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Chapter 10: Spartans Unleashed: Home Tutors From Hell

Silent. Everything's seems so quiet and awkward. Well, not entirely.

Not while the rest of these strange muggles aka deadly Mafias are somewhat happily chatting and probably arguing among each other.

Harry and Blaise sat on the couch, in the guest's common room, both looking so lost. They just sat there, minds completely blank and decided to tune off those 'happily chats' that happened around them. They are hoping to leave and go back to their own common rooms, but they do not want to deal with an angry Hermione later for leaving her behind.

Hermione, on the other hand, is still inside the bedroom with that new infant, Colo…something, whatever his name was. And who happens to be her godfather. 'GODFATHER!' And they had been inside the room for quite a while.

Well, that's 'quite a while' seems longer in Harry's mind. The Gryffindor in him wanted to burst inside that room and listens to whatever conversation they had. Personal or not. But Harry knew that the infant would probably killed him. This got Harry shuddered to think of his death caused by an infant. A deadly infant, who talks like an adult, acted like an adult, and heck even his goddaughter is a teenage witch.

What's the world has come into?

Harry don't know what to think of anymore. Things are so weird with these muggles, something that he couldn't even contemplates logically, and that's Hermione's job to think of something logical, not his. And although he had been knowing them for days, weeks probably, Harry still found it hard to believes the strangeness of these muggles. But then, he's currently residing in Hogwarts, a magical school here in a Wizarding Britain, and he had seen many strange things happened around him after he found out that he was a wizard.

'Bloody hypocrite.' Harry chided himself in his thought.

And yet, he couldn't even voice it out, since these weird muggles are happened to be her families and friends. And they are a freaking MAFIA. 'Bloody hell.'

Blaise Zabini, on the other hand, just sits there watching them warily. Despite being in their presents lately, he still be aware of them, having heard of what they are capable of. And those infants, he's definitely sure that they are not someone he should be messed with easily, unless he had a death wish. One glare from them was enough to make him wants to run with his tail between his legs. Their auras were strong and scary enough and Blaise was very positive that he could detected that even from afar.

With homework completely forgotten, Harry wanted to escape. He felt so awkward, and he had no idea what to talk about with Zabini. For the last few days he managed to get along with him because of Hermione. And despite that he was still jealous of him because Zabini held a great deal of respect towards Hermione, something that he sometimes had neglected because he thought that just because he was her best friend. Apparently, he realised how wrong he was for treating her like that, and he felt that he had been using her for his own gain.

As Harry contemplates of whether to leave the common room or not to escapes the current awkwardness surrounded them, the door of the bedroom opened. Hermione walked out, with the infant held in her arms. The rest of the activities around them stopped, as if they anticipated that something would happen, especially with the arrival of that godfather in her arms.

Hermione didn't look well, moreover she looked shock and her face slightly pale. Harry is worried. And so is Blaise.

"Well?" Reborn asked. Everyone had their eyes focused on the witch and the infant in her arms.

"Do I have too?" Hermione asked softly, she was still shocked, as if she was told of something bad or unpleasant.

"Well, we're all believes that it is almost time for you to step up and take your rightful place, and this will be the first in our family and organisation," Tsuna spoke.

Hermione looked at him and almost pouted, it is cute if not of the matter that she's currently facing.

"Don't you have anyone else that is more suitable, someone with more experience?" Hermione asked as if she's wondered if there's a way out.

"No Hermione, you are the first and one of a kind, you'll be the liaison between us and this world, and we need you to be the leader for this," Reborn spoke, the infant was very serious.

Harry and Blaise looked at each other and they're more lost than ever. What is happening right now, and moreover, what are they'd been talking about?

"Why don't you go back to your tower and get some rest, I know it's difficult for you to think about it right now, but don't take too long, we will start your practice soon enough," Colonello spoke firmly as Hermione placed him down on a couch and sat next to him. The teenage witch could only nod, took her bag and leave.

Harry and Blaise just briefly nodded before they left, following Hermione from behind. And they still haven't got the answers to the questions that had been playing in their minds.

A few of days later

Hermione had never been so tired in her life, classes were packed for the day and her prefect duty that would follows later, and but to top all of that was that discussion she had with Colonello few days ago. Why her, why not anyone else, sure it is still part of Vongola, but still. Despite her confident in her own achievement, being leader is the one thing that she's most dreadful of, she's not Harry Potter for goodness sake. But then, it's her duty and she can't escape.

But the one thing that she was grateful of, classes are back in normal. Well, apart from Potion, that is, Snape is still Snape nonetheless.

And Colonello had been keeping tabs on Hermione's education very seriously, which made most of the teachers feel intimidated due to his size, and yet glad that someone's really cared about her education and well-being. Though, with the exception of Severus Snape, of course.

Since Madam Toad, as Mukuro would called her, had been admitted to St. Mungo and according to the news that they'd read from the Daily Prophet, the healers couldn't identify the causes of the sudden 'illness' and couldn't detected the causes – potions, spells, curses, etc – of the scary visions she had been spouting, about toads and snakes, tortures and death and life in hell and meeting Death himself. The only things that wasn't being mentioned is the presents of bunch of muggles in Hogwarts. Mukuro, Chrome, Marmon and Dumbledore surely know how to play their cards well.

The Minister is reported sending an auror to investigate and wanted to have access into Hogwarts. But Amelia Bones put her foot down and she had filed some serious cases against Umbridge for having such dangerous artefacts with the purpose to cause serious pain and injury and her defamatory acts against some of the students and teachers in Hogwarts, in which Amelia wanted to bring the cases to the Wizengamot for trial. And with Umbridge gone, Dumbledore had agreed to rehired Remus Lupin back to teach DADA with Nymphadora Tonks as his assistant, and many of the students are very happy to welcome him back to Hogwarts, Harry mostly. Tonks had been a great additional to the school's staff member despite her clumsiness.

The Slytherins were divided, some of them thinks that Lupin is a decent teacher, some others like Malfoy and his goons thinks that Hogwarts should hire a better teacher, someone who supported the pureblood agendas and is not a blood traitor who couldn't even supported himself.

But Harry and the rest of them didn't give a damn about what Malfoy's felt about Remus being reappointed as the DADA teacher, as many of them thought that he was indeed a great teacher as how he taught them two years ago. His secret was safe with them, though he wonders what Remus would think of Hermione's families and friends here in Hogwarts.

Before the arrival of Hermione's Mafia families and friends and when they were still under Umbridge's regime, Hermione was thinking of forming a secret group to learn and practice DADA and hoping that Harry would lead them since he's the best in the subject. But now that idea was buried due to the return of Remus Lupin as the DADA teacher with Tonks as his wonderful, but clumsy assistant.

Severus Snape was not a happy man, that they could deducted easily. Snape had tried to discredit and probably exposed of Lupin's furry problem, but somehow, he was unable to do so, probably because of Dumbledore. And, there's something about those muggles that he cannot get his hand on, but one thing for sure, he did not want to face their wraths because their auras was deadly enough that even his own magic trembled with fear when those auras unleashed.

After being introduced, the Mafias could tell that Remus Lupin is a great teacher and Tonks is a good addition because she is an auror, and Hermione confirmed that Lupin used to be DADA teacher two years prior but resigned due to some difficulty. Hermione didn't tell much, but the rest of them knew that there's something off about that man. And both Lupin and Tonks were quite shocked, but not entirely surprise about the existence of muggles in Hogwarts, thinking that both Sirius and Harry were probably pulling their legs. Sirius had a good laugh when Harry sent him a letter about Hermione's muggle families and friends visited and stayed at Hogwarts for the time being, and Remus thought that he's just went a little crazy about it.

Dumbledore make sure that both Remus and Tonks swear to keep the knowledge of the existence of the muggles being in Hogwarts as secret. Though, the only others that were allowed to know are The Weasleys' parents, Kingsley Shacklebolt and Amelia Bones. Hermione and Harry were quite surprised that despite many of the students had written to their families about her families and friends, somehow the news of them did not actually reached many of these families, especially the bigots. As if there's another force of magic that prevented that. Or probably the magic of Hogwarts itself had prevented that, no one knows.

Despite being muggles, both Reborn and Colonello were quite popular among the witches. Although they are now seldom going out to roam around the school and preferred to spend the time at the Forbidden Forest to prepares the training ground and only appears in Hogwarts on occasionally, some of the witches couldn't helped but to squeals at the sight of the two infants. There were witches who were brave enough to approached Hermione and asked her about those 'babies'. And most were disappointed when those 'babies' decided to avoid them at all cost.

Harry and Blaise were horrified when they found out. If only they know that those two are not the typical 'babies' that they knew.

As Hermione took some rest before going for dinner and later her prefect duty, she was grateful for her families and friends to be here. While Harry, Blaise, the twins and a few others who openly accepted them being here in Hogwarts, the others are either still wary or loathed them, especially the bigots.

The only things that Hermione not entirely looking forward to, and still feeling a little dreadful about it is the upcoming weekend, which just a day away. That's when her training begins.

Looking at her schedules in her diary, she couldn't help but groan.

Training day; Every Saturday and Sunday. Location; the Forbidden Forest. Time; 6:00 in the morning. Tutors; will be announce that day.

And they would say that she's the lucky one.

5:15am, Saturday.

Hermione can't help but groan, she felt dreadful when the day is here. The weekend is here, for her torturous day to come. She turned off the alarm clock that she had set last night before went to bed. To be honest she was too nervous that she didn't get a proper sleep. It's not that she had never been in physical training before, but it was never as intense as this. And this is not just a normal physical training that she used to had, this is a different one, and she can tell that it's going to be nasty.

Getting up from the bed, Hermione gets all the necessity and proper clothes that she wanted to wear, a proper training clothes and some addition training gears that she brought along. After shower and make herself presentable, Hermione left her dormitory and the Gryffindor's common room as she headed towards the guest's tower where she will have breakfast with them before heading out towards the Forbidden Forest.

Upon arriving there at the guest's tower, Hermione noticed that some of the are already in their proper training attires. She wanted to groan loudly, but she did not want to face the wrath of Colonello early in the morning. She then heard a loud smack coming from Tsuna's bedroom, and Reborn's voice booming out telling the baka-Tsuna to wake up, apparently nothing changed much here.

"Morning everyone," Hermione falsely yet cheerful voice greeted them. Some of them smirked and some even snorted, knowing that she was not ready to face the day.

"Good morning, Hermione."


"Good morning, kid, hope you are ready for the day."

"Ah…the princess is here uishishishi."



Hermione could only nod at them, some are very eager to start the day, some just lazing around, some even hovers around the breakfast prepared and so on. And Hermione couldn't even believe that they had already been here for about three weeks now. And she was more than surprises that the news of muggles being in Hogwarts are yet to leak out to the Wizarding Britain and to the Daily Prophet, because she was sure that many of the students had already wrote their parents about this, and she had been wondering why. But then she preferred it that way.

After breakfast, those who are involved in training left the guest's room and headed towards the Forbidden Forest after being cheered by those who remains behind. Hagrid and Fang had been waiting for them at his hut before leading the group inside the Forbidden Forest.

Despite being there several times, Hagrid still insisted that he would be allowed to join due to his knowledge of whatever lurking in the Forbidden Forest, and also, he would love to watch these muggles in action. The last few days had been an exciting thing for him, to see them using some sort of power to transform an open space in the forest as their training ground. He could tell that it was no magic, but the auras were powerful nonetheless.

When arriving there, Hermione can't help but gasped, it was awesome, and she could feel the magic and another unknown power or aura inside her reacted towards it. She had been having this unknown power for as long as she remembered, but somehow it was not as obvious as her magic is. And at some point, she was overwhelmed by both her magic and the unknown power that it had almost suffocated her.

And to her, this unknown power makes her felt calm and warm and helped her to gain some confident, probably why she was quite bossy and a know-it-all, but she was confident nonetheless, except that she was awkward at the same time especially when she had friends like Harry and Ronald and having to dealt with Malfoy and others. And now, this unknown power of hers is trying to reach out for her more and more, and Hermione could feel that this power is slowly integrated with her magic, and she was afraid even as some point. She didn't want to be overwhelmed by it.

"Are we ready?" came the voice of one Hayato Gokudera. He's part of the team for this morning training, and Hermione could tell that he's very serious indeed.

"Ye…yes," Hermione stuttered in her reply. Is she ready? Definitely not.

"Good, now we start with our daily exercise first," Dino spoke next, and with Romario there Dino Cavallone is definitely very serious. Hermione sighed, there's no way for her to be able to escape.

They started with a warm-up for about half an hour before proceeding to run around the designated areas. Hermione is being watched by sharp eyes should she make even a slight mistake, and the training would go double. She had to run about three miles for this morning and since this was the first day of training they had given her some ample time to run.

Hermione was completely out of breath when she had finished her three miles running, it's been a while since she had run this far.

"Okay, take a few minutes break before we start with our next exercise," came the cheerful voice of Takeshi Yamamoto. He's very cheerful this morning, and Hermione dreaded to think of what he had in mind, because he's damn serious when it came to training.

Physical training is the one things she enjoys doing but didn't get the chance to practice them much when in Hogwarts due to the lack of a suitable facility. Yes of course she doesn't play sports much, but she was an accomplished in self-defence and proud holder of black belts in karate and taekwondo. If only she was allowed to practice them on Malfoy and his gorillas, or even on Ronald Weasley, without any points being deducted or any detention given that would be great.

But physical training with Kyoya Hibari and Takeshi Yamamoto is not something that she will take on very lightly or simply brushed it off. These men are some accomplished fighters, very deadly and dangerous mafias and they are the Vongola 10th's Cloud and Rain Guardians for god sake. Playing around with them are like playing with Death himself. Their deadly training is now being watched by Hayato Gokudera, Bianchi, Dino, Belphegor, Squalo, Reborn, Colonello, Xanxus and Tsuna. The rest who aren't there will joins them tomorrow.

Hermione had to dunk, roll over, run, jump, do some back flipping, attack, and most of all focus on her environment. She had to relies less on her magic and more on her own physical ability and mind, and at the same time tries to look for some weaknesses of her 'attackers' and retaliates back. At that moment, she found none. They were too fast and too strong. There were times when she got scratched and some light bruises, but she couldn't stop because then the training will go double with more of them joining and she do not have the ability to take them all at once.

Hagrid and Fang was shocked, scared and yet fascinated. This girl had to endured all of that alone while the others just simply watched. He wanted to go and reprimanded them for treating the poor girl like that and demanded them to stop, but the auras coming from them were deadly enough to scare him. Even Fang whimpered behind him. Now he knows why Dumbledore and some of the teachers at Hogwarts could easily allowed these muggles to enter Hogwarts and visit Hermione Granger. They are no mere muggles.

The training come to a halt when Tiddy appears with some light snack for them, and for Hagrid and Fang as well. Hagrid was shocked and awed at the sight of the male house-elf, he looked healthy and regal, and didn't looked like any of the house-elves here in Hogwarts and everywhere else anymore. He even had his own uniform with two crests that Hagrid didn't recognised.

Hermione looked so exhausted and in pain. She had spotted with a bruise on her left arm, courtesy of Kyoya, and another on her right calf, thanks to Takeshi Yamamoto, along with other scratches and light bruises in her body, hands, legs, and even in her face. After the training stopped, Yamamota cheerfully apologised to her, while Kyoya just looked at her and slightly smirked, and slightly praised her for able to avoid his tonfa from causing a severe injury on her arm.

Hermione didn't know what to think of that.

After a half an hour break, the training resume. This time with the additional of Belphegor and Bianchi in the mix.

Hagrid and Fang are about to passed out when the training becomes more intense, and the sight of Bianchi's infamous Poison Cooking was enough to make them lose their breakfast.


Harry was worried. There's no sight of Hermione everywhere, and now it's almost noon. Even Blaise Zabini had no idea of where she was. Despite that it is not a Hogsmeade weekend, a few of the older students went there just to hang out at the Three Broomsticks or just to get some writing supplies, or even some candy and chocolates.

Harry had been waiting for her since that morning so that they could go for breakfast together, but when she didn't come down from her dormitory and Lavender told him that Hermione was not in her bed, Harry was thinking that she had probably had a sleepover at the guest's tower. But that was impossible. Because he would have noticed it.

When Harry was told that Hermione was not in her dorm, he left the Gryffindor's common room and went to the Great Hall to have some breakfast, and there there's still no sight of her. Even Zabini looked at him and asked the same question. He can't even find her in his Marauder's Map. And he noticed that some of her family and friends are not even in the map, as if they had disappeared somewhere along with her.

When he and Blaise approached one of Hermione's muggle friend, Fuuta, he simply told them that they had some work to be done, and they probably be back around noon. Knowing that they couldn't get more info than that, both Harry and Blaise decided that they would probably go and finished their homework in the library.

As both are still worried about Hermione's whereabouts while doing their homework, they were joined by Neville as the Longbottom scion too was worried for his first friend as well.

Despite that, there's something that had been playing in Harry's mind for days now, and he needs to know that now.

"Hey Zabini, I…I just want to know, how long have you been friends with Hermione?" Harry asked. Both Blaise and Nevilled looked at him, before the latter turned to Blaise as well.

"Hmmm…why you suddenly ask that question?" Blaise replied.

"Well…I just want to know, I'm…I'm…just want to know, because she never told me about knowing you, you know, until that day," Harry replied, though he was unsure now if he wanted to know the answer.

Blaise just simply looked at him and sighed, Harry Potter is surely an enigma to him, but sometimes his ignorance can be part of his strong personality. And Blaise knew because of Harry Potter's friendship with Ronald Weasley. Ronald Weasley, if according to Blaise, is not entirely a good friend, since last year he had been showing off his true colour. He was a lazy, bias, prejudice against Slytherins, greed, jealous and insecure.

Last year, if Harry had been following Hermione's footstep, Harry had the chance to expand his friendships and allies with the visiting schools. Viktor Krum was a good man and he was a kind person too, and he treated Hermione well. Harry could have been friend with Krum if not because of Weasley's childish behaviour and left Hermione crying. And because Harry had been following Ronald Weasley's footsteps, he might have lost lots of potential allies that could helped him restores the Wizarding world to its glory and take down some of the bigots. And especially with the news of Voldemort's return.

"I have been friend with her since our third year, days after Christmas, when you received that Firebolt. She was a wonderful person and a good friend," Blaise answered firmly, and he saw Harry slightly flinched. Probably some bad memory there.

After that none of them speak a word as they immerse with their homework. Though Harry swear to apologise to Hermione once again in regard of their almost-lost friendship in third year.


When Hermione entered the Gryffindor's common room around noon whereas everyone else had left for lunch or in Hogsmeade, she was greeted by Harry who shocked to see her current conditions. She had bandages around her left arm, her face slightly swollen, some scratches and bruises here and there, she was slightly limping due to the pain on her right leg, and most of all she was very tired and in pain. And Harry didn't make things any better.

"Hermione, what's happening to you, where have you been…?" Question upon question were asked and Hermione did not have the energy to reply. Behind her, Tsuna and I-pin just walked slowly and when Harry turned to them, Tsuna just smiled. They then led her to one of the couch and let her sits.

"Where's Hermione's room?" Tsuna suddenly asked. Harry was stunned, and he looked quite angry as no one is answering his questions.

"What is happening to her?" Harry asked firmly, his sudden protectiveness of Hermione suddenly arise, and he would take on her cousin if he had too. Tsuna just simply looked at him and smirked. He then shook his head and stared at him.

Harry gulped but stand on his ground, Hermione is his best friend and he has the right to know why. Before he could ask any further Hermione speaks.

"On the seventh floor and on the fifth-year girls' dormitory and you can see my bed with my name on it, I-pin has to go because no boys are allowed."

I-pin simply nodded as she walked towards the said dorm while Hermione, Harry and Tsuna waited for her at the common room. When Harry turned to Hermione, she just raised her hand and asked him to stop asking.

Harry was slightly hurt by that.

Not long after that, I-pin came down and with her are some of Hermione's stuffs, her clothing, her school bag and a few other items. Tsuna helped to carry them and as they are about to leave, Hermione turned to Harry.

"Aren't you coming? We are going to have lunch with my family."

Harry did not need to be told twice, he quickly grab his robes, including his cloak of invisibility and went after them. When he saw that Hermione is limping he went to help her despite her refusal.

"I insist," Harry simply said, and Hermione just sighed and let him help her. Along the way they met with Blaise who had the same reaction as Harry, but he too didn't get the answers that he wanted to hear. And he too got invited to join them for lunch. Which he accepted.

And now, both Harry and Blaise had to wait to find out what had happened to Hermione. And the secretive that behind Hermione's behaviour lately and also, her families' secrets.

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