Several minutes after their tender kissing moment, Oona and Nonny's picnic was done.

"Well, I think it's time to clean up," Nonny remarked.

"Here, I'll do it," Oona says as she stands up.

"No, no. You sit and I'll clean up," Nonny insists.

"Nonny, please, you've done enough. You organized this picnic to begin with, so the least I can do is clean up," Oona claims.

"Very well. You can clean up," Nonny says.

Oona picks up all the plastic bags and foil. She swims to a nearby garbage can and dumps the trash in there. She goes back to the blanket.

"The cans…should I throw them in the trash or recycle them?" Oona asks as she picks up one of the cans of Mountain Dew.

"That's up to you. I don't recycle, but if you want to, you certainly can," Nonny says.

Oona picks up all the Mountain Dew cans and swims toward the trash cans. However, instead of throwing them in the garbage, she actually recycled them.

"She's the sweetest thing," Nonny remarks as he sees Oona toss the cans in the recycling bin.

She makes her way back to the blanket.

"My mom wants me to call her once the picnic's over," Oona says.

"Ok then, you can use my cell phone. And when you're done, I'll call my mom too," Nonny says as he hands Oona his cell phone.

Oona dials her home phone number and puts the phone to her ear.

"Hello? Hi, mama, the picnic is over. You say you'll be here in 15 minutes? Ok then. See you in a bit. Bye-bye," Oona hangs up and gives Nonny back his cell phone.

Nonny calls his home phone too, and John answers.

"Hey John. I'm ready to come home now. Mama's at work? I thought she was off today. Uh huh. So Papa just came home? So he's picking me up instead? Ok, I'll see him then. Bye, see you at home," Nonny hangs up the phone.

15 minutes later, both Oona's mother and Nonny's father pull up and honk. John gets out of his father's car.

"Hey, did you two have fun?" John greets them.

"We sure did John," Oona says aa she holds Nonny's hand.

"Well, I'll just take the blanket and cooler. Bye Oona, hopefully I'll see you around," John says as he picks up all the stuff and heads to the car.

Nonny and Oona both grab each other's hands.

"This was a wonderful day Oona," Nonny mutters in a smooth tone of voice.

"Yes it was. I'm glad I got to spend it with you," Oona whispers tenderly.

"Goodbye Oona. I love you my angel, my darling."

"Goodbye Nonny. I love you my knight, my prince."

The two guppies kiss each other on the lips and head to their cars, hoping that they'd have another perfect day like this again.