The Way It Is

Summary: Grieve can change you in ways you thought weren't possible. It can make you believe things that you know aren't possible but you still believe them, you still fall. Then someone offers you a hand to get back up again and you trust them again and you see what's real. A different take on S2E23 of The Flash.

A/N: Just the way I imagined the season finale to happen, well not imagined cux I know that's not gonna happen so... Now the characters may seem like a little OOC but what can I say. I mean everyone handles grieve differently, sometimes It pushes you to the edge, but believe that there is always someone to catch you if you fall, to give you a hand to hold on to. One more thing I've been planning to write something like this since last season, so it's not like I got the idea from the season finale... but I'll take some things from the Episode...that's all. Enjoy the chapter, there may be more depends on my mood.

DISCLAIMER:I Do Not Own The Flash. Because if I did Barry would be in a hospital fighting for his life.


He couldn't believe what happened. He didn't want to believe that it happened... again.

"No no no no no, it's not real, it's not real, this isn't happening again. Dad! Dad! Come on stay with me, please just stay with me, look at me. No, please don't leave, don't leave again, please you can't do this, you have to stay I need you please, Dad!" Pleaded Barry holding onto his father's cold lifeless body, crying helplessly. He didn't care about anything in the world at that time, he just wanted to save his father but it was too late, he was too late. Zoom killed him.

Zoom had left as soon as he killed Henry, leaving Barry alone with the corpse of his Father. He sat there for what felt like eternity when the door burst open again and someone entered. Barry didn't look up or paid any attention to it, too busy trying to wake his father up. He felt someone knelt beside him and he looked up to see Joe with a sad and apologizing look on his face.

"Joe, He's not waking up Joe, please do something. He's not breathing, no matter how much I try he wouldn't wake up, please I can't lose him, do something we have to take him to the hospital..." he kept pleading Joe to help him save his father, his words choked but Joe knew it was too late. He wrapped an arm around his son, "Barry, I'm so sorry son but it's going to be okay, you're going to be okay".

As soon as the words left his mouth he regretted it, Barry turned around to face him and the look on his face, the same look he saw 15 years ago on an Eleven year kid whose mother just died, it was there again Joe could see it and the others behind him, Iris, Cisco, Caitlin, they could see it too, the look of pure horror and disbelief and confusion and Joe knew Barry was in denial by the way he kept a firm hold on Henry's body, trying to protect him.

"Come on Bar, we have to go- "he was interrupted "I'm not leaving him here! We have to help him! please just help him" his voice barely audible at the end. Joe has seen this before; he has dealt with this before but it didn't make it any easier. "Bar I'm sorry son but we have to leave now, come on" Joe pried Barry's hand from his father's corpse and stood up with Barry struggling.

"No! I' not leaving him, you can't make me leave! No, Dad! Dad! I have to help him! Let go of me! You can't take him from me, I won't let this happen again!". Everyone was frozen on the spot and was watching Joe handle Barry but when they saw Barry struggling Cisco ran forward and helped Joe take Barry out of the house and in the car which was a lot harder than it sounds. Iris and Caitlin got out of their shock and called the police.

They have never seen Barry like this before, they being Caitlin and Cisco so they didn't know what to do. They watched as Joe and Iris tried in vain to comfort Barry. He was constantly trying to get out of their hold to get to his dad so he could save him, constantly shouting, pleading the same thing. But as they reached the West- residence he shut down and went completely slack in Joe's grip. His eyes glassy and unfocused and lips moving, trying to say something.

Again Joe and Cisco got him out of the car and into the house and on the couch. Joe called Captain Singh and told him everything while Iris, Caitlin and Cisco sat by Barry. Harry came from upstairs with Jesse and Wally in tow and the moment he saw Barry he understood.

When Joe came back from to the siting room Barry was still the same. "He's in shock and he won't respond to anything we say. He's just sitting there. Joe we have to do something" Caitlin was the first to break the silence by telling Joe the current condition. Everyone was shaken up by the news. Everyone spent the night at West House that night. They all pretended they were okay but it was hard to do that.

After a few hours and everyone was still trying to grasp what had happened, Captain Singh had taken care of the body and told Joe to stay with Barry and that he didn't need any statements tonight when Joe told him Barry's condition. Joe had taken Barry to his room helped him out of his Flash suit and tucked him in bed and all the while Barry still didn't say a word. Joe had everyone out of the room to give Barry some space but he himself stayed because a barely audible "Stay" had stopped him, because he knew from experience unfortunately that Barry was scared and he needed him, so he stayed and all night he held Barry in his arms, and that little boy was still there with wide eyes and a scared look, not able to sleep because he had seen the horrors of the world.

I was not squeezing the life out of a bottle and crying from the inside while watching the season finale of The Flash...okay I was! But I had a reason don't tell me you weren't. Anyways Like it, love it or hate it tell me in the review. Constructive criticism is always welcome and this is the first Flash story I have written. I'll update my other stories soon, two dreadful words, Writer's block. And I'll update soon the nest chapter. There's a poll up on my profile, feel free to help.

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