This chapter will have a time jump of one year. I don't own We Will Rock You. All copyright is held by Queen theatrical productions Ltd.

A year had passed since Scara had Taylor, the little one was now wearing an warn out Queen t-shirt at least 19 sizes too big for her it was being held in place by a thin black leather belt. Her mother was picking her daughter's toys up for what was the tenth time. Scara was carrying the toddler in her right arm, she had fallen asleep in her father's lap, she was growing to fast for Gaz and Scara's liking. It would be all too soon that Taylor would be too big to sit in ethers of their laps let alone be carried around like this. Scara was carefully placing the toddler in her cot in hers and Gaz's bedroom.

She looks down at the sleeping, girl with a smile. She walks away.

10 years later. Gaz's point of view.

It's Tayler's tenth birthday today. Where did the time go? I'm proud of my little girl. She's showing signs of inheriting a lot off me. The dreams, hearing music, playing instruments. Time had flown too fast for me and my wife. With a smile I walk away from the light and music that was being blared from a nearby jukebox. My emotions too much for me to bare I let them loose the only way I could.

The opening bars of the show must go on, begins to fall out of Gaz's mouth.