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This is when they know who is responsible for Jeff Tracy's disappearance, Kayo has discovered who he is and told Grandma Tracy.

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She curled up, deep under the covers, tears gently trickling down her cheeks. It had been a month since Jeff had vanished, but the wound was still fresh. A knocking at the door made her freeze. She didn't want to talk. To anyone.

Kayo shrank deeper into the mess of blankets and pillows that coated her once neatly made bed and hoped whoever it was would go away. She just felt so broken, so guilty. Her emotions flowed in torrents and all she wanted to do was hide. She felt so ashamed to be who she was, and all the reasons raced through her head.

Her uncle.

All the secrets she kept.

And the lies she told.

Just as she was going to surrender to waves of disappointment, she looked up to see the framed photo on her desk. It stood in the middle, pride of place, an area cleared around it. It was of her 5 brothers, standing side by side, just being themselves. John had his nose in a book, Alan and Gordon were pushing a flailing Scott into the pool, whilst Virgil delicately painted the jungle surrounding the house. They all looked so proud, but yet she was related to the man who had taken that happiness away from them.

"It's not your fault"

Kayo spun her head around to spot Grandma Tracy standing in the doorway. She spun it back, fighting off another wave of tears.

"It's not your fault that Jeff went missing, and that your uncle is responsible."

"Then why do I feel so guilty?" Kayo asked in a small quiet voice. The flood gates reopened, and another load of tears started swimming down her cheeks

The bed sank a little as as the old lady sat, and gently grasped Kayo's hand in hers. Kayo observed the hand. It was small, and covered in wrinkles, but it had a warm and caring touch. It had life to it, and seen many things that one should not wish to face. It was clear from the touch that it too was hurting, but yet it was staying strong, for its grandsons, who it had comforted over and over again.

"Kayo, its natural. But you are not responsible for anything the Hood has done.


"No buts Kayo. Now, let me just go and whip up some fresh cookies for the the boys. I'll even make you a batch if you want them?"

Kayo cringed at the thought of the blackened baking, yet somehow, she felt her heart lift just that little bit.

"Oh… Ummm, I'm alright. I'll be okay." She stuttered, desperately scrambling for an answer.

"Just let me know if you change your mind okay?"

Kayo nodded frantically, knowing that she wasn't going to be changing her mind.

Grandma Tracy turned and headed for the door. Just before she disappeared from view, she spoke to Kayo over her shoulder.

"You can't choose who is in your family. Just because you're related to him, doesn't mean that we trust you any less. The boys included. I know they will still trust you just as much when you choose to tell them as they do now."

Kayo smiled to herself, before leaping up and sprinting out the door that the old woman had just exited through, hoping to warn the boys of the charcoal heading their way. If Grandma Tracy could stay strong, then so could she. Kayo pushed as much of the guilt and sorrow behind her as she could, determined that she wouldn't let this overcome her.

And Kayo took the first step on the road to recovery.