Chapter 2: The Labs Secrets!

We all ran down the iron corridor as our captors pursued us. Eventually we saw the end up ahead.

"A door!" Sanji cried, kicking it open, and we all charged in...only to stop and stare.

The room we were in could only be likened to a nursery, with rainbows and blue skies painted across the walls. The weird thing though, was that there were GIANT CHILDREN. All wearing white shirts and shorts, and all in different sizes.

"Giant...children!?" Sanji voiced my thoughts.

"There's nothing but kids everywhere! What is this place?" Franky gasped.

"Is it supposed to be some kind of day-care?" I could only assume.

"Who are they!?" A giant blonde boy asked.

"I've never seen them before!" An equally giant dark haired girl exclaimed.

"Look! One of them's a robot!" All of the boys instantly began oggling Franky with sparkling eyes.

"Are they the frozen people? Did they run away?" The girl asked, whilst the boys cheered 'Robot' repeatedly.

"You sure seem popular with the boys." Sanji observed.

"What did they mean about 'frozen people'?" Nami wondered.

"Are they giant kids? Is this an island of giants?" Franky thought aloud.

"But they're all in different sizes." I pointed out, before realising what I just said. "Sorry, I didn't mean to offend you guys." They just continued to marvel us.

"That guy has a cool scar!" One of them spoke of me.

"That one has curly eyebrows!" Another pointed at Sanji.

"Urusai, brats!" Sanji shouted, making me hit him over the head.

"Don't talk to children like that!" I yelled.

"Younglings!" The samurai head interrupted us. "Have you seen a child by the name of Momonosuke!? A healthy young boy!"

Well at that they all freaked out. "Aaaaaahhhhhhh! A talking head!"

"Why'd you have to open your fat mouth!? Now we can't ask them anything!" Sanji raged.

"Guys, it looks like they're still after us! We'd better keep moving!" Nami told us.

With the kids running around scared and the head screaming non-stop, everything was in full panic mode as those guys in hazmat suits from the Sunny appeared in the door.

"Hey, Mr. Robot!" The giant blonde boy spoke to Franky. "Did you come from outside the island?"

"Sure thing, I did! But actually, I'm a cyborg." Franky responded.

"Have you got a boat?" He persisted.

"Have we ever!" Frankt grinned. "The Sunny is the finest-"

"Save us!" The boy interrupted him with a pleading voice.

"Save you?" I gasped along with my other nakama. "What do you mean?"

"We're not feeling sick anymore! We feel fine!" The girl said.

"Please! We don't want to be here anymore!" They begged.

"We just want to go home! Please, help us!" The girl cried.

'Sick? Wanting to go home?' I thought. 'What is this place?'

"Alright! That's enough, children! You don't want to talk to those scary people!" One of our pursuers said. "Come over here whilst we put those nasty people to sleep! We can't fire our smoke cannons whilst you're all standing over there!"

"Cannons!? Aaaahhh!" The children panicked.

"What's going on here!?" I yelled at them. "Why are these children here!? Are you keeping them against their will!?"

"That's none of your business!" The leader shouted. "We're taking care of these children!"

"Y...You're gonna help us, right!?" The giant girl sobbed. "I've never been out of this building, but I know what's outside! There's nothing on this island, right!? No towns, and no people! Nobody's ever going to come for us! I want to see my mummy and daddy again!"

'They're very aware, despite being children...' I thought quickly. 'Alright then, I choose to trust them!'

"Hey! Children!" I yelled. "Come with us! We're all gonna get out of here!"

"Ellix!?" Chopper screamed.

"What are you thinking, V-Face!?" V-Face? That's a new one, Sanji. "We haven't got time for this! You think you can just say all these kids are coming with us now!?"

"You expect me to ignore young children when they need help? No way! I won't do that!" I shouted.

"I agree with Ellix!" Nami backed me up. "Let's save these children!"

"You, too, Nami-san!? We don't have any reason to! They themselves said they were sick! This could be some kind of hospital!" Sanji said. "We've only just met these children! We don't know who they are or why they're here! We're not some kind of charity, y'know!"

"I-I know that, but..." She put on a stern face. "How am I supposed to turn my back, on children who are crying for help!?"

'God, I love this woman.' I thought.

"Forget the kids! Just take 'em down!" They pointed their cannons towards us.

"Soru!" I dashed over to one of them. "Shigan Neiji!" I twisted my arm as I stabbed him with my finger, launching a drill-like piercing into his stomach and sending him flying back.

"Collier Strike!" Sanji shouted as he kicked another.

"Kung-Fu Point!" Chopper bulked up and uppercutted a third.

"Strong Right!" Franky punched the final one with his cyborg fist.

"Hey! Glad to see your with me!" I smirked.

"Quiet, Beanpole. I'm doing this because of Nami-san's beautiful words." The cook told me. "Chopper, you go on ahead and help Nami!"

"Right! Hiyah!" Chopper cried as he backflipped back.

"All of you! Follow the lady and the plushie! We'll handle things here!" I told them.

"Thanks, scar guy! You too, curly eyebrow guy!" They thanked us.

"Urusai, you little brats! I hate you for putting Nami-san in danger!" Sanji shouted.

"They're not brats!" I said. "They were stating the obvious!"

"Out of our way!" Our enemies took aim at us again.

"Rankyaku Igama!" I stood on one arm and swung my leg, throwing a curving slashing wind that sliced through all of the front troops, making them fall back with a cry of pain.

"Weapons Left!" Franky cried as he fired bullets from his left knuckles. "Ahahahaha! SUUUUUPEEEEER!"

"'s like their entire bodies are weapons! No wonder they were able to break down the door!" They gasped. "Switch to poison gas grenades! The children aren't here anymore!"

Sanji, however, interrupted him by giving an upwards kick, knocking his gas mask off. "Then why don't you take off your masks, and join in the fun, eh?" He then proceeded to kick off all the masks and tanks to reveal...huh?

"Our air tanks and masks are out of action! Don't fire the gas grenades!" They all had curly hair, and horns. Curly horns, sticking out of their heads.

"Huh!? What are these people? Sheep?" Sanji wondered.

"Are they supposed to be satyrs?" I wondered.

"Whatever! We don't care!" The both of us yelled together as we attacked them.

"Shigan Oren Dangan!" I shot multiple air bullets from my right forefinger, piercing several of them.

"Mutton Shot!" Sanji kicked one, knocking them into the others like bowling pins.

"Let's destroy this doorway before anymore can get in!" I said. "Rankyaku!"

"Franky Rocket Launcher!" Franky's shoulder missiles and my air wave destroyed the area above the doorway, causing rubble to block the entrance.

"Alright! That's enough! The path is blocked!" Sanji said. "Now let's get moving! I think I just heard a different cry of fear! I think Nami-san might be wanting to confess her love to me!"

"Screw you, Sanji!" I shouted, flipping him off.

"Seriously though, what's up with these guys?" Franky thought aloud, pulling one off them out of their suits only to find that their lower half was that of a sheep. "Creatures like this are only meant to exist in legends."

"There's just too much going on on this island." I spoke to myself as Sanji and the head argued. "Giant children, half animal humans, a disembodied samurai head...and we've seen Skypeians and zombies! Ugh...we need to catch up with Nami, Chopper and the children."

"Oh boys seem to be busy." An unfamiliar voice spoke.

"Who said that!?" Franky gasped, as we all turned towards the rubble.

A black slime seemed to be oozing through the cracks in the rubble, pooling into the room. "You must be awfully strong to do so much damage, I like that in a man."

Then it, slowly rose up, and began to take shape, until a figure was standing before us. She had pale white skin and a curvaceous body, clothed in a long-sleeved black leather top with the zip deliberately undone to show off cleavage, along with skinny black leather trousers and pointed black shoes with matching gloves. She had sharp green eyes and long, straight dark blue hair that stretched down then curved out with a lot of volume.

"A pleasure to meet you all." She spoke. "My name is Penni Wilde. 'Black Heart' to be precise, with a bounty of 280,000,000."

"The pleasure is all mine!" Sanji cooed with hearts for eyes. "Dear black heart, let me be your matching, shining whiteness!"

"How disgraceful!" The head shouted. "More importantly, this woman ALSO has no modesty!...Not that I am complaining!"

"Get back, both of you." I said as I pulled Sanji back by the shoulder. "Who are you? Your the first person we've seen here who isn't wearing a suit or a child. Are you the boss here?"

"Oh, I'm the boss of a lot of things, darling. But unfortunately not around here." She said in a creepily sexual voice. It was uncomfortable.

"You can be the boss of me!" Sanji cried.

"Quiet, you!" I shouted at him with shark teeth, before turning back to her with a serious expression. "What's your purpose here then?"

"Why, I'm just on a little trip." Penni smiled. "The cold is great for the skin, don't you know?"

"Stop with the hedging." I strongly affirmed. "What's going on in this building? Do you know where our nakama are?"

"There's more of you?" She twirled a strand of her hair inbetween her fingers. "How positively delightful."

I narrowed my eyes, before looking over my shoulder. "Franky, take Sanji and go catch up with the others. He's not gonna be much use in this situation."

"You sure?" He asked as he slung the perv over his shoulder.

"I'll catch up! Go!" I told him.

"Gotcha!" He nodded as he ran off.

"Your leaving us alone together? How romantic." Penni smiled.

"There were children in this room, crying about not being able to see their parents. And prior to that we recieved a distress call, someone begging for help from a samurai whose head we found detached from his body!" I narrowed my eyes. "Now tell me, what do you know?"

She tilted her head at me and pouted her lips. "Awww, don't be like that, darling." She then giggled. "There are some things a guy shouldn't be asking'll get them in trouble."

"I know the feeling." I muttered. "What are you hiding?"

She giggled again. "Such a demanding man, so feisty!" She gave me a dark look. "How abou this? Let's play afun little game together, big boy. You win, I tell you something nice."

"And if I lose?" I questioned.

Penni smiled. "Your all mine, sexy."


"Captain Smoker!" A voice yelled. "Will the Instructor be alright on his own!?"

A Marine ship with G-5 written on it was sailing through a crevice of ice, on its way to Punk Hazard. Aboard this ship was a group of Marines known as G-5, one of the most horrible group of Marines, who delighted in poor behaviour and horrible means of entertainment involving torturing pirates. Currently captaining this group was Vice-Admiral Smoker, whilst the Vice Captain was Captain Tashigi, both having been promoted after two years. The current G-5 Instructor, always feared for beating down the crew and having to straighten them out, was not present.

"He's more then capable." Smoker said, two cigarettes hanging out of his mouth.

"Just because the Instructor isn't present doesn't give you the right to return to your horrible behaviour!" Tashigi reminded them as they started partying.

Smoker, meanwhile, narrowed his eyes. "Something is definitely happening on this island...find it out. Brother."

At the same time, a man was walking through the snow, seemingly unaffected by the cold. He had sharp facial features and cold, grey eyes, with slicked back black hair with red highlights, that spiked out at the back of his neck. He wore a Vice-Admiral Marine coat over a black rider jacket with chains hanging out from the stomach pockets, and a red tribal flame design across it, along with baggy green trousers and black biker zip-up boots. Around his waist he wore a belt of cigarettes, one of which was in his mouth, as he literally chomped it down like a carrot.

"And when the cold wind blows...the fire of redemption shall burn...and when the black rain falls...the flames of justice shall grow." Vice-Admiral Ash sang.

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