Chapter Eight: A Dragon's Lullaby

As the trio streaked their way across the skies of Fiore towards Clover Town, Natsu glanced to the side to see Mira giving Master Bob of Blue Pegasus the rundown on what is heading their way. Meanwhile, he glances down at the blushing bluenette curled up in his arms. {We need to do some serious training, Levy. Between expanding your magical container so exquipping that many books doesn't exhaust you, to training you on the Dragon Script, and even some unarmed fighting, we've got our work cut out for us.} He paused as he began to think harder, {Is there a magic where you can get what's in your books without carrying the books? If so, learning that might be a higher priority to the exquip thing. I mean, still a priority because it came in handy today, but if you can start with as little as possible in your dimensional store, that would be all the better.}

Levy smiled approvingly, "There is, actually. Archive Magic. I think one of the Blue Pegasus guys knows it. We can ask Master Bob after this is all over if we can borrow any tomes." She tapped her lip in thought, "I don't think I could have held the flight under my own power this long anyway. They are hugely draining. Although, I wonder if I can imbue items with the dragon script to enchant them for that purpose. Like a coat that becomes wings."

Natsu nodded excited by the potential, {Maybe some gauntlets to pack a bigger punch.} He tilted his head, {Gotta make some of those for you too. Maybe build your light pen into the glove so you can draw with your finger tip. Free up your hand to make a fist.}

She grinned as she nestled in a bit closer to shield herself from the wind, her mind afire with the possibilities. Mira drifted closer, her focus no longer on her communication lacrima, "Master Bob has informed the rest of the masters. Provided nobody does anything stupid, they should be able to take care of Eisenwald if they get there before we do. Otherwise, we're up."

Levy gave a thumbs up and Natsu grinned, "Did they send anyone to spring Erza and the rest?"

Mirajane, the Demon of Fairy Tail, grimaced and closed her eyes, "Yes. Gildarts is going to try to break it. They tried to get Mystogan, but that guy just can't seem to sit still long enough for contact."

Levy stared incredulously as Natsu laughed, "Break the enchantment or the town?!"

Mira shrugged helplessly as she scanned the terrain before them, "Either? Both? We should be coming up on the tracks soon, and we can follow those to Clover."

Levy nodded and carefully put a pair of glasses on, "I have these keyed for distance. I'll keep an eye out for anything odd and yell out if we need to detour."

Natsu grinned at her and they arced towards the tracks and Clover Town.


The fire dragon slayer had felt a tug on his vest and looked down to see Levy pointing off towards the west. "There! Someone is moving through the air at high speed down the track. We should catch them before they reach Clover." The group shot at an upward angle, much to the consternation of Levy and confusion of MIrajane, "What are you doing?! He's down that way!"

He gave a heart stopping grin and winked, {Trust me, this will be awesome. Just… don't scream.}

"Don't screa..NATS-" Her words were cut off by his hand as he flipped into a foot first dive aimed at the figure's back.


"Ah… soon those bastard Masters will feel regret for an instant before Lullaby claims their-" His words were cut off by unimaginable pain emanating from his back as he plowed face first into the track. Trembling and bleeding profusely, scarcely able to stand, Erigor turned to face his attacker, "Who… Who dares?" He spat blood upon the ground, the air beginning to swirl around him. His eyes widen at the spectacle before him, a pink haired figure with red scales and claws with flaming wings accompanied by a petite blue haired girl armed with a pen. "And what the hell are you two supposed to be?"

His attention was torn as a blast impacted his severely damaged back, "Three."

He turned and paled to see the dreaded Demon Mirajane. "No…" The wind picked up and thrashed violently at the Fairy Tail Trio. He tried to take to the sky, but his body would not hold up to the shifting air pressure. Settling for blasting at his foes while drawing the flute, he set to his task causing them to shift and side step.


"Yes, Mira?" She dodged a blade of air.

"You can create air right?"

"Sure, but that doesn't seem to be a problem with him." She panted, irritated at how Natsu is passively watching the two ladies handle the nearly crippled mage.

"Can you create a vacuum?"

Levy paused, ducking slightly. "Theoretically? Yes, but outside it's not practical. If it were in a sealed room, yeah. Out here the air would just fill in the gaps."

"Foo." Mira pouted. "EVIL EXPLOSION!" She then cast her signature attack at the mostly stationary mage, blasting him into the air once more.

The bluenette eyed Erigor's trajectory and with a few scribbles of her light pen created bindings with tightly interlocking letters as well as a hole for him to land in. "That's him. Mira, snag the flute while I go ask Natsu what the big deal is."

Smiling gently, Mira turned to her task humming as the Levy stalked towards the smiling Natsu, "Alright. What gives? You kicked him to the ground and then just.. stood there?"

Natsu shrugged, "I needed to see how you two fought. Mira hadn't been on mission since Lisanna, and you are an unknown quantity magic wise. We had some ideas on the way here, but I don't know what you can do right now. SO, I busted the crap out of him and let you mop him up."

Pointing a finger in his face, Levy's cheeks puffed up in outrage before she opened her mouth and stopped, "That… is smart. Well, we got the flute. Now we should just..." Her words cut off as they were interrupted by Mira's yelling.


The duo rushed to her side to see chains of black energy lashing out from her hand, drawing the flute closer and binding it, {What's going on?!}

Mira looked at Natsu incredulously, "DO I LOOK LIKE I KNOW?! This isn't how a takeover works… it…" Her sapphire eyes fade to black as she fell to the ground, flute clutched tightly in her hand.


Mira opened her eyes with a start and looked around the familiar room and blinked at the sight before her. Halphas, Sitri, and the Nameless stood beside her in awe at the spectacle before them. A massive monstrous wooden form struggled fiercely against shadowy chains lashed around it, blocking the holes in the demon's body. Mira's eyes followed the chains to the mysterious coffin labeled E.N.D.

Sitri looked at Mira, "You didn't say anything about fighting an Etherious!"

The demon bartender glared at her demon soul, "I didn't know. I don't even know what an Etherious is!"

Wiping his face, Sitri let out a shuddering sigh, "The Etherious are demons created by Zeref. They are among the strongest of us. Whatever that E.N.D. is, it is subduing the Demon Lullaby."

They watched the progress as Lullaby was pulled inexorably closer until with a sharp jerk, a cloud of dark energies was wrested from its struggling form and was drawn into the coffin. The demon looked around in confusion until it had locked eyes with Mira. It cocked its head and a questioning trill of music was heard. Mira smiled and nodded causing the flute demon to settle down with an almost jaunty tune.

Unseen by the distracted occupants of Mira's mind, a small crack formed in one of the coffin's bindings.

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