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Chapter 9: Of Shocking News and Enter the Godfather

Harry, still in shocked mode, sat quietly next to the Slytherin Zabini, but him mind is running elsewhere. For sitting right in front of them, are the Mafias.

"Mafia. MAFIA. They are a bunch of freaking MAFIAS!" Harry's mind practically screamed.

MAFIA! Like those in the movies that Dudley and Vernon loved to watch especially 'The Godfather I and II'. Harry begins to wonder if these Mafias are anywhere like those in the movies that he had watched silently from behind his cupboard or while preparing dinner for his Uncle Whale, Aunt Horse and cousin Pig.

And what's more shockingly is that, his sweet best friend, or probably more to him, are somehow related to these Mafias, in which it didn't sits right with him. And that's freaking him out.

After the shocking revelation about her family, Hermione had invited them to join her and her 'family' in the guest's chamber for some 'talk'. He was shocked and scared, but to add more to the shock, the bloody Slytherin seemed okay with the idea, and since when he's been friendly with Hermione? Something that he didn't know existed in his heart begins to stir at the idea of Hermione and Zabini together, and he did not like that at all. Not wanting to be left behind, and not wanting to leave her alone with the Slytherin's snake, he agreed to joins them, and now here they are.

Harry had no idea what to say, but as he remembered earlier, Zabini somehow had about clear knowledge about these muggle Mafia, though he admitted earlier that he only heard about these people from his late father. But then he still knew about their existence.

Along the way there, Hermione informed them that apart from them, only two of the house-elves assigned to her family knew about their true identities. Despite her mumbling all the ways, saying how worried she was and everything, Harry can't even think of one thing in his head as she dragged them to the guest's quarters.

Until they arrived. And Harry began to panic, wondering if he's going to leave the place alive afterward.

And right now, he is sitting, facing Tsunayoshi Sawada, the current Boss of the Vongola family, also known as Vongola 10th, Dino Cavallone, also the current 10th Boss of the Cavallone family, and Xanxus, the Boss of the Varia which also known as the Vongola's Special Assassination Squad. And one Kyoya Hibari, the Vongola 10th Cloud Guardian, who according to them the strongest and deadliest of them all, he chooses to stand quite far away, but had his focus on them. And Harry could feel the threat coming from him. Oh Merlin, God, and whatever deities out there.

And joining these bosses is hitman Reborn, the infant in suit and fedora hat and a yellow pacifier, not that he hadn't noticed it before, thinking that it was just some sort of trinket for the infant but somehow this time around after what Hermione had told him, that yellow pacifier was no toy. And to found out that this so-called infant was a hitman was beyond shocking though from the way he dressed was somehow similar to the Mafia that he saw in television, and he didn't know if he could take any more of it should there be more information or whatever possible things that he didn't know about these people.

The said witch, however, decided to sit between a woman with long, pink hair, Bianchi, and her brother Hayato Gokudera, the one nicknamed the 'Smoking Bomb' by most of them. Only Hermione and his sister can call him by his given name.

Hermione, at this point, could only gave him and Zabini sympathy glances, though he was sure that the sympathy feeling was more towards him.

And there he was, sitting next to the Slytherin Snake, Blaise Zabini. He wanted to sneer at him, but then after hearing from Hermione that she and Zabini are somehow good acquaintance, he refrained himself from acting liked Ron and lashed at him for no reason. And besides, he knew that if he acted recklessly especially in front of these people, he might be as well staying at the Hospital wings for weeks to come.

And right now, both he and Zabini are being 'interrogated' by these Mafias, especially by the infant Reborn and Hermione's beloved Uncle Xanxus. The advice, well more of a warning from Hermione earlier still playing in his ears and mind, don't screw up and control yourself especially your temper, because he knew so well that he is still having his mood swing especially with all the problems they had been facing since the beginning of term this year. Not that she could blame him for it, but then again, it's the trait of almost every Gryffindor that would act first think later. And if he loses control of his temper at her family for no reason, then he would likely to face the consequences for it.

But what hurt him the most was that Hermione never told him about this before, about the background and history of her family. And it's taken a question from a Slytherin's snake no less for him to eventually, well more of shockingly, found out about it. What angered him was that as if there's a lack of trust between them in regarding this situation.

Harry was badly wanted to lash at her angrily for not telling him about it, for lying about her family, but somehow before he could unleash his anger at her without thinking like Ron would do, his brain decided to take over and reminded him that he never actually asked her about them, never having interest in knowing her family because for him knowing the Weasley family was enough, and moreover they being magical which are better for him. And to be honest to himself, he was being unfair to her especially with her being one of his best friend, thinking that her family are just normal muggles.

As this realisation strike home, he begins to hate himself for being a worse friend to her, ashamed that he treated her unfairly. Yes, she has her flaws and faults but she cared for him more than anyone else, sometimes she annoyed him with her demands on studying and homework but he realised that she also breaks the rules for him, in which how much he really appreciated that. And not only that, he also knew that he could depends on her more than he could depends on Ron or others, and he also knows that she would never treat him as the Boy-Who-Lived for he is just Harry to her.

Apart from that he also reminded himself that he had never told her much about his life with the Dursleys, and mostly avoided telling her the truth due to shame when she asked him about it. He would likely to ignored her or even stirred her questions by asking about her study and all, for as long as he didn't have to answers to her regarding his awful life with those damned Dursleys. But then again, this was Hermione and she could tell that he does lead a horrible life with the Dursleys despite whatever lies he told her.

But then, when he thought about it all over again, it seemed somewhat fair, he never told her about his so why should she tells him about hers. And deep inside he felt sick of his own attitudes, here he was, facing her family/relatives and friends while he hides his own due to being ashamed of his life or what he had gone through while living with the Dursleys. If he wanted to gain her trust back, he should put his pride and shame aside and it is time for him to share his life story with her. And moreover, be a better friend to her.

"Well, apparently, you had found out about us eventually, but before that we have to ask you first, Mr Zabini," Reborn started as both Harry and Blaise glanced quite fearfully at the infant in front of them. Both wizards could feel the killing intent coming from this suit-wearing infant, and for this they both would prefers to face dragon instead.

Blaise Zabini slowly nodded his head and despite that he wanted to stand proudly as how he was taught before, he is no match for this hitman.

As Reborn begins to interrogates Zabini, Harry takes a deep breath and starts analysing each person in the room, apart from the Slytherin snake next to him and Hermione. He also keeps his eyes on the two house-elves that somehow had been unofficially adopted into this 'family'. Harry shudders at the thought of Mafia house-elves and didn't want to thinks of what they are capable of doing. His mind then begins to calculate on how to convince these Mafias that he had no threat towards them or Hermione and, he begins to think of any possibility that could ensure and even helps him in the future when dealing with them, as he remembered of what Zabini had said earlier about them being extraordinary muggles. Oh, Hermione would be very proud of him.

Reborn gives the young wizard a hard look before he proceeds to ask him question. Harry glances at him before turning to Zabini. In his mind, he begins to wonder what does the infant hitman wanted to ask, though at the same time he was worries about himself thinking of what will they do to him after they had done with their interrogation with him.

"Mr Zabini, from what I've heard you are quite knowledgeable about us or who we are despite being a pureblood wizard as Hermione had told us, and if I may, are you a descendant of Alphonse Zabini?" Reborn started as Blaise looked at him with his eyes widen. How could this tiny hitman knew about that, that was centuries ago. But then, this infant is somehow part of the Vongola so there's no surprising there.

"Yes, he's my many great-great grandfather, the first in the family to made an acquaintance with muggles, I mean non-magical," Blaise replied sheepishly, in front the small but deadly hitman he slightly cowered when the infant in fedora hat and suit stared at him before nodding.

"Yes, he was a great man, he gave no care about the differences between you magical beings and us because he saw the potential that others like some I'd seen here didn't or simply ignoring them because we didn't have the ability that you have," came the sharp answer from Reborn.

Harry and Blaise flinched, he was right in a sense. They both knew that majority of the magical people, mostly the purebloods and some of the half-bloods, refused to admit the greatness that muggles had achieved, to be honest if not because of the muggle's books, magazines, and newspapers back home, Blaise would probably never know that it was the muggle who had been to space and had landed on the moon, and they also had invented a high-tech machines and technologies that most of the magical, mostly the ignorant purebloods and other magical-raised would not likely wants to believe.

Harry glances at Zabini with some jealousy though he tries his best to hide that awful feeling. Here, the tiny hitman somehow knew of the relationship between them the Vongola and Zabini's ancestor, and he wonders if they also knew his. He had heard from Sirius that his ancestors were very famous for their deeds and achievements not only in magical Britain but also in Europe, so surely, they would be quite well-known, and because the Potter are the Ancient and Noble family in the British wizarding. So, Harry was positive that the Mafia would have heard of the Potter.

As Zabini being heavily interrogated by Reborn and sometimes Xanxus, Hermione can't help but glance at Harry and she could see how anxious he was. But she knows that would able to pull it off, he always did.

After the powerful Mafias done with interrogating the Italian wizard, Harry couldn't help but pity the Slytherin as Zabini spotted with quite paled face and slightly trembling. Harry was very nervous, and he couldn't shake the feeling that he might end up worse than Zabini.

"So, Mr Potter, just be honest and tell us what you think of us, in general," Reborn started and Harry began to panic as he looked around. His mind's completely blank and slightly messed up.

Harry had no idea what to say, should he tell the truth or fabricated it a bit, because he had saw them since their arrival and his knowledge of Mafia is from The Godfather, so some truth there? The Gryffindor turned to face them as he could feel cold sweat began to form in his face. Would he dare to tell them the truth, or just simply lie to save face?

The truth is, he is afraid of them, he fears them more than he fears Voldemort, because he already knew that they are Mafias and deadly, too. And because they are Hermione's family/relatives/friends that she adored so much, and whether she knows or not, he adored her too. So, he's afraid to says something that would likely to condemn not just his life, but his friendship with Hermione too.

"Just let it out, just say whatever you have in your mind," Tsuna spoke nicely to him, and Harry felt at ease, even a bit.

Taking a deep breath, Harry just spoke out of what he knew about Mafia, and what he had seen and thought about them since day one. Although he tried to fabricate some of his story in regard of what he felt about them, he knew that he will have problem lying to them face-to-face, because it was obvious that they can read his mind.

As if the dam in him started to leak, Harry quickly gathered himself before he gave out too much about his shameful life. He did not want their sympathy or anything, thought they might not care, he didn't know? But moreover, he did not want Hermione to find out about his past, he did not want or dare to share that part yet, and he knows that he's being unfair, again, to her.

But he promised to himself that one day he will tell her everything.

After the 'interrogations' ended, Harry still frustrated, because apparently these people knew nothing of his Potter ancestors or had never heard of them too. So much of being well-known. But at least he'll be the first Potter to get acquaintance with the Italian/Japanese Mafias, and a bunch of assassins as well.


During dinner, the Mafias decided to eat at their guestroom while Hermione joined her housemates in the Great Hall. At this point many are whispering and pointing out at her, some even gave rude comments and all, Malfoy and his gorillas and his pet pug-nosed Parkinson being the loudest but stopped when Professor McGonagall took 50 points from Slytherin and threatened to take 100 points more if they decided to protest. But Hermione gives them no heed as she continued with her dinner and feeling happy to have Harry sits next to her and one of the twins on the other. And Ronald Weasley decided to sit miles away from her, and Hermione was pleased with it.

One thing that made most of the students and majorities of the teachers at Hogwarts are very happy at that time and dinner was somewhat pleasant, Madam Toad was still in the hospital wing.

Despite being happy to have his best friend back, and another feeling that he can't describe but somewhat pleasant about her, there's something that had been played in his head for the last few days since the arrival of her 'notorious family', especially on one very particular person. And the feeling is quite unpleasant as well, something that he did not want to admit but knew it was there.

"Hermione, can I ask you something?" Harry began.

"Yeah, sure. Ask away," Hermione replied as she cut her meat into small pieces and grab one with her fork to eat.

"What do you think of Kyoya Hibari?" Harry asked quite nervously, but he didn't expect the result from it.

Hermione almost choke on her food as she turned slightly red, and she's not the only person. Neville, who sat on the other side of the table facing them, almost spit on his drink. Apparently, he had been watching and listening to them as they ate. Neville noticed that Harry seemed to be very happy to be with Hermione again, and he seemed to notice that the raven-haired boy can't help but kept on glancing at her. And then he asked the bloody question. At this point Neville doesn't know what to think.

"Wha…wha…what, why are you asking that?" Hermione replied, she still blushed. Some of their housemates turned to looked at them, wondering of what had happened.

"Well…I…oh never mind," Harry said as he turned to focus on his dinner. But Hermione did not let him.

"Harry, what is it?"

"I…I just…can we talk about this later," Harry insisted. Hermione slightly glared at him and decided to answer him.

"I think that he's a great guy, and quite sexy too," Hermione answered truthfully and slightly blushed.

Harry looked quite dejected and Neville felt sorry for him. 'He's very slow with his feeling for her if not for being too infatuated with Cho Chang.' Neville thought to himself. But they didn't expect of what comes next.

"Are you having a feeling for him?" Hermione asked nonchalantly but in a hushed voice so that only they could hear, including Fred who sits next to Hermione, who at the same time tried to eavesdrop on them. The reactions were quite hilarious and comical if not serious.

Harry choked on his chicken, and Neville did spits on his drink, and Fred too choked on his drink as George laughed at him for eavesdropping on them. Others were wondering once again what had happened there. Malfoy, who had been watching them, was about to give his two sickles of thought when suddenly someone stunned him, and he fell forward, right into his dinner. And then laughter was heard all around the Great Hall, most were pointing out at Malfoy as Snape walked towards the Slytherin table, checking on his Godson. Ron watched from afar in jealousy but chooses to ignore it.

Harry, Neville and Fred just glared at Hermione as the said witch seemed to enjoy her dinner as the chaos around them begins.

About a week later

Hermione smiled at Harry as he entered the Gryffindor's common room, tired from the quidditch practice. Apparently, according to him, Angelina was lot worse than Oliver Wood. But he was happy nonetheless, and Hermione is happier for him.

But despite that, there are time when Harry was moody and acted quite reckless due to his scar and connection to Voldemort, but most of the time he kept to himself until a couple of days ago Hermione decided that enough was enough. Eventually he begins telling her about the tragic incident that happened in the graveyard during the final tournament last year and the regret for unable to save Cedric and how angry he was at Voldemort and the Ministry of Magic for not believing him, and as he cried out in sadness and pain Hermione was there as she held him in her arms as she cried along with him.

And later he, along with Blaise Zabini, joined her and her family for evening tea in the guest quarters.

Since Madam Toad was no longer able to teach due to her frequent nightmares and hallucinations in which sometimes were lot worse than the other, Dumbledore eventually decided that she should checked herself to St. Mungo in case of potion overdose that caused the strong hallucination to take place. And when the news reached the Ministry of Magic, Minister Fudge demanded to know what had happened to his beloved Undersecretary. And while she was away, Dumbledore and few of the teachers entered her office to search for any illegal potion that caused her hallucination since both Snape and Pomfrey had denied giving her such potion and somehow, they had managed to confiscate some of the blood quills that she brought with her, and they had contacted the DMLE for it.

Malfoy and the rest of the High Inquisitors are banned from roaming and patrolling around Hogwarts as they pleased, which pleased majority of the students there especially from the other Houses. And pissed Malfoy in which he started to write to his father and demanded him to come to Hogwarts. And every time he wanted to mention the filthy muggles being in Hogwarts, some thing will steer him away from writing it as if he was bound to a secrecy, and that angered him more. And what's more, he felt that he was being controlled by some unseen forces, and he, as usually, blamed Harry Potter for this. Blaise Zabini pretended to listen to Draco Malfoy as he whined like a five-year old kid who didn't get what he wants for Christmas.

Hermione did not get the chance to see her family and friends since yesterday due to her busy schedules and Prefect duty. Ronald Weasley was under probation and if he was deemed to no longer fit to be the Prefect, the position will be given to a fellow fifth year Gryffindor's male student.

After a quick shower, Harry joined Hermione as they went to the guest quarters. Apparently, something new is coming up and she didn't get the notice or probably had forgotten due to her busy schedules. Along the way Zabini joined them as they headed towards the guest quarters.

When they reached there, everyone is busy doing whatever they are pleased, even the house-elves looked very pleased and healthy and in their official uniform with the Vongola crest. Taffy and Tiddy had been accepted into the family as they officially bonded with Hermione a few days ago. Hermione was horrified at first when the two house-elves wanted to bond with her, seeing that she too carried a certain flame that run in her vein alongside the magic that was born with her. Taffy and Tiddy even wanted to swear an oath to stay loyal to her and her family and friends that filled with strong and powerful flames that represented the elements on Earth. After some consideration, along with pros and cons and advices from her family and friends, including Harry and Blaise Zabini, though they didn't know about the flames, Hermione reluctantly agreed, and she officially bonded with the two house-elves. And not long after that, Harry bonded with Dobby and later Winky.

As they entered the room, the one thing that Hermione noticed was that there was an extra perch on the room, but at that point she didn't think much of it. As she took her usual seat at the study table and take out her homework, when suddenly out of nowhere…



Harry and Blaise were shocked and horrified when an unknown infant with blue eyes and blonde hair wearing a muggle's soldier uniform with camouflage bandana and a blue pacifier around his neck, beaten Hermione on the back of her head with a paper fan that seemed larger than his body. And what's more shocking for the two young wizards, the said infant was hovering in the air, and a white falcon was gripping on his hair, holding him up.

"Why every time I get a report about you is more of troublesome than a good one, kora," said the blue-eyed infant.

Hermione slightly glared at him and pouted as she held the back of her head, it was quite painful to be honest.

Reborn, who had been watching them, just sighed while others were unable to interfered much. Kyoya watched them with one eyebrow raised, Tsuna and Dino were pretty much clueless as to what to do. Xanxus could only glared. Mukuro just shook his head. Belphegor just grinned like the nutter he was. And as for everyone else, apparently this scene is quite normal for them, not that they could interfered much or had a say in it, not at this situation.

"You know, you shouldn't be so harsh on her, Colonello," Reborn spoke as jumped on the study table and stared at the blue-eyed infant as the white falcon dropped him on the table as well.

The infant, Colonello, turned to him, and thus the 'rivalry battle' between the two Arcobalenos begin.

"Since when you had become so soft, kora," Colonello replied as he banged his head on Reborn's.

And Reborn retaliated, and so forth.

Harry, who was snapped from his shock, was about to reacted and probably wanted to hex the infant away. Seeing Hermione got hit in the back of her head by that paper fan reminded him of when he got beaten by his so-called family. He was ready to attack and curse when Hermione stopped him.

"Harry, it's fine, don't worry," Hermione assured him as Blaise held him back, the Slytherin held Harry's arm firmly before the Boy-Who-Lived did something unforgiven.

Colonello and Reborn stopped of their usual argument and turned to the three teenagers. Harry looked quite livid as he glared at Colonello. The others were staring at them too, some were quite shock at the sudden change coming from the boy, but others looked quite interested, as if they are expecting something to happen.

Colonello and Reborn just simply stared at him, none of them felt threatened at all. Colonello just stared at Harry despite the glare he received coming from the green-eyed wizard. At that moment those green eyes looked quite toxically but Colonello had seen worse.

Hermione felt terribly sorry for Harry as she stood up and held him firmly on his shoulders, forcing him to look at her.

"Harry, it's okay, just calm down," Hermione assured him, Harry just stared at her in disbelieved.

"Wha…what are you talking about, he just hit you in the head Hermione, and who is he by the way?" Harry replied shockingly at her. Why she was so calmed after she had got beaten in the back of the head with that paper fan.

"Harry don't worry, it's nothing, really," Hermione reassured him again. She was about to answer him again, but Harry interrupted.

"But…but…he beaten you, in the head, with that…that paper," Harry pointed out as he looked at the blue-eyed infant who seemed to be looking at him, and the glint in his eyes makes Harry quite uncomfortable.

"Harry, that's normal for us, he always did that," Hermione said.


Hermione turned to Blaise and nodded.

"Yeah, but it's nothing so serious to be worried about," Hermione told him.

Harry still looked in disbelieved. What does she mean normal? Despite the anger, he was very uncomfortable with the situation and things had gone awkward right now as he noticed that most of the occupants in the room are watching them. Why are they not stopping that infant from hitting Hermione, what is going on?

"Harry," Hermione called, and Harry felt a hand grabbed his arm firmly.

The Boy-Who-Lived quickly turned to his best friend and saw how worried she was of him. And he noticed that the two infants are still staring at him.


"Thank you, for worrying about me," Hermione said as she smiled and held his hand and gripped it firmly before letting it go. Harry felt a little sad.

"Hmm…messy dark hair, green eyes, you must be Harry Potter, kora," Colonello suddenly spoke.

Harry quickly turned to him and nodded, he guessed that Hermione had probably told this infant about him. He almost takes a step back when the infant looked at him as if he was assessing him and then he giggled as if he found something amusing about him.

"Who are you?" Harry asked.

"I am Colonello, kora," the Rain Arcobaleno replied before turning to Blaise.

"Slightly dark-skinned, tall, Italian, you must be from the noble, magical Zabini family, I've heard about your family and had met a few of your relatives who were part of our reinforcement, kora," said the Rain Arcobaleno, acknowledging Blaise.

Blaise nodded at Colonello with respect, though he was surprised that the infant knows about his family. Unlike most of their British counterpart, some of the purebloods in Italy do not entirely kicked or removed any of their family members who turned out to be squibs from the family trees. The Zabini had few family members who are squibs that had served the muggle reinforcements, had muggle professionals and led a good life for themselves.

And once again Harry felt somewhat jealous towards the Slytherin snake. Why does the people that Hermione knew are from Italy, and Japan?

"Why are you here?" Hermione suddenly asked as she stared at Colonello.

The Rain Arcobaleno just stared back at her, his eyes glinted dangerously. Hermione flinched. Did she forget something?

"Did you not read the note that I've sent to you yesterday?" Reborn asked.

"What note…wait," said Hermione as she searched through her bag and saw the note that she had received yesterday but somehow had forgotten to read. She glanced at them sheepishly.


Hermione winced when they glared at her.

Harry and Blaise glanced between Hermione and the infant Colonello and wondering what's so important about the note that Hermione had took from her bag. As Hermione read through the note, Harry noticed the slightly change in her demeanour, and he wanted to know why.

"Are you serious?" Hermione suddenly asked, she looked shaken.

"Yes," Colonello simply answered. Despite him being expressionless, she knew that he was serious. Hermione doesn't know if she was ready for this.

"Come with me," Colonello spoke seriously. Hermione followed him with no question as they entered one of the bedrooms and closed the door behind.

Harry and Blaise just stared at the bedroom door that Hermione had entered with the infant Colonello and both felt quite uneasy and awkward. Harry was worried, and at the same time he felt pang of jealousy knowing that Hermione is inside that bedroom with someone else.

"Who is he?" Blaise suddenly asked.

"He's Colonello," Reborn answered.

"Yes, I mean…"

"He's Hermione's Godfather."

Both Harry and Blaise stared at the Sun Arcobaleno in disbelieved.




As for the rest of them, everything is back to normal.

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