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Chapter 1: Letter From the 10th

Hermione Granger huffed in annoyance. Before the beginning of fifth year she was hoping that she would at least have some quite year this time around since it's going to be their OWLs year. But she didn't know how wrong she was. School had started more than a month now and Umbridge couldn't teach DADA and she and her bloody posse aka the High Inquisitor are busy trying to take over the school. Dumbledore seems to have abandoned them to the mercy of the toad and her posse which make Hermione feels that she wanted to rip that long beard and knit it into a pair of socks.

Hermione just finished doing her round before retiring back to Gryffindor Common Room. Ron had gone somewhere doing who-know-what, abusing his duty as prefect, and this time around Hermione doesn't give a damn about him because his attitudes last year really got Hermione so damn irritated and since then her friendship with him slightly falter. But she still treated him as friend nonetheless. But not at the moment because his attitude starting this year had really angered her especially when he started to take his study and position as prefect for granted and also started to treat her as his homework slave.

Harry, however, is often brooding somewhere, him and his current mood swings and Hermione could swear that sometime it was much worse than girl in her period. But she couldn't blame him for it, the event and incident last year really took a toll on him. Hermione had no idea what she should do with both of her best friends. And today her mood slightly faltered because she almost had a run with Draco and Pansy who were patrolling on the hallway near the Great Hall. The two Slytherins were walking around arrogantly as if they owned Hogwarts.

Hermione entered the Common Room and went straight to her favourite couch. Apparently Harry was there and he is still brooding because majority of the students still did not believe him. Ron was playing chess with Dean and Seamus with Neville watching them. Ginny was doing her homework with her classmates.

"Hey Harry," Hermione greeted him, snapped him out of his stupor. Harry just gave her a nod but remained silent. Hermione just simply let it passed; she doesn't want to push Harry around, knowing that he would eventually talk to her sooner or later.

Hermione sits next to him and take out a letter that she had received earlier but didn't have the time to read since they were pretty busy with packed schedule and later her prefect duty. She stared at the envelope, the handwriting seems quite familiar but she couldn't recall to whom the handwriting belongs to. She tore the envelope and took out the letter and began reading and almost let out a big gasp that startled most of those around her, especially Harry. She quickly folded back her letter and almost makes a run to her dormitory when Harry and eventually Ron stopped her, he surely fast on his feet.

"Hermione, what's the matter?" Harry asked as he looked concerned while Ron gave her a weird look.

"Nothing, really, it's nothing to worry about," Hermione assured them though Harry looked at her sceptically.

"Are you sure?" Harry asked again. Hermione simply nodded and gave him a reassuring smile. Harry looked at her and understands that she needs some privacy to read her letter.

Ron, however, doesn't.

"Hermione, what is it? Show me," The redhead demanded. Both Harry and Hermione turned and glared at him. Lately, Ron's negative attitudes had pretty much annoyed them that sometimes they wanted to hex him into next week back and forth. They are tired of his demanding, jealousy, insensitively and lack of understanding especially when things didn't go his way and moreover they truly hated it when he tended to put his foot into his mouth, sometimes quite severely without ever consulting his brain.

"It's nothing, Ronald," Hermione replied fumed at the redhead.

"Sure there's something that you could tell us," Ron responded obliviously, making Harry wanted to deck the redhead idiot with something or anything.

"There's nothing to tell about Ronald, this is private matter," Hermione responded as she gritted her teeth with anger. Ron is a good friend but he had no sense of privacy or shame, thinking that he had the right to poke his nose into things that wasn't his.

"Sure you can, just give me that letter," Ron said as he tried to snatch the letter from Hermione's hand, but she was quicker than him as she moved away from Ron. The redhead glared at his female friend as he tried again to take the letter from her. He's really curious about what is written in the letter.

"What the hell is your problem Ronald, this is my letter not yours so back off," Hermione snapped angrily as she manoeuvred away from him. But apparently Ronald doesn't seem to understand.

"Bloody hell Mione, just give me the bloody letter," Ron snapped back as he tried to grab the letter again, but this time he came face to face with a wand. Harry was seething with anger while Hermione looked at him with concern.

"What is your fucking problem Ron? That is her letter so it meant private, unless she wants to share the content with us that's her own choice, so for now you back off," Harry shouted, he's getting pretty much annoyed with Ron right now. Everyone at the Common Room stopped at what they are currently doing and watched the scene with shocked and some even whispered to each other, mostly everything negative especially about Harry. Though, some of them included the twins completely agreed with Harry, Ron had no right to force Hermione to hand over her letter, who the hell Ron thinks he is to read someone's letter without his or her consent.

"Come on mate, surely you too want to know what's in the letter," Ron barked, that is until Ginny hexed him with her Bat Bogey Hex. Ron yelped loudly, cursing at his sister as the twins dragged him away from Harry and Hermione with the promising of making him their target for their pranks. Both Harry and Hermione nodded and thanked the twins and Ginny as Hermione went to her dormitory and Harry went to his. They were glad that the twins and Ginny are very much understanding of their situation and still good friends to them, unlike Ron. Seems that since last year, Ron had been seethed with jealousy and insensitivity since Harry was chosen as champion during the Triwizard Tournament and later after them finding out about Harry fortune and wealth especially being the sole Potter heir whom had inherited large fortunes. And since that day Ron often used his 'I'm just a poor Weasley' card when things didn't go his way.


In her dormitory, Hermione quickly jumped on her four-poster bed and pulled the curtain around her bed and throw both the locking and silencing charms around her bed. She took out the letter and there, on the top of the letterhead is a Dying Will Flame. Hermione smiled. Very typical for this person to sent her a letter using the Vongola official letter, despite it was just to say hi and all and had nothing to do with any official or unofficial business.

As Hermione began to read, she heard a commotion outside the dormitory. It seems that the girls and some of the boys are yelling at Ron over something and she also heard that someone threatened Ron that he would report to McGonogall in regard of him neglected his duty as prefect. Apparently ever since Ron had became a prefect he had becomes such pain in the arse towards almost everyone in Gryffindor especially on her and Harry and sometimes to his own siblings. He didn't realise that he had apparently channelled Percy in his own way. Hermione is usually a rule-abiding girl, but for this time around she just let the twins do whatever they want with Ron. Ron may be her friends, but George and Fred are his brothers, so who she is to interfere into family 'business'.

Ignoring them, Hermione continues to read the letter in her hand.

'Dear baby cousin,'

Hermione rolled her eyes at this and snorted. Between her and this person, the gap between their age are not that big, just a year or two, and since she's already turned sixteen less than two weeks ago doesn't make her a baby at all.

'How are you? Hope that you are doing fine. How school treated you this time around? Hopefully not much of a trouble compared to last year I hope. Surely it's a shock for you to find out that I've written to you for the first time. Yeah Reborn made me and kind of threatened to write this because as he would say "it's time to improve your writing skills", as if'.

Hermione almost laughed reading that, he surely is needs to improve his writing skills, but so far he had done pretty well. Bet that Reborn had really trained him especially now that he's a boss and head of family.

'Anyway back to business' Hermione raise her eyebrow 'we've heard from your parents, apparently there are too many things you didn't tell us about regarding your school, apart from your school being a school for gifted students like you and about you being friend to two boys named Harry and a redhead idiot named Ron – your own word.'

Hermione begins to feel her heart beaten fast and her mind seemed staggered for a while, this is not good. Not good at all.

'And from what we had heard from your parents (don't blame them), since your first year you and your friends had been dealing with many, many problems and troubles at your school. Apparently your friend Harry (according to your parents) is a troubles magnet, or more of troubles always found him, which what you had told them, right?'

Oh dear. Hermione can imagine what his reaction was when he found out and when he wrote this letter.

'The reason I'm writing this letter to you is to inform you that we are coming to your school let's say in a couple of week or maybe earlier. When I said we it means all of us, well with the exceptional of a few who couldn't come. So be prepared and don't even try to give us excuse for not wanting us to come there and I don't give a damn about that whatever secrecy is. Even right now most of us are pretty excited of this and should I say that they could not wait to go and visit you. Did I tell you that everyone missed you so much, and that's, of course, including me.'

Hermione paled and wanted to faint, this is not happening. This can't be good, and she could already smell trouble. If they come here, they are going to destroy Hogwarts, well mostly the bigots' one like Malfoy, Umbridge…suddenly Hermione had some sort of epiphany, this may be a good news as well. If they do come, well they would definitely, then that toad Umbridge and her Inquisitors are in deep shit of course. They may be muggles, but they are not an ordinary muggles. But then, is that even possible since Hogwarts is a magical school. And although they knew of her being a witch, but how it is possible for her to brings them here?

She is having a severe headache for this. And not forgetting of what Harry's reaction would be if he find out. Should she tells him, she know she won't tells Ron because he can't keep his mouth shut and she don't trust him with secret and he is currently the Gryffindor version of Malfoy, despite being part of the light family, he's pretty bias when it comes to muggle and all.

'By the way, how's training? Hope that you won't forget about that, Reborn told me that he would want to test your fighting skill next time he sees you. Anyway hope to hear from you pretty soon. We will let you know when we arrive. Take care and miss you so much. Can't wait to see you soon.



Oh bloody hell.

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