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Chapter 2: Enter Tsuna and His Band of Misfits

Today was Hogsmeade weekend and the weather is nice and warm despite being in mid-autumn season. It was early in the afternoon and Hermione had been waiting patiently at Hogsmeade Station while Harry and Ron are somewhere on their own. She was currently alone, waiting for her cousin and his family…wait, it's her family as well, to arrive. The last few days were hectic to say. When Hermione informed her best friends and the rest of the Gryffindors, most of them were shocked and some even angry at her for doing such things, exposing their world to the muggles and as for the bigots and all started to make their displeasure and lewd comments for having the filths to walks in Hogwarts known.

Though, a few would agree with her, saying that they hardly got the chance to meet such muggles that had such strong affections on her and also able to show the magic to the muggles. Harry and Ron seemed too distant themselves from her and eventually didn't speak with her at all because of they thought that she was wrong to expose their world to such people and Harry had bad experiences with muggles before. But she doesn't care, though she was pretty hurt by that and she had never felt so isolated or ignored, but she did not shed a tear for it, she's not that weak. Though, there's a few who still being nice and friendly to her, didn't think that having muggles to come here is a wrong things, those like the Weasley twins and their friends Lee, Angelina, Alicia and Katie. They had became her constant supports after being ignored by her own best friends.

When Hermione replied to Tsuna informing him that it would be difficult for them to just walk through the school due to the magical barrier and many would disagree of having non-magical to come to Hogwarts even for a family visit, and not forgetting to face the bigotry and all, Tsuna simply sent his replied, informing that the visit would be an official visit as the Vongola family. As for that, Hermione requested Tsuna to write an official letter for the Headmaster, her Head of House and also a copy to herself. Therefore it would be easier for them to be granted to enter the school ground. After Tsuna agreed and a few days later Hermione received the letters, she quickly informed her head of house and passed along the official letter for both her and Headmaster Dumbledore.

And with this Professor McGonogall decided to call for an emergency meeting with the all the teachers including the Headmaster himself and also the toad in pink. After informing them about the news, there's uproar among some of the teachers, Umbridge being the loudest. Her annoying shrilled and sometimes croaked voice would be nightmares for McGonogall for a few nights to come.

Headmaster Dumbledore suffered a huge and severe headache, making him ate and swallowed all his lemon drops every minute without stop till it was finished and in the end he looked so sour-ish, served him right. Professor McGonogall also suffered from headache and ended up drinking a bottle of scotch all in one go and although she tried to berated her favourite student for such carelessness, Hermione simply told her that she got both her hands tied and she can't simply say no to her visitors or otherwise, because Tsuna had made it official, and McGonogall do not think she wanted to know what the 'otherwise' would be. And when Hermione told her that it would be very impossible to obliviated them because if they do, the 'otherwise' would be much more severe and that thought led to McGonogall to grab her second bottle of scotch and finished it right then and there without the care for the world.

Professor Flitwick seemed to be interested and worried as well; a group of muggles that Hermione Granger had dubbed as being 'extraordinary' or probably more would come to visit her here at Hogwarts, and they are going to be the first muggles to ever grace Hogwarts with their visit. And also the Statute of Secrecy, this would bring problem to them. Professor Sprout simply agreed with him, saying that it would likely a good way to promote a good relationship between magical beings and muggles and helped to understand each other better, but exposing the Wizarding world to the muggles would not be such a good idea as well. Snape, well Hermione can't say anything else besides him just being Snape. He sneered and stated that the Granger girl should be expelled for this school, typical Snape, but none of them would have it, except for Umbridge, of course. In the end both of them were berated by the rest of the teachers.

And as for Umbridge, this would be the time for her to finally punish the ungrateful mudblood girl. Who the hell she thinks she is to bring such filthy muggles to their wonderful world? The Minister is not going to like it. But then she had a wonderful thought, after the visit had ended she would make sure that the mudblood girl would receive severe punishment and later expel her from Hogwarts, and she would gladly to handle it to her inquisitors, and she would make such fine example for those who would thinking of doing the same in the future. She wanted to ban her from visiting Hogsmeade, but McGonogall had given her permission for the visit first, apparently she had managed to persuade the Headmaster to agreed into this, or otherwise.

And now, Hermione Granger is waiting patiently for her cousin and the Vongola family to arrive. She was sad, of course, because her friends seemed to turn their back on her and they had not spoken to her for the last few days after she told them about the visit. But at the same time, she was beyond happy. It's not every day she got the chance to have her cousin and his friends coming to see her. Well, his friends had become her friends too, and practically becomes her family as well. They are after all Vongola, are they not?


Harry watched from afar as Hermione waited for her cousin and his friends to arrive at the station. He was still angry with her, because this would affect the Statute of Secrecy and how wrong to bring muggles here, but at the same time he felt so guilty for ignoring her. She was his best friend and had never left his side even when he's in trouble. But now, he had ignored her just liked third year all over again just because her muggle relative decided to come and visit the Wizarding world. For the last few days he had never felt so alone and he hated to admitted this but he missed her, but his egoistic didn't allowed him to apologise to Hermione. He had Ron but lately Ron had been such an arse and although there's Neville, the twins and Ginny that would spoke to him, but they do not know him well unlike Hermione did.

As Harry kept on watching her, he hears a bunch of girls giggling behind him. He turned around and blushed, Cho and her friends are walking around Hogsmeade and she too blushed when she saw him and gives him a smile as she and her friends walked away. As he kept on looking at her, he noticed that McGonogall and Flitwick are walking towards the Hogsmeade Station. He wanted to follow them, but he is afraid if Hermione did not want him to be there, and he suddenly felt hurt of that sudden indication. He knows that Hermione could easily forgive him, but he did not feel like forgiving himself for ignoring her. So, he just gives them another glance before he walked away to the Three Broomsticks, a mug of butterbeer would probably help to take his mind off his best friend for a while.

Harry chooses to sit at the corner and begins to drink when he felt that someone sits next to him. It was Cho and she was alone while her friends are smiling behind her and pointed at them teasingly.

"Can I join you?" Cho asked shyly, she was blushing. Harry just simply nodded and smiled. This could turn out to be just fine. Probably could distract him from his guilty feeling for abandoning his best friend alone.


At the Hogsmeade Station

"Miss Granger," McGonogall called out with Flitwick walking behind her.

Hermione turned her attention to the two professors. They brought some drink and sandwich for her, knowing that she was very ecstatic and also nervous as she had skipped her breakfast, but yet eager and couldn't wait to welcome her cousin and his friends to Hogwarts.

"Oh, Professor McGonogall and Professor Flitwick, what's bring you two here?" Hermione asked as she accepted the food from her head of house and thanked her.

"Well, we couldn't just let you wait for them all alone now, could we? Don't forget that they are also our guests too," McGonogall said as Flitwick nodded agreed.

"Well, thank you professors, for having them here, I really appreciate that," Hermione replied with a smile.

"It's fine dear, it's a good thing to have someone to come here to visit you, and then you will have the chance to show them around, right," McGonogall responded back, smiling at her student.

And not long after that, the famous Hogwarts Express slowly approached the station. Usually the train would operates only on September 1st, the winter break and also on the last day of school, but for this Dumbledore, with the persuasion of McGonogall, Flitwick and Sprout, had given his permission to transport Hermione's relative from the Kings Cross station. They were given a special tickets for them to cross the 9 ¾ gate, the border between the muggle and magical world, by an auror who was part of the Order members, Kingsley Shacklebolt.

Hermione was thrilled and she couldn't stand still. And as the train arrived she dashed quickly, leaving the two professors behind. Flitwick chuckled while McGonogall could only shake her head.

When the train had finally stopped Hermione takes a deep breath, she missed them, and she admitted that. The last time she saw them was during the inheritance day where Tsuna had officially became the 10th Vongola and that was weeks after the fight against the Vindice. That was about four years ago and now her cousin was already an 18 year-old young man with huge responsibilities.

Hermione waited patiently as the door on the train finally opened and there standing at the door was her cousin, Tsunayoshi Sawada and he's smiling at her.

"Tsuna," Hermione yelped happily and ran towards him as the young boss stepped out off the train and Hermione gave his cousin her famous hug.

"Hey Mya, how are you?" Tsuna spoke as he ruffled her no-longer bushy hair. Hermione wanted to groan but a voice behind Tsuna stopped her from doing so.

"Hey kiddo, how are you? We really missed you. So glad that we are finally here," Yamamoto Takeshi, the Rain Guardian, greeted her cheerfully. And one by one, the members of the Vongola 10th family stepped out off the train. Even Reborn, Hibari Kyoya, Mukuro and Dino were here, along with Romario, well there's no surprise there knowing how clumsy Dino would be without even one of his men. The only people who are unable to join them are Haru, Kyoko and the Kokuyo gang.

Hermione and Tsuna were actually second cousins, and both are descendants of Giotto, the first Vongola boss. Both their fathers, Iemitsu and Daniel Granger, were cousins. While Tsuna had the Vongola's blood in his vein, Hermione, on the other hand, had both the Vongola and Cavallone's bloods in her vein. Her father and Dino's late father were second cousins, making her and Dino cousins' third-times removed. But for her, both Tsuna and Dino are more than just cousins; they are practically her older brothers.

Hermione's parents are not only working as dentists, but also they are part of the CEDEF, and Daniel used to be a young advisor for the Vongola 9th and also used to be in the British army, and currently working as the family's spy here in England. So their dentists' professions were mostly a cover-up for their actual professions. Hermione's mother, Emma Granger nee Wilkinson, was a pure English woman, and much to her surprised, her grandparents were used to be part of a mafia organisation based in England. And when she and Daniel were married, she was introduced to the Vongola and had becomes part of the organisation/family since.

As Hermione greeted them one by one, someone behind her chuckled, she had forgotten about her two professors. She turned around and saw that both McGonogall and Flitwick smiled at them. And seems that McGonogall was spotted with a blush on her face, well it's not every day you could meet anyone or a large number of people who are practically good-looking.

"Welcome to Hogsmeade, seems that Miss Granger here has forgotten to introduce us," McGonogall spoke as Flitwick stood proudly next to her. Hermione winced as Tsuna and the rest chortled at her.

"Sorry Professor, I've completely forgotten about the two of you," Hermione apologised.

"It's fine Miss Granger. I understand that you are glad they are finally here. Well, perhaps some introduction please," McGonogall said with a smile.

"Yes, right. Umm…these are Profesor McGonogall and Professor Flitwick. Professor McGonogall is the head of Gryffindor house, which is my house and she teach Transfiguration. Professor Flitwick here is the head of Ravenclaw house and he teaches Charms," Hermione introduced her two professors to her family and then introduced her family to both McGonogall and Flitwick.

After the introduction, Tsuna suddenly spoke; he had the feeling that they had forgotten something. That is until someone shouted in a loud voice.

"VROOOIII…WHY THE HELL NOBODY TOLD US THAT WE HAD ARRIVED?" Squalo and the rest of the Varia stepped out from the train, glaring at the rest of the family while Hermione face palmed and the two professors looked bewildered.


Harry was having the time of his life, he is currently on an unplanned date with Cho and the two of them were enjoyed talking mostly about quidditch though Harry had the feeling that she wanted to talk about something else as well and having some good time at the Three Broomsticks when suddenly there are hushes going on around them. Harry glanced and saw that most of the students are looking outside the windows and pointed towards the Hogsmeade Station. In fact, some of the students even left the Inn and went outside.

Curiously, Harry too stood up and walked outside with Cho right behind him to see what's the commotion is about. He glanced on his side and saw Ron and their roommates following them out too and then he saw Ginny and her blonde friend from Ravenclaw coming out from a shop nearby.

As he turned his attention back to the front, he suddenly feels that his breath had just left his lungs. There, walking towards them, or more accurately towards the carriages, are McGonogall, Flitwick, Hermione and her visitors, and majority of them are handsome, good-looking males.

Hermione is walking in between two males with her arms hooked on theirs, one is a good-looking male with spiky brown hair and another is a tall, handsome blond that would make any girl or woman drool badly, and so does the rest of the males in the group. Someone swear that he could see McGonogall is blushing right now while she and Flitwick are leading the guests back to Hogwarts. Harry could swear that some of them had these bizarre hair colours, some had silver hair, there's one with dark blue hair, and there's a woman with long, pink hair, reminded him of Tonks, and another girl with short, indigo hair, and there's even a baby wearing a suit and a fedora hat sitting on the shoulder of one of the guy. But the group at the back looked…deadly to say. There's one male with long, straight hair, one with scar on his face. There's even a baby wearing cape and all, being hold by a blond male who was wearing a…tiara? There's one with punk hair style and there's another one with spiky dark hair, and also a boy probably younger than them wearing a…LARGE APPLE HAT? WHAT THE HELL….!

Who the hell are these people? Are these the people who are related to Hermione? Though Harry wasn't sure which one was her cousin, but she seems to know all of them pretty well, too well to be precise. Deep inside him Harry had mixture of feelings at the same time, but mostly he could felt jealousy and anger seeped into his heart. But what make him sad the most is that Hermione didn't even looked at his direction or making him known to them, as if he had been forgotten or simply being ignored. But then the last few days he didn't even want to spoke to her.

But what makes Harry seethed with jealousy is that Hermione seems to be happier, she was happier than from he had ever seen before. These people had managed to make her smile, even laugh, more than he does, and that smile was just radiant that makes her looked more beautiful than ever. He knows that she is beautiful, last year Yule Ball had proven that. Another reason of his jealousy is because he was supposed to be with her, being her best friend and all, but at the moment it isn't the case, and he was also angry to himself because he had been ignored her for the past few days just for this reason. And not only had that but Harry noticed that apparently there's also something else about them too. Harry could tell that these people are not those who can be easily messed with unless some of these bigots or idiots here already signed their death warrant.

"Bloody hell," Ron mumbled as he stood next to Harry, his face paled and in shock. Harry glared at him, knowing that he too was much to blame for ignoring and turning their back on her. In fact, it seemed that the two of them does not deserved to be Hermione Granger's best friends because at this moment the two of them were such an arse.

And with this Harry had resolve to apologise to her no matter what it would take. But at the same time he had no idea how to apologise to her, because he never did. But he had just promised himself that he would apologise to her no matter what, even if he had to deal with those people. And with that resolve in his mind, Harry walks away from there, going to whenever his feet would drag him to and he seemed to be forgotten about his sudden date as Cho and many of the girls are seethed with jealousy as well.

Apparently most of them didn't believe that Hermione Granger, the Gryffindor Know-it-all and bookworm resident, was being surrounded with those oh so damn good-looking and handsome men, muggle or not. But what they didn't know is that these people would definitely turn the Wizarding world upside down.

Alright folks, I know that some of you had that questions of why Harry acted like that. Here's the reason, Harry had a troubled life before with the Dursley and the way he had been treated badly during his early life before Hogwarts so this got him to think that most muggles does not deserve to come into the wonderful magical world and also there's the Statute of Secrecy, and because he is jealous that Hermione had great and strong relationships with her muggles relatives and also despite her being a witch, she still hold strong to her muggle root.

Don't worry, their friendships/relationships will be repaired and Harry will eventually apologise to her for acting like this and they will be best friends again, but then all of you would have to wait because to gain back her trust is going to be difficult because I am planning on making a slight badass of Hermione here and Harry will realise that he is wrong in doing so.

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