In this Galileo looks back on how much his life had changed starting from the night of the Rhapsody. I don't own We Will Rock You.

I was singing on stage with Scara killing it on the guitar, we were inside the ruins of the old Wembley stadium. The crowd of recently freed former Gaga kids began to crowd the floor in front of the stage. They were still in their bright pastel shaded plastic clothing, they were newly freed so I let it slide. My mic in my hand, I had nothing to do apart from absorb the applause from the growing crowd. I bowed smiling, the others joined Scara, Pop and I on stage. We sung a few more songs and with a smile and wave we left the stage I had my arm around Scara's waist. As we headed back to the Heartbreak Hotel the night was closing in fast. The evening star was blossoming in the inky sky. I had a lot to think about so much had changed in such a short amount of time. We partied till the early hours of the morning, staggering to bed drunk as heck with the knowledge that I was gonna wake up with a huge hangover. It was a small price to pay for me, I had started this journey as a high school no one with little purpose in my life and hearing voices and tunes in my head. All that was turned on its head the day I met Scara in the Globe hospital after having trackers implanted into the backs of our necks. The next morning, I woke up with a huge headache, hungover from the drink, while Scara vented her anger about it, but she was unable to stay angry about it. She leaves to let me rest I guess. I was still buzzing from last night.A few moments later, she came back in with two small white tablets and a small glass of water. She set them down next to the bed.

"Painkillers Gazza, Pop got them down for you." She laves me, I slowly stood up picking up my clothes from the floor I got dressed, I stagger to the bar where breakfast was waiting. I became lost in thought as I ate.

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