile. "Yeah. I cooked all the meals…though I don't think I am any good…they never liked it.

Gwen sighed deeply, before relenting. "How about you...stir the sauce?" She asked. He smiled.

"Yay! I'm helping Spider-Woman!" He cheered, making his way over. Gwen giggled.

"Yes you are." She nodded. " know how to do it?"


"Let me teach you how to make it the best it can be..."

For the next hour the two worked over the spaghetti, Gwen telling him how to make it and showing him how it's done. He had watched in silence and nodded along doing it after she was done.

Gwen watched with surprise and a twinge of sadness, a child his age should never have a skill to cook. She had thought with some bitterness. She had helped him with everything and did not let her gaze leave him afraid that if she did he would do something to hurt himself.

Soon they were both sitting at the table in front of each other. She gave him a smile and patted his head. "Bon appétit!" she said before digging in. Her eyes widened in surprise. "Wow this is good!'

Harry looked at her and felt joy when he saw her enjoy the meal. He looked back down at his own plate and frowned slightly. 'Am…I allowed to eat this?' he asked himself. 'She said it was for us…but…do I dare…?

Gwen noticed his hesitation. "Everything okay buddy?" she asked him.

He blinked, then looked at her. "I-I can eat, right?" Gwen groaned internally, knowing what happened by this point.

"Totally." She replied. "You helped make it, it's only right you get to eat it." Harry smiled and took a bite. "Mmm...It's good."

"Well, I had a good cook helping me." Gwen replied with a shrug. Harry blushed.

"You think so...?"

"Oh yeah. You really know your way around the kitchen."

Harry blushed and looked down with a tiny smile. "Thank you." He mumbled.

Gwen smiled at him and patted his head making him look up. "Your welcome buddy."

The two smiled at each other and they continued eating. Gwen smiled at him and noticed he was making a small mess as the souse was on his face and fingers. She held back a giggle.

"Looks like you got a little messy." She said jokingly.

He blinked at her cutely and tilted his head. "I'm sorry." He said.

Gwen sighed but gave him a small grin. She picked up a napkin and walked over to him. "Let's clean you up." She said.

Jun 8He nodded in acceptance and smiled as she picked him up. Being carried was so nice.

Gwen entered her bathroom and set him down on the counter before turning on the bathtub water. 'He's probably needed this for the longest time...' She thought. 'I can only imagine how dirty he must be under those old rags...' She finally filled the tub, then turned to Harry with a smile. "All right, let's clean you off." But she frowned when she noticed he was looking nervously at the water. "What's wrong?"

"I-Is it too cold...or hot...?" He asked.

"No, it should be just right." Gwen replied, tilting her head.

"Promise me I won't go under...?"

Gwen rose a brow at him. "You won't go under buddy." She said softly.

He gazed up at her and hesitantly nodded.

Gwen smiled down at him. "Okay buddy, I need you to take off that…shirt" she said the last part with a grimace. 'It's more of a rag then a shirt!'

Harry hesitated as he gripped the shirt tightly. Gwen sighed softly and placed a hand on his shoulder making him look up at her. "You are safe okay. I will not hate you. You have nothing to hide from me." She smiled sweetly at him. "After all, I am your hero right?" she asked with a cute pout.

Harry nodded with wide eyes. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, and with great courage pulled his shirt over his head.

Gwen was expecting it, but that did NOT make it any easier to see. She looked at him sadly as she saw the injuries covering him. "C'mere little guy..." She said gently, picking him up carefully. She held him gingerly to her chest. He looked up at her and snuggled in close.

"You're warm..." He mumbled. Gwen smiled.

"Thanks." She replied. "So are you ready to get clean?" He nodded. "All right, here we go!" She placed him in the water gently and held him as he squeezed his eyes shut. "See? You're okay!" She encouraged.

Harry opened his eyes slowly as the warm water relaxed him. "It's…not burning or freezing…it's just right!" he said softly.

Gwen narrowed her eyes slightly but then smiled softly down at him. "That's right." She said. She grabbed some soap and a washcloth. "Close your eyes so no soup can get in them." She warned.

He did so closing his eyes as Gwen got the rag wet and placed the soap in the rag and started to wipe it on his face making him squirm slightly. She giggled at him. "Hold still little guy."

Harry tried to stay still as she finished with his face, she placed the rag in the water to wash the soap away and cleaned the soup off his face. She did this all over his body making him squirm and giggle much to the girl's joy.

She picked up a shampoo bottle and poured some in her hand before starting to massage it into his hair and scalp.

Gwen whistled as she worked on cleaning the little boy's wounds. She was happy. He was almost clean.

"All right, your hair's nice and clean...Now to wash the rest of you..." She frowned.

"I-I can do it..." Harry said. Gwen blinked.

"You know what to do?"

"M-Move the soap on my body...?"

She nodded at him. "that's right, you also take the cloth and move it on your body." She spoke softly.

Harry nodded and took the soap and the cloth and started to mimic what she was doing. Gwen leaned back with a small pout. She was enjoying washing him.

He dabbed the cloth into the water and washed over his scars wincing slightly as the fabric got caught on a few.

Gwen frowned softly at him. 'He's been hurt more than I am. And that's saying something.' She thought with a shake of the head. When he looked done she gave him a smile and lifted him from the tub and placed him down on the ground. She handed him a towel. "You know what to do with this?" she asked him.

He nodded as he grabbed the towel around himself and cooed at how warm and fluffy it was. Gwen giggled at him an decided to help him a little as she started to rub him dry, when she got to his sides he started to giggle lightly.

"That tickles." He said. Gwen smirked.

"Oh yeah?" She asked. "Then how about THIS?!" She began to tickle the little boy relentlessly. He laughed and laughed. It was a great sound. Soon enough, she stopped and smiled at his pouting face. "I really like your laugh." He blinked.

"Oh...I...I can try to do it more then."

"Aw, that's so thoughtful of you." Gwen replied with a smile.

She lifted the smiling and blushing boy up and headed to the bedroom. She smiled down at him and looked around and smiled at the bear that was lying on her pillow. She walked over to it and laid him down, she grabbed the covers and pulled them up to his chin while tossing the towel to the side.

She picked up his bear and handed it to him which he took and nuzzled it with a content smile. She sat down on the corner of the bed and ran her hand through his hair. "Get some sleep okay." She said softy.

Harry gave her a slight nod, "Can…can you tell me some stories…?"

Gwen smiled down at him. She crawled into bed and lifted him up gently so he was lying in her lap. "I did promise you huh?" she said.

She smirked down at him and ran her fingers through his hair. "Well, there was a time when I fought a dude with wings…"

She talked for around an hour about her many adventures. "Then I leaped from the building web zipped the robber and delivered the jewels back to the bank. All and all a good day I tell-"

She looked down and felt an intense warmth pass over her. Little Harry had fallen asleep with a smile on his face.

She smiled and yawned. "I could use some sleep too, actually..." She said. Wordlessly, she climbed into bed next to the little boy.

The young woman smiled as he pressed himself closer to her. 'Aww...' She thought.

She pressed her lips against his forehead. "Night, Harry..." She whispered.

"Night…mommy." He mumbled back.

Her eyes go wide and as she gasps in shock. She feels her heart beating fast and an intense warmth overwhelm her. "Mommy?" she asked quietly only to see the gentle rise and fall of his chest.

She gives him her warmest smile and pressed her lips on the side of his head lingering there. "Mommy it is then." She whispered to him before closing her eyes with a blissful smile on her face drifting into the realm of dreams.